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1) Papua Needs 455,000 Hectares of Land for Crops

2) Drugs Enough For the Next Five Months
3) Women and Children Victims of Violence in Papua Often So Military

4) Sweden to Invest in Indonesia's Defense Industries 

1) Papua Needs 455,000 Hectares of Land for Crops

Jayapura, Jubi /Antara – The Horticulture Department of Papua said the province needs 455,000 hectares to meet its food needs until 2030, an official says.
According to head of Horticulture department Samuel Siriwa said, the land area would be used to plant corn, tubers, and some other crops.
“Especially for tubers like yams and taro grow better in mountainous areas,” Siriwa said in Jayapura last week.
While the area of paddy fields up to now (2015) covered 33 849 hectares and spread in several regions including, in Jayapura, Timika, Keerom, Waropen, Nabire, Merauke, Sarmi, and Jayawijaya.
He added, concerning land in Papua, not all of them would be used such as hillside can not be used as the erosion will occur. (*)

2) Drugs Enough For the Next Five Months

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura City Health Department said medicine stocks in a number of Community Health Centres (PHC) and health centers (pustu) in Jayapura city are still adequate.
Chief Medical Officer Arif Dwi Darmanto said there is stock of drugs for the next five months or equivalent to Rp 3.5 billion.
“I think the drug stock is enough for 12 health centers in Jayapura city,” Arif said last week. Continued, there are various types of drugs available including generic drugs.
Quoted by Antara, the Provincial Health Office Aloysius Giay said there is Rp 185 billion of autonomy funds will be used financing unit of working programs, medical laboratories and the school.
“The budget would be used for medical laboratory, Health Care, Helath Analysis School and infrastructure,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco/ Tina)
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3) Women and Children Victims of Violence in Papua Often So Military
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                                 Stop Violence Against Women! (Photo:

Jayapura, ---- Problems experienced by women of Papua, not just a case of domestic violence (domestic violence). Moreover, the security forces also become perpetrators of violence against women and children on Earth of Paradise.

Data Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy Human Rights Papua mention, violence by the military in Papua, directly or indirectly, have a major impact on women and children.
Special violence against women, diverse forms. For example, cases of rape, torture, detention, and removal of lives.
"From the field data, many cases of military violence affecting women and children in Papua," said staff Elsham Papua, Zandra Mambrasar, Sunday (15/3).
According to him, the various issues affecting civil society, including women and children should continue to be advocated and brought to the surface in a variety of occasions. (Read: Mama-mama Papua: "We Gives Birth Children Slaughtered Not for military / police")
As in the public dialogue titled "Militarization and Impunity: Causes of Female Papua Makin Life Situation Worsens" which was held on Friday (13/03/2015) at the Jakarta Legal Aid office, he reveals kelamnya women living in Papua.
Zandra explained, indirect forms of violence to women of Papua by higher forces than direct violence. Women abused emotionally and psychologically as a result of her husband and son were arrested or killed.
In addition, they should be the backbone of the family, while they were gardening land cleared and destroyed his crop. "The fact that led to the laying of Papuan women in a circle of poverty," he said.
Cases of violence in Papua, according to data Elsham Papua period 2012-2014, there were 389 cases of violence, with details of 234 people were killed, 854 wounded, and 880 people were arrested. All of them have an impact on the welfare of Papuan women.
Ariane Zely of PapuaItuKita in public dialogue that reveals, horrible facts including cases of violence in Papua has not sepenuynya understood by the people of Indonesia.
"No socialization of the Papua issue to the general public. As a result, there is a bias when discussing this topic, "said Zely, as reported by Compass print edition, Saturday (03/14/2015) yesterday.
Zely said, should be held socialization issue of Papua to the Indonesian people, especially journalists.
"In April, the movement will hold a week PapuaItuKita Papua. One of the activities was a seminar for journalists on the introduction of the Papua issue. Hopefully, by putting the issues involved, the reporter will not be able to deliver the news, "said Zely.
Lack of understanding of the situation looks from the mass media on issues of violence in Papua by the security forces and the military. Violence was not infrequently lead to the removal of human life. Generally, the news is biased, which is blamed for violence by having an ideology that is not in line with the ideology of the state.

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4) Sweden to Invest in Indonesia's Defense Industries  

TEMPO.COJakarta - Swedish defense and security machines manufacturer Saab AB eyed cooperation with Indonesia corporations to realize its plan to build defense system industry in Indonesia.
Saab has also invited universities to embark on cooperation in research and development for high-tech based products.
"We do not want like other sellers who go and come after several years,” said Lennart Sindahl, Deputi Chief Executive Officer Saab AB on Thursday.
He also said that Saab wanted to develop this industry along with Indonesian companies.
For the record, Saab AB has offered its warplanes, Gripen C, Gripen D, and Gripen NG, to Indonesia.
The offer was conveyed following the plan of the Indonesian Air Force to replace the old F-5 Tiger warplane.
In the meantime, Brjan Borgefalk, Vice President Industrial Cooperation Saab AB for Asia Pacific Region said that he had met with several companies di Indonesia to open up opportunities for partnership, one of which is with Infoglobal, an aviation company in Surabaya, East Java, to embark on partnership in the development of war plane simulators.

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