Saturday, August 15, 2015

1) Indo Flag Lowered at PNG Border, Armed Forces Increase Security

2) West Papuans commemorate a day of betrayal

3) Govt to Relaunch Transmigration Program

4) 13 Students Arrested in Sorong over Education Rally


SATURDAY, 15 AUGUST, 2015 | 18:12 WIB
1) Indo Flag Lowered at PNG Border, Armed Forces Increase Security

TEMPO.COJakarta - Indonesian Military Commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo that he will increase troops to the Papua and Papua New Guinea border after a flag lowering incident.  
“We are sending more personnels [to the PNG border],” Gatot said at the State Palace, Saturday, August 15. "It is not possible to deploy troops at every village, but we have put forward to the Ministry of Defence to file a diplomatic note of protest."
General Gatot Nurmantyo said the border between Papua New Guinea with Papua is only about 1.2 kilometers. The area is still in dispute, especially on its border with Indonesia.
Previously, 14 Papua New Guinea soldiers in camouflage uniforms and arms demanded Indonesian citizens in Yakyu, Kampung Rawa Biru, Sota District, Merauke, Papua, to lower the red-white flag. They said the village are considered within the territory of Papua New Guinea.
In fact, Yakyu village, Merauke is clearly on Indonesia soil. Inhabitants of villages and settlements were mostly from the Kanum tribe and surnamed Maywa.
There was once an exodus during the 1980s-90s to Weyam village in Papua New Guinea. The settlement was inhabited by 19 households or 74 people since June 22, 2011.


2) West Papuans commemorate a day of betrayal
15 August 2015 | Ben Hillier
“West Papuans know this day, 15 August, as ‘Betrayal Day’.” Jacob Rumbiak, a veteran leader of the West Papuan nationalist movement, is speaking at a Melbourne commemoration of the signing of the New York Agreement. Similar protests, events and meetings have been held around the world in solidarity with the West Papuan struggle for merdeka – freedom.
On this day in 1962, the United Nations brokered the transfer of the western half of the island of New Guinea from Dutch administration to Indonesian rule. The inhabitants of West Papua, who are ethnically Melanesian (Pacific Islander), were given no say.
The Melbourne commemoration is small – only a handful or so. But Rumbiak enthuses about the growth of the global solidarity movement, the recognition of West Papua by the Melanesian Spearhead Group and, in particular, the growth of the West Papuan student movement, which this week is holding commemorations and actions across the Indonesian archipelago and in West Papua.
Rumbiak is foreign minister of the Federal Republic of West Papua, which was declared in 2011 at the third Papuan People’s Congress. The Federal Republic is one faction within the United Liberation Movement, which was formed in December to give common voice to the independence movement.
“This agreement was part of global foreign policy and resulted in genocide”, he says. “We are a victim of global policy.”
To Indonesia, which had in the late 1940s waged a successful war of independence against Dutch colonialism, the territory was known as West Irian – the latter word being an acronym for “Ikut Republik Indonesia Anti-Nederland” (follow Indonesia against the Netherlands).
That the Dutch continued to control the area for so long after their rule elsewhere in the archipelago had been overturned had been a source of angst for the leaders of the new Indonesian state. President Sukarno pledged to “liberate West Irian from the stranglehold of Dutch imperialism”.
More than 50 years of Indonesian occupation have proved anything but liberating, however. Once right wing dictator Suharto took over in 1965, the attacks became ferocious. There are an estimated 100,000 dead as a result of the slow-burn genocide. Independence leaders say the figure is half a million.
Today the struggle continues: for acknowledgement of the West Papuans’ right to self-determination, against the brutality of the Indonesian military and police forces and for basic democratic and human rights.
[For more information about the West Papuan solidarity movement, visit and tune in every Monday night at 6:30pm to The Voice of West Papua on radio 3cR, which streams live around the world. For background reading, see “MERDEKA! Struggle and survival in West Papua”.]


SUNDAY, 16 AUGUST, 2015 | 00:00 WIB
3) Govt to Relaunch Transmigration Program
TEMPO.COJakarta - Minister of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Marwan Jafar said that the government planned to revive the transmigration program.
According to him, the program is considered appropriate considering that Indonesia has a ‘demographic bonus’ thanks to is large area.
"Transmigration is an important effort to spread the population evenly because Indonesia has a big demographic bonus," he said on Saturday, August 15.
Marwan also said that transmigration is one of the ways to spread the country’s population evenly and to improve the economy. Therefore, he called on regional leaders to cooperate to support the program.
"I call on regional leaders whose regions become transmigration destinations to make this program a success,” he concluded.


4) 13 Students Arrested in Sorong over Education Rally

This demonstration should have taken place in the Mayor’s Office of Sorong on Thursday (13/8/2015) but it was canceled because the protestors were forcibly dispersed by police officers in front of Tio shop, Sorong city.’
The purpose of the activists who are members of the Student Association of West Papua was actually to demand head of Education and Culture of the City of Sorong to resign because over 13 years he is incapable of addressing education problems for example the expensiveness of school tuition.
The demonstration was canceled since there was no permit issued by Sorong city police officers Sorong.
Sorong city Criminal Police, Adj AKP. Amad Rumalean said, the 20 protesters were forced to dismiss because there was no license so that their actions were considered illegal.
He then added they should have valid data in order to be submitted to the police that the case be investigated “If they have valid data and submit it to us, I promise I will definitely investigate it,” he said.
While Coordinator of Papuan Intellectual in Sorong city Robertus Nauw, deplored the arrogant attitude of police officers who did not open the democratic space for them “It’s character assassination of people of Papua. Police have to be mature and to students’ context on doing this,” he added.
As many as 13 student activists were arrested by police officers, when they were heading to the Mayor’s office on Thursday at 11:00 CET. They are Naftali Kinho, Harianto Hae, Joni Malibela, Marius Bofra, Onesimus Paa, Ursianus Kinho, Herman Syufi, Raimon Yekwam, Ronal Yesnat, New Sakarias, Somon Momo, Teonardus Turot, Melianus Nau. (Niko MB / Dominggus Mampioper/ Tina)


5) 17 People in Kwadeware Illiterate

Sentani, Jubi – An education observer in Ines Senia Marweri Kwadeware village said a number of people in the village are illiterate.
“There are three- eleven year kids children and five housewives who are illiterate,” Marweri said to the Jubi in Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua on Thursday (13/8/2015).
She further said they could not go to school for various reasons. For example, parents think of daily meals only and forget to think of the future of children. “His parents are busy looking for food,” she said.
In addition, there are kids who are unable to go to school because of having no father.
Single mothers are then busy working for families’ economic and could not focus on takieng care of their children. “The children are abandoned and do not go to school,” she said.
The illiterates live in Toware, Kwadeware and Doyo Baru villages. “I met them at Doyo Baru when there was church service. There are people who carried bible with them, but can not read it, “she added.
Nathan Tebay, a Papuan activist said he was very surprised to know that there are people who do not read and write in the village which categories are still included in Jayapura regency.
He further said Kwadeware village is not far from the office of Jayapura regent.
“It is only three or four kilometers away from Regent office, “he said. (Mawel Benny/ Tina)

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