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2) Jokowi`s Arrival in the Hague Welcomed by Protests  

3) KNPB Calls for National Action in Papua on May 2, 2016
By Len Garae | Posted: Saturday, April 23, 2016 12:00 am

WP Parade March on April 29 to be bigger than last one above in 2010
While more and more people in Port Vila are rushing to sign the public petition at Manples Market for the peaceful march on April 29, to demand the Melanesian Spearhead Group Summit Leaders to give West Papua full membership, the Chairman of the Vanuatu West Papua Committee, Pastor Allan Nafuki says a two-member delegation from Kanaky (New Caledonia) who are pushing to get the Kanaky Referendum issue on the same band wagon, have been advised to wait until after the march on April 29.
The Chairman says his committee has to work on urgent issues one issue at a time. The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu has always placed Independence for Kanaky at all its annual general assembly since day one.
Now Kanaky already has a political voice through FLNKS Victor Tutugoro as a full member of MSG.
The Chairman has recommended for them to pursue their case through their leader Tutugoro.
The well-travelled Chairman says the two persons – one a caucasian Frenchman called Leonelli Jeannick and his partner Tjibaou Sabine, who is the daughter of the late Jean-Marie Tjibaou, have made a number of claims concerning FLNKS and themselves.
Pastor Nafuki says his Committee has to look into the duo’s claims to make sure they are genuine in order to decide whether or not to place their case on a similar plate as that of West Papua.
Meanwhile an increasing number of petition forms have also been sent to the rural Provinces to get the support of the masses there before April 29.
The Vanuatu West Papua Committee expects to mobilise 12,000 signatures for the planned peaceful march.


Activists campaigning for independence in Indonesia’s restive West Papua province dance outside the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, Friday, April 22, 2016. The peaceful demonstration coincided with a visit to the Netherlands by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. AP/Michael Corder

SATURDAY, 23 APRIL, 2016 | 12:32 WIB
2) Jokowi`s Arrival in the Hague Welcomed by Protests  

TEMPO.CODen Haag - At least 200 people staged a protest when welcoming President  Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo at the front yard of Kurhaus Hotel on Scheveningen beach, the Hague, the Netherlands of Friday (22/4).
The group claimed to be South Maluku and West Papua activists and from the International People Tribunal (IPT) 1965 as well as Indonesian people residing in the Netherlands.
Guarded by dozens of police, the protesters patiently waited for Jokowi come out of the gate of Kurhaus Hotel.
Tempo contributor in Amsterdam Prita Riadhini reported that there were no violent actions during the protest.
In the meantime, Fransiska Pattipilohy from IPT 1965 said that they hoped that Jokowi would revoke the Presidential Decree that the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) is not the ‘right movement’. She also said that those exiles hoped to have their rights as Indonesian citizens restored.
Fransiska also regretted that the majority of the exiles are Indonesian students who are not allowed to return to Indonesia.
“Reconciliation cannot be reached without truth finding,” she said.
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3) KNPB Calls for National Action in Papua on May 2, 2016

Peaceful demonstration supporting ULMWP accepted as a full member in the MSG members in Jayapura. (Photo: Arnold Belau / SP)

JAYAPURA, --- West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Centre has issued a call to action that will be held simultaneously throughout the Land of Papua on May 2, 2016 to commemorate 53 years of the annexation of Papua to Indonesia.

Ones Suhun, general secretary of the Centre to KNPB, Saturday (04/23/2016) in Jayapura explained, has been 53 years, since May 1, 1963 the country was annexed West Papua (seized) by the Indonesian colonial rule by greedy and shameless ,
"Look around you O people of West Papua. We are increasingly depleted. Prayer and down the street in a peaceful demonstration is one way we save our homeland West Papua, "urge Ones.
In the electronic mail received written media, ensure that you engage in acts of peaceful resistance which will take place on May 2, 2016 simultaneously throughout Papua.
"Remember, the same time in London, England will be a meeting of International Parliamentarians for West Papua. Certainly some heads of state, politicians, international lawyers will make a global call for a referendum, "he said.
Described, on 3 May, MSG summit will begin in Vanuatu. West Papua through ULMWP will present the fight for full membership. People Vanuatu parade will take action to urge the MSG Leaders receive ULMWP as a full member.
"Once again, our task is to engage in peaceful protest demanding the right of self-determination. It is the people fighters, KNPB ready to mediate. We must end, "he said.
Meanwhile, Victor Yeimo, chairman of KNPB Centre confirmed justify their national action plans which will be driven by KNPB in all regions of West Papua, from Sorong-Samarai on the southern coast of the island of Papua and from Sorong to Skouw on the North Coast of the island Papua.
"Correct. Our appeal according to the people of West Papua on 13 April, on the 2nd of May KNPB will hold peaceful demonstrations across Papua to support UMWP to be accepted as a full member of the MSG. In addition, we will provide support for IPWP meeting to be held in London, "he said.
Yeimo hope that all the people of West Papua to take part in the national action. Because, today the world is watching West Papua, so that the people of West Papua have nothing to fear.
"We urge the people of West Papua could take part in a demonstration on 2 May. And the Papuan people must rise up and fight all the savagery of the state against the people of Papua. Papuans are ready to self-determination through international mechanisms, namely the referendum, "said Yeimo.
In addition, the head of the Parliament Nasioan West Papua (PNWP), Bucthar Tabuni, through personal pages on facebook giving notice three important information to the people of West Papua which will be held in early May.
"On April 29 - May 2, 2016 in Vanuatu with a pre-meeting agenda supporters ULMWP sponsored by Team leader Rev. Reconciliation. Alan Morris Kaloran Nafuki and to support the minister's decision and Parliament of Vanuatu country. Two weeks again raised the status ULMWP become full members of MSG and kick out INDO MELAYU of MSG. Second, tanggl 3 to 6 May 3016 MSG meeting in Port Vila Vanuatu. And third, IPWP meeting May 3 in London, UK, "he wrote.


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