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1) KNPB Urged to Stop Violence

1) KNPB Urged to Stop Violence
2) Demo KNPB Rusuh
also 2 RNZI reports

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013 06:36
1) KNPB Urged to Stop Violence

Deputy Police Chief regrets riots at the Expo , Waena

Jayapura - Papua Police expressed regret for the riots , when the demo KNPB OPM supports the establishment of a representative office in the capital Port Moresby Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) in the Expo , Waena , Heram District , Jayapura City , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) .
Regret was expressed Papua Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General ( Pol ) Drs . Paul Waterpauw accompanied Jayapura City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare , S.IK. , when delivering information in Mapolres Jayapura City , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) .
So there are no more victims and casualties of material in the future , light Deputy Police Chief , it urged KNPB immediately halt all forms of violence that result in casualties and material life , especially civilians who had nothing to do with the incident .
It is said , it does not convey to KNPB to conduct demonstrations , because security forces would never give permission . If KNPB persisted demo , then the authorities will crack down and the forced dissolution by legal process .
" We understand your goal to secede from the Republic of Indonesia , but should not interfere with internal security , " said Deputy Police Chief .
Legal measures against the protesters , Deputy Police Chief added that it had detained 28 activists Mapolres KNPB in Jayapura City , in order to further legal proceedings .
Asked about Umun KNPB Chairman Buchtar Tabuni and KNPB spokesman Wim Rocky Medlama , Deputy Police Chief said he immediately called Buchtar Tabuni to account for the demonstration .
" We will coordinate with related parties Abepura Prison Tabuni Buchtar status , because the relevant previous cases involved vandalism and incitement when KNPB demo some time ago , " said Deputy Police Chief .
Deputy Police Chief said , it also seized a number of weapons , firearms and Molotov cocktails were found in houses and in the Student Dormitory Rusunawa , Waena . Each camouflage clothes militia 1 , TV 2 units , 3 sheets of Morning Star flag , 1 book IPWP and Courts Makarm 1 family cards , 1 ID, 1 Laptop Axio brand , 1 large bottle of Molotov cocktails , 2 small bottles of Molotov cocktails , 6 units HP , 3 pieces of lighter fluid , 1 bag , 1 purse , 3 knives , 3 machetes , 2 sickle , dozens of bows and arrows , one bearing the flag KNPB opponent , 1 spaduk reads We the people of West Papua convey many thanks to the government of Vanuatu to bringing the issue of West Papua to the UN Forum
" We appeal to the citizens to run their activities as usual , " said Deputy Police Chief .
Meanwhile , Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare Jayapura City , S.IK. , said there was no loss of life in the camp KNPB , because all deaths have been recorded in the RS and RS Bhayangkara Dian Harapan . But from the police suffered injuries in the shoulder after being hit by a thrown stone of mass KNPB .
" Dian Harapan Hospital medical team delivered four victims have been treated , while Syamsul Maarif ( stabbing victims ) were successfully operated for four hours because of bleeding , " said Police Chief . ( Mdc/don/l03 )
Wednesday, November 27, 2013 06:40
2) Demo KNPB Rusuh
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* 10 People Injured , Three Units Damaged Cars
* A Journalist Intimidated
Jayapura - Demo PNWP through KNPB as a form of support for the OPM office in Port Moresby to support meetings between IPWP and ILWP , as well as the campaign of West Papua from Sorong to Samarai in Port Moresby from November 25th to December 1st , forcibly disbanded . As a result , the demo ended mass clashed with police , in front of the Mega Supermarket Waena , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) yesterday afternoon .
A total of 10 natural persons were injured , including Wiji Astuti ( 40 ) wound around the lips , Samson M ( 40 ) natural Sajam wound on the left side and bleeding in the back of the neck , Nur Rochman ( 39 ) Sajam wound in the head , Agus Bahabol ( 23 ) wound in the head , Arnus Bahabol ( 19 ) head wound , Enecko Bahabol wound in the head , Muchlis ( 32 ) wound Sajam and broke a finger vein , Monius Silak ( 15 ) wound swelling on the right eye and abrasions Silak Ulis in the head .
While as many as three cars were damaged and a house owned by Andro Bahabol also damaged .

Demonstrations led directly Chairman PNWP Buchtar Tabuni also resulted in 7 KNPB activists were arrested by the police including Lokon Salo ( 20 ) , Bonsa Mirin ( 19 ) , Assa Asso ( 23 ) , ogram Wanimbo ( 25 ) , Suhuniap Ones ( 23 ) , Meminda So ( 22 ) and Konoru Wenda ( 22 ) are directly taken to the detention center Mapolsekta Abepura .
Meanwhile Waka Papua Police Brigadier General Drs . Paul Waterpauw said it came the scene to see the current condition of the victims . And , tail ending violent demonstrations there are seven victims, who were treated in hospital and in the Dian Harapan Hospital Bhayangkara Papua Police .
" Right now the data that we get seven people who became victims of the post- riot ended KNPB demo . Namely , six were treated at the Dian Harapan Hospital and the other at the Papua Police Bhayangkara Hospital , " said police Brig Waka Drs . Paul Waterpauw after visiting victims at the Dian Harapan Hospital , Village Yabansai , District Heram , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) yesterday afternoon around 16:00 CEST .
Police waka so familiar greeting Waterpauw Paul explains , there are six people who were treated at the Dian Harapan Hospital .
" Namely , five male , one female . And there is one among the six that are critical for a sharp weapon wounds to the left chest . While the others were Bhayangkara Hospital to be checked again , " he explained .
KNPB related violent demonstrations , Waka Paul Waterpauw Papua Police said the demonstration did not get permission from the police .
" At first they ( mass KNPB ) demo until 13.00 CET in a safe condition . However , the demonstrators were in front of one pavilion at the Expo - Waena was coming out the side of the bridge directly to attack citizens who were passing on the highway , " he said, saying that for this problem is being investigated by the police .
Touched intimidation against journalists covering demonstrations KNPB , Waka Police Paul Waterpauw convey , that the information will be checked first. " So , I 'll check first . Because inikan is situational , " he explained .
Post KNPB violent demonstrations to make a tense situation even gripping around the area Waena , Heram District and surrounding areas , Waka Waterpauw Paul Police urged residents to remain calm and not easily provoked by issues that are not responsible .
Meanwhile the same place , Dr. Nina Therese is also attending physician Dian Harapan Hospital emergency room when reporters say there are actually confirmed nine people were treated at the Dian Harapan Hospital .
" Wiji Astuti ( 40 ) wound around the lips , Samson Munif ( 40 ) natural Sajam wound on the left chest and back of the neck bleeding , Nur Rochman ( 39 ) Sajam wound in the head , Agus Bahabol ( 23 ) wound in the head , Arnus Bahabol ( 19 ) head wound , Enecko Bahabol wound in the head , Muchlis ( 32 ) wound Sajam and broke a finger vein , Monius Silak ( 15 ) wound swelling on the right eye and abrasions Silak Ulis in the head , " he said .
Apparatus Do Intimidation Against Journalists
Based on observations in the field Bintang Papua , police clashed with demonstrators who had also KNPB intimidate journalists who were covering the demonstrations ended KNPB riot .
Among Micelle Gobay torch Papua reporters , journalists Arnold Belau , Aprilia R. Tabloid journalist wiring , Alfian Rumagit Reuters journalists , magazine journalists Heng Yeimo and also including this newspaper reporter ( M. Irfan ) when it was in the demo site .
Meanwhile , journalists torch Papua Micelle Gobay said he intimidated by police officers when the dissolution would take pictures of mass demonstrations forced KNPB in Coral Way , precisely in Rear Mega Supermarket , Village Waena , Heram District .
" At that time I wanted to take a picture , but I was intimidated by police officers by hitting him in the head a closed helmet , " he said .
Micelle -up , a number of police officers who was seen asking her emotions along with other colleagues to leave the location of demo .
" Unscrupulous police when the emotion and we immediately asked to leave the location of demo even return my camera almost deprived , " he explained .
In line with this , Arnold Belau reporter said , while in the demo site was visited by the police who immediately scolded . " I was visited by the police , and direct cursing me ( sorry ) with the words zoo , " said Arnold , recalling abusing the police .
In line with that , too, Aprilia R. Wiring journalist explained that the police consider himself as one mass demonstration . " This woman I know by heart , because whenever there is a demo for sure he is always there , and you be careful yes , " April said such piece imitating familiar greeting sentences spoken by the police .
Meanwhile , Waka Jayapura Police Station AKP coming Kiki Kurnia said calming his men , not to give a statement . " I'm sorry , the situation is not right , " said Kiki when confirmed reporters while calming his men who are doing the bullying to reporters .

Police accused Damaged Home Residents
One of the residents whose homes were destroyed by the District Assembly Members Yahukimo Andro Bahabol said his house had been destroyed and the whole family was persecuted a number of police officers while in pursuit of the mass demonstrations KNPB .
" My house was destroyed , and I was also beaten , mugged and even weapons by a policeman and my relatives who was in the house after the building work from my home in Buper also hit even one of my relatives are still critical The Papua Police Bhayangkara Hospital , "said Andro Bahabol told reporters at his residence in Rear Mega Waena , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) approximately at 18:30 CET .
Andro explained , that all of a sudden a police officer came and immediately surrounded the residence of the two sides and pointing a firearm ( senpi ) even wives , children and relatives who were having lunch at the house was also dragged out by force , it seems that the police were search for terrorists .
Police arrival , Andro Bahabol say , that they come with a pretext of looking for KNPB demonstrators who fled towards the compound .
Andro said, with the acts of vandalism committed by a number of police officers that make it suffered a loss of 8 million.
Meanwhile a separate place , Jayapura City police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare , S.IK. , said no officials who vandalized the homes owned by residents .
" Apparatus no damaging homes . If it had passed fellow reporters behind Waena Mega supermarket , where residents claimed his house was stoned by demonstrators who ran and hid there even one community leader and one of the car thrown my officers named Ipda Daniel Toding a victim of stone throwing demonstrators , " he explained .
Touched related intimidation of journalists , police chief Alfred Papare apologize to all journalists are intimidated by subordinates sata KNPB covering rally ended in dispute . " So , on this occasion I apologize directly to colleagues and gentlemen , " he said .
Police Chief Alfred convey , that the actions of subordinates while in the field as situational . Where , subordinates see any action undertaken anarchist demonstrators KNPB who commit violence against civilians .
" If no action of my men in the field outside the boundary , it is because situational . And , I 'm sorry . Surely if your friends can journalists could see a situation like that improper actions undertaken KNPB demonstrators in front of the eye , " he said .
Based on the observation Bintang Papua , after clashes between police and demonstrators in front KNPB Waena Mega Supermarket , where the police directly make visits to the hostel Rusunawa Units 6 and got a number of items such as number of arrows , weapons , air guns , cell phones , a fruit bomb molotov , the fruit of the Morning Star flag and fruit striped shirt KNPB militants .
In addition , post- riot seen a number of shops closed immediately and the situation around the District Heram immediately deserted and tense . ( Mir/don/l03 )
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ACTION KNPB at Expo Waena , 11/26/2013 ( Jubi / Mawel )

Jayapura 27/11 ( Jubi ) - Deputy Chief of Police ( Police ) confirmed to the group of Papua West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) immediately cease acts of violence committed during this . Police also would never give permission to KNPB to perform demonstrations .

" I made it clear to the group West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) , immediately stop the steps that are likely to violence . Whatever the form of their intention and desire to perform activities in public hearings , will never be given permission or recommendation to implement it , because we know the purpose of the organization and their desire is clear , want to form a state , split off and so on , "said Deputy Police Chief Papua , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) yesterday evening in Jayapura City police headquarters .

It is said Deputy Police Chief , is unfortunate KNPB organization is not registered , so as to disperse them , the government does not have the authority . " But then it was a matter to be brought to a higher level . We know that what was done so far never been anything positive , always adversely affects the people who do not know anything , and it should not be allowed to continue like that , "he said .

It appealed to the public to keep doing activities as usual , because the real police predictions in the demo yesterday , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) the impact is not going to happen like this . " We ask the community also helped to provide information or inputs associated with a series of activities , we have a collective responsibility to protect the public with securing , maintaining peace and comfort areas , " he said .

With the same hopes , Jayapura City police chief , Chief . Alfred Papare , requested that no other victims in the demonstrations . "In the future there are no other victims who fell due primarily demonstrations conducted by KNPB , " said Alfred . ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH )

Author : Indrayadi TH on November 27, 2013 at 15:56:04 WP
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Waka Police in Jayapura City Police Evidence shows that when seized ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH )

Jayapura 27/11 ( Jubi ) - Deputy Chief of Police ( Police ) of Papua , police Brig . Drs . Paul Waterpauw accompanied Jayapura City police chief held a press conference at Police Headquarters Jayapura City , around 22:00 wit , Tuesday ( 26/11 ) last night . In this press conference , held also evidence that the police claimed as the property of mass West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) .
Evidence that was held last night , among others , 2 the Morning Star flag each 1 meter x 50 cm and 30 cm x 20 cm , 1 piece KNPB flag reads " opponent " , 1 book titled " Makar IPWP and Justice " , 1 unit LCD Sharp , 1 unit of Toshiba laptops , 1 militant camouflage jacket , 1 family card in the name of Doga Tabuni , 3 Mobile unit ( brand Mito , Nokia and Maxtron ) , 1 ax , 3 pieces of kitchen knives , fruit knives 1 bayonet , 1 fruit knife AK - 47 bayonet type , 2 sickles ( ) , 3 units of air rifle ( not uth ) , 1 unit of shotgun assemblies , 1 banner that read " we the people of west Papua convey many thanks to the Vanuatu government to bring the issue of Papua to the forum United Nations , " 6 bows , dozens of arrows , 1 bottle dopis and explosives .

Said Deputy Police Chief , the evidence found is the result of the development , and sweepings from the three locations . " From the development of the three locations , found sharp weapons , firearms , most of the air rifle assemblies , another suggestion that they use to build their fight , I think it's clearly been breaking the law , so it will be in the process of an integrated team both Police and Papua police , "said Deputy Police Chief .

In addition, continued Deputy Police Chief , the police chief has made arrests of offenders who numbered about 28 people who sat still in the intensive examination by the investigator BKO Police in Jayapura City Police .

But the evidence was denied KNPB is owned KNPB found in the sweep after the incident yesterday . Buchtar Tabuni , former Chairman of the Jubi said KNPB shown evidence by police that did not belong KNPB . Police , according to Buchtar , accidentally shows old stuff confiscated from the public in an effort to build scenarios to frame KNPB .
" That old evidence that police seized from the society deliberately vilify KNPB . KNPB but it does not belong to the community property confiscated long ago . The possibility that the goods they had seized in the first Mount Abe . " Said Buchtar .

Meanwhile, the police chief of Jayapura City , AKBP . Alfred Papare , Sik told a news conference last night said that no casualties KNBP taken into custody in the police .
" Here there are no casualties at all of the 28 were secured . Indeed, the situation in the field led to our forces in the field in pursuit , and arrest . So there is resistance in the field . For no severe injuries . From our wounded an officer on behalf of the person subject to Ipda Toding throw stones on his left shoulder that is currently in a state hospital , "said Police Chief . ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH / Victor Mambor )

Posted at 00:03 on 27 November, 2013 UTC
Dozens of West Papuan activists are reported to have been arrested by a combined police and military deployment in the Indonesia province of Papua on Tuesday.
The National Committee for West Papua, or KNPB, reports 31 Papuans were arrested while staging a peaceful protest in Timika, calling for the right to self-determination of West Papuans.
The group had gathered at the tomb of West Papuan military leader Kelly Kwalik.
Those arrested include members of the KNPB and the so-called National Parliament of West Papua.
The KNPB says members of the local community are being intimidated, arrested and killed just because they look to claim their rights peacefully.
West Papuan activities calling for self-determination are increasing ahead of the December 1st anniversary of the 1961 West Papuan declaration of independence.
The declaration was ignored by Indonesia which subsequently annexed the former Dutch New Guinea.


Posted at 00:03 on 27 November, 2013 UTC
The Governor of Port Moresby and the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, is to be honoured on Wednesday for championing human rights in the neighbouring Indonesian province of West Papua.
The John Rumbiak Human Rights Defenders Award is awarded annually to recognise commitment to recognise work in support of West Papua.
The Australia West Papua Association says Mr Parkop has been an activist for West Papua since he was in high school and the award recognises his commitment to improve the human rights situation there.

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