Thursday, December 17, 2015

1) Freeport: 10 Years Required to Prepare Underground Mine

2) Asked to Investigate Human Rights Commission Completed Case shooting of four residents in Serui

3)  Bank assets in Papua grow 8.81 percent
4) Disgraced Setya Apologizes to the People of Indonesia

THURSDAY, 17 DECEMBER, 2015 | 19:32 WIB
1) Freeport: 10 Years Required to Prepare Underground Mine

TEMPO.COJakarta - Senior Vice President PT Freeport Indonesia Wahyu Sunyoto said the key to success in developing an underground mine is the investment for underground drilling. “Investment certainty is important as a mine will require ten years preparation,” Wahyu said in Jakarta on Thursday, December 17.
Freeport has spent $17 million in last year’s exploration. Next year, it is estimated to spent $10-15 million fund.
The largest mineral producer still comes from Grassberg open pit. Grassberg open pit is capable of producing 70 percent, while DOZ Block Cave is just 30 percent. Other units include Big Gossan Block Cave, Kucing Liar, and Deep MLZ Block Cave has yet to operate.
Wahyu said Big Gossan is ready to start producing. This production will be allocated for next year yet very small that it is not too significant. Its maximum production reaches 7,000 ton. However, the early production is estimated to be 1,000 ton.
The government and Freeport are currently in talks on the divestiment mechanism. Freeport will be divesting its share of 10.64 percent.

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2) Asked to Investigate Human Rights Commission Completed Case shooting of four residents in Serui

JAKARTA, --- Papua That We, Solidarity Victims of Abuse (SKP) HAM Papua, Indonesia Without Militarism, and the Regional Indigenous Council Meepago reported a gross human rights violations in the village Wanapompi, Serui, Papua, on December 1st, 2015 and, and asks the Commission to thoroughly investigate the case.

"Shootings and maltreatment by the security forces in Serui this adds to a long line of serious human rights violations which must be disclosed and accounted for in Papua," said Veronica Koman, one representative of Papua That We !.
According to Veronica, murder and persecution that led to four people were killed and eight people were seriously injured in the incident in Serui indicated a planned and systematic, as well as the attack against the civilian population since that time all the victims were unarmed.
"So this event is categorized kind alleged gross human rights violations such as crimes against humanity as stipulated in Law No. 26 of 2000 on Human Rights Courts Articles 7 and 9, as well as international law the Rome Statute Article 7."
"Today Papua That We together with other colleagues in the Commission to take action as a form of solidarity. After the action, we also have to report this incident formally to the Commission so that the Commission can investigate allegations of human rights violation, "said Veronica.
Meanwhile, Peneas Lokbere of SKP HAM Papua, said the past year has been a lot of shootings that occurred in Papua, such as March 8 in Yahukimo, June 26 at Dogiyai, July 17 at Tolikara, August 28 and September 28 in Timika, and This last in Serui.
"None of the cases were touched by the law. I hope Serui case is an entrance to said other cases, "said Peneas Lokbere.
Civil society in Papua and Jakarta also demanded that the National Human Rights Commission alleged gross human rights violations that occurred in Serui can be immediately acted upon through the mechanism of inquiry and investigation as stipulated in Law No. 26 of 2000.
Komnas HAM also asked to take effective measures to make reparation for the victims and witnesses. It also coordinates with the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (Agency) to provide legal and human rights protection to witnesses of events.
"We are in Jakarta will not break the silence on human rights violations in Papua. Papua is not alone, "said Veronica.
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3)  Bank assets in Papua grow 8.81 percent
Kamis, 17 Desember 2015 20:23 WIB
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Head of Bank Indonesia representative office in Papua Joko Supratikto said bank assets in Papua has increased significantly this year from last year.

"By October 2015, banks assets in the province grew 8.81 percent on year," Joko said here on Thursday.

Increase was also recorded in the amount of third party fund held by banks - up 8.32 percent.

"The largest among the third party funds is in savings , followed by deposits and giro," he said.

Credit expansion, however, is not as expected growing only 8.10 percent, he said.

"Loan to deposit ratio (LDR), therefore, is only 56.5 percent in Papua," he said.

The quality of credits in Papua is quite alarming with non performing loan ratio already reaching the maximum level set by the central bank.

"Quality credit in Papua is relatively low with Non Performing Loan (NPL) at 6.23 percent exceeding the maximum level of 5 percent considered safe," he said.


4) Disgraced Setya Apologizes to the People of Indonesia

By : Yashinto Sembiring & Markus Junianto Sihaloho | on 9:55 AM December 17, 2015
Jakarta. Setya Novanto staged a press conference at his home on Wednesday night where he finally spoke in public about his decision to resign as speaker of the House of Representatives.
“I would like to apologize to the entire people of Indonesia for the [way in which] I have performed. All [of what I did] was for the people of Indonesia,” he said.
Setya said his resignation was in the best interest of the nation and the House of Representatives, adding that he would remain committed to his job as a lawmaker.

The resignation came just before the House Ethics Council was due to deliver its verdict on Wednesday evening, with 15 of the 17 council members concluding that Setya, along with his alleged private-sector associate, oilman Muhammad Riza Chalid, had broken the House's ethics code by secretly organizing two private meetings between May and June with Freeport Indonesia chief executive Maroef Sjamsoeddin.
During the June meeting, Setya and Riza allegedly promised to expedite the negotiation process for Freeport Indonesia's contract extension from 2019 – in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the Papua-based gold and copper miner.
With the resignation submitted, the Ethics Council decided to not read out its verdict.
“I have been observing everything, the development of the situation," Setya said. "As we all know, the Ethics Council has performed its duties well. And I respect them.”
Earlier this year, before the Freeport shakedown scandal hit the news, Setya already was the topic of negative publicity over his appearance at a campaign event for US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

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