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2) Chairperson of DPRP : Every case occured there (Puncak Jaya), the regent was not there
3) Puncak Jaya Heats up



Mulia Airport in Puncak Jaya (Jubi)

Jayapura, 07/01 (Jubi) – the airplane of Susi Airlines was being shot in flight to Mulia from District of Nabire. The airplane with the hull number PK-VVV that was loaded the groceries to Mulia, District of Puncak Jaya, was being shot by the unknown troupe when flying from District of Nabire.
Fortunately the plan could be safely landed at the Mulia airport. This airplane was planed to evacuate Muhammad Halil, the shooting victim in Kampung Wuyuneri, Sub-district Mulia. Halil was previously evacuated ti the Mulia’s Government Hospital in District of Puncak Jaya.
Chief of Public Relations of the Police Office Papua, Kombes Polisi Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono to the journalists reported that the shooting toward this plane was true. A result of this incident, the flight schedules in Mulia was temporarily disturbed. Currently the local police are tightening the security around of the airport.
“The shooting was happened when the airplane got into the air gate of the Mulia airport, around 12:00 of Papua time, where the shooters was estimated stands in the cliff around 4 kilometers from the plane and fire two times toward the plane’s body, but missed,” said Pudjo, Tuesday (07/01).
Based on the information, added Pudjo, this plane was take the foods for the local community in the District of Puncak Jaya, and in returning, to load the body of the shooting victim’s.
“The information we’ve got said that the plane will take the body, but then being shot. The flight was canceled and the plane is currently still remaining in the Mulia airport. And another airplanes would not dare for taking a risk for landing,” he said.
When the reporters asked him a question about whether persons who shot the Susi Air Plane was from the same troupe that was shot the motorcycle taxi driver, he claimed that he does not know anything yet.  “We do not know where they come from, but it should be clear that they are the armed criminal group,” he said.
The updated information confirmed to Jubi, the body of Muhammad Halil, the shooting victim, has evacuated from the Mulia Hospital of District of Puncak Jaya to Wamena, District of Jayawijaya by land transportation.(Jubi/Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier)


2) Chairperson of DPRP : Every case occured there (Puncak Jaya), the regent was not there

Jayapura , 7/1 ( Jubi ) – Parliament of Papua (DPRP) ask Regent of Puncak Jaya, Papua to find the best solution for the violence that still happening in the region .
Chairperson of DPRP, Deerd Tabuni say, a string of violence occurred in Puncak Jaya in recent days will have an impact on the economies in the region .
“Certainly it will be impacted on the economy there. I expect Regent of Puncak Jaya is in there in order to find solutions . But i have question , where is Regents now? It’s hard to reach him . I regret that every case occured there, the regent was not there, he always leaving, ” said Deerd Tabuni on Tuesday ( 7/1 ).
According to him , the Parliament of Papua are ready to form a team and facilitate all parties to sit together. Including the opposing groups (West Papua Freedom Movement-ed) .
“The Parliament of Papua is ready to team up to get there, so people do not become victims. Especially if pursuits happens,” he said.
Deerd said he was concerned the problem in Puncak Jaya will be even greater . For that all parties should sit together to discuss this problems.
“We also questioned the claim on 100 West Papua Liberation Army (OPM) who surrender. This OPM is derived from which area or heading where? It should be clear, ” he said again.
Deerd also assess the police at the police station is not dicipline. Because most of these police left the station so that the armed group attacked and seized eight firearms .
” Police also missed . They left the station and only two police stay there. They also left the weapons. Though that is prone areas . Is it a scenario or what ? I think we need to establish a team. Then we will find out what happened there and the seized weapons were to be returned . It is a respectable way,” said Deerd . (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)
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3) Puncak Jaya Heats up
* Turn motorcycle, shot dead in Mulia
* Almost Shot Susi Air plane
Jayapura - Post- attack Police Station and forfeiture of firearms a few days ago , the situation continues to heat Puncak Jaya . Shootings occurred again , this time in Kampung Mulia District Wuyuneri capital of Puncak Jaya , Tuesday, January 7 at around 08.00 CET , a citizen was shot dead .
Residents are known to work as a carpenter named Muhammad Halil resident high school 1 the Noble Complex , reportedly shot dead by armed criminal groups when dropping off passengers at Wuyuneri village , Mulia district , Puncak Jaya , Tuesday ( 7/1 ) yesterday morning at around 08.00 CET .
As a result of the shooting, the victim was wearing a vest that Muhammad Halil numbered 152 motorcycles suffered a gunshot wound in the right eye and subsequently evacuated to hospital by police officers Mulia Puncak Jaya , but the victim's life could not be saved .
Papua Police Public Relations Head , Sr. ( Pol ) Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono , SIK , as confirmed journalist justify the shooting of the motorcycle taxi drivers .

" The victim was shot while driving passengers using Jupiter Z motorcycle number plate DS 2283 PJ in Kampung Wuyuneri , " he said in his office yesterday .
He said the location shooting by an armed criminal group that is far from the heart of His Majesty , and that the perpetrators of the shooting dikhwatirkan has teamed up with passengers who ushered in by the victim .
" When found , the victim was known to wear a vest with the 152 numbered motorcycles suffered a gunshot wound in the right eye and subsequently evacuated to hospital by police officers Mulia Puncak Jaya , " he said .
About the existence of a shooting victim , Head of Public Relations revealed that based on the agreement Harmony Family of South Sulawesi , the victims will be flown to his home village for burial Napier .
Previously , said Head of Public Relations , has also been the shooting of David from Wamena to the Majesty in Tinggineri . Where , when David found the victim in a state of pathetic with a gunshot wound and dismembered body and burns .
From the data the police , cases of violence against motorcycle taxi drivers also have occurred in September 2013 and then in Kampung Wuyuneri , Puncak Jaya regency . The victim is identified as Salim ( 33 ), a resident of the Old City , District Mulia , Puncak Jaya regency take passengers from the middle of the Old Town Market to the village Wuyuneri , at around 15:55 CET .
Arriving at the village church Wuyuneri corner , the victim suddenly killed by unknown persons . Where the results of the identification of the victims died with sharps injuries incision on the left cheek , mouth , head right and wound on the left temple to the forehead and then evacuated to hospitals Mulia , Puncak Jaya regency .
 Meanwhile , a few hours later , the plane Susi Air PK - numbered gastric staple carrying VVV opposite of Nabire towards Mulia , Puncak Jaya , nearly shot by an armed criminal group suspected in a series of shootings still on the motorcycle taxi drivers .
Aircraft which is considered lucky to pick the shooting victim's body , in the village of Muhammad Halil Wuyuneri , landed safely in the Noble District Airport Majesty . However , as a result of the shooting, at the Noble disrupted flight activity .
But the incident , said Head of Public Relations of the local security forces amid tightened security around the airport Majesty .
" The shooting occurred when the aircraft entered service porthole Majesty , around 12:00 CEST . Where the offender is being issued cliff disekitaran shot 2 times towards the plane which is about 4 miles , but not the fuselage , " he said .
Head of Public Relations suggests , that the plane loaded groceries to people in Puncak Jaya regency , about to re- haul the bodies of victims of the shooting.
"The information will plane carrying the bodies , but because of fire aircraft and canceled flights are still at Mulia Airport . For other airlines also no one has ventured to land , " he explained .
It's just about nothing to do with the shooting of the motorcycle taxi drivers , Head of Public Relations is still not claim to know . " We do not know of any groups , they clear the armed criminal groups , " he said .
Meanwhile , the owner of the airline Susi Air , Susi said Puji Astuti when confirmed , as the aircraft is going to landing , there was a shooting at the mountains .
" I'm in Austria , from the reports I can , shooting on the mountain instead of at the airport , so we did not air anything , " Susi said via cell phone .
As a result of the shootings , airline Susi Air immediately cancel all existing flight schedule until the time limit is not specified .
As a result of the cancellation of the number of passengers and goods which had been due to fly today in Puncak Jaya regency was forced to wait until the time limit could not be determined .
" Starting today , all the flight schedules of Susi Air Base Sentani we postpone the flight until conditions there completely safe , because if we force later cause actual fear things that are not desirable , " says Susi Air FLOPS Sentani , Yuli Rozak accompanied by District Manager Susi Air Sentani , Yuri told reporters when met at the office of Susi Air , Sentani , Jayapura regency , Tuesday ( 7/1 ) yesterday afternoon .
It is said , that the operational aircraft typically fly Majesty began to fly at 10:30 CDT , but for safety reasons the airlines canceled flights .
Not only that , as a result of this cancellation , the evacuation of the shooting victim's body had failed to do until an undetermined time . ( loy/mir/jir/aj/l03 )


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