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1) Aussi-Indon relations

1) Aussi-Indon relations
5) Netherlands prime minister praises bilateral relations with Indonesia


Lots of opinion pieces/articles on Aussi-Indon relations. A few below.

Indonesia freezes joint military training with Australia: Military commander

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Military Commander General Moeldoko said on Wednesday that Indonesia will not be conducting joint military training with Australia, following the spying allegations leveled against the latter. "We will stop all military cooperation in handling the issue of peoples smuggling. The decision will be implemented starting today," he said after attending a meeting at the Presidential Palace.


Indonesia suspends cooperation on people smuggling as Tony Abbott expresses 'deep and sincere' regret over spy reports 

Updated 20 November 2013, 18:12 AEST


Indonesia relationship woes 'beyond control' of Abbott government, Alexander Downer says

Updated 5 hours 54 minutes ago


Editorial: Controlling  the RI-Oz spat 

The Jakarta Post | Editorial | Wed, November 20 2013, 10:33 AM

Indonesia-Australia relations have been damaged by the turn of events these last few days. Just how damaging, and the more pertinent question of how soon can they be recovered, depend on how Jakarta and Canberra handle the situation.


Tempers Flare in Indonesia Over Australia Spy Scandal


Battle lines drawn against  Oz
Yuliasri Perdani and Wahyoe Boediwardhana, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta/Surabaya | Headlines | Wed, November 20 2013, 10:16 AM
As the diplomatic spat intensifies, Indonesia warned Australia on Tuesday that it would relax preventive measures against boat people using the archipelago as a stepping stone for their onward journeys to Australia.
Posted at 18:16 on 20 November, 2013 UTC
An Indonesian journalist says he thinks his Government is threatened by foreign journalists reporting on the remote provinces of Papua and West Papua.
The President of the Alliance of Independent Journalists, Eko Maryadi, says even though the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe recently said the’doors are open to foreign journalists, it is still very hard for them to get a permit.
Fairfax journalists in Australia have confirmed there has been no improvement in the process to obtain access to West Papua.
Eko Maryadi says the Government is careful because it doesn’t want Papua to have the same attention that Timor-Leste had before gaining its independence.
“If this current government wants to be called democratic and transparent then I think there is nothing to worry about. Papuan people should be treated fairly and similarly to other Indonesians. So if you ask what should be changed, they have to change their mindset, and then they have to change their system, how they handle the foreign media.”
The President of the Alliance of Independent Journalists, Eko Maryadi.
Posted at 03:41 on 20 November, 2013 UTC
The President of the Alliance of Independent Journalists of Indonesia says his government should clarify the rules for foreign journalists seeking to visit West Papua.
Eko Maryadi, who was imprisoned as a journalist during the days of the Suharto regime, says even at the recent Bali Democracy Forum there was no talk of the remote provinces.
He says the Indonesian government is within its rights to regulate who is coming in and out of the country, but it should take a new approach and make its rules more clear.
“If the government believes in democracy, believes in freedom of the press, believe in freedom of expression and believe in the human rights values, so all of them should be implemented fairly easily. I mean to let a foreign journalist come, all they have to do is make a regulation - what a foreign journalist can do and what he cannot do.”
Eko Maryadi says journalists can freely visit Bali and other places in Indonesia and there is no reason to make it so hard to visit West Papua.

Posted at 02:14 on 20 November, 2013 UTC
The Awaking Papua Forum in Indonesia says it suspects corruption is the cause of the long delay in the construction of a Trans Irian highway linking the southern and north ends of the region.
The forum’s coordinator, Hengky Jokhu, says the Merauke-Wamena-Jayapura-Nabire-Sorong highway was commissioned in 1992, but has yet to be built.
He says it’s no longer a secret that the National Road and Bridge Agency, which hold the authority over road and bridge projects in Papua, is rampant with corruption.
Mr Jokhu says half a century has passed since Papua joined Indonesia and so far Papua has been left poor, isolated and marginalised.
He says the issue of more autonomous areas in Papua planned by the central government is an attempt at diverting attention away from alleged corruption and money laundering.


5) Netherlands prime minister praises bilateral relations with Indonesia

Wed, November 20 2013 18:42 | 334 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte has praised the rapidly growing bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and his country on his official visit to Indonesia.

"We are the biggest European investor in Indonesia, and last year, trade between our countries jumped by 18 percent, defying all economic trends," PM Rutte said at the Netherlands embassy in Jakarta on Wednesday. 

PM Rutte noted that the Netherlands admires the manner in which Indonesia is developing, especially because it boasts annual economic growth of five to six percent. 

"That is a figure we can only dream of in Europe. Your country currently has the 16th largest economy in the world. By 2030, it could be the seventh-largest," he added.

Rutte praised Indonesias economic growth as an amazing achievement.

"My respect for this achievement is even greater because of the several positive developments that support this strong economic growth," he added.

With Indonesias rapidly expanding middle class, declining poverty and more robust institutions, people are becoming increasingly confident of investing in themselves and their surroundings.

"I also have respect for the way Indonesia, as a member of the G-20 and one of the driving forces behind ASEAN, has shown its willingness to take responsibility for the global challenges we face," he noted. 

As part of his official visit, PM Rutte is leading a large business delegation from the Netherlands, consisting of 110 companies eager to develop further business ties with Indonesia.

Among the Dutch companies currently operating in Indonesia are Unilever, FrieslandCampina and Phillips.(*)
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