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1) Councilor Ruben Magay: OPM Is Now Taking A Track of Diplomacy

2) Ruben Magay: Soldiers Involved in Bullet Trading Are Actually Separatists
3) Councillor Urges Start of Jakarta – Papua Dialogue
4) Papua to implement one-stop service system for investors
5) Papua Legislative Council Asks Military Police to Investigate Bullet Trade Syndicate
6) Notorious Papua Cop Sentenced to 15 Years Refuses to Return to Jail
7) Government Should be Firm on PT.Freeport

8) KNPB ULMWP Ask Support Application Applications to MSG February 5, 2015

1) Councilor Ruben Magay: OPM Is Now Taking A Track of Diplomacy

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I, Ruben Magay, said the Free Papua Movement is not using violence anymore but diplomacy to express their political aspirations.
“So the Free Papua Movement has ceased the fire. Now their level is upgraded. They might have used violence in the past, but not anymore,” Magay said on Saturday (31/1).
He said a group called by the security force as the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), Armed Civilian Group (KSB) or separatists are not the Free Papua Movement, but they are a group groomed by certain parties for their own interests.
“Groups called KKB, KSB and so on have economic motives. This damages Papuans, but it all will be uncovered,” he said.
At one occasion, the General Chairman of Baptism Churches Unite, the Rev. Sofyan Yoman said he was not sure about several numbers of the shooting incidents in Papua could be uncovered. Moreover, such a group called KKB by the security force could do violence at many regions of Papua
“Perhaps it’s an omission. These perpetrators are being protected, or we could say they are a protected OPM. So the Police and Military must have an internal reflection. If they are the real OPM, then they struggle in peace, through a dialogue,” he said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom


2) Ruben Magay: Soldiers Involved in Bullet Trading Are Actually Separatists

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I, Ruben Magay said the stigma of being separatists attached to Papuans is gradually unravelling.
Some security officers are responsible for creating instability in Papua as evidenced by the arrest of soldiers involved in selling bullets to rebels, Magay said.
“They are actually the real separatists. They are who actually threatening this country. If they have been identified as the military members, it’s a caution for the country. Don’t earn money improperly in Papua,” Magay said on Saturday (31/1).
According to him, it’s really sad if Papua continues being developed and adapted in the wrong way. Now, the provocateurs that took advantages for every problems of Papua during this time have begun to uncover.
“Those culprits who acted on behalf of the Country, institution and make a money improperly damaged the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. How long Papuans would be treated on this way,” he said.
Ruben Magay asked the Military Commander and Papua Police Chief to conduct a thorough investigation towards the involvement of other parties in the bullet trading. He further said there is a scenario to create the unsafe situation.
“The military members who involved in this case must be cracked explicitly. It should be revealed whether they acted on behalf of the institution or themselves. Who’s behind the trading, started from those who are in Jakarta till Papua,” he said.
Last week, the Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander Fransen Siahaan said he refused to have a traitor in his troop. The bullets would be used to kill the innocent people, including the Indonesian soldiers.
“They are my enemies, the traitors. No tolerance for them. Better I have a small troop, but they are not the traitors of nation,” the Commander Siahaan said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


3) Councillor Urges Start of Jakarta – Papua Dialogue

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council, Nioluen Kotouki, questioned the commitment of the central government to start a peace dialogue between with Papua.
A politician from the Prosperous Justice Part ( PKS) said Joko Widodo President has said it would carry out a peaceful dialogue in order to seek solutions to problems in Papua. However, it is still up in the air.
“Now the question is when its implementation? Many Papuans have been arrested for being part of the armed groups, “ Kotouki said on Saturday (01/31/2015).
According to him, the central government should view this dialogue as the aspirations of the Papuans.
“The dialogue is to see the root of problem in Papua. I hope the Central Government could realize the dialogue between Jakarta – Papua and take concrete steps to make Papua a peaceful land, “he said.
“Basically, I support the peaceful dialogue between Jakarta – Papua. This was proposed several years ago yet until now there is no certainty,” he said.
On one occasion, another member of the Papua Legislative Council, Ruben Magay, urged the central government to immediately implement a peace dialogue Jakarta – Papua, which was proposed by the Papua Peace Network (JDP).
“The peaceful dialogue has been initiated since former President Susilo Bambang Yudhono (SBY). Yet at that time, he did not give a positive response., ” Magay said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

4) Papua to implement one-stop service system for investors

Senin, 2 Februari 2015 16:39 WIB | 466 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Integrated Permission and Investment Board of Papua administration will implement a one-stop service system for investors, John Way, the head of board, stated here on Monday.

"We will implement the system this year. The system allows investors to get license permits through a one-door service system," he revealed.

John pointed out that in 2014, hundreds of permit letters were received based on the governors decision.

"We have processed about 203 permit proposals in 2014," he noted, adding that in 2015, the board targets to issue 90 permits.

Earlier, the president has earmarked 2016 as the year of investment.

"This is our duty to implement and realize the one-stop service," John said.

He explained that there has been rapid development in Papua, especially in the infrastructure and investment sectors.(*)


5) Papua Legislative Council Asks Military Police to Investigate Bullet Trade Syndicate

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council urged the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command and Papua Police to conduct a thorough investigation following the arrest of three civilians and soldiers who allegedly supplied bullets to suspected armed rebels.
A member of Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I, Syamsunar Rasyid said the Regional Military Commander must conduct a thorough investigation on his members who might be involved in the bullet trading syndicate.
“Bullets are the tools of State. It was provided not for sale. The Commander must investigate who’s behind this and how many people were involved,” Syamsunar said on Friday (30/1).
According to him, the bullet trading might not possible involved one or two persons. It must be involved a group of syndicate. He said Papua would never been a Peaceful Lance, if the transaction of bullets and firearms was still existed.
“How it could be accomplished if those who supposed to guard the security and unity of the Republic of Indonesia were doing such transaction. The Papua Police also needs to continue developing this case. Who were involved, both military and civilians. It is not a small case, but it’s connected with the security of the country,” he said.
A day earlier, the Cenderawasih Regional Military Commander, the Major General Fransen Siahaan said the military is still investigating the source of those bullets and it assumed the involvement of its members.
“The bullets in the military warehouse are intact. Nothing is missing. The standard of procedure is correct. So, where are those coming from? Is that purely for business or there is another thing? There are five soldiers who’ve been questioned right now. But the number might be improved,” said the Commander at that time without telling the soldiers’ names. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


6) Notorious Papua Cop Sentenced to 15 Years Refuses to Return to Jail

W. Papua Police chief: There's nothing we can do because he has a release letter
By Banjir Ambarita on 05:17 pm Feb 02, 2015

Jayapura. Papua Police say that the officer who in 2014 was sentenced to 15 years in jail for laundering up to Rp 1.5 trillion ($132 million) but who left prison almost a year ago, is living with relatives in Sorong and resisting arrest, claiming he has been lawfully released.
“L.S. is still in Sorong, he has met with two district police chiefs who urged him to surrender but he refused, claiming he has been released,” the chief of West Papua Police, Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday.
Paulus was referring to Adj. First Insp. Labora Sitorus of the Raja Ampat Police.
Labora was initially sentenced to two years in prison and handed a Rp 50 million in fine for illegal logging and fuel hoarding. His sentence was revised to eight years after prosecutors appealed, and the Supreme Court finally, in September last year, decided he should serve 15 years in jail and pay a Rp 5 billion fine.
Strangely, however, Labora has so far not been dismissed from the police force and apparently was allowed to leave prison in March 2014 for health reasons. He has not returned since and is now using a document from Sorong Penitentiary as proof that he doesn’t have to.
Paulus said police could not forcefully take Labora back to prison because he was protected by his relatives in his home in Sorong.
“There are some of his relatives standing guard for him, not many, but we do not want this to lead to a clash,” Paulus said, adding: “There’s nothing we can do because he has a release letter.”
Attorney General H.M. Prasetyo has indicated an investigation will be launched to find out how it is possible that Labora has been allowed to so blatantly flaunt a Supreme Court ruling — for almost a year already.
“That’s what we need to find out: why he was released? Because [Sorong Penitentiary] has no authority to release him,” Prasetyo told on Monday. “How could they?”

7) Government Should be Firm on PT.Freeport

Jakarta, Jubi / Antara – An economist at  University of Sam Ratulangi, Agus Tony Poputra, urged the government to be firm in dealing with PT Freeport.
“The extension of the MoU between the government and Freeport showed that the government has been captive to the interests of PT Freeport Indonesia,” Agus Tony Poputra said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Friday (30/1).
He said Law No. 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining clearly bans the exports of raw minerals, as does Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 20 of 2013, which was issued  in 2014.  As a result, he said, many mining companies stopped their activities are are required to build “smelters” in order to export processed products.
He asserted that the real export of raw materials is very detrimental to Indonesia including loss of additional employment opportunities and other economic losses.
He added, the value of a byproduct of continued process of mining has high values, but on the other hand the value of exports of raw materials is generally low.
“Therefore, revenues through taxes and royalties are relatively low and other countries enjoy the added value of advanced processes and products,” Poputra said.
Unfortunately Freeport actually delayed the construction of smelters and used its privilege by asking to export in the form of a concentrate.
Separately, professor of economics, University of Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Erani Yustika said, the government has no firmness in the face of Freeport. It can be seen by the extension of cooperation with the company.
“The extension of the MoU between the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and PT Freeport for the duration of the next six months should not be necessary because there are a lot of things have been denied by this giant company,” he said in Malang on Tuesday (27/1).
He further said today Freeport has not yet built a smelter in Papua, whereas the obligation should have been realized since five years ago. In fact, the royalty payment was also not met and often delayed.
As reported previously, the government understood the demand of PT Freeport Indonesia on contract extension in the Grasberg mine in Papua that will be ended in 2021. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said during a working meeting with the House of Representatives Commission VII in Jakarta on Monday (26/1), said that the company needs a certainty on contract extension of spending plans investments worth 17.3 billion dollars.
Meanwhile, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) appreciates the government’s decision to extend the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the amendment of the work during the next six months since January 25, 2015.
“PT Freeport Indonesia really appreciate what was decided by the government so that PTFI can still continue its operations,” said President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia Maroef Syamsoeddin in a press conference at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jakarta on Sunday (25/1).
He said that PTFI will continue to strive to continue to provide benefits and value-added continuously to the Indonesian state, and the people of Papua in particular. (*/ Tina)
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8) KNPB ULMWP Ask Support Application Applications to MSG February 5, 2015
By: Agus Pabika | Monday, February 2nd, 2015 - 16:53 pm | Viewed: 226 times

Jubir KNPB Pusat dan anggota saat jumpa pers di Expo Waena (Foto: Agus Pabika/Suara Papua)

Jayapura, --- West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Centre, expressed full support of submission of application applications West Papua by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), the Secretariat of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), February 5, 2015 .

This was revealed by the National Spokesperson KNPB Center, bazooka Logo, during a press conference on Monday (02/02/2015) afternoon in the courtyard Museum of Papua, Expo, Waena, Jayapura.
"There are two momentum which we will celebrate together on February 5, 2015 at the Papua people. Firstly, February 5, 1855 as the day of entry of the Gospel in Papua, and the second, on the same day ULMWP will apply to MSG, "he said.
KNPB together people of West Papua, according to a bazooka, shall celebrate two historic day.
"History is important February 5 1855 to 2015 is a key and a special opportunity for the people of West Papua and once the momentum of the celebration of February 5, 2015," continued bazooka Logo.
Coming to step ULMWP or Liberation Movement Unity West Papua, West Papua will register as an official member in the MSG Secretariat, February 5, 2015 in Vanuatu, KNPB ask for the support and prayers of the people of Papua.
"All the people of West Papua territory from Sorong to Samarai for support in the form of prayer and fasting in the home, church and in the open field," said bazooka.
Meanwhile, Secretary I KNPB Center, Mecky Yeimo, calling ULMWP struggle is the last coordination forum for the nation of West Papua to end the suffering of history over the years.
"KNBP will never be silent, but we still had passed the agenda will be agreed upon by ULMWP later," he said.
Mecky added, to support the people in the form of prayer in the church and in the open field will be conducted on February 5, 2015.
"We support this struggle with prayer, if the plan down the road there from friends KNPB areas such as Timika, Manokwari, Fak-Fak and others, is to support the activities of February 5, 2015," explained Yeimo.
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