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Aimas incident, It Demands SKPHP

A google translate of article in Suarapapua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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Aimas incident, It Demands SKPHP
Sunday, May 12, 2013, 4:28 News, Papua Barat


PAPUAN, Jayapura-shooting incident in Aimas, Sorong Regency, West Papua, killing 3 people, 2 critically injured, as well as the arrest of seven other people, also some cases in Biak, Timika, and Serui, and before May 1, 2013, received the response of various parties.

Some time ago, Solidiratis Victims of Human Rights Abuses in Papua (SKP-HAM) held a press conference, condemned the brutal acts committed by the TNI / police.

The demands and desakana SKP-HAM Papua, is, first, To the donor countries and training facilities for Military / Police Indonesia, such as America, England, Autralia and New Zaland, to immediately halt such aid, used to kill civilians in Papua.

Second, Urge the Indonesian government to immediately form a KPP HAM idependen to have their human rights abuses against the shooting incident in Aimas. Sorong regency and immediately dragged the culprit to justice.

Thirdly, As Command responsibility for negligence committed by his subordinates, and the Papua Police Kaporli should immediately remove kaporles Kab. Sorong for acts committed by their subordinates.

Fourth, Urge the Papua police chief, immediately urged citizens to be arrested on rally May 1, 2013, both in the slide, Biak, Timika, because of the guarantee of freedom of expression that has been set in the constitution of this country. along with the international instruments already in retifikasi by Indonesia.

Fifth, related to the reporting of cases that occurred in Aimas, Sorong Regency, we ask the national and local press in Papua, so memberikanpemberitaan more objective, transparent and not partial, denagn forward press is contained in the code of ethics of journalists. Because the news is true, human rights problems in Papua can be digested well by government and public nasionanal.

Sixth, immediately opened up the international media and the UN Special Rapporteur on torture in anti untruk immediately visited Papua, to measure and evaluate the extent to which the fulfillment of civil rights and political Papuan people who are covered by the government.

Seventh, Calls upon all religious organizations located in Papua, student organizations, youth, women, the press, and organizations - organizations supporting democracy in Papua, in order to unite and give full pressure to the central and regional governments to be more sensitive and responsive to solve the matter in Papua as a whole and dignified.


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