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1) Police Arrest Six Demonstrators in Papua

2) This Statement Papua People reject the New York
3) AMPTPI: Police Still Wear Military Approach to Face Protesters in Papua
4) Warin: No shooting and Only Six People Got Arrested

MONDAY, 15 AUGUST, 2016 | 21:38 WIB
1) Police Arrest Six Demonstrators in Papua

TEMPO.COJayapura - The Jayapura City Police arrested six demonstrators for allegedly committing anarchistic acts during a protest launched by the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB) on Monday, August 15, 2016.
"We arrested a number of KNPB members, but we can’t confirm their identities yet," Jayapura City Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Tober Sirait told Antara. "We’re still handling the situation on the field and haven’t received an official report on the arrested protesters."
The protesters were arrested after allegedly burning tires, vandalizing vendors' kiosks and cutting trees along the street. The incident caused traffic jams, and many shop owners closed their business for the day.
The incident started when protesters orated in a low-cost apartment area. Later, the mob continued their rally to a shopping center where protest coordinators gave their speeches, until police redirected the traffic flow to prevent a severe traffic jam.
KNPB spokesperson Bazoka Logo denied the allegation, saying that the anarchistic mob was unknown.
"We don't know who the arsonists were. It's definitely not us, because KNPB members who rallied around the Waena housing complex had been arrested. And then there were people burning [tires and kiosks]. The next KNPB members rallied with police escorts," Bazoka told Jubi on Monday, August 15, 2016.
The mob also blocked the street by spreading rocks and bottles. The Police's Mobile Brigade combed the area searching for people running from the housing complex entrance. Several fires were shot.


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2) This Statement Papua People reject the New York

Leaders KNPB Centre when reading the statement in front of thousands of people of Papua masses of the people in the circle, Abepura, 08/15/2016. (Arnold Belau - SP)

JAYAPURA, - People of Papua and West Papua National Committee (KNPB) has been holding a rally in New York rejected the agreement. The agreement, according to the Papuans was the beginning of suffering and occupation of Indonesia in West Papua on the results of a unilateral agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia were mediated by the United States.

Written in a statement received, the signing of the New York Agreement of 1962, related to the disputed territory of West Papua August 15 is the root of evil on political rights and violations of the future fate of the people of West Papua. Because in that agreement never engage the people of West Papua to be involved during the preparation of the New York agreement until penjanjian was signed at the headquarters of the United Nations.

New York signing of the agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands, witnessed by UN Secretary General, U Thant at the headquarters of the United Nations compiled by the US Ambassador to the UN, Ellsworht Bunker. New York Agreement consists of 29 articles, namely Article 14-21 regulates self-determination (Self-Determination) based international practice that is one person, one vote per adults both male and female.

"For the people of Papua is not valid, either legally or morally for in the agreement, the people of West Papua are not involved as an owner of the West Papua region. This is a violation of the political rights of West Papuans. Though the agreement discuss the status of West Papua and the fate of the nation, but in the process did not involve the official representatives of West Papua, "he wrote.

Explained, through an agreement that Indonesia has the authority to hold a referendum in West Papua democratically. However, the Act of 1969 in its implementation was not done in accordance with the New York agreement. In Article 18 was mandated to do by one person, one vote (One man one vote). But in practice that participated Act of just 1,025 people voting under military pressure, full engineering, intimidation, terror and moral and legal defects.

"The people of Papua are not given the space freely determine their future fate according to the New York Agreement Article 18, paragraph D, One man one vote. Conspiracy and conspiracy to capitalist United States, Holland, Indonesia and the United Nations agreed on a deal New York to consider the fate of the future of West Papua, is the harassment of political rights, destroyed the fate of the Papuans and the beginning of human rights violations and human destruction Papua through the practice of Colonialism and Imperialism globally, " tulisanya again.

Because the people of West Papua before determining the future fate depanya through Act of 1969, whether the Papuans would be free alone or integrate with Indonesia, a breach made by Indonesia and the United States is doing the work contract signing PT. Freeport Indonesia, which was held on 7 April 1967 between the President of the United hon F Kenedy and President Soeharto without the involvement of the Papuans.

"Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Nations did not appreciate and respect the democratic rights of the heirs of West Papua in all treaty deal New York. Submission of West Papua from the Dutch administration to UNTEA and from UNTEA to Indonesia. All of these processes occur only American capitalist interests and colonialism Indonesia to control the territory of West Papua, "he explained.

Therefore, the people of West Papua, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) delivered the following statement:

First, we urge the United Nations immediately review the agreement New York August 15, 1962 Agreement, which legitimizes the implementation of the Act of 1969 legally flawed and morally;

a. We the people of West Papua have never been involved as the subject of the New York Agreement and waive the right.

b. We Papuans claim that New York Agreement in 1962 is not valid and firmly reject because Indonesia did not enforce the right of self-determination (Self-determination) democratically.

Secondly, we urge the United Nations and Indonesia immediately give the right of self-determination referendum for the people of West Papua. Because the Act of 1969 was done in accordance with the New York Agreement in 1962 which manages about self-determination of one man one vote (One man one vote); and

Thirdly, we urge the United Nations and Amnesty International's immediate humanitarian intervention and protection of the right of self-determination (Self-determination) in West Papua in accordance with UN General Assembly resolutions in 1514 and 1541 (XV) and based on the declaration of Westminster (Westminster Deklaration International Supervised Vote for West Papua).

Statement signed by the chairman of the Central KNPB, Victor Yeimo and general secretary of the Central KNPB, the Suhuniap Ones copied to several parties, among others; MSG Secretariat in Vanuatu, PIF Secretariat in Port Moresby PNG, IPWP Secretariat in London England, ILWP Secretariat in London England, ULMWP Secretariat in Vanuatu, Parliament Secretariat nasioanl West Papua (PNWP) in Jayapura, and archives.

Announcers: Arnold Belau

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3) AMPTPI: Police Still Wear Military Approach to Face Protesters in Papua
Author Arnold Belau -August 15, 2016

Thousands of mass action when returning from the KNPB Mako Brimob officers blockaded Kotaraja over so as not to DPRP office, 08/15/2016. (Arnold Belau - Suara Papua)

JAYAPURA, - Natan Tebai Naftali, chairman of the Executive Board of the Student Association of the Eastern Indonesia Region Central Mountain Papua Indonesia (AMPTPI) said, for officials continue to promote military approach to deal with the masses of people of West Papua who want to voice their aspirations in peace in Papua ,

According to him, the police should be able to change the approach that has been used by more humane approach.

"Police in Papua is still prioritizing military approach. Many students and young Papuans were arrested without a clear legal procedures and written. In this way, the police become the main actor who closed the democratic space in Papua without a legal explanation of the applicable law is also about legislation to regulate the ban on demonstrations, "he told, Monday (08/15/2016) in Jayapura.

He said, police in Papua seem like not having a strategy to implement a more dignified approach. Then, Nathan continued, in the future the police will deliberately create certain moments to create a situation so anarchic and chaotic.

"I am concerned about the approach being applied by the police today. Because the police instead of being a safety demo, but it will be the actor who created the conflict, "he said.

Explained, the leadership of Police in Papua Police Chief, Paul Waterpauw seen no positive things done with a more persuasive approach.

"We see, Papua Police Chief sudan create a lot of positive things. But immature subordinates in a persuasive approach. Do not let any third party to play an instrument of conflict. Because of the demo today, seem like there is a conflict scenario, "he said.

Nathan continued, "We reiterate that the actions taken by the students and the youth in Papua are the actions of a dignified and peaceful. We curse those who opened fire on mass action and actor who became the brain behind the burning of wood, tires and wheelbarrows SPG sales along the way this afternoon. "

Meanwhile, as quoted from Jubi, Legislator Papua, Emus Gwijangge stated, if the police banned the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) demo, should society organizations (CBOs) or groups should also be banned. Do not be impressed no discrimination in providing freedom of opinion in public.

He said that, in the future if KNPB continues not given the space of expression, especially when confronted as to convey their aspirations to DPRP, personally Emus stated she will not accept it if there is any group that will deliver anything to the aspirations of the Papuan parliament.

"In the future if this continues, any aspirations of any group and should not be allowed into the Parliament of Papua. Thanks to their aspirations on the road just like KNPB aspirations. The police should also ambushed them, such as when facing KNPB. During this time, even without the permission of other groups may be allowed a demonstration to the Parliament of Papua. Why KNPB banned? They are also part of the people of Papua, "said Emus to Jubi, Monday (08/15/2016). watchlist, KNPB action at three different places. Among other things, in front of the campus Doc 5 Yapis Papua, in Abepura and Expo. Interest KNPB and citizens demo is heading to the office of DPR Papua, but because officials were ambushed in the middle of the road, ultimately leading to the Parliament of Papua.

In addition, dozens of mass WPNA also perform in a similar demands by KNPB in Taman Imbi. But their actions do not run smoothly. Because of the mass 23 is captured and secured to the Jayapura Police.

Announcers: Arnold Belau
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4) Warin: No shooting and Only Six People Got Arrested
JAYAPURA, - Papua Police, through the Head of Public Relations (PR) Papua Police Commissioner Patrige warin denied the existence of information that says that hundreds of people have been arrested and there are some other people who were shot while doing the blocking apparatus Papuans led KNPB lunch earlier, August 15, 2016 in Jayapura.
According warin, news about the shootings and the arrest of hundreds of people of Papua at a mass action is not correct. He said, it just wants to provoke the people of Papua in Papua.
"That is not true. The issue of victims of mass shootings and arrests the action was spread by people who just want to provoke the situation, "said warin when contacted on her cell phone in Jayapura, Monday (15/08/2016).
He said, for the arrest, which really is only six people were arrested. No more of that, and all of them have been freed.
"Yang was arrested and Jayapura Police got only six people. They all had been sent home, "he said.
Additionally, warin added, for security KNPB action in Jayapura city itself, the personnel were lowered by roughly 500 of which is composed of Brimob and Dalmas from Jayapura Police.
Saugas Goo, KNPB activist who was reported to have been arrested along with 100 of the mass KNPB, said he was not arrested. However, the mass of the 100's it was raised in the truck and then returned to the masses who are on the campus gate Uncen, Waena.
"Earlier we were not taken to the Police. But when raised to the truck, we were taken to the masses who are already in perumnas III. There we join together and do speeches before the road, "he told Circle Abepura on the sidelines of the joint action of the people of Papua.
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In addition, Philip Robaha, activists SONAMAPA previously reported, the authorities have arrested 23 people in Taman Imbi WPNA mass with two of them are children aged 9 years, he said, had been freed.
"My friends who were detained had been freed all. It's just that the action we've confiscated by the authorities, "said Robaha.
From the data gathered this media, 23 mass WPNA who had been arrested before being released is Sius Ayemi (32), 7 Mambrasar (25), Frans Rumbruren (25), Dony Arobaya (19), Beny Adadikam (24), Pithein Sada ( 26), Andarias Manggaprouw (28), Yan Rumbruren (29), David Sroer (17) Ricki Kambuaya (26), Eduard Hombore (28), Kristin Yenu (8) Adam Yenu (11), Leo Wihyawari (21), Patmos Kirihio (20), Robby Bisay (19), Salmond Mariadu (16), Abner Rumbruren (18), Nua Yowei (19), Paul Mandowen (29), Marthinus Rumbewas (51), Joshua Randui (25), and Isaiah Mariadu (18).
New York Agreement is an agreement made between Indonesia and the Netherlands are mediated by the United States. In an agreement signed on August 15, 1962, did not involve the people of Papua. Also the United States continued to press the Netherlands to hand over power in West Papua to Indonesia. So that Americans can freely control its economic interests in Indonesia.
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Announcers: Arnold Belau

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