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Update on rallies on the 1 May in West Papua

Below is a google translate of KNPB report.  Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa version at

2) Full Report: Action rejects annexation in West Papua, May 1, 2015


KNPB Reports - Action peacefully resisting the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia's colonial rule on May 1, 2015 conducted by the nation of Papua simultaneously in West Papua. West Papua National Committee [KNPB] take a role as mediator in the peace rally territory West Papua. Resistance organizations that are members of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) also menyeruhkan the people of West Papua to join the call for action issued by the KNPB peace. Peaceful demonstration held in various regions. Indonesian colonial authorities through the dn military police react firmly. Shootings, intimidation, dissolution, and imprisonment. Here's a complete chronological since April 28 until May 2, 2015.

28 April 2015

12:00 - Police arrested three youths Nabire Papua Papua, Martinus Pigai (17), Anton Pigome (24), and Marthen Iyai (28) while cleaning "Flower Garden Papuans" Oyehe, downtown Nabire, Papua province. Those three memberihkan the park intends to peaceful protest denial of annexation on 1 May 2015. Three young men have been repatriated keesoakan next Wednesday (04.29.15), At 12:00 noon.

30 April 2015

10:45 - colonial Indonesian military shot dead Leonardus Magai Yogi, Commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) Regional Command (Pangkodab) Paniai, in Sanoba Nabire, Papua. Leonardus overpowered and arrested along with three members of them, Julian Nawipa, Marten Magai and Melianus Muyapa. The third member of contact with gunshot wounds and were treated in hospitals Nabire. While Leonardus who overpowered and captured alive were shot dead back.
12:12 - Police arrested 12 activists and intimidation when KNPB Manokwari divide flyers peaceful demonstration in Red Light, front Sanggeng market, Manokwari. Before the arrest, officers opened fire four times.
20:00 - Hundreds of police and military personnel surrounded the KNPB office in Merauke. They set up a tent to supervise the activities of KNPB.

May 1, 2015

01:06 - Joint military and police brutally raided KNPB office and arrested 16 members of KNPB and Chairman of the Regional People's Parliament (PRD) Merauke, Pangkrasia Yeem. They were taken to police headquarters Resort Merauke. Those include: Gento Emericus Dop (KNPB Merauke Chairman), Joseph Muyan (KNPB Members Merauke), Joseph Imbanop (Speaker of Parliament Tribe Muju), Zachary Y. Sraun (Chairman KNPB Ongkatmit Sector), Emanuel Matemko, John Kayop, Ibrahim Dewap, January Obakam, Iknasius Wamin, Thomas Pisakai, Fransisku Pisakai, Julian Tabiet and Isak Sosochom (at 17:00 pm, they were discharged).

08:00 - People who mediated KNPB Yakuhimo has gone down in Dekai, Yakuhimo to reject the annexation and support ULMWP to enter MSG. Action centered in two places. On the first point, the junction Jhon Banua, the people of West Papua commit acts of terror under four trucks full of armed police. While, on the second point, on the intersection PT. Mulia Agung, chairman of the People under the command of KNPB, Erinus Suhun staged and read a statement KNPB. Action disbanded at 11 noon.

10:00 - peaceful demonstrations rejecting the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia in Jayapura led bazookas Logo, Saviour Monastery began in Gabura Uncen KNPB, Housing III, Waena, Jayapura, West Papua.

10:15 - Next, the Indonesian police and military with great force blockading peaceful action and direct (without negotiation) to disperse and arrest and intimidate the masses of hundreds of civilians. A total of 30 people were arrested and taken to the Police Resort tahanapan Jayapura City. They are: Bozoka Logo (Interpreter biraca KNPB Center), ogram Wanimbo (chairman of KNPB Diplomacy Center), Nopen Asso (KNPB members), Nita wenda (KNPB member) Mrs. Paulina Pakage, Lascar Matthew Same (KNPB members), Mandenas Sol (Members KNPB center), Sam Lokon, Hosea Yeimo (KNPB members), Moses Boma, Isak Togotly (KNPB member high school kids), Yoner Uaga (KNPB Members Timika), Othniel Balingga (KNPB members), TEREN Surabut (BEM Uncen And Legal Affairs Ham), Natalis Edoway, Yance Uaga (KNPB members), Kosmos Iyai, Tepanius Tabuni, Natalis Goo, Allo Yeimo (KNPB members), Yusup Giban, Joni Soll, Sony Dogopia, Oto Mabel (KNPB members), ukum Himan, Lember Gwijangge , Anton Gabay (KNPB members), Soa Mabel (KNPB members), Awel Wetapo and Alidius Kotoki. (They were repatriated on May 2, 2015, at 09.00 am. While bazookas Logo, ogram Wanimbo and Yoner Uaga will be required to report on a Monday).

10:16 - TNI / police armed to the secretariat destroying KNPB and PRD Kaimana. Police had time to burn secretariat KNPB but Papuans successfully put out the fire. Meanwhile, after Ruben Furay (Chairman Kaimana KNPB) and Sepi Surbay (KNPB members) were arrested when they want to make speeches reject the annexation of Papua to Indonesia. (Up to now they have not waived).

10:18 - In Fak-Fak people of West Papua is also down the road, however, police dispersed.

10:30: Worship anniversary of the annexation began in Timika KNPB office page. Representatives of the Regional Parliament of Timika attend worship together hundreds of masses West Papua. After the service, people make a signature on a white cloth as a support for the ULMWP to become an accepted member of the Melanesian Spearhead Groups (MSG). Worship takes place safely despite the intervention of the Indonesian intelligence and the terror of air through the patrol hellycopter PT. Freeport Indonesia used to monitor and frighten the people of West Papua in Timika.

11:30 - The people of West Papua in Manokwari down the street to reject the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia, while supporting ULMWP to become a member of MSG. But police in full force to disperse the masses and caught 400 more people period. They then returned home in the afternoon.

11:30 - In the Asmat people of West Papua is also a warning worshipers annexation of West Papua into Indonesia. Asmat region KNPB read a statement asking the United Nations New York look back agreement. They also support ULMWP to become an accepted member of the MSG.

12:00 - People in Sorong West Papua also unfurled banners ULMWP support, and reject the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia.

12:00 - The people of West Papua through KNPB and PRD at Nabire held a press conference. They rejected annexation and menyeruhkan Melanesian countries to support ULMWP become a member of the MSG. They also condemned the arrest of activists in various areas throughout West Papua.

12:15 - Housed in the Hall of Indigenous Biak, West Papua people unfurled banners rejection of the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia. PRD chairman Biak, Apollos Sroyer strongly condemned the annexation process and ask Melanesian countries support efforts to become a member of MSG ULMWP.
The people of West Papua simultaneous action mediated peacefully KNPB has main demands are:

Condemn and reject the annexation of West Papua into Indonesia May 1, 1963
Stating ULMWP as container representation of the people of West Papua, and supports ULMWP registered as a member of the MSG.
Demanded the referendum as a peaceful solution, Democratic and final.
Every effort colonial rulers of Indonesia to stop the liberation struggle of West Papua will not make us retreat. We remain committed to promoting a peaceful and dignified resistance movement to fulfill the fundamental rights of the people of West Papua to self-determination, on the territory of West Papua.

"We Must End"

The Report by the Central Board-body KNPB

Jayapura, May 2, 2015

Victor Yeimo, Chairman of KNPB
Ones Suhuniap, Secretary KNPB

There were a large number of arrests in West Papua on the 1 May as people held rallies and memorial services on the 52nd anniversary of the hand over of West Papua to Indonesian administration by UNTEA.

A brief summary below but it will update when more information comes in. It was also reported that the security forces are still looking for demonstrators in  Jayapura, Nabire, Merauke, Manokwari and Kaimana. 

The police have released those  arrested in Nabire and Jayapura.  At this stage it is not known if those arrested in other areas have also been released.

Memorial services were held in Timika and Sorong

The number of those arrested varies in several reports with one local media reporting 269 arrested in total 



12 activists were arrested on Thursday 30 April in Manokwari as reported by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region Manokwari. They were arrested while handing out leaflets calling for  a peaceful demonstration to commemorate May 1 as the Day of the annexation of Papua. 

150 other activists/students from  various colleges in Manokwari were arrested in front of the campus of the University of Papua (Unipa) in Amban - Manokwari and also there were arrested in front of Mapolsek Amban - Manokwari.


Mass arrests in Jayapura action when action rejection of the annexation of Papua. Photo: Stracky
Photo in


Photos of Mass Arrests KNPB in Jayapura
Jayapura, KNPB - May 1, 2015 annexation Day celebrated in Jayapura, but the police arrested activists KNPB. These photographs KNPB activist arrests in Housing Center III, Jayapura. 
A total of 30 arrested by police.. Almost all officials arrested KNPB Center.

police entered the secretariat KNPB Merauke KNPB activists arrested 16 people

More photos at

May 1, 2015: AMP Java-Bali Demo, 3 Arrested, Jogja hoist the Morning Star

In Surabaya, AMP municipal committee also down the road. Source in Surabaya reported, three mahaiswa on behalf of Frans Madai, and Hendrik Elias Pekey Rumaropen local police reportedly arrested. Student demonstrations spread images of the Morning Star flag and banners referendum for Papua and shouting slogans "Free Papua".

Photo at

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