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1) Report of Severe Beatings and Arrests in West Papua

2) Brimob delivery to Noble and Enarotali Extend Conflict in Papua
3) Lake Sentani Festival Kicks Off Soon
1) Report of Severe Beatings and Arrests in West Papua
Press Release by Paniai Traditional Council Chairman

  Four schoolboys were subjected to severe beatings, shootings and torture in West Papua, according to a report by the chairman of the
Paniai Traditional Council. The names of the four are Yulianus Yeimo (17 years old), Apinus Gobal (16), Simon Degia (17) and Apinus You
(18), along with another person whose name is Sadai Yeiumo. These incidents which occurred on  8 December 2014 are quite clearly gross
violations of Basic Human Rights.

  At the same time, another eighteen persons were severely injured: Yulianos Tobai (33),  Andarias Dogopia (34) Jermias Kayama (48),
Marice Yogi (52), Yulianus Mote (25), Agust Degei (28), as well others who were slightly injured: Oni Yeimo, Yulian Mote, Octavianus Gobay,
Noak Gobai, Akulian Gegwei, Bernadus Bunai, Neles Gobai, Jerry Gobai, Oktavianus Gobai, Selpi Dogopia and Yuniana Edoway.

  All these acts of violence  perpetrated against Papuan people are in clear violation of Law 39/1999 on Basic Human Rights and there
should be a follow-up in accordance with the stipulations in Law 20/2000 on Human Rights Courts.

  According to investigations carried out by  the Solidarity Team as well as by the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of
Indonesia in Jakarta, it is clear that the shootings were perpetrated by members of the TNI (Indonesian Army) and Polri (Indonesian Police

  The army units involved included the following: Koramil (Regional Military Command) East Paniai, Tim Khusus (Special Team) of the
Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 753/Arga ViraTama Nabire, the Special Forces Nabire, the Special Forces of the Air Forces, and Brimob
(Special Police Force), as well as Kopassus and personnel of the
Police force  in Paniai.

  All these actions comply with the provisions  in that they were grave violations of human rights as specified in  Law 39/1999 on Human
Rights. These are: Firstly, the Right to Life which are non-derogable rights as guaranteed in Article 28 A and Article 28 of the 1945
Constitution, as well as Law 39/1999 on Human Rights and Article 6 para (1) No 12, 2005 on the Indonesia's Ratification of the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.   Secondly, the Right not to be Subjected to acts of brutality,
inhumanity, and the undermining of human dignity.   Based on all the information above, the fact is that  acts of
brutality, inhumanity, and the undermining of human dignity  have been committed by the security forces. as provided for in Article 28 G para
(2) of the Indonesian Constitution, as well as Law 5/1998 on the Ratification of The Convention Against Torture, Law 39/1999 on Human
rights, Article 7,, Law 12/2005 on the Ratification of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

  Thirdly, the Rights to Feel Secure.
 Generally speaking, these events have spread fear anxiety within he community because of what people have been experiencing.

   Fourthly, Children's Rights. According to our investigations there have been violations of children's rights  as guaranteed in Article 28
B of the Constitution of Indonesia and Law 23/2002 on the Protection of Children, article 10 jo Article 37 of Presidential Decree 36/1999.
on the Convention on the Rights of Children.

  On the basis of all this that is stated above, during a plenary session of the National Human Rights Commission held on 6-8 May 2015,
the Commission set up an Ad Hoc  Team for Paniai consisting of members of the National Human Rights Commission and civilians  as provided for
in Article 18, para 2  of Law 28/2000 on Human Rights Courts, in order to carry out a thorough and comprehensive investigation.

  Last week, in accordance with an instruction  of the Ministry of Law, the Commander of the National Police Force and the Papua Police
there was a meeting in Enarotali to hear evidence from those who witnessed  the events on 7-8 December 2014, but without the presence
of the Institute  for the Protection of Witnesses and Victims (LPSK) and the National  Human Rights Commission (KomnasHam RI), despite the
fact that many witnesses had submitted a request to the LPSK.

  We therefore  call upon:

1. The Chief of Police and the Military Commander,as well as the head of the Regional Police to halt the investigations  so as to act
co-operatively with regard to the incidents of beatings that occurred in Paniai, with the presence of witnesses and members of the security
forces to be questioned by an ad hoc team on the Paniai Incident.

2. Urge the LSM Kontras,  LBH, GKI-Papua, the  international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights
Watch as well as the United Nations, to immediately call upon the Chief of Police  and the Military Commander to halt the investigations
currently being undertaken  without the presence of the LPSK and furthermore to write to President Jokowi urging that there be an end
to such bloody incidents such  as occurred in Paniai.

Hollandia, 30 May 2015.
John Nr Gobai
[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]


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2) Brimob delivery to Noble and Enarotali Extend Conflict in Papua
 Author: Hendrikus Yeimo | Saturday, May 30, 2015 17:35 Reads: 345 Comments: 1

Brimob / Ist

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE - A Commission Member Provincial People's Representative Council (DPRP) Papua, Laurenzus Kadepa delivery rate Brimob troops to Noble and Enarotali will only prolong the Papua conflict that has lasted 50 years.

"Send this Brimob no matter what? To me this is strange. If only because of the issue of the hostages were just empty talk, I ask Papua Police immediately pull back the army forces. This will only add to and prolong the conflict in Papua," said Kadepa to majalahselangkah. com, on Friday (29.05.15) in Jayapura, Papua.

Separately, Chairman of the Regional Indigenous Council (DAD) Paniai, John Gobay said, "What does it mean to send a platoon of Brimob to Paniai? Because hostage yesterday? Do not do something that no-no. TNI commander alone was admitted there is no hostage. To what shipping Brimob? "

Yesterday, Friday (05/25/2015), Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende admitted it was sending troops to Noble and Enarotali Brimob as demand chief of both regions.

"Puncak Jaya police chief and police chief Enarotali requested additional personnel after the shooting case of armed groups in both regions," said Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Mende. (Hendrikus Yeimo / MS)


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3) Lake Sentani Festival Kicks Off Soon
TEMPO.COJayapura - Let’s not make a long travel-distance be a hitch when it comes to get drown in a vibrant festival such as Lake Sentani Festival, which will be held starting June 19 until June 23. Lake Sentani is 20 kilometer west of Papua province’s capital city, Jayapura.
The lake is accessible with many kinds of transporation means only in 20 minutes from Jayapura. Public transportation that serves Abepura-Sentani route can be a choice to hop on.
For those coming from outside Jayapura, Sentani Airport serves both national and international flights. Available airlines include Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air and Express Air. Sentani Airport is only 15 to 30 minutes away from Lake Sentani.
After enjoying the cultural event or the stroll around the lake, you can stay over at nearby hotels or at residents’ guest houses. At least 26 hotels and guesthouses are available around the lake. Besides, guesthouses that are located in surrounding islands and villages often selling traditional crafts and culinary.
Overall, the annual Lake Sentani Festival that is held in the east Indonesia is worth visiting. Let’s go to Sentani, everyone!

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