Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1) Armed Attack on Trans Papua Construction Site Leaves Three Dead

2) Empty Pekerja Proyek Tewas Ditembak Di Mulia
3)  Gunmen kill four road workers in Indonesia’s Papua
4) If Aceh was Papua, there would be Fatality if Morning Star Flag was Risen
5) LIPI Urges Jokowi to Hold National Dialogue on Papua
6) Palm Oil Plantation Invades Sacred Sago Forest, Customary Leader Says 
7) Rights Commission Questions Empowerment Program for Indigenous Papuans
8) Dead Prisoner’s Family Asks Jayawijaya Police for Rp 10 Billion in Compensation

9) Marijuana Dealers in Jayapura are Mostly Children : Social Welfare Office


1) Armed Attack on Trans Papua Construction Site Leaves Three Dead

Security personnel on patrol in Puncak Jaya district, Papua. (Antara Photo)

By : Robert Isidorus | on 7:39 PM March 15, 2016
Jayapura. At least three construction workers were shot dead by an armed group in Puncak Jaya district, Papua, on Tuesday (15/03) afternoon, police said.
The employees of  construction firm Modern, tasked with building Jalan Trans Papua, were identified as Anis Tiku, Andi Domena and David. The three were killed during an armed attack at around 1.35 p.m. local time.
Another worker, Daud, is in critical condition, while seven others managed to escape the shooting unscathed.
An excavator and a bulldozer were burned during the attack.
“We can confirm that there has been a shooting targeting Modern workers,” said Puncak Jaya Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Marcelis, as reported by Antara news agency.
Marcelis believes that the Yambi militant group was behind the attack.
A Modern employee who declined to be named said that two workers named Kopi and Yukinus had been taken hostage during the assault.
"Forty police and military personnel have been deployed to the scene," said Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw as quoted by Tempo.
Yambi, also known as the Tenggang Mati group, is one of six armed militant groups who live and operate in the districts of Puncak and Puncak Jaya.
It was allegedly responsible for several attacks in the two districts, including the latest assault in Mulia subdistrict on Jan. 26, killing six civilians.
The motive behind the attack remains unclear.
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2) Empty Pekerja Proyek Tewas Ditembak Di Mulia
15 March 2016
Jayapura, Jubi - Four construction workers Trans Papua in Mulia, Puncak Jaya district was shot dead by gunmen on Tuesday (03/15/2016) at around 13:45 CET.

As a result of the incident, four employees of PT Modern died had been shot while one unit of excavator and a bulldozer unit of PT Modern burned.

Puncak Jaya police chief Superintendent Marcelis when confirmation of Jayapura on Tuesday confirmed the incident.

"It is true there was a shooting incident against the employees of PT Modern. I happened to be in your honor, "he said.

Police Chief Marcel asks the journalist asks the shooting incident to the Police Public Relations Head of Papua as already reported directly by the police chief Sinak via radio to the Papua Police. He said the shootings that occurred in the region is usually done Yambi group.

The attack occurred when the road workers Sinak-Noble Village Agenggen, Sinak district, Puncak Jaya work. Paramilitary groups came to attack and burn an excavator and 1 unit Bulldozer) PT Modern.

Four employees of PT Modern killed was Anis (leader), Andi (heavy equipment operator), David (heavy equipment operator) and David (heavy equipment operator).

Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Paul Waterpauw acknowledge this shooting. Reports received mention employees who are victims and dead were three people namely Anis, Andi and David, said the police chief.

While David is now reportedly in critical condition, and one of them managed to escape and reported the incident, said Waterpauw again.

"They were attacked while doing the work of road construction between Sinak (Peak District) -Mulia (Puncak Jaya)," said Waterpauw.

According to him, has yet to be ascertained which group carried out the attack and shooting.

But people could see Legagak group Telenggen pass, said Waterpauw. (*)

3)  Gunmen kill four road workers in Indonesia’s Papua
March 15, 2016 - 2:24:18 pm
Jakarta: Gunmen on Tuesday shot dead four road workers in Indonesia's Papua, police said, the latest deadly violence in the insurgency-hit eastern province. 
The unidentified gunmen ambushed a group of seven civilian workers who were paving a road in the remote and mountainous Sinak area of Puncak district, local police chief Paulus Waterpauw told AFP.
"Three were shot dead at the scene, and another died later," he said. One worker was found alive while two others were missing, he added.
Police did not specify which group was behind the attack. Separatists usually target security forces, but on occasion attack and kidnap Indonesian and foreign workers in the province. 
Waterpauw said more police would be sent to the area on Wednesday to hunt the attackers.
In December gunmen raided a police post in Sinak, shooting dead three officers and stealing weapons in the worst attack on security forces in Papua since 2013.
In February 2013 suspected members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) killed eight soldiers in one of the most serious assaults on security forces in the region's recent history.
Jakarta has long kept a tight grip on resource-rich Papua with a heavy military and police presence. But a low-level insurgency continues, with the OPM fighting on behalf of the mostly ethnically Melanesian population.
4) If Aceh was Papua, there would be Fatality if Morning Star Flag was Risen
15 March 2016

                                                                               Morning Star flag – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua councilor Laurenzus Kadepa said although Papua and Aceh equally have the Special Autonomy Law, but the Central Government considers both regions from different point of view. Aceh likely have less restrictions than Papua.
Kadepa made the statement concerning the rise of Moon-Star flag in Aceh Legislative Council’s official meeting last week. In the meeting, Aceh councilors spread the Moon-Star flag as regional symbol, which is associated with the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).
“If the Morning Flag was risen in Papua Legislative Council’s meeting, I believe the Indonesian Military/Police will take a brutal act for the sake of the State. It might cause fatality. If Papua was as free as Aceh, it would be fair because both similarly have special authority. But so far there is a difference. We always have to follow the State’s policy that full of sense of discrimination and racial,” Kadepa told Jubi on Thursday (10/3/2016).
According to him, Moon-Star flag is similar with the Morning Star flag in Papua. So he thought it was a discrimination.
“When Gus dur (Abdurahman Wahid) was the Indonesian President, he proclaimed for regional symbol. He considered it as cultural strength. But it’s difficult to continue by other presidents after him,” he said.
He gave example when Koran Jubi published a headline with the Morning Star flag as the illustration with Papua Parliament Office in the background. It received many responses; some said it was the Free Papua Movement Office and so on.
“It was an illustration. What about if the flag was truly risen? At that time Jubi published the comment of the Chairman of Papua Legislative Council that remind the Indonesian Military/Police to be alert in running their task, not to victimize the innocence people, ahead of 1 July 2015 that considered by Papuans as the Anniversary of Free Papua Movement,” he said.
As published in some online media few days ago, Aceh councilors have spread a flag of moon and star while discus about regional regulation on flag and symbol. The flag of 3 x 1 meters was given to the Chairman of Aceh Legislative Council Teuku Muharrudin.
“Overall it has included in the implementation of MoU Helsinki and UUPA. We are now focusing on its raising. The meeting was also underline about the clarification on the raising of Aceh flag. It must be clear, if not we will refuse the Regional Head Election in Aceh,” said the Chairman of Commission I of Aceh Regional Legislative Council, Abdullah Shaleh.
Commission I urged the Aceh Governor to not longer discuss about it, but to implement the raising of Aceh flag. It is, he said, the symbol of Aceh, so it is important to be risen immediately.
“Now, the problem is the implementation. The Central Government still has a doubt in this matter. It shouldn’t hesitate. Once it’s implemented, we will focuse on the development to the revitalization of Aceh,” said Abdullah. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
TUESDAY, 15 MARCH, 2016 | 09:04 WIB
5) LIPI Urges Jokowi to Hold National Dialogue on Papua

TEMPO.COJakarta-Papua Study Team of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has urged President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to immediately convene national dialogue to end atrocities in Papua which have been happening for over 50 years.
 According to the Study Team chief Adriana Elisabeth, President Jokowi has already expressed his willingness to hold dialogue with all parties during his visit to Papua in 2015.
 “However, the concept of dialogue intended by President Jokowi was unclear. Papuan people are waiting,” Adriana said in a media briefing at LIPI office, Jakarta on Monday, March 14, 2016.
 Adriana believed that Jokowi is the only figurehead who could bridge the dialogue with Papuans. Therefore, the study team has called for national dialogue to be realized this year. “This year is the best momentum to convene national dialogue. Next year, [politicians] will be preoccupied with elections,” she said.
 Meanwhile, Papuan diaspora are doubling down on their efforts to voice human rights violations suffered by the Papuans and their demands to free themselves from Indonesia.
 Adriana admitted that many parties are reluctant to hold dialogue as it is often associated with separatism. However, she is optimistic that dialogue could be held if the parties involved eliminate suspicions among themselves.
 “Dialogue might be an alien concept in Indonesia. But don’t be afraid to hold dialogue.”
6) Palm Oil Plantation Invades Sacred Sago Forest, Customary Leader Says 
15 March 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – The palm oil company PT Nabire Baru, which took 17,000 hectares of land in 2008, is seeking to secure another 5,000 hectares now.
“The company wants to take it as a plasma plantation area,” the secretary of Yerisiam Gua Customary People, Roberino Hanebora to reporters at Jayapura District Court, Jayapura City on Monday (14/3/2016).
The targeted location is a sacred sago forest believed by Yerisiam people as the origin of Yeresiam-Gua tribe, which is divided into four sub-tribes namely Akaba, Koroba, Wauha and Srakwari, Hanebora said.
“How do they want to destroy our roots? Do they want their goods to be taken by others?” he asked.
If the company does not ever want to lose, and only think about the profit, he said, it is also applied to Yerisiam-Gua tribe. The customary people do not want to destroy the resource of their life and the place where they were born.
“How could we destroy the womb of life by selling it to other people? We cannot rape and kill our mother,” he firmly said.
Therefore, Yerisiam people asked the company to not improve its plantation area. The company must respect the legal process that is being processed in Jayapura District Court since October 2015.
“I do hope so,” said Hanebora. However, he was so worried about the government’s system that is not precise in issuing permit. The government can issue the permit without checking the land certificate issued by the customary law.
“We are worried the government would issue the permit without asking the customary people. That’s the way they did,” he said before attending the evidentiary hearing of the defendant and litigant.
Yeresiam-Gua Tribal Chief Daniel Yarawobi, after the trial, said he did several efforts to stop the company to expand their area. “We gathered the people, Police Chief, District Military Commander to say to the company to no longer expand their area. We don’t give permission because it’s a sacred place,” he said.
Therefore, he expected all stakeholders including government and security forces to not support the company to exploit the sacred forest. If later the company could do it, said Yarawobi, he does not know to where seeking for justice and protection. “Where should we go? We don’t want any land expansion,” he said. (Mawel Benny/rom)
7) Rights Commission Questions Empowerment Program for Indigenous Papuans
15 March 2016

Merauke, Jubi – Some officials from Merauke Regional Government participated in the meeting with the Indonesian Human Rights Commission held in the local parliament office’s chief Kanizia Mekiuw.
The meeting, which lasted about one and a half hour, discussed an investment program under the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate.
The officials who attended in the meeting on Monday (14/3/2016) included the Head of Merauke Agriculture and Horticulture Office Bambang Dwiatmoko, the Head of Merauke Regional Development and Planning Body Daswil and the Head of Merauke Forestry and Plantation Efendi Kanan.

On te occasion, the Coordinator of Monitoring and Research Sub-commission of the Indonesian Human Rights Commission, Siane Indriani said based on information and complains about investment activity in Merauke Regency, the community-owned land to be cleared and the lack of empowerment towards the indigenous Papuans.
“I want to have some description and explanation from the relevant offices related to the mentioned problems, as well as to be confirmed to the National Human Rights Commission,” she said.
In response, the Head of Merauke Forestry and Plantation Office Efendi Kanan explained some investment activities are running, and the indigenous landowners are empowered and received compensation from the company.
People took a huge benefit, for instance, when their land used by the company, the landowners obtained compensation in cash. It’s similar with the clear of forest, they got reimbursement from the company. And other things are the compensation in education and health services as well as the community economic empowerment. The land owned by customary people, according to Kanan, was not purchased but rented for 25-30 years. After the termination of contract, they can take it back. That’s the rule and it was also socialized to everyone including the indigenous Papuans. (Frans L Kobun/rom)
8) Dead Prisoner’s Family Asks Jayawijaya Police for Rp 10 Billion in Compensation
15 March 2016 
Wamena, Jubi – The family of a detainee who was found dead in Uwe River, Jayawijaya last week demanded the Jayawijaya Police pay them Rp 10 billion in customary compensation.
The request was conveyed to Jayawijaya Police Chief in the meeting with the family representatives at Jayawijaya Police Headquarters on Monday (14/3/2016).
Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Semmy Ronny Thaba said the victim, identified as JW alias YM, was a suspected motorcycle thief and recidivist of Wamena Class II B Prison.
He died by jumping to Uwe River, Napua Sub-district on Wednesday (9/3/2016).
At that time the Police were looking for evidence that recognized by victim as part of his crime. The Police then looked for his family and found him dead on Friday (11/3/2016). For this reason, the family came to Jayawijaya Police asking for compensation.
“Based on the agreement made with the victim’s family from Yomaima Village, Napua Sub-district, Jayawijaya after we found the body of late Erwin Wenda alias Julianus Woman on Friday (11/3/2016), today we conduct a meeting to hear their aspiration, which is actually we don’t have any business anymore by Law and it’s over, because every actions we made over this case was properly met with the procedure,” the Police Chief said.
He also said JW was died by his own because trying to escape from the Police that caused him fall into the river.
In the next two weeks, he will meet the victim family once again, but this time he will ensure the family that the Police has no great budget to pay fines.
“If it’s only to console the mourned family, we will think about it, and as the Police Chief I think it could be seen as respectful act towards the local culture,” he said. (Islami/rom)

9) Marijuana Dealers in Jayapura are Mostly Children : Social Welfare Office

15 March 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Marijuana dealers in Jayapura Municipality are mostly children under 17 years old, and Abepura is the most at-risk area for trade of the drug, Papua Social Welfare and Settlement Office said.
“I saw it myself. This is a mafia game that had to be taken seriously. If not, it could be dangerous, because they have gangs,” said the Head of Papua Social Welfare and Settlement Office Ribka Haluk in Jayapura on Monday (14/3/2016).
She said the street children are currently becoming a massive problem that needs serious attention from the Jayapura Municipal Government due to the number is quite a lot.

“I often go monitoring from midnight to 4:00 in the morning to see so many street children using drugs including marijuana,” she said.
She further said these kids are still very sincere. “They told me they got the marijuana from Papua New Guine bringing by some adults of PNG citizens,” she said.
Before becoming a drug dealer, the street children, who are natives of various tribes, were glue sniffers and now up grading as drug users and dealers. “They are mostly coming from the broken home family and hanging at Pasar Baru, Youteva and Abepura areas,” said Haluk.
Meanwhile, the Head of Boundary and Papua Foreign Affairs Body Suzana Wanggai said currently her office and the security forces continue to monitor the transactions of marijuana in Papua-PNG border area.
“Supervision has been tightened, but drug dealers always find a way to supply these illegal goods through certain small trails,” said Wanggai.
Those trails has become alternative paths for smugglers because along the borders have not restricted by wall. So, the smugglers already knew how to mark off the official and illegal lines.
“That’s how the marijuana still get in to our region, by path ways, mostly located in Keerom and Boven Digoel regencies,” she said. (Alexander Loen/rom)


  1. Another worker, Daud, is in critical condition, while seven others managed to escape the shooting unscathed. construction site security

  2. Another worker, is in critical condition while seven others managed to escape the shooting unscathed.
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