Friday, February 13, 2015

1) Papuans urged to be prioritized as policemen

2) Papua Police Reenact Shootings of Two Officers
3) Papua Legislative Council Invites Military, Police Chiefs to Discuss Paniai Case
4) Merauke Air Force Commander Promises to Investigate Alleged Involvement of Military Officers in Arowana Smuggling
5) Energy Ministry to Inspect Smelter Site in Papua
6) DPRP Agriculture Commission Urges Government to Build Flour of Sweet Potato Factory
7) Papuans Should Rise to the Occasion, Merauke Regent Says
8) Nearly 600 Elementary School Teachers Needed in Jayapura Regency

1) Papuans urged to be prioritized  as policemen
The Jakarta Post, Manokwari | Archipelago | Sat, February 14 2015, 8:15 AM -

The newly formed West Papua Police are expected to recruit more Papuans as policemen, as part of empowerment program for Papuans.
“We appreciate the establishment of the West Papua Police, as required by the provincial administration and local residents for the sake of law enforcement in West Papua. We hope the West Papua Police will recruit locals as police,” said West Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) deputy head Anike Sabami in Manokwari on Friday.
The establishment of the West Papua Police was based on an Empowerment and State Apparatus ministerial decree dated Aug. 27, 2014, later followed up with the appointment of the first West Papua Police chief Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, who was born in Fakfak, West Papua.
The West Papua Police, with headquarters in the Manokwari gubernatorial office building in Manokwari, West Papua, oversee nine regency police forces. 

2) Papua Police Reenact Shootings of Two Officers

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua police and suspects reenacted the shootings that killed two members of the Lanny Jaya police by unknown gunmen last year.
The reenactment was conducted in in Buton village, Jayapura city on Tuesday afternoon (10/02/2015), led by the deputy director of criminal investigations, Nur Habri.
There were 10 scenes performed by two suspects, Wuyungga Tabuni, and Nesmin Wonda. And it was known that the night before the attack, they held a meeting at Enden Wanimbo’s home. The meeting was attended by Enden Wanimbo, Oni Wonda aka Oniara, Tier Wonda, Imu Wonda, Yam Two Tabuni, Kuloi Wonda, Nasimin Wonda, Ingge Wonda, Bagaya and Wuyungga Tabuni.
The next day, they stopped eight Lanny Jaya police who were patrolling by a Strada car to Indawa district area. As a result, Brigadier Zulqlifli and Brigadier Yoga were killed on the spot. After the attack, one of the attackers took four guns and some ammunition then ran into the woods.
After reconstruction, the Papua Police spokesman, Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said, the reconstruction was done based on the examination of the two suspects who were arrested some time ago.
“This was done based on the testimony of two suspects and to complete the data before handing to the  prosecutor. Both suspects are main actors who took four guns from the members,” he added.
Meanwhile, Nur Habri said, there are 12 perpetrators and two of them got arrested. Now police are still pursuing the rest of them. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

3) Papua Legislative Council Invites Military, Police Chiefs to Discuss Paniai Case

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) has sent an invitation to the chief of Cenderawasih XVII Military Command XVII, Major General Fransen Siahaan and Papua police Inspector General Yotje Mende to discuss progress in the investigation into shootings that killed four high school students on December.
DPRP speaker Yunus Wonda said the meeting will be held at DPRP office on Wednesday (11/02/2015).
“We’ve invited the Police chief and commander in order to hear the update results of the investigation that they have done,” Wonda said on Tuesday (10/02/2015).
He said it is one of the steps taken by DPRP to uncover who is behind the bloody incident. He said there are now several investigative team down to the Paniai.
“We are still awaiting the results from the investigative team down there including Military and Police Commission of Human Right teams. Presently, the people need clarity who actually responsible for the shooting, “he said.
He said, people want transparency, so that they do not wonder. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

4) Merauke Air Force Commander Promises to Investigate Alleged Involvement of Military Officers in Arowana Smuggling

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke Air Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Muhamad Arwani promised to investigate allegations that Air Force members were involved in the smuggling of 1,000 arowanas through Mopah Airport.
“I just arrived from Jakarta and has not received a detail report about the involvement of Air Force officer who caught through CCTV at Mopah Airport when tried to pass the arowanas to the flight,” the Commander Arwani said to reporters at Raya Mandala Square on Wednesday (11/2/2015).
The Merauke Air Force will coordinate and work together with some related stakeholders such as Mopah Airport Management, Natural Resource Conservation Body (KSDA) and the local police for further investigation. “So, temporary I could not say much about this case because I just got back from Jakarta,” he said.
However, he promised to process the involved culprit in accordance with the military procedure. “Yes, I will invite the journalists to make further confirmation after meeting with several institutions,” he said.
Earlier, the Merauke Mopah Aiport Chief, Rajoki Aritonang said his office will conduct a thorough investigation on the alleged arowana smuggling case through the airport. “We immediately established an investigation team to follow up the case,” he said.
Further, Aritonang said arowana is protected species and strict by law to pass by from Merauke Regency. ‘I will be more strict in guard system at Mopah Airport,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

5) Energy Ministry to Inspect Smelter Site in Papua

Biak, Jubi/Antara – The officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and other related ministries will survey the location for the construction of a smelter in Papua on Friday, according to Governor Lukas Enembe.
“A team of officials from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry will conduct a field survey for the construction of PT Freeport Indonesia’s copper concentrate smelter. Obviously, the smelter must be built in Papua,” the governor stated here on Thursday (12/2/2015).
He noted that PT Freeport has been ordered to build the smelter in Papua, and if it is realized, it will offer economic and social benefits to the local community.
Lukas remarked that the Papua provincial government and local community eagerly await the construction of a smelter, which will help to produce Papua’s mineral resources such as silver, iron, copper, and other base metals from their ores. Citing Law No.4 of 2009, Governor Lukas Enembe noted that mining companies need to downstream production and are required to build their own smelters to refine and process the minerals prior to export.
Therefore, the governor emphasized that all mining companies operating in Papua must comply with the law to establish their smelters on the land of Papua.
“The people of Papua have abundant natural and mineral resources, and therefore, the mining companies should build their own smelters, so that the local community can also enjoy their positive impact on the economy,” the governor affirmed. (*)

6) DPRP Agriculture Commission Urges Government to Build Flour of Sweet Potato Factory

Jayapura, Jubi – The Commission II of Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) on Agriculture and Economics urged the government of Papua to immediately build a plant to make flour from sweet potatoes  this year.
Commission chairman Deerd Tabuni said, the land in Skanto district, Keerom to build a factory has been available since 2009. Processing machines were also delivered by the central government the same year. But the plant has not operated and has been used as a warehouse of Papua province in North Jayapura district, Jayapura city.
“DPRP and Keerom regency have discussed how the factory can be built in the future. Raw materials are already available and Keerom regency itself approved it. So we want the machine functioned again as it can be a local budget revenue, “Deerd Tabuni said after he and Commission II of DPRP looked a processing machine of sweet potato flour directly on Wednesday (11/02/2015).
He further said, the local economy should be a priority for development. If it grows well, parents can support a family and their children education. He hoped Papua governor would prioritize it in his program.
“We will urge the government so that the factory could be built or it can be handed over to the private sector if the government can not manage, “he said.
While the Secretary of Industry Department of Papua province, Else Pekade said, the machine is not operated because there is no building. It has proposed a development fund, but has not been realized.
“We’ve done our duties by providing a machine that can produce eight tons of flour every day. We hope that the building budget will be realized. Moreover, the center has correspondence to us, if the machine is not used will be withdrawn and given to other provinces, “Pekade said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

7) Papuans Should Rise to the Occasion, Merauke Regent Says

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka said Papuans should be empowered, and not rely on handouts.
Papuans should be judged for their ability and not hide behind affirmative action, Mbaraka said.
“I warn you to not shout me that you are Papuan in order to be pitied. Is it only a person who have curly hair and black skin identified as Papuans? In America there are black people too. However, they have extraordinary abilities,” he said  to reporters on Wednesday (11/02/2015).
During the four years leading Merauke, he admitted there were some Marind children asked for position but unable to present the programs. “That’s because of lack of capabilities,” he said.
However, it continues to provide encouragement or motivation to indigenous Papuan children so they are able to get an education to the level of higher education for a job and family life changing.
“I came from low class background. My father was a crocodile hunter who took its leather at a sale and he was able to send me to Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB),” he said.
Nowadays parental dependence on the government is very high. When their children will continue studies, they would seek government assistance. It is different to other regions where the parents pay their children’ education until finished.
Separately, chairman of Merauke Legislative Council, Kanizia Mekiuw admitted if the attention of the government to encourage indigenous Papuans is very high. “We can see that every year, there must be a study funds aid given by government to Papuans,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

8) Nearly 600 Elementary School Teachers Needed in Jayapura Regency

Sentani, Jubi / Antara – Jayapura regency needs  at least 574 teachers  for elementary schools , the head of the education department Alpius Toam said.
“Vocational school requires a lot of teachers because it has many subjects, but most noticeably lacking is at the level that must be prioritized,” he said in Sentani on Wednesday (11/02/2015).
According to him, the first step undertaken is to collect the recent number of schools and teachers.
“After the placement of K2, then we will appoint the contract teachers to meet school needs. Only we still coordinate with the local government,” he said again.
He explained the recruitment process would be more selective, with a bachelor degree a minimum requirement.
“Even though this requirement can not be met for remote areas , but still will be pursued the best for the education of children,” he said.
He added that this preparation will be discussed further, particularly in the provision of salaries. (*)

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