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2) President Jokowi scheduled to visit Papua
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Jubi admin Dec 21, 2015

Jayapura, Jubi / Reuters - Marvel Doga (22), were reportedly killed after being hit unscrupulous members of TNI disperse angry residents in the office of one of the oil palm companies operating in Arso, Keerom, Sunday (20/12) at around 22:00 CET ,
Kasdam XVII Cenderawasih Brigadier General Herman Asaribab told Antara on Monday, admitted, from the reports received revealed that the incident began when demonstrations marred by the destruction of one of the offices of oil companies operating in Arso.
As a result, the company asks for help officers at a nearby military post to about 10 soldiers to the location and attempt to appease the masses are mostly drunk due to alcohol.
"The situation had subsided, but around 21:00 CEST back came a group of people carrying sharp weapons traditionally drunk," said Brig Asaribab.
Group of citizens, he said, tried to attack the soldiers, causing members menggeluarkan warning shot that the victim's feet.
Victims, Marsel Doga Arso was taken to hospital, but due to hemorrhage resulting in fatalities.
"We deeply regret the occurrence of such cases," said Brig Asaribab.
When asked who the shooter, Kasdam admits not knowing exactly who the culprit because it is still under investigation by the Military Police Military Command XVII / Cenderawasih.
"It is not known with certainty who the perpetrators of the shooting because it is still under investigation," added Asaribab. (*)
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2) President Jokowi scheduled to visit Papua
Thursday, December 24, 2015 5:56 pm

 In the schedule, the President Joko Widodo going to Papua at the end of this month, around December 29, 2015, "
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Presidential Special Staff, Lenis Kogoya said Joko Widodo President and his entourage are scheduled to visit Papua at the end of the month to see a number of development and meet with stakeholders.

"In the schedule, the President Joko Widodo going to Papua at the end of this month, around December 29th 2015," he said while in Jayapura, Papua, on Thursday.

According to him, the arrival of President Jokowi to Papua will inaugurate the pilot house for indigenous Papuans in Kampung Harapan, Jayapura district, then visit the mama-mama Market Youtefa and will visit Merauke.

"The president planned to Papua inaugurated the pilot house and visit the mama-mama Papuans traders in Market Youtefa," he said.

However, he said, on that occasion, the former Mayor of Solo, it will accept the aspirations of the traditional leaders, indigenous entrepreneurs mama-mama Papua and Papua, which essentially aspirations for the acceleration of development in Papua.

"If the market for mama-mama Papua in Jayapura city center I'm striving to meet with the governor (Luke Enembe), because the construction of the market could be ascertained because the funds are ready," he said.

Regarding the release of political prisoners or political prisoners by President Joko Widodo, the current visit each day, Lenis Kogoya who is also Chairman of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples (LMA) Papua, said she had filed.

"Since the release of five prisoners some time ago just is not got the coaching, so it had to be fought. If the names are there anyway, but I have to ask," he said.
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