Sunday, October 26, 2014

1) Papua police arrest Rambo Wonda of outlawed armed group

2) Papua Police Arrest Timsus Rambo Wenda 
3) Calls for Jokowi to open up Papua

4) Indonesia’s New Ministers: Who Are They?


1) Papua police arrest Rambo Wonda of outlawed armed group

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014 17:10 WIB | 426 Views
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Papuan Regional Police arrested members of an outlawed armed group including Enggangrangkok Wonda or Rambo Wonda and Darius Wonimbo or Rambo Puncak Jaya as well as Tolikara in Wamena, Jayawijaya District, Papua Province on Thursday (Oct 23).

The Chief of Papuan Regional Police Inspector General Yotje Mende said Enggangrangkok had an arsenal gun and ammunition that he had taken by force from Brigadier Mobile (Brimob) officer.

"Enggangrangkok Wonda, initially Rambo Wonda, is a nephew of Puron Wonda who is in polices wanted list," Mende said here on Saturday.

Police also said Enggangrangkok was allegedly involved in deadly shootings that killed eight police officers.

The Jayawijaya Resort Police are still investigating the seven armed separatists who had operated in central Papuan mountainous area.

Mende said Police planned to transfer the seven armed separatists to Jayapura to conduct further investigation.


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2) Papua Police Arrest Timsus Rambo Wenda 

Author: Arjuna Pademme on October 26, 2014 at 23:55:56 WP 


Papua Police chief Inspector General Yotje Mende - Jubi / Arjuna 

Jayapura, Jubi - Special Teams (Timsus) Regional Police (Police) Papua reportedly caught Rambo Wenda. Rambo is one of the prominent armed groups in Jaya Lanni led Puron Wenda, who had been included in the List People Search (DPO) local police. 

From the data obtained Jubi, Rambo Wenda was arrested along with five others whose identity is unknown. The arrest occurred in Wamena, Sunday (26/10) at around 13:00 CEST. Police reportedly had to shoot the calf right of Rambo because intend to escape when it will be rounded up. 

Police Chief (Chief of Police) Inspector General of Papua Yotje Mende via text message to a number of journalists to justify the arrest. 

"Yes there are members of an armed group in Papua Police arrested Timsus Wemena, this afternoon. They are currently under examination in Jayawijaya. They been scheduled they will be brought to the Papua Police Mobile Brigade Meets with the leaders of Papua Police, "said Police Chief Yotje in the short message on Sunday (26/10). 

According to him, the police did not just target the Rambo Wenda, however Timsus Papua Police are also now trying to track down members of other armed groups believed to be around the town of Wamena. 

"The last time was in Rambo termitor Lanni Jaya Mountains. It was a month ago. At that time he was holding a gun Arsenal. Rambo is also involved in the shooting of eight members Lanni Jaya Police while on patrol in Pirime, July 28, "he said. 

While the Head of Public Relations (Head of Public Relations) Papua Police Comr Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said, besides Rambo Wenda, two of the five others were arrested initials RW and RT. 

"RW is a leader of an armed group in the region Balingga to Lani Jaya while the RT is a leader in the area until Tolikara Balingga. They are a team that captured the Joint Timsus Papua police and the military, "said Sr. Pudjo. 

Since May, 2013 then, the police have set up Rambo Papua strip Wenda included in the List People Search (DPO). Concerned allegedly involved a series of shootings in Puncak Jaya since 2011 and. 

Commissioner Pol I Gede Sumerta Jaya who was then serving as the Head of the Papua Police spokesman said, Rambo is the brains behind the shooting that left two Brimob officers died in the village of Wandegobak, Puncak Jaya, December 2011. 

"They were shot while on his way to the summit of Smiles to pick up their colleagues who are sick. From the data we have, the shooting and the assailant BriMobs on orders Rambo Wenda, "said Sr. (Pol) I Gede at the time. (Arjuna Pademme) 


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3) Calls for Jokowi to open up Papua

Updated at 6:29 am today

Human Rights Watch is calling on Indonesia's newly-appointed president, Joko Widodo, to carry out his campaign promise to lift restrictions on foreign journalists visiting Papua.
On Friday, two French journalists were convicted for misusing their tourist visa to work in the region.
They are expected to be released today.
Human Rights Watch's Indonesia spokesperson, Andreas Harsono, says outside access to Papua and West Papua has been restricted to foreign journalists and NGOs since the provinces were annexed in the 1960s.
Mr Harsono says journalists hoping to enter the region must apply for a permit that has the signatures of 18 ministries.
"Any beaureaucracy that requires 18 signatures to get a permit means there must be something terribly wrong in the area they want to enter. Even Jesus Christ, if he wants to visit Papua, I don't think he would get a permit."
Andreas Harsono says Joko Widodo must make good on his June promise to open access to West Papua.

4) Indonesia’s New Ministers: Who Are They?

By Jakarta Globe on 12:29 am Oct 27, 2014
Category FeaturedNewsPolitics
President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla on Sunday presented Indonesia’s next cabinet.
Here are 34 profiles of the men and women who will be inaugurated on Monday.


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