Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1) Indonesia’s ambassador to Vanuatu describes West Papua as very unlawful.

4) Two Members of OPM Arrested
5) TNI Demands Public Apology from Komnas HAM Commissioner
6) NGOs accuse Govt of delaying human rights tribunal


Posted at 18:35 on 26 February, 2013 UTC
Indonesia’s new ambassador to Vanuatu has described West Papua as very unlawful and that his country is determined to bring calm there.
Nadjip Riphat Kesoema fielded questions about West Papua from Vanuatu journalists at a press conference after he had presented his credentials to Vanuatu’s President, Iolu Johnson Abil on Tuesday.
Mr Nadjip says he is deeply saddened by the latest violence in Papua, with Eight Indonesian soldiers and four civilians killed in two separate shooting incidents in the Highlands last week.
“Democratisation should be accompanied by rule of law. Right now, many demonstrations has ended with violence because they just try to calm down the demonstration but then the demonstration becoming wild.”
Nadjip Riphat Kesoema has indicated he is open to the idea of West Papuans being incorporated into the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
Posted at 16:12 on 26 February, 2013 UTC
Indonesia’s new ambassador to Vanuatu has fended off suggestions that his country’s military could have engineered last week’s deadly attacks on soldiers in Papua.
Nadjip Riphat Kesoema presented his credentials to Vanuatu’s President, Iolu Johnson Abil on Tuesday and told a press conference afterwards that he is deeply saddened by the latest violence in Papua.
Eight Indonesian soldiers and four civilians were killed in two separate shooting incidents in the Highlands.
Military chiefs have blamed the OPM Free West Papua Movement but some international commentators say elements of Indonesia’s military may have engineered the killings.
Mr Nadjip says this is absurd.
“How could you say that and how the accusation could be directed toward the Indonesian people? We are people of peace, we do not want to kill our people. And even in some incidents that the allegation is directed towards the Indonesian police and army: I think it’s not true.”
Nadjip Riphat Kesoema.
Posted at 09:03 on 26 February, 2013 UTC
The former Vanuatu prime minister Barak Sope says that the government should not accept security forces assistance from Indonesia.
The comment from one of Vanuatu’s outspoken leaders on the West Papuan self-determination issue follows a donation by Jakarta of a thousand police uniforms to Vanuatu’s Police Force.
The donation was announced by the newly appointed Indonesian ambassador to Vanuatu, Nadjib Riphat Kesoem, who today presented his credentials to Vanuatu’s President, Iolu Johnson Abil.
The ambassador presented a model of the Vanuatu Police Force uniform to the acting Prime Minister, Ham Lini.
Mr Sope says the assistance is unacceptable.
“How can Indonesia help Melanesians in Vanuatu and other places when they’re also killing them, especially the military, killing Melanesians in West Papua? We cannot accept that.”
Barak Sope says that Vanuatu should maintain its traditional support for the self-determination cause of West Papuan people.

A Google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
Original bahasa below translation.

Bintang Papua
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 18:00
4) Two Members of OPM Arrested
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Jayapura - Two members of the group John Yogi OPM operating in the region Pania Police caught in Kampung Ayaigo Kebo Paniai district, Tuesday 26 February. They were arrested shortly after sowing terror to the people.

Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr I Gede Sumerta Jaya said, both members of the OPM is still intensively examined in Paniai Police HQ. "The two people with the initials AG and PG is still under investigation,'' he said.

They were arrested after searches by the joint military-police, after the terror group. "Terror they threaten people and plans to attack police in Paniai,'' he said.
From the hands they confiscated one unit of HT, a single 7.56 caliber ammunition, mobile phones, two badges and woven with motifs morning star.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Tito Karnavian said OPM Paniai is planning an attack, but it can be detected. '' They seem inspired by the events of the peak, so to do the same thing, but we can detect it with military,'' said Police Chief.

Meanwhile, two Air Force helicopter unit were pinned down in Sinak when evacuating victims of the shooting and delivery logistics, currently still under construction. "Two helicopters are still in Jayapura air base hangar for repairs and wait spart part of Jakarta or Bandung,'' said Air Base Commander Colonel Dyah Yudanardi Jayapura. (jir/mdc/don/l03)
Selasa, 26 Februari 2013 18:00
Dua Anggota OPM Ditangkap
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Jayapura - Dua anggota OPM kelompok John Yogi yang beroperasi di wilayah Pania berhasil ditangkap Polisi di Kampung Ayaigo Distrik Kebo Kabupaten Paniai, Selasa 26 Febuari. Mereka ditangkap beberapa saat setelah menebar terror kepada masyarakat.  
Juru Bicara Polda Papua Kombes I Gede Sumerta Jaya mengatakan, kedua anggota OPM itu masih diperiksa secara intensif di Markas Polres Paniai. “Kedua orang dengan inisial AG dan PG masih dalam pemeriksaan,’’ucapnya. 
Mereka berhasil ditangkap setelah dilakukan penyisiran oleh gabungan TNI-Polri, pasca kelompok ini menebar teror. “Teror mereka mengancam warga dan berencana menyerang Polres Paniai,’’jelasnya. 
Dari tangan mereka disita  satu unit HT, satu buah amunisi caliber 7,56, telepon genggam, dua tanda pengenal dan anyaman dengan motif bintang kejora.

Kapolda Papua Irjen Pol Tito Karnavian mengatakan, kelompok OPM Paniai ini berencana melakukan penyerangan, namun dapat terdeteksi. ‘’Mereka sepertinya terinspirasi dengan peristiwa puncak, sehingga ingin melakukan hal yang sama, tapi kami bersama TNI dapat mendeteksinya,’’kata Kapolda. 
Sementara itu, dua unit helicopter TNI AU yang ditembaki di Sinak saat melakukan evakuasi korban penembakan dan pengiriman logistic, saat ini masih dalam perbaikan. “Dua heli masih di hangar Lanud Jayapura untuk perbaikan dan menunggu spart part dari Jakarta atau Bandung,’’ujar Komandan Pangkalan Udara Jayapura Kolonel  Dyah Yudanardi. (jir/mdc/don/l03)


5) TNI Demands Public Apology from Komnas HAM Commissioner
SP/Carlos Paath & Anastasia Winanti Riesardhy | February 26, 2013
[Story updated at 8:36 p.m.]

The Indonesian military has demanded a public apology from the commissioner of the country’s human rights watchdog, who on Friday made an insensitive remark about the recent murder of eight soldiers and four civilians in Puncak Jaya, Papua.

“Our soldiers work based on the Constitution, leaving behind their wife and children for our country. The statement by a commissioner of Komnas HAM [National Commission on Human Rights], Natalius Pigai, has upset our soldiers’ wives, and we hope he will be willing to make a public apology,” Rear Adm. Iskandar Sitompul, a spokesman for the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), said Tuesday.

Natalius earlier said that the attack in Papua was not a human rights violation, and added that the soldiers deserved to be shot to death for lazying around instead of patrolling the area.

“It is very ironic that somebody thinks that our soldiers in Papua are just hanging out and slacking. It’s not true at all. Our soldiers in Papua are actively involved in various charity activities,” Iskandar said.

Natalius denied that he insulted the TNI, saying that some media outlets misquoted him and that he was only criticizing the lack of management within the military.

"What I meant was that there should be security management and a balance between the quality and the quantity of our soldiers [in Papua], so there won't be any unnecessary deaths," he told Detik.com.

Khatibul Umam Wiranu, a Democratic Party lawmaker and a member of the House of Representatives’ commission III overseeing legal affairs, said that the commission would summon Natalius to clarify his controversial statement before the House.

“Natalius has offended the family of the deceased soldiers. The statement has hurt them, and it could be used as an argument to remove Natalius from his position in Komnas HAM,” he said.

Khatibul added that Natalius did not have the right to insult Indonesian soldiers since the commission was still in hot water over their polarizing internal dispute and poor work performance.

The controversy at Komnas HAM revolves around the length of the term served by the chairman, which the House has proposed should be cut from the current two and a half years to just one year. Four of the organization’s 13 commissioners, including Otto Nur Abdullah, the chairman, have opposed the move, but the nine other commissioners have sided with the proposal.

6) NGOs accuse Govt of delaying human rights tribunal

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Human Rights defenders suspect the government’s recent initiative to hold discussions on the possibility to open human rights tribunals were politically motivated. They argued that the discussion, which was raised in close proximity to the 2014 General Elections, could implicate some of the strong presidential
“We are actually surprised to learn that the Coordinating Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto had just begun talks with the House of Representatives leadership on the plan to
establish an ad hoc human rights tribunal on the 1997-1998 forced disappearance case,” the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) and the Families of Missing Persons Association (IKOHI) said in a joint statement issued on Tuesday.
“On the one hand, it is good that the tribunal might be finally established. On the other hand, however, we are concerned that the tribunal is merely political tool to crush political opponents,” they
The activists were referring to People’s Conscience (Hanura) Party chairman and former Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander Gen. (ret.) Wiranto as well as Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party chief patron and former Special Forces Command (Kopassus) Commander Lt. Gen. (ret.) Prabowo Subianto who were both implicated in the violations during the 1998 riots.
Kontras and Ikohi are among the organizations who have repeatedly accused the government of ignorance with regards to the victims of past human rights abuses because it failed to establish an ad hoc human rights tribunal even though a mandate had been given by the House in 2009.

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