Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1) 11 Independence Activists Detained During Rally in Papua

2) 60 KNPB Activists Arrested by Indonesian forces in 9 Days

3) Pacific Island bishops make surprise but welcome visit to Papua

4) Liquor businessmen in Papua protest ban, will file lawsuit

1) 11 Independence Activists Detained During Rally in Papua
By : Edo Karensa | on 5:56 PM April 13, 2016
Jayapura. Eleven activists were arrested when a peaceful rally in support of full membership for the Papua independence movement in the Melanesian Spearhead Group was interrupted by police in Jayapura on Wednesday (13/04).
Hundreds of protesters marching under the banner of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) were prevented by police from staging a rally at Yos Sudarso Park in the heart of the Papua provincial capital.
The protesters, who demanded that the MSG grants permanent membership to the Papua independence movement, were forced to move the rally to the Cendrawasih University in Waena.
The 11 activists were detained for allegedly trying to occupy the Papua Provincial Council office on Jalan Sam Ratulangi.

During the rally, the protesters also objected against Indonesia's membership of the MSG, since the association was only intended for Melanesian countries, according to ULMWP leader Markus Haluk.
The ULMWP is scheduled to embark on a campaign in London next month in support of an internationally supervised vote on West Papuan independence.
Meanwhile, the Indonesian government has received support from two MSG members, Papua-New Guinea and Fiji, to upgrade its status from a non-permanent member to a permanent member of the organization.  The support came after Indonesian Chief Security Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan's recent visit to the two countries.
Joining the MSG has been one of Indonesia's main foreign policy objectives over the last few years. The government emphasized the fact that Indonesia has a substantial ethnic Melanesian population, in order to win over members of the MSG, especially Vanuatu.
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2) 60 KNPB Activists Arrested by Indonesian forces in 9 Days

Oleg: Arnold Belau | Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 22:00 pm

11 members of KNPB Port Numbay when brought to the Jayapura Police. (Photo: Adhie / SP)

JAYAPURA, --- West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Center has reported that, beginning on April 5 to 13, 2016 KNPB least 60 activists have been arrested by the state through its agents in Papua to support a ULMWP accepted as a member of MSG.

Dozens of KNPB activists are all arrested while performing worship to support the ULMWP accepted as an official member of the MSG and while distributing leaflets action. In addition, there were officers went straight to the secretariat KNPB also arrested while doing demosntrasi peaceful in several major cities in Papua.
Here is the data collected Ranging from arrest to attempt to silence the democratic space in Papua to restrict the freedom of expression in Papua.
 Arrests of Activists KNPB
In Timika, on 5 April, 15 KNPB activists were arrested while doing worship. Two of them were named suspects. Namely, Stven Itlay, chairman of KNPB Timika subject to Article treason and Yus Wenda subject to Article persecution. Itlay previously detained Mimika district police, was transferred to a state-owned Brimob tanahan Mil 32, place further away from the town of Timika. Whereas the other 13 were repatriated with mandatory status report with an unspecified time.
In Yahukimo, on 12 April 2016, police officers from the district police have arrested five activists Yakuhimo KNPB around 12 noon after distributing leaflets action. When contacted, naked Intel Yakuhimo Police said all five of the KNPB activists had been sent home. However, the KNPB Yakuhimo yet five kativis KNPB confirmation about this. Semntara it, a reliable source in Yahukimo menyebutkanm detained were six people, not five.
Kaimana, on April 12, 2016 around 16:30, police officers from the police station came to the secretariat KNPB Kaimana and the PRD region and arrested 15 activists KNPB KNPB. Not only that, the troops also enter and damage the secretariat.
Port Numbay, on 12 April 2016, police officers from the Jayapura Police have arrested 11 activists KNPB Port Numbay area in the yard DPRP while making a speech and peaceful demonstration in support of ULMWP accepted as members of the MSG.
In Merauke, on April 12, officers arrived in full force and secretariat KNPB raided and arrested 13 activists and PRD region KNPB Merauke. And then secured to the Merauke police.
Peaceful Demo KNPB who Confronted Apparatus
In accordance with the plan, KNPB raise future and peaceful protest simultaneously in all the land of Papua. The action did not go smoothly. In some cities, the action KNPB later blocked by the authorities. In Sorong, officials dismiss the action KNPB Sorong Raya area in front of the campus UKIP. In Biak, also proclaim disbanded by the authorities. Similar to what occurs in the Kaimana and KNPB Sentani area.
While in Yahukimo, Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ade Yakuhimo Jaja made the statement it together with their beliefs leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders and signed also by regent elected as an attempt to suppress the action Kaolres KNPB in Yahukimo. From the letter of the essence, since it was signed by the regent is KNPB Yakuhimo pressure on activists and stated net of KNPB activities. It teresebut the legitimacy to act more repressive apparatus in order to KNPB members.
In Jayapura, although it took place under tight escort officials and under pressure, KNPB managed to stage a peaceful demonstration attended by thousands of people of Papua. Although it was tense and mild friction occurs a few times but it was later diresponi by mass action of calmly. So it does not happen things that are not desirable.
Demonstrations were coordinated KNPB Board and Student center and easygoing churches in the area surrounding the Abepura Waena and blockaded by police.
The activists were arrested KNPB
Five Members of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Region Yakuhimo, Yupi Sobolim (23 years), Unyil Kobak (24), Erson Suhun, Natu Dapla and one person of unknown name, was arrested by police from the Police Yahukimo. So there are six in number.
Activist KNPB arrested in Kaimana, Those arrested are John Furay (24) Lilian Tapnesa, Ania Kurita, Simon Egana, Melianus Siwari, Aser Kubewa, Agus Surbay, Elon Aribau, Stephen Esuru, Yusuf Surubay, Sepi Surubay, Melianus Surubay, Alfian Tanggafora, Melianus Siwari, and Abd Fata Watora.
KNPB activists arrested in Merauke, Panggrasia Yeem MP, Peter Katem MP, Idelfonsius Katop MP, MP Yohakim Gebze, Gento Emerikus Dop, Charles Sraun, Emilianus Nemop, Rikardo Pisakai, Oktovianus Warip, Peter P. Koweng, Luke Arawok, Simon Taulemi and Paustinus K. Metemko.
Dozens of KNPB activists arrested in Jayapura, Jimmy Boroway, Regina Wenda, Rebekah Komba, Anis.M .W, M. Wendanak, Gidion Adii, Itoni Bahabol, Obaya Balingga, Sean.Balingga, Tins and Ephy Wenda.
Yanto Awerkyon, Sem Ukago, Seperianus Edoway, Justin Wenda, Yudiman Kogoya, Hubertus Dimi, Dimi Noak, Nawipa Yunus, Agus nirigi, Paul Dawan, Abertus Dimi, Yalime Tabuni, and Nikolaus Sada.


3) Pacific Island bishops make surprise but welcome visit to Papua

April 13, 2016

Plea for help: Bishops from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are welcomed to the cathedral in Jayapura.

VISITING Pacific island bishops have heard of on-going violence and repression faced by Papuan people during a rare visit to Indonesian’s most easterly province.
A delegation of 20 bishops from the Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands were also told of Papuan desires for independence from
 Indonesia, during a visit to the Papuan provincial capital, Jayapura.
Local rights activists were given only short notice about the visit as the bishops arrived in a vehicle convoy across the PNG and Indonesian border under military escort.
In a letter presented to the bishops, Catholic Women of West Papua wrote of the significance of the visit:
“Few foreigners and even fewer esteemed guests like yourselves are able to get permission to come, or are willing to risk visiting our country,” the statement said.
“We want you to know that we are not free. 
“We are confined in a situation that is full of violence. 
“Because of the Indonesian police and military we do not feel safe in our own land.
“We desire to determine our own future, freely and fairly. 
“We want you to know that the United Liberation Movement for West Papua represents us. They have our full support.”
The ULMWP, formed in late 2014, brought together factions of the West Papua independence movement. 
It has observer status at the Melanesian Spearhead Group, an influential regional forum, which includes representatives from PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and
 New Caledonia’s indigenous Kanak movement.
The letter to the bishops, which included the president of the Bishops conference, Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby, implored support to resolve numerous
 cases of human rights abuse. 
It blamed Indonesian authorities for alleged abuses, and accused the Church, at a local level, of silence on the issue.
“Our people experience violence and death because of the brutal actions of the Indonesian military and police,” the letter said.
“Every day more and more migrants arrive. We are becoming a minority in our land and even in our own church while the Indonesian people master all aspects of life.
“In fact, they (the State) are often the perpetrators or protect the perpetrators, so we feel we have nowhere to turn. 
“Sadly the Catholic Church in West Papua is largely silent about this and does not give voice to our cry for justice.”
The letter calls on the Conference of Bishops to encourage the Pacific Island Forum to immediately send a human rights fact-finding mission to West Papua.
The letter also said Catholic Papuan women were ready to greet Pope Francis; expressing a hope that the pontiff would visit West Papua as part of a planned visit to
 Indonesia scheduled for July 2017. The bishops’ visit to Jayapura, follows the release of a Church report released last month containing allegations of recent military
 and police intimidation, beatings and torture, kidnapping and murder in West Papua.
The report author, Josephine Sister Susan Connelly, a respected human rights advocate, visited West Papua, accompanied by Brisbane archdiocese’s
 Catholic Justice and Peace Commission executive officer Peter Arndt.
They interviewed more than 250 Papuan community leaders.
Sr Connelly compared the situation there to “stepping back twenty years when I first went to East Timor”.
“The same oppressive security presence everywhere, the same suspicion, bewilderment, frustration and sadness,” she said.

4) Liquor businessmen in Papua protest ban, will file lawsuit
Nether Dharma Somba
Posted: Wed, April 13 2016 | 03:31 pm
A number of liquor businesspeople in Jayapura, Papua, are protesting Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe’s policy to ban the distribution of alcoholic beverages in the province.
They are set to file a lawsuit against the policy with the Jayapura State Administrative Court (PTUN) as they consider it contradicts existing rules.
“We will file a lawsuit at the PTUN against the governor over his alcoholic beverage confiscation procedures, which just look like an expropriation because it can be conducted without any confiscation order letter, while we have a legal permit for distributing alcoholic beverages,” said Jason Muabuay, head of the Association of Alcoholic Beverage Vendors and Night Entertainment Owners in Jayapura.
Jason expressed his concerns during a meeting at the Jayapura Legislative Council (DPRD), which was attended by a number of alcoholic beverage businesspeople and distributors and hotel owners and administrators. In the meeting, they conveyed their disappointment over the confiscations and searches conducted by a task force formed by Enembe.
Jason said his association plans to meet Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo and Trade Minister Thomas Lembong to question the Papuan governor’s measure, which the latter claimed was based on an integrity pact he issued. According to the governor, the integrity pact was in turn based on a 2013 bylaw on alcohol prohibition.
“The issuance of a bylaw must be followed by a governor's decree as its implementing regulation. Thus, all businessmen can have enough time for preparations so they will be ready once the bylaw on the alcohol ban takes effect,” said Josua.
He said vendors and distributors needed time to finish their stocks so they would not suffer great losses once the policy was valid.
Jason said the integrity pact was only a commitment, which was not legally binding. “This cannot be used as a basis to carry out the confiscations,” he said, adding that any government policy would be supported as long as it did not inflict losses upon the people.
Jayapura Legislative Council member Kristian Kondobua said it was the right of the association to file a lawsuit against the Papuan governor. “It’s your right to take a legal measure against his policy,” said Kristian.
Businesspeople in Jayapura say alcohol sales have dropped sharply since the task force intensified liquor searches in entertainment places and alcohol warehouses on Friday.
Some Jayapura residents applauded Enembe’s policy, saying that since alcohol searches were conducted intensively, very few drunken people could be found on streets across Jayapura.
“I take passengers to the airport every morning. I used to see drunken people, some of whom lay on the street, but in the last several days, I didn’t see them,” said Yonas, a driver.
“Now, I dare to take a morning walk on the street because there is no more drunken people. I used to have a morning walk only in areas near my house,” said Ludia, a local resident.
Separately, Enembe said he did not fear the association’s plan to file a lawsuit against him. “I’m not afraid. We made this policy because we have a special bylaw, which clearly regulates alcohol distribution. If they want to sue me, just go ahead,” said the governor. (ebf)

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