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1) Kadepa: Human Right Violations Prompt International NGOs’ Support for Papua

2) Indonesian Security Forces fire on West Papuans
3) It’s too Late to Start Partnership With Pacific Countries, says Councilor Kadepa
4) Two Soldiers to Face Trial Court over Shooting of Civilians
5) Papua Government Find It Hard to Implement Central Government Regulations
6) Melanesian Countries Seek Help from Indonesia

7) Army personnel Get Drunk with Residents


1) Kadepa: Human Right Violations Prompt International NGOs’ Support for Papua

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said many NGOs in Latin America support Papua’s struggle for independence of Papua because of human right violations by Jakarta.
He said the world and foreign NGOs recognized Papua as a result of right abuses that have occurred here.
He said Papuans are currently being tortured and experiencing violence.
“Let say the foreign NGOs or another countries support the independence of Papua because they only recognized its negative aspect, that is the human right violation. They currently knew a humanitarian crisis is now happening in Papua,” Kadepa told Jubi last week.
He thought it’s normal if there are at least 1,500 NGOs in Latin America to support Papua to be separated from Indonesia. The entire world knew many suffering happened among Papuans on their own land.
“I though it’s normal. It’s real condition in Papua. Papuans were oppressed and experienced violence. It is become a concern of the world because they keep watching the progress in Papua,” he said.
He further said both foreign NGOs and other countries are not judging Papua by its development or other aspects but they saw Papua by its humanitarian aspect. “They knew Papuans always been threaten unfair on their own land. That’s what they thought. They didn’t see the development, health, education or other issues but the aspect of humanitarian crisis,” he said.
Earlier, Fredi Kambu said in Latin America at least 1,500 NGOs supported the Papua free movement. But their support was unfocused because they don’t have idea about who’s exactly the leader of Free Papua Movement. He further said the reason behind their support was because they only recognized Papua from negative aspect blown up by media.
“The foreign NGOs and other countries didn’t know about the positive aspect such as safety, development, community economic development and so on. Human right violation issue is become their favorite,” said Fredi Kambu on Tuesday (17/3/2015).(Arjuna Pademme/rom)

2) Indonesian Security Forces fire on West Papuans

Jubi/AWPA – The Security Forces again target KNBP in West Papua. One person killed and 3 wounded.
Throughout the week (11 to 18 March) the Yahukimo Regional Branch of the KNBP held a fundraising campaign in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).
On the morning of Thursday 19 March, as preparations were underway for the closing ceremony in Dekai, Yahukimo regency the Yahukimo District Police and a mobile brigade arrived and started tearing down the stage, confiscating KNPB banners, megaphones, speakers, microphones and cameras and used force to disband the crowd. According to the police the organisers did not have a permit to hold the event.
The crowed became angry at the heavy -handed approach by the security forces and in the melee that followed Brimob members fired at the crowd resulting in one person killed and 3 wounded.
During this incident, police said an officer’s revolver was grabbed as the security forces dispersed the people at the closing ceremony and it was also reported the Dekai Airport was besieged to prevent troop reinforcements from arriving.
The list of casualties are from first reports and it is understood that human rights defenders are on the ground investigating the incidents and will report in more detail after their investigation.
Obang segenil aged 48 years, a village head who was shot and died while receiving medical attention in Yakuhimo hospital
Samson Giban (42 years), Shot in the left hand
Titus Giban (39 years), shot in the ribs
Iner Sekenil (16 years) shot in the hand.
Arrested and currently detained at the police station in Yakuhimo
Elkius Kobak (23), White Bahabol (28), Era Kobak (26), Julius Payage (32) and Pion Yelemaken (22). (*)

3) It’s too Late to Start Partnership With Pacific Countries, says Councilor Kadepa

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said it is too late for the Indonesian government to convince Pacific countries over the human rights situation in Papua by opening it up.
He further said the only way for Indonesia to get international trust over Papua is by allowing foreign journalists come to Papua.
“It is too late. The Pacific countries have long time followed the recent issue in Papua. Do not provide partial information. Let foreign journalists coming to Papua to witness the current situation. Right now Papua is on humanitarian crisis,” Kadepa told Jubi on Wednesday (18/3/2015).
He further said now after the Pacific countries are so intense supporting Papua, the government acted as if it want to show its power and contribution in Papua.
“It’s not right. If this country thought it is growing Papua, it should let foreign journalists come to see the current situation in Papua. It much better than let them using their own way conveying Papua to the outsider. It’s absolutely wasted. Who want to believe,” he said.
He further said if foreign journalists were allowed to come to Papua to cover and publish the conditions here, the world would be more convinced.
But if the information provided was only the government’s version, it would hard to convince the world. “It’s their version, it might be different with what was happening among the people. Do not sell Papua for certain people’s benefit,” he said.
When meeting with the Media and Information Director of Indonesian Foreign Minister, the Papua Regional Secretary Heri Dosinaen said recently the information about Papua was destructive, especially if it was only referred to one aspect. Everything would be looked rigid.
According to him, for that reason the Papua Governor has opened the access to the neighbor countries, which certainly have contribution to work together with Indonesia in economic, health and education. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


4) Two Soldiers to Face Trial Court over Shooting of Civilians

Merauke, Jubi – Last week, Merauke Military Commander Brigadier General Supartodi said  soldiers involved in the shooting incident that killed two civilians at Mopah Airport would be prosecuted.
Military investigators are collecting information from related parties including the Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang and Merauke Airport Authority Chairul Batubara.
The legal process would continue after an investigation into two airport officials has been completed.
“It is necessary to have witnesses after the shooting of two civilians,” he said. The two soldiers will stand their trial in Jayapura. Since one of two officers is lieutenant, according to the law Cenderawasih Regional Military Command must handle them.
Currently they are in military’s custody and waiting for further legal process. “Yes, for more details, please ask the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command who handle their case,” he said.
When asked about the victim Sugiono whom being treated in a hospital in Jakarta, the commander said he was already leaving the hospital.
“We are grateful because Sugiono can be saved and now able to communicate well and smoothly. He also has no eating problem. Everything is fine. But he must continue his therapy until he’s completely recovered,” he said.
This last incident has become a lesson for military officer who’s on duty at Mopah Airport. Next time the officers should be more careful while checking the gun. Meanwhile the Merauke Regent Romanus Mbraka added the local government also provided help to facilitate the victim and his family to get better treatment in Jakarta some time ago. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


5) Papua Government Find It Hard to Implement Central Government Regulations

Jayapura, Jubi – Regulations made by the central government in various sectors keep changing every year and this makes it difficult for the provincial government to implement them, Secretary of the Papua Province, Hery Dosinaen said.
Dosinaen made the remarks before the Director General of the Ministry of Interior Regional Finance Reydhonnizar Moenek and Director General of Regional Finance Ministry of the Interior Ahmad Baktiar who attended the workshop on Capacity Building for Regional Financial Management in Jayapura last week.
He suggested that the governor coordinate with Directorate of Finance Ministry of the Interior to draft special regulations in Papua to see the objective conditions in the area.
“There are many programs that regent would like to realize and not all can be accommodated. Besides that the heads of these regions have to deal with BPK auditors who hold the regulations, “he said.
In addition, the matter of issuance of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 64 of 2013 on the implementation of the Government Accounting Standards (SAP) of accrual – based in local government is new to Papua.
“The accrual-based accounting standards are applied by many developed countries, thus providing greater benefits for the government. Therefore, this concerns could be references for further policy makers in the future, “he said.
Meanwhile, Director General of Regional Finance Ministry of the Interior, Reydhonnizar Moenek said budget management capacity building is very important, because in the future the government will be faced with the dynamics of change in the budget.
“Right now I’m focusing in facilitating a chaos between Jakarta Council and the Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, “Reydhonnizar Moenek stated. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

6) Melanesian Countries Seek Help from Indonesia

Jakarta, Jubi/Antara – Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi said Indonesia had received many requests for capacity building programs from 42 countries.
“We get about 303 requests on capacity building programs from 42 countries,” Foreign Minister Retno said in a speech opening the the 2015 South – South Cooperation Forum Building Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta last week.
According to her, requests for assistance for capacity development programs mostly came from East Timor, Palestine, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pacific countries, and African countries.
Foreign Minister also said that from 1999 to 2015 Indonesia has around 32 partners in the development of triangular cooperation scheme (three sides) and held around 400 training programs with 4,400 participants from developing countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.
Capacity building programs are focused on entrepreneurship, (UKM), health, fisheries, agriculture, disaster risk management, and training for law enforcement.
“During my visit recently to the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, I had the opportunity to witness a variety of capacity building programs. And I will push for concrete measures in the future, “she said.
She also expressed her appreciation for the active participation of partner countries that took part in the capacity building program of Indonesia.
“In addition, capacity building program should be in line with national development priorities of each country,” she added.
On that occasion, he also said South – South Cooperation forum is not a substitute for North-South cooperation. In fact, the South-South cooperation and North-South should be complementary.
“I believe Indonesia has witnessed that South-South cooperation and North-South cooperation has helped us to achieve global prosperity,” he said.
On that occasion, the Foreign Minister also said that the Conference of the Asia-Africa-60 on April 19 to 24 will be appointed the theme “Advancing South-South Cooperation” (Strengthening South-South Cooperation) as part of the contribution for peace and prosperity the world. (*)


7) Army personnel Get Drunk with Residents

Merauke, Jubi- Rev Ice Rahantani expressed concerns about the habit of consuming alcohol among some members of the church in Jagebob district.
As a result, members of the congregation sometimes failed to attend Sunday services.
“I want to say that when I invited them to the church, they said because they got drunk with some military members from Yalet. It is one of problems that we face in one of the villages in the Jagebob district, ” Rev. Ice said during a dialogue with Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka last week.
In response to this case, Danrem 174 / ATW, Brigadier General (TNI) Supartodi asked to report any military members who have poor behavior.
“I instruct Danyon to process and act firmly against any soldier who consumes alcohol with residents on Sunday,” he said.
He also invited community participation in supervising performance of military members who serve in the district.“I give you my phone number, so you can send a short text or call me,” he added.
According to Jubi’s observation, after the meeting, a number of soldiers who serve in Jagebob met the pastor with hostile attitude while asking who the person who took a sip of alcohol with residents. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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