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1) Who is this expedition for?

2) Expedition in West Papua, State Efforts To Build Military Base in Papua

1) Who is this expedition for?
From the Executive Director of the LP3BH

  During the last few days here in the Province of West Papua, Manokwari, there has been a great deal of
information about an expedition organised by the NKRI (United State of the Republic of Indonesia) about which the majority of the Papuan
people know very little about regarding what its purpose is. People are wondering what this expedition is all about.   Nor can the people 
here imagine what the purpose of the expedition is for or how long it will last.

   According to the remarks by the Commander of the Sorong Regency 1704, Lieutenant  Colonel Aulia  Dalimunto S.Sos to the mass media  a
few days ago, namely that the main purpose of the expedition is to collect data and draw up a map of the natural resources and the
availability of people  as well as various other things here in West Papua, regarding which the people here know almost nothing about.

  This would seem to mean that the purpose of the expedition is to gather  as much information as possible about the natural resources
here in the Province of West Papua , in particular information about which the people here  know almost nothing about.

  This seems to mean that the expedition is intended to gather as much information as possible about the riches here in the Province of
West Papua that would appear to be based on the stipulations in Articles 38 and 43 of Law 21/2001 regarding the Special Autonomy Law
as amended by Law 35/2008.

   This should surely mean that there should have been consultations with all the component parts of the communities in the two indigenous
peoples districts, that is to say, Domberay and Bomberay, as well as with all the tribes that have the right to possession of the natural
resources within the territory of the administration of the Province of West Papua.

  This also means that at this stage of investigating, the aim and purpose of gathering information about resources  in the Province of
West Papua should at the very least have been done with the recommendation and the knowledge and agreement of the Minister of
State for Research  and Technology.   Does the Indonesian Institute of Sciences   (LIPI) know anything
about all this? Or what about other institutions such as UNCEN of UNIPA (universities in West Papua) whose task it is to know about all
this. And does the Ministry of Mining or the Head of Mining Services in the Province of West Papua know about the aim and purpose of this

  In my opinion, as a lawyer  and Defender of Human Rights here in the Land of Papua, it is very important for all the component parts
here in the Province of West Papua, both at the government level, the regional administrations as well as the universities, and the
indigenous people  and other civil organisations’  The fact is that the impact  of this expedition will be felt by the
people here, now and into the future.

   With so many military personnel (TNI) being involved in this expedition, this should have the attention of all forces here. What is
the purpose of the this expedition? Is it aimed at gathering data  and if so,who will this information be used by? Is it not aimed at  making
preparations for new-style military operations here in the Land of Papua?
Yan Chriistian Warinussy, Executive Director of the LP3BH [Institute
for Research, Investigation ] and Recipient of the John Humphrey
Freedom Award, 2005, Canada and Defender of Human Rights in the Land of Papua.
Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood  Award, 1995]

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2) Expedition in West Papua, State Efforts To Build Military Base in Papua

Homeland expedition team with students in West Papua who participated in the Homeland Corridor Expedition West Papua, 2016. (Photo

JAYAPURA, --- Ones Suhuniap, general secretary of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) said the expedition undertaken by colonial Indonesian military in West Papua is the country's efforts to strengthen the basis of Milite r in West Papua are being targeted in 2016.

"Homeland is carried Expedition West Papua include Tambrauw district, Sorong, South Sorong, South Manokwari, Bintuni, Wondama, Fak-Fak and Kaimana. The purpose of this expedition is not clear yet the Papuans should not be silent. People of Papua should be aware of the various kinds of tactic that is being built by the State. Besides the most important is the people of Papua should remain focused and solid in the struggle for self-determination for the people of West Papua, "said Suhun to, Saturday (02/13/2016) from Jayapura.
According to him, this expedition should not just be seen as a regular activity, because the political status of Papua Merdeka is no longer hidden things to be discussed by the national and even international public.
"We can not see this as a regular activity by the State Indonesia, because the political status of Papua Merdeka is now a serious problem in the International towards the final solution" he said.
Meanwhile, as reported previously not long ago, in Jakarta Civil Society Groups Reject Expedition Homeland express their aspirations through the action conducted in front of the State Palace on Tuesday (09/02/2016) afternoon.

The action was held to express rejection of the mission initiated by the Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture (PMK) Puan Maharani, as judged smelled militarism and held solely for dredge Natural Resources (SDA) Papua alone in the future.
"Since when TNI / Polri could be researchers? If this true sole purpose of research kok delivered more personnel TNI / Polri than the research team? It's very militaristic! "Said Veronica Koman, public defenders LBH Jakarta.
According to Veronika, to record and map natural resources and socio-cultural is not the duty and authority of the Ministry of PMK, especially TNI / Polri. Mapping of natural resources and natural resources as the main purpose of the expedition was the Homeland can also be interpreted that the expedition aims to simplify and expedite the process of foreign investment into Papua. Customary land seizures, environmental damage, entry of the military as the guardian of the company; is a bit of a wide range of impacts that will result from the entry of large-scale investors.
"The delivery of the Homeland expedition team was ironic that the death of 66 babies and toddlers in Nduga. Papua needs to be doctors and teachers is urgent, but again sent by the government is the army, "added Veronika.
This action is supported by various civil society groups. Among Student Papua, Papua Students Alliance (AMP), LBH Jakarta, Papua That We, the National Student Front (FMN), the Federation of Student Democracy (FMK), Federation of Trade Unions of Indonesia (FSBI), Indonesia Without Militarism (ITM), Urban Poor Consortium (UPC), the Urban Poor Network (JRMK), Confederation of Indonesian People's movement (KPRI).
Vicky Tebay, demanding Papuan students in his speech to the President Jokowi, Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture, and the TNI Commander to immediately cancel the Homeland Expedition to West Papua and do not let other more expeditions to Papua.
"Our people do not need Expedition Papua Homeland. We need doctors and teachers, "said Vicky Tebay.

Previously been delivered by the TNI that the purpose of the Homeland Expedition to West Papua will work to record and map natural resources and human resources as well as existing problems in West Papua.
Homeland expedition to the West Papua in 1200 dispatched personnel consisting of 670 personnel of the military / police and 530 civilian personnel.
Harun Rumbarar


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