Monday, January 4, 2016

1) Success with Din Minimi, BIN to Approach Papua

2) Papua to Have 7 Airports Next Years

MONDAY, 04 JANUARY, 2016 | 07:12 WIB
1) Success with Din Minimi, BIN to Approach Papua

TEMPO.COJakarta - Chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Sutiyoso, said that he will offer the amnesty like that to Din Minimi for other radical groups such as Santoso and Free Papuan Movement. "If they want to get it, please surrender," he said Friday, January 1. "If peace is possible, why not."
Sutiyoso said that he will make the same approach to Papua and Poso. He will try to make a soft approach before proceeding with hard approach.
He also said that President Jokowi has approved the amnesty offer.
"President has granted [the amnesty]," he said. "No way I can make a move myself. Life is at stake."
MONDAY, 04 JANUARY, 2016 | 10:54 WIB
2) Papua to Have 7 Airports Next Years
TEMPO.COJakarta - Indonesia targets to build four new airports in 2017 and three new airports in 2016 in Papua. “The airport in Papua is priority as the road construction is a problem,” said Director General of Air Transportation, Agus Santoso on Sunday, January 3.
Agus said that the government is adding more airports in Indonesia, especially in the remote areas. Currently, Indonesia has 54 airports.
The new airports are expected to start the operations by October 2017.
On December, President Joko Widodo has just inaugurated two new airports in Papua, namely Wamena and Kaimana Airports. Moreover, Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong is close to a completion, meaning that it will be ready on February.

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