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1) Komnas HAM finds human rights violations in Freeport tunnel cave in

1) Komnas HAM finds human  rights violations in Freeport  tunnel cave in


1) Komnas HAM finds human  rights violations in Freeport  tunnel cave in
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Fri, February 14 2014, 9:46 PM
The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has released its findings regarding serious human rights violations in the Freeport Big Gossan tunnel cave in that claimed the lives of 28 workers and injured 10 others.
“PT Freeport had the ability to prevent this from happening but didn’t. The lack of effort jeopardized the lives of others. The gravity of this case is serious,” Komnas HAM commissioner Natalius Pigai said on Friday as quoted by
He therefore suggested that the government follow up the commission’s report by thoroughly investigating the incident to uncover any indications of negligence.
The Big Gossan training facility at Freeport’s Grasberg mine collapsed on May 14 last year, trapping 38 workers inside a tunnel during a safety course. (idb)


Jayapura, 13/2 (Jubi) – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to open a newly-built campus for the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Papua in May, an official said.
“President SBY will launch the Campus of IPDN Papua soon. Today we have conducted a closed meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the local government of Jayapura Regency, Telkom, PLN, Papua Regional Planning Board, Assistant II and Office Administration Bureau of Papua Province. We discussed the preparation for the campus’ opening,” said Hery Dosinaen, the Regional Secretary of Papua Province on Thursday (12/2) in Kota Jayapura.
Though physical construction has been completed,  work is still ongoing on drainage, electricity, water and fences, he said.
President SBY is scheduled to visit Papua around May.
“Governor Lukas Enembe has requested the President SBY to come to launch the campus,” he added.
Commenting on the status of the land where the campus stands, Dosinaen said the plot belonged to the Provincial Government. The location used to be a camping ground and was directly managed by the Education Department.
“It’s around 164 hectares. The Campus of IPDN Papua has taken around 34 hectares, and we will find a way to realocate the camp area” he said.
He added that the use of land has been approved by the Papua Legislative Council (DPR Papua) in 2012.
The new campus includes sport facilities, a meeting room, housing for the teaching staff, a house of worship and a dormitory for students. “We plan to use the campus before the end of Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II,” Dian Anggraeni said.  (Jubi/Alex/rom)

A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Author : Arjuna Pademme on February 14 , 2014 at 19:52:19 WP
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One of the soldiers of Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) is currently serving in Vanimo region . ( Jubi / Levi )

Jayapura , 14/2 ( Jubi ) - Papua New Guinea army Treatment ( PNG ) to 10 Indonesian fishermen origin Merauke , Papua continues to reap criticism . One member of the Papuan Legislative Council ( DPRP ) of Merauke and the surrounding constituencies , Masia Lay asked the Indonesian government to be strict with the PNG military action .

" I am concerned about the incident and regrets the behavior of the PNG army . I hope the Indonesian government to take decisive steps as it concerns the sovereignty of both regions . Moreover, every year there is always a meeting of the border between the two countries . In the meeting also broder terms of cross-border , "said Lay told Masia , Friday ( 14/2 ) .

Menurtnya , the Indonesian government should not let the matter drag on . The incident must be immediately addressed and no concrete steps were taken .

" It must be the Indonesian government's attention , especially Papua Police to be addressed . Moreover, we know at the border Sota , Merauke every day there are people who come to Indonesia PNG and when they are in Indonesia we do not do apapapun forces as they seek the necessities of life , there is no firm or inhumane acts against fishermen like it , " he said .

It is said , for the relationship between Indonesia and PNG is no problem . Every year there is a border meeting to keep a good relationship because there are limits litas surrounding tribes were brothers . There is live on the border of PNG and Indonesia.

" Longstanding relationship economics and is nothing new . So every citizen across PNG to Indonesia to sell their quarry on the border but not ditindakan . Then why do Indonesian people who go there to be treated like that ? "He said .

Previously , Head of Border and International Cooperation Wanggai Suzana says , until now , it was still awaiting clarification from the central government , through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , to resolve the case in idengan pemerintahPNG through diplomatic channels .

" Yes we are still waiting . While in Papua province level , we 've been doing and continue to coordinate search efforts Merauke district government , because it is in the territorial waters of PNG . Of course, there are rules . It already exists in the basic agreement or an agreement on the basis of Indonesian and PNG border cooperation , " said Suzana Wanggai State .

According to him , under Article 8 of the accident , mentioned if there is an accident or a disaster like this , the two countries should inform each other . " This we have done by making a request for permission to the PNG government , through the Indonesian government representatives in Vanimo , as rescue teams from Papua and Navy team will go into PNG territory . It is already SOP , " he said . ( Jubi / Arjuna )

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