Wednesday, April 1, 2015

1) Juffa critical of O'Neill's stance on West Papua

2) Students Urge Papua Parliament to Form Investigation Team on Yahukimo Case
3) Indigenous Land Can Be Certified By National Land Agency
4) Members of Four Clans Occupy Health Office in Merauke
5) No Rice Rations for Civil Servants in Dekai for Nine Months


1) Juffa critical of O'Neill's stance on West Papua

Updated 1 April 2015, 17:45 AEDT
A prominent Papua New Guinea politician says he'd prefer the country to take a more hardline approach to Indonesia on the issue of West Papua.

Gary Juffa, Governor of Oro Province, is sceptical of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's diplomatic efforts to engage with the government in Jakarta.

Mr O'Neill recently said he'd been promised there would be moves towards greater autonomy in the mainly Melanesian and Christian province of West Papua, which makes up the western half of the island of New Guinea.
Mr Juffa also tells Bruce Hill that in his opinion, West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda should have been allowed to enter PNG when he arrived last week.
Presenter: Bruce Hill
Speaker: Gary Juffa, Governor, Oro Province, PNG


2) Students Urge Papua Parliament to Form Investigation Team on Yahukimo Case

Jayapura, Jubi – At least 200 Yahukimo students in Jayapura held a peaceful protest in front of the Papua Parliament Office on Monday (30/3/2015).
The protestors, who called themselves the Yahukimo Student Community, urged the Papua legislative council to form a team to investigate violence that marred the dissolution of Yahukimo West Papua National Committee’s fundraising.
Protest coordinator Olmek Nawa said the students wanted their representatives and NGOs to be involved in such a team.
“The perpetrator must face trial according to the Law. Papua Police Chief must pull out the Mobile Brigade from Yahukimo because it adds traumatic for people. The letter signed by seven tribe chiefs must be retrieved because we are the students and youths had no idea about it,” Nawa reading their statement.
Further according to him, the Papua Legislative Council must urge Yahukimo Police Chief’s dismissal since he couldn’t take control on his officers.
“We want the parliament to immediately follow up our aspiration in particular those who represented Yahukimo Regency. They must not consider this case is over. It is now under UN Human Right Commission’s review,” he said.
Several councilors including Orwan Tolli Wonne, Laurenzus Kadepa, Mathea Maoyau, Gerson Soma, Natan Pahabol, Sunut Busup, Lazarus Siep, Thomas Sondegau and Tan Wie Long met with the crowd. Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I Deputy Chairman Orwan Tolli Wanne said his commission has considered the action would be taken by parliament related to Yahukimo case.
“We will form an investigation team and we will discuss it with Papua Legislative Council Chairman. We will process and follow up this aspiration,” Tolli Wonne said.
Meanwhile Yahukimo Regency elected councilor Natan Pahabol said he and four councilors from Yahukimo would depart to Yahukimo.
“We will conduct an investigation to related parties and publish the report through media and so on. Since 1969, human right violations in Papua had never ended. We are five councilors represented Yahukimo Regency and other parliament members will depart to Yahukimo for investigation. We will discuss the findings in plenary meeting and recommend it to related parties,” said Natan Pahabol. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


3) Indigenous Land Can Be Certified By National Land Agency

Timika, Jubi – Native Papuans do not have to worry about their customary land as it can be certified by the National Land Agency ( ATR/BPN), an official said.
The head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Rendi Wrihatmolo said last week that communal land plays an important role in development.
“In the future if development continues, eventually lands of indigenous peoples will be purchased by investors. So to overcome this, we allow indigenous peoples in Papua to have a certificate of customary land, “he said.
“Last month the ministry of ATR / BPN issued a regulation on communal land that can be certified. And for the land measurement, it can be carried out by the local government,” he explained.
With the regulation of the Minister, the next incoming investors are no longer able to buy broken off traditional lands, only when they want to invest in Papua. Investors should only borrow or rent land to indigenous communities to build. It also provides benefits for indigenous peoples, a lifetime can enjoy traditional land rents up to its descendants.
“It also give benefits to the investors not to worry of the prices of the land. In addition, the land will be forever belongs to the property of indigenous peoples, “he explained.
Governor deputy of Papua Province, Klemen Tinal said Papua is Special Autonomy Region, so that the regulations issued by the Ministry also must be fit and applicable for Papua.
“So it is clear that the land is not sold as province of Bali did,” Governor deputy stated. (Eveerth Joumilena)

4) Members of Four Clans Occupy Health Office in Merauke

Merauke, Jubi- The Merauke Health department was blockaded by members of four traditional Papuan clans to protest the government’s delay in settling payments for on an area of approximately 42 hectares.
“We had sent a letter on the settlement of compensation. However, there has not been a follow-up from the government so far, “ chairman of Indigenous Kaya -Kay, Donatus Mahuzse said last week.
The clans taking part in the protest are Mahuze, Gebze, Balagaise and Basik-Basik
He said the land has been ‘controlled’ by the government since 1962 without compensation.
“On behalf of the people of the four clans, we urge government to settle the land compensation. As long as there is no guarantee, we will still occupy this office, “he said.
With the planting of sasi custom, anyone banned retracted, before completion. “Yes, we will revoke sasi custom if the government undertakes to make payment in cash to the people of the four clans,” he said.
Regarding the amount of compensation, he explained, because it has been occupied by the government for decades, governments are required to pay Rp 66 billion. In a letter sent to the regent of Merauke, Romanus Mbaraka some time ago, the amount of compensation was mentioned in detail.
He himself with people from the four clans will occupy the office until there is an explanation from the government regarding the compensation settlement.
Secretary of health department, Kaimudin said, this action has been reported to the head of the local health department, Stef Osok. Basically, the government will continue to complete the payment of compensation. Only, it needed further instructions from the top level. (Frans L Kobun)


5) No Rice Rations for Civil Servants in Dekai for Nine Months

Wamena Jubi – civil servants in Yahukimo complained that they had not received rice rations for nine months.
One civil servant in Dekai, Amalek Mnsen, said the last time government employees received rice rations was in June 2014.
“Civil servants in Yahukimo have not received rations of rice since July 2014 as PD Irian Bakti Wamena has not delivered them to Dekai. We should have got our rice,” Mnsen said last week.
“We work in Dekai , Yahukimo yet we are told to take the rice in Wamena ,” Mnsen added
Usually PD Irian Bakti in Wamena after receiving from State Logistic Agency Bulog delivered and distribute to any place of duty, including for employees in Dekai as intended, but that during the time they only served in Wamena.
“So the employees had to go to Wamena. That should have been delivered to Dekai, as it is its duty. Do not take the advantage from the shipping costs,” he said.
It is very expensive to buy rice in the market. Even when the violent incident between KNPB and police a few days ago, they were overwhelmed in Dekai, because all markets and stalls closed.
Even the worst, he said the quality of rice is not suitable for consumption. (Islamic)

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