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4) Manhunt launched after  Papua jailbreak

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Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Legislator Orgenes Wanimbo Tolli Wone reminded officials in Papua to not just think about themselves but also find solutions to public complaints.
He said both executive and legislative officials were elected by the people, so they should work for them.
“We can not just want to be praised but never see and care about the condition of the people. Therefore, we should discuss it together,” said Tolli Wone on last week.

As a form of concern, he held a Christmas with dozens of orphans in Sereh village and community surroundings.
He added, although he is not a legislator from Jayapura regency, Papua, but as a legislative member, he was burdened with the condition of the people in the neighborhood, especially the future of younger generation. “I have the burden of caring for orphaned children in my neighborhood.
They deserved to eating, drinking, getting a decent education. If we are only thinking of political interests, the people will be the victims. So officials should stop thinking of themselves,” he said.
Tolikara tribal chief in Jayapura regency, Nelson Jikwa said Orgenes was a good sample. He was able to pay attention to the people around him, without discrimination.
“He gave attention both Papuans from the mountains and coastal regions as well as people from outside Papua. He comes from the village, so he knows how lives in the community, “said Tabuni. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

Jayapura,Jubi – Trans Papua road project requires Rp 36.5 trillion. The fact was revealed in the signing of contract activities in the fiscal year 2016 in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing that was held via teleconference and attended by President Joko Widodo on Wednesday (6/1/2016).
On this occasion, the Vice Governor of West Papua Province Irene Manibuy expected the Central Government to deliver a higher installment for the project could be completed within 2018.
“Mr. President Joko Widodo, we expect the government could provide a larger amount to ensure the implementation would meet our expectation,” she said.
According to her, in implementing the road projects in both provinces of Papua and West Papua, it needs a large amount of budget due to its geographical conditions.
In addition to requesting the additional funding for Trans Papua road project, a native entrepreneur Martinus Doga Kurisi was also asked the government to provide bigger opportunities to Papuan entrepreneurs. “When given the opportunity, we are able to handle such big projects for the Ministry of Public Works,” he said.
For the fiscal year 2016, both provinces of Papua and West Papua received funding of Rp 81 trillion for 10,679 projects.
The signing of contract was also attended by Papua Attorney Chief Herman da Silva, Papua Provincial Secretary Herry Dosinaen and Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander Herman Asaribab. (*/rom)

Nabire, Jubi – Director of state-owned shipping firm PT Pelayaran Indonesia in Nabire, Bambang Budiono, ssaid that the number of ferry passengers to and from Nabire to celebrate Christmas and New Year increased by 100 percent.
He continued, the peak date for passengers traveling by KM Labobar ship on December 17.
“The increase has been 150 percent. While, in the low season, the number of passengers both to the East and West is 1000 up to 1800 passengers,” said Bambang Budiono to the Jubi in Nabire on last week.
“On December 17, the passengers of KM Labobar carried 3,000 passengers from Jayapura and around 2,000 traveled to Nabire. While the passengers who traveled to the West reached 3,500 people,” he said.
He added the Labobar ferry was the last ship for passengers who will celebrate Christmas to the West.
Separately, one of the passengers from Jayapura to Nabire destination, Abdul Gany, said the ship was very crowded with passengers. (Munir)

4) Manhunt launched after  Papua jailbreak

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Headlines | Sun, January 10 2016, 2:33 PM -

Law enforcement authorities in Papua have deployed hundreds of personnel to hunt down 13 inmates that escaped from Abepura penitentiary in the provincial capital of Jayapura on Friday.

The massive manhunt was initiated because some of the fugitives are considered extremely dangerous due to their affiliation with a local separatist group.

In a phone interview with The Jakarta Post on Saturday, Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw said the manhunt involved some 200 personnel from the police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) unit with support from local Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel.

Preliminary reports, he said, suggested that the fugitives had not left Jayapura at least in the first 24 hours after their escape.

“We have detected their [past] whereabouts. During our search yesterday [Friday], we found traces of food and areca nuts believed to have been eaten by the fugitives,” he said.

Paulus added that police and military personnel had also increased surveillance along the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) in Skouw-Wutung, located some 40 kilometers east of Jayapura, to foil any attempt by the fugitives to enter the neighboring country.

“According to our experience, inmates escaping from Abepura tend to try and reach PNG. Should they manage to do so, this would make it difficult for us to hunt them down,” he said.

The 13 inmates escaped from the prison through the main door during visiting hours scheduled from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Before the escape, three inmates asked for permission to see the section head. 

As they were about to enter the relevant room, however, two of them turned another way to the 
visitors’ room. 

When an officer tried to stop them, one of the inmates threatened him with a sharp weapon before calling out other inmates.

The inmates then simultaneously broke through their doors within the facility and escaped through the main door.

“They seemed to have planned the escape,” the prison’s chief warden, Bagus Kurniawan, said.

Three of the fugitives — Usmin Telenggen, Kartu Kuning and Fredy Muyak — are members of the separatist group Free Papua Movement (OPM).

The three have been sentenced for life for their involvement in an armed attack on a police precinct in Papua’s Lanny Jaya regency. 

The 2012 attack left three police officers dead.

All of the remaining 10 fugitives, meanwhile, were serving prison sentences of at least 18 months for various crimes, including rape, theft, firearm possession and collective assault.

 “These fugitives can kill anyone, including ordinary people, using guns or sharp weapons. They are extremely dangerous,” Paulus said.

Paulus also called on other correctional facilities in Papua that house inmates convicted for serious crimes, like murder, to step up security precautions to avoid a similar jailbreak from happening.

“We are ready to help secure [the facilities] should their management ask us to do so,” he added.

In May 2010, 18 inmates fled from Abepura prison following a protest involving prison guards. The next month, 26 other inmates also managed to get out of the facility.

Bagus, meanwhile, argued that prison management had been struggling to maintain security at the facility, which currently accommodates 405 inmates, due to a lack of staff.

“In every work shift, our security team only consists of five people, much fewer than the ideal number of 10,” he said. -

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