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1) Residents Puncak Jaya Very Fear

1) Residents Puncak Jaya Very Fear
2) West Papuan claims Fiji, Solomons benefited from Indonesian visit
3) Mixed reaction to autonomy  law review


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1) Residents Puncak Jaya Very Fear
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Indonesian military in Papua . Photo : Ist .

Puncak Jaya , STEP MAGAZINE - Based on data collected by our sources in Puncak Jaya , a result of the repressive attitude shown by the Indonesian military sent to Puncak Jaya attack for addressing the security post , civilians in Puncak Jaya is very, very frightened .

Information about the fire that was informed , that no homes were burned , it turns out is a military act .

" That village Kelurik , members of Brimob military , homeless people they burn fuel and 3 houses , which had the name of the father , Through Telenggen , he was pastor at the village Kelurik , " said our source confirms of Puncak Jaya .

The fire is the fire that was reported previously occurred on Sunday, January 26, 2014 morning .

In the district of Puncak Jaya , military combat equipment complete with houses down to the civil society there and do the sweeping .

Civil society has been without ID cards punched, asked all sorts , and there were detained for questioning .

"People are very, very scared . Much has fled into the woods for fear , fled . Civilians in Puncak Jaya is very, very scared due to the attitude of the military is not supposed to happen here made ​​them , " he explained . ( Admin MS )


2) West Papuan claims Fiji, Solomons benefited from Indonesian visit
 From VANUATU DAILY POST/PACNEWS  News Wed 29 Jan 2014

PORT VILA, Vanuatu ---- The head of the West Papuan National Coalition for Liberation, Andy Ayamiseba, said the Melanesian Spearhead Group’s (MSG) fact-finding mission to Indonesia and West Papua fell short of its mandate.
“To me and the West Papuan National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL), the so- called Melanesian Spearhead Group ministerial delegation visit to Indonesia and West Papua was a conflict of interest for Fiji and the Solomon Islands,” Ayamiseba told Vanuatu Daily Post
“I condemn the spirit of the visit and I salute Vanuatu for her stand in boycotting the so-called MSG ministerial delegation mission.
In fact, I want the Pacific and world to know that to me and the organization I represent, that instead of the visit being a fact finding mission, Fiji and the Solomon Islands diverted it to become a promotion of economic ties between Fiji and the Solomon Islands for their cooperation and development advantages with Indonesia,” Ayamiseba alleged.
3) Mixed reaction to autonomy  law review
Ina Parlina, The Jakarta Post, Bogor, West Java | National | Wed, January 29 2014, 9:30 AM
The government said Tuesday it was finalizing the draft revision to the 2001 Papua Special Autonomy Law for the resource-rich region.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and a number of his senior ministers met with Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and West Papua Governor Abraham O. Atururi on Tuesday, during which the Papuan officials submitted a report on the latest political and economic developments in the two regions.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Papua Legislative Council (DPRD), the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) and Cendrawasih University.

Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto said the review of the law would yield improvements to the forestry, maritime, energy and transportation sectors.

Djoko, however, stressed it was also important to quell armed movements in Papua. “The two efforts must be parallel,” Djoko said after the meeting at Bogor Palace.

A recent series of shootings in Puncak Jaya regency, Papua — believed to be the work the separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM) — injured two Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers.

Djoko, however, said: “There is no longer a military operation,” and the incident was the work of criminals.

Lukas, who said his office had tried to initiate reconciliation measures, also played down the incidents.

“What is happening now is a group of people — whom I regard as criminals — committed crimes and asked for demands [...] They are not fighting for independence,” Lukas said. “Not every inch of Papua has conflict. [And] conflict does not occur because [they] want independence, but because of local issues.”

Abraham agreed, saying they did not want independence. “Papua is Indonesia; we declared our independence once and forever.”

Djoko declined to comment on whether or not the existing law would be totally overhauled, arguing it was merely a draft which he expected to be ready by the next two or three months. The new policy is known as the “special autonomy plus”.

Last week, during a European Parliament Subcommittee hearing on Human Rights in Brussels, Belgium, three activists, two of whom are Indonesian, raised concerns about the unresolved human rights cases in Papua and the limited access foreign journalists and NGOs experienced.

They called on the EU to put pressure on the government to uphold their commitment to a dialogue with Papua.

One of the activists, Zely Ariane from the Jakarta-based National Papua Solidarity (Napas), slammed the governors’ claims.

“Such claims are hard to be verified as there are numerous armed groups in Papua. But, we can be sure that law enforcers are often not transparent and simply label them OPM. In this context, human rights violations often occurr, particularly since there is no press freedom.”

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) documented 22 cases of threats and violence against journalists in Papua in 2013 alone.

Zely said, if passed, it would not improve the welfare of Papuans, but would follow the same path as the existing law, which is considered to have failed to significantly improve the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

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Jayapura , 27/1 ( Jubi ) – Field Operations Commander of TPN / OPM ( Papua Liberation Armyparticularly in Yambi territory , Regional Commander of Leka Talenggen , Yunus Enumbi said troops and police stop persecuting civilians who do not know anything about the issue of shooting in Puncak Jaya .
“The civil society does not know the problem. The military and police know whether it was legal or not to beat the congregation and the pastor when worshiping. “said Yunus Enumbi to tabloidjubi.com , Monday ( 27/1 ) .
According to Yunus, actually, military and police may look for and suspect the TPN / OPM as an actor . ” We are doing all rebellion in Puncak Jaya for our self-determination , not the people and minister that are persecuted . The minister is never taught us to fight . That is pure resistance of TPN / OPM . We do not run .We are at Headquarters . Please come to face us .” said Yunus again .
According to Yunus Enumbi , Military – Police forces have attacked a GIDI church in Dondobaga , Puncak Jaya , Sunday (26/1).
“Yesterday the military -police persecuted church congregation and minister. They were beaten up with with rifle butts.” he told the media .
Chairman of the National Committee of West Papua , mountain region , Simeon Daby said law enforcement done by military and police forces were very brutal.
“Military / Police, please do not blindly fight against ordinary people. Your enemy is clearly TPN / OPM and not the ordinary people or civil society.” said Simeon. (Jubi/Mawel/Tina)


Jayapura , 27/1 ( Jubi ) – It was suspected a violence act by officers of security forces when conducting a search of the shooter at Dondobaga church in Kulirik, Puncak Jaya . However, Chief of Puncak Jaya Police, Marselin Sarimin and Pangdam XVIII Cenderawasih ( Commander of Cenderawasih Military Area XVII) , Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua denied the information about the violence .
Puncak Jaya resident, Ely Tabuni in his report to Tabloidjubi Media told that some people who were worshiping in the Dondoboga church were abused by Indonesia National Security ( TNI). This incident was occurred at 08.00 ( local time).
“At that time, they were raiding the residents that suspected as members of Liberation Papua Movement in the church . Some officers of TNI hit and expelled residents who did not accept this disruption during worshiping . Luckily, there were thero officers who managed their fellows to stop this violence,” he said on Monday ( 27/1 ).
Ely added , the apparatus then detained two people, are Tenius Telenggen and Tigabur Enumbi to the local Police .
Chief of Puncak Jaya Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner, Marselin Sarimin as confirmed, denied the testimony of citizens . “The information was not true . There was no siege in the church because service schedule begun around 9ish in the morning .They turned around the facts, there was no violence incidence.” said Marselis , Monday ( 27/1 ) .
When asked about the burning of houses, Marselin justified that all of these are public deception and not true .
“Only Vice chief of Puncak Jaya Police with two pastors who went to the church to check unscrupulous OPM . We’re just two people to accompany the pastor. It is impossible the police and the military doing violence in worship place. I also have contacted the National Human Rights Commission of Papua that there was no beating towards residents. ” he said .
Chief of Puncak Jaya Police admitted that they have arrested two people suspected of being members of the TPN / OPM .
“The church was empty at that time. Both of them were detained in the church at six o’clock . If in investigation process they are not guilty, they will be released . There was no military punishment of citizens . So it is not true . So there is no story of violence by the security forces against citizens.” he said .
Commander of Cenderwasih Military Area XVII (Pangdam), Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua firmly rejected this misleading information above. He stated, “It is not true , this is a public deception., remember a few months ago there were also news reported that 33 people from Mulia killed by the military. Unfortunately, it was a hoax. For this matters, journalists communicated to us and this issue made people feel tense and so on .” he said .
When asked about the anticipation of the military if the presence of backlash or retaliation from OPM related to the three members who died some time ago? Pangdam simply replied , “The army was professional and we are not afraid of it . No revenge intention, the army was there. Indeed he was there to become the community shield.”
Commander of Cenderwasih Military Area XVIII also said his institution remains committed to crack down the groups that disrupt and terrorize communities .
“Through this time, we act assertively for example we killed members of OPM in Timika and Mulia who disturbing people. This info we got from the community. They said it is OPM, sir , so we shot. Don’t ever think that the people do not support us. How did we know where they were, all the information are from the people.” he said . (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Tina)

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