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1) Vanuatu elects new PM after Moana Carcasses Kalosil loses no-confidence vote

1) Vanuatu elects new PM after Moana Carcasses Kalosil loses no-confidence vote
2) Way Down in Semarang Komapam sikapi Dogiyai Death Accident Tragedy

3) Three Students Arrested Police Uncen

Note. Although Vanuatu has a new prime minister, Joe Natuman, 
support for West Papua in Vanuatu should not be affected. An article In The Guardian  (20 Jan 2014) by Marni Cordell in relation to the MSG visit to Papua indicates the new prime minister is supportive of West Papua.Extract. “Vanuatu’s special envoy for decolonisation, Joe Natuman MP, told Guardian Australia: “When we received the program last Friday we realised the visit would only talk with the Indonesians and do business with the Indonesians, it had nothing to do with West Papua.”“We decided we are not going to take part in this exercise once we realised that the program and visit had been hijacked by the Indonesian government,” he said”.

1) Vanuatu elects new PM after Moana Carcasses Kalosil loses no-confidence vote

Updated 5 hours 22 minutes ago

Veteran Vanuatu politician Joe Natuman has been elected the country's new prime minister, after Moana Carcasses Kalosil lost a vote of no confidence in parliament.
It was the fourth time Opposition members had attempted to remove Mr Carcasses since he formed government last year.
The vote was carried with 35 votes in favour, 11 against and four abstains.
Mr Carcasses said yesterday he still had sufficient support to survive the vote.
He had also received public backing from Deputy Prime Minister Edward Natapei.
Tony Wilson, editor of the Vanuatu Independent newspaper, says the change of government has come as a surprise to many people.
"This has been kept extremely quiet," he told Pacific Beat.
"Everyone in the media, and I think even some of the politicians, were in the dark."
Mr Wilson says several parties crossed the floor, including Mr Natapei's Vanua'aku Party and Ralph Reganvanu's Land and Justice Party.
"Between them they had the numbers to topple Mr Carcasses' government."
Mr Carcasses had faced opposition over a capital investment immigration plan and new road andairport developments.
However, Mr Wilson believes Mr Carcasses' ethnicity may have been a factor.
"I suspect it's because he is not Ni-Vanuatu by birth. He is Polynesian from Tahiti. That has been an underlying issue although it's been publically denied."
Mr Carcasses' replacement, Joe Natuman, is a veteran Vanua'aku Party MP from the island of Tanna.
He won 40 of the 52 votes cast by Members of Parliament and was the only nominee for the post of Prime Minister.

It is believed the 62-year-old will be a stand-in prime minister until a long-term replacement is found.
Mr Wilson says people in Vanuatu are tired of the frequent changes of government.
"They just want to see the government they elect get on and do the business of governing the country," he said.
"The biggest winners after an election change and a reshuffle are the car dealers because all the new officials will insist on new vehicles."

Who is Vanuatu’s new prime minister?
  • Joe Natuman is Member of Parliament for Tanna
  • He was private secretary to the country’s first Prime Minister, Father Walter Lini.
  • He has served in various governments and held ministerial positions in the ministry of internal affairs, foreign affairs, education, justice and social welfare.
  • He has become the first member for Tanna to become Prime Minister.
  • He won 40 out of the 52 votes cast by Members of Parliament.  He was the only nominee for the post of Prime Minister.
  • He is secretary general of Vanua'ku Pati.

A google translate of article in Majalah Selangkah. Be -aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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2) Way Down in Semarang Komapam sikapi Dogiyai Death Accident Tragedy
 Author : Admin MS | Wednesday, May 14 2014 21:39 Read: 468 Comments : 1

When the protesters down the street . Photo : Doc . MS .
Semarang, STEP MAGAZINE - Thursday ( 14 / 05 ) , Papuan students in Central Java in Papua New Student Community Anti- Militarism ( Komapam ) gathered in Semarang and down the street address and shooting a deadly accident that happened in Papua Dogiyai district by Brimob civilians .

Chronology of the deadly accident and the tragedy of the shooting victims by Brimob against civilians in Dogiyai can be read here .

This peaceful protest was held ahead of Diponegoro University ( UNDIP ) Semarang .

" Do not succumb to the elections and others , while the Papuan civilians , as in Dogiyai , the Indonesian military is always the culprit . They also protect the truck driver who is proven wrong , crashed into two people to death on the spot , " he shouted Bernardo Boma , one orator in this action .

Papuan students who come from Salatiga , Yogyakarta and Semarang demands of fatal accidents investigated , and the Brimob civilian shooters dealt with firmly .

Mass action then moves from Undip and ends in front of the police office in Semarang .

Yance Iyai action coordinator finally delivered protesters statement .

First , the state is responsible for the shooting of three civilians in Dogiyai , Papua .

Second, the fire is not honored and perpetrators prosecuted, shooter ( Brimob ) who shot three civilians in Dogiyai .

Third , the perpetrators be tried impactor ( driver ) that killed two civilians in Dogiyai , in accordance with applicable law in this country .

Fourth , the post of Chief of Police immediately dislodged Papua police chief , police chief and police chief Nabire Dogiyai are not menjalankani duties and responsibilities , which are not able to provide security for the citizens , it brings the fear of death .

Fifth , Regent Dogiyai , Papua Police Chief and Police Chief immediately pull Nabire Brimob post of District Dogiyai .

Sixth , stop militarism approach in solving the problems of Papua . ( Nikolaus Wakei / MS )

A google translate of article in Majalah Selangkah. Be -aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
Original bahasa link at
3) Three Students Arrested Police Uncen
 Author : Pilemon Keiya | Thursday, May 15 2014 20:25 Read: 261 Comments : 0

Uncen . Photo : Ist .

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - Three students at the University of Paradise ( Uncen ) Jayapura , respectively Stepanus Payokwa , Samuel Womsiwor and Marsel Demotekai detained the police chief , this afternoon , Thursday ( 15/05/2014 ) .

They were arrested at different times and places . Samuel Womsiwor and Marsel Demotekai arrested in BEM FISIP Uncen secretariat this afternoon . Meanwhile , Stepanus Payokwa arrested in Housing III Waena , Jayapura , this afternoon .

To , Wakapolresta Jayapura , Kiki Kurnia said it made ​​the arrest on 3 student 's behest Uncen Rector III . They are alleged to have damaged the glass in one of the buildings at the Faculty of Social Politics , yesterday .

" We do ( catching , red) is permitted by the PR III , " Kiki said Kurnia , in Housing III Waena when capturing Stepanus Payokwa . Three students were arrested have been taken to the Jayapura Police Station .

On that occasion , the police chief also asked Ngelia Jason and his friends are being sought Police PR statements III Uncen soon came to the Jayapura Police Station .

Uncen one student who did not want his name mentioned told questioned the arrest. " This problem can be handled internally campus and on campus . Why should involve the police and play catch . 's The problem that occurred a few days ago , " he said .

Another student contacted separately considered, this arrest is an attempt psychological stress for students FISIP Uncen that had internal critics Papua campus and other issues .

" We know all to , they arrested the children 's right activists . Ngelia Jason always coordinate cross- college students in Jayapura , conducting demonstrations to reject Special Autonomy Plus and pro-people policies no other , " said the medical student who did not want his name mentioned it .

Until tonight , not successful confirmation by the Vice Rector III and Rector of Uncen . ( Pilemon Keiya / MS )

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