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1) SBY: Aceh, Papua Inseparable Parts of RI
2) SBY issues appeal as Papua flotilla prepares to sail
3) First OPM office opened  in the Netherlands

FRIDAY, 16 AUGUST, 2013 | 20:24 WIB
1) SBY: Aceh, Papua Inseparable Parts of RI
TEMPO.COJakarta - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) highlighted four key issues that require the nation’s attention in his state speech to commemorate the 68th anniversary of the Indonesian Declaration of Independence in a meeting with the House of Representatives and the Regional Representative Council at the House building in Jakarta on Friday morning, August 16, 2013.
First, the capability in managing the economy amid the uncertain and slowing global economy. Second, the significance of preserving harmony and tolerance. Third, the importance of making the 2014 General Elections and leadership succession a success in peaceful and democratic means.  Fourth, the importance of unrelenting efforts in defending the sovereignty and integrity of the United Indonesian Republic (NKRI).
In connection with the government’s duty to safeguard the sovereignty and unity of the nation’s territories, the president reiterated his administration’s commitment to, by all possible means, protecting the sovereignty and integrity of every inch of the nation’s land, which is the legitimate and integral part of the United Indonesia Republic (NKRI). 
“It is based on that willpower that we will take strict measures against each threat that jeopardizes the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia,” the president said in the meeting, which was presided over by Regional Representative Council speaker Irman Gusman.
The president also expressed his gratitude towards God for the cease of conflicts in Aceh, which were resolved peacefully. The president said it was time for the people in Aceh to strive for a better future—a more prosperous, safe, and peaceful one.
On this occasion, the president also called on all parties to refrain from anything that has the potentials to instigate deterioration and cause the nation to backpedal to the unsafe situation in the past.
“I’m calling on all parties, including those in Aceh, with all my heart, to hold tightly to their spirit and sincerity to bury the past conflicts, and move forward to develop ourselves under the United Indonesia Republic (NKRI),” the president said.
In relation to issues in Papua, the president said, the government would continue to prioritize welfare and accelerated development approaches in the province. As to law enforcement and security issues, the president said, the government would take measures with respect to human rights and cultural distinctiveness of the Papuan people.
The president also underscored the central government had been increasing the budget to accelerate and extend the development in Papua. Presently, he said, various development infrastructure programs were still intensively in progress in various regions in Papua.
In addition, he said, the government was also formulating special autonomy plans that could generate added values and breakthroughs for the development and honor of Papua.
President Yudhoyono again emphasized before the meeting with lawmakers of the House of Representatives and the Regional Representatives Council that Aceh and Papua were inseparable parts of the United Indonesia Republic (NKRI). “This stance is final for Indonesia,” he stressed.
The president hoped all parties could accept and support this stance. “It is best for all of us, who live inside or outside this country, to desist from any kind of propaganda and provocation that may endanger the sovereignty and integrity of Indonesia,” he enthused.
President Yudhoyono said Indonesia had always been respectful of other countries’ sovereignty and integrity of other countries, friendly countries. Therefore, he added, Indonesia hoped the same principal could be applied reciprocally.
By this statement, the president appealed to all parties to actively avoid doing political activities that could destabilize the good relationship between Indonesia and friendly countries.
“Don’t hurt the feelings of Indonesians, because we don’t want to hurt other countries’ either,” he asserted.
The state speech, which was delivered to welcome the 68th anniversary of the Indonesian Declaration of Independence in a meeting with the House of Representatives and the Regional Representative Council, was attended by first lady Hj. Ani Yudhoyono, Vice President Budiono, Mrs. Herawati Boediono, House speaker Marzuki Alie, former president B.J. Habibie, former vice president Hamzah Has, former vice president Jusuf  Kalla, chiefs of governmental organizations, ministers of the United Indonesia II Cabinet (KIB II), members of the House of Representatives and the Regional Representative Council, ambassadors of friendly countries, and notables across the nation.
 (WID/Humas Setkab/ES)

2) SBY issues appeal as Papua flotilla prepares to sail

INDONESIAN President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has appealed to friendly countries to prevent political activity that disrupts good relations as a "freedom flotilla to West Papua" threatens to expose the rawest nerve in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.
The Weekend Australian understands Dr Yudhoyono's government has formally raised its concern with Canberra.
The flotilla is planning to leave Cairns today carrying at least one of the West Papuan refugees at the centre of the last breakdown in the official relationship seven years ago.
Neither government would say yesterday if Jakarta had asked Canberra to intervene to prevent the voyage to Papua province, which both describe as illegal.
The voyage is intended by Free Papua activists and the self-described Federal Republic of West Papua to draw world attention to "ongoing atrocities" by Indonesian security forces.
A senior Indonesian officer, Papua province deputy police chief Paulus Waterpauw warned that any Papuan activist aboard the flotilla who had a "previous criminal record or (if) they are on the wanted list" would be arrested on arrival.

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa confirmed that his government had held discussions with Australia and Papua New Guinea, where the flotilla plans to berth in about 13 days before crossing into Indonesian waters.
"Indonesia, Australia and PNG are all on the same page in not wanting such a stunt to interrupt or disrupt our relations," he said yesterday.
Dr Natalegawa described the flotilla as "yet another of these cheap publicity stunts on the part of people who claim to be the representatives of Papua totally disconnected with the reality of Papuan development".
He declined to discuss whether Dr Yudhoyono's comments yesterday in his Independence Day speech were directed at Australia.
"Through this confirmation (of mutual respect for sovereignty) I hope that all parties can be actively worked to prevent political activities that can disturb good relationships between Indonesia and other friendly countries," the President told the national parliament.
"Do not hurt the feeling of Indonesia because we do not want to hurt (others)."
News of the flotilla is sure to provoke an upsurge of anti-Australian feeling in the rest of Indonesia, where the belief that Australia continues to hope to separate Indonesia from its two Papuan provinces persists widely, even among politicians.
3) First OPM office opened  in the Netherlands
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | World | Fri, August 16 2013, 4:50 PM

The Free West Papua Campaigns (FWPC) said that an official Free Papua Organization (OPM) was opened in the Netherlands on August 15, exactly 51 years after west Papua was annexed by the Indonesian Republic from the Dutch colonies based on an agreement signed in New York.
“The office in Netherland will be stationed in De Hague,” FWPC coordinator Oridek Ap said as quoted by
Ap said that the OPM planned to give more information regarding the situations in Papua to the youth in the Netherlands.
“With the establishment of the office, we can give full explanations to all interested stakeholders in the Netherlands on why we think that Papua needs to be fully independent,” Ap said.

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