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1) Separatist rebel shot dead in Indonesia's Papua

1) Separatist rebel shot dead in Indonesia's Papua2) Shoot in raw Yapen , 1 Killed OPM


1) Separatist rebel shot dead in Indonesia's Papua

Acting on a tip-off, police and the military raided a gathering of members of the rebel Free Papua Movement (OPM) near a beach in the Yapen Waropen district on Saturday, Papua police spokesman Pudjo Sulistyo told AFP.
"They were involved in shooting incidents against police before and had caused unrest in the area," he said.
"We told them to surrender but they retaliated by shooting at us first. A firefight took place and we shot one of them dead," he added.
Eleven members were arrested and firearms were seized along with outlawed pro-independence Morning Star flags.
Three security officers were wounded in the gunbattle, Sulistyo said.
The OPM has since 1964 waged a low-level insurgency -- often using bows and arrows rather than guns -- against Indonesian rule over the resource-rich, ethnically Melanesian region.

A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Monday, February 3, 2014 02:21
2) Shoot in raw Yapen , 1 Killed OPM

Secured OPM 11 , 2 Officers and One Civilian Fire Injuries

Jayapura - action crossfire between armed groups alleged TPN / OPM and the security forces joint military-police , occurred in the area of Papua Sasawa Yapen , Saturday 1 February at 10.30 CET . One member of the armed group were killed , while security forces shot two .

In addition to killing one member of the OPM , officials also managed to secure evidence Yohasua belonging , a barrel extension of homemade weapons used to attack the security forces , and managed to secure as many as 11 other people TPN - OPM then attacks on the security forces .
Head of Public Relations ( Head of Public Relations ) Papua Police Commissioner ( Pol ) Pudjo Sulistyo Hartono , S.Ik. , as confirmed Bintang Papua , confirmed there has been contact between the military-police guns and Armed Criminal Group ( CLA ) is.
Explained , the gunfire by military and police and the armed criminal groups as being informed that the CLA did the High Level Conference ( Summit ) in the region Sasawa Yapen Islands , which allegedly led by Fernando Warobai .

" Based on this information , the security forces which led the police chief and the commander directly to the location using the land and sea and then suddenly in the popcorn with guns , " he said last week .
Of gunfire that lasted for a few minutes , the member national police Brigadier Robert named a member of the Water Pol Police Yapen suffered gunshot wounds in the knees and one PFC Hashim Kodim Yapen rekoset splinters injured in the back , and one resident Marlon Bonay who served as a civilian motorist suffered a gunshot wound in the waist .

" From the gunfire was too , security forces had killed one of their group was named , Yohasua Arampay ( 38 ) , which further security forces managed to control the scene so directly conducting searches in these locations , " he said .
After mastering the scene , the security forces managed to secure as many as 11 of the Armed Criminal Groups and seized evidence in the form , , a raft of firearms by 13 pieces , rifles were 11 pieces , two short -barreled guns , two bayonets , two Dopis bombs , two bows , 20 arrows , a spear , a fruit Hand phone , a number of camouflage clothing , two bua Morning Star flag , a number of Bama and other drugs .
Pudjo stressed the wake of the shootings occurred in the circumstances of the area began conducive Yapen Islands , and community activities run smoothly , but security forces continue to provide security to avoid any reply from their group .
" The situation is now safe course , while the eleven people who have already secured is still under examination by the investigator Criminal Police Yapen Islands , and chances are they will be brought to the Papua police headquarters for further review , " he concluded .
Meanwhile , in a press release from the buried XVII / Cenderawasih who received Bintang Papua on Sunday ( 2/2 ) yesterday said the joint military-police patrol managed to thwart the activities of military exercises in the region CLA West Yapen Yapen Islands District under the leadership of Fernando Warobai in Kampung District Sasawa Kosiwo the Yapen island district .

After being informed that the village Sasawa Yapen West District has been ongoing military exercises conducted by the CLA group Yapen western region , the joint military-police officers rushed to carry out joint patrols to intercept , which is led by the commander of 1709/YW Iswanto Smith and Lt. Col. Inf Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Anwar Narsim Yapen Islands .

On arrival at the border village of Kampung Kanawa Mariarotu and precisely , in the river Semboi team combined military-police patrol got shot and subsequent interruption occurs that causes the firing contact the CLA group retreated towards the beach .
After the state can be controlled by the joint patrol team later TNI - Police joint patrol conducting searches and managed to find a gate that read " You enter the Red Zone " as well as the fruit of the Morning Star flag .

Furthermore , the combined team conducting searches on the waterfront by using speed boat and then suddenly disturbed by a shot back from the CLA group and contact firing resulting in PFC Nur Hasim Kodim 1709/YW minor wounds ( abrasions / scratches rear right waist ) and Members Police Brigadier Robert Yapen gunshot wound in the right thigh and one person outside of society , driver Speed ​​Boat abrasions .

When control of the scene , officers received 1 CLA members killed on the spot on behalf Yohasua Arampayai and homemade weapons Barrel Length 15 buds , 3 assemblies Pistol Shoots ammunition along with dozens of weapons , the Morning Star flag 2 pieces , 22 pieces of camouflage clothing , Document Consolidation activities , structure of TNP / B and Conference first standardization of National Defence as well as 10 ( ten ) members KKB Police arrested and secured in Yapen Islands for tests . ( loy/don/l03 )

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