Friday, September 16, 2016

1) West Papua’s Black Brothers in Pom for Independence Concert

2) Papua Legislative Council Questions the Plan to Set up Military Base in Biak
3) Road Covered by Mud, Mindiptana Residents Isolated
4) Rice Stocks in Papua are Safe for Three Months Ahead, Says Official
5) Bank Indonesia Official Welcomes Frans Kaiser Image on Rp10.000 Banknote
1) West Papua’s Black Brothers in Pom for Independence Concert
12 September 2016

Black Brothers took a photo session with Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop – PNG Lopp

Port Moresby, Jubi – Legendary band from West Papua the Black Brothers are in Port Moresby to help celebrate Papua New Guinea’s 41st Anniversary.

The group will be performing on Independence Day at the Sir John Guise Stadium.
Black Brothers are an eclectic band that was the most popular musical group in PNG during the 1980s.
The reggae influences of the Black Brothers influenced various other musical groups in PNG.
The original band was founded by manager Andy Ayamiseba, with members including Hengky Sumanti Miratoneng (vocals, guitar), Benny Bettay (bass), August Rumwaropen (lead guitar, vocals), Stevy Mambor (vocals, drums), Willem Ayamiseba (percussion) and Amri Kahar (trumpet).
The 16 member band that is here in PNG to perform includes three original members and the Black Sisters.
Two of the original members August and Sumanti have died while Stevy Mambor couldn’t make the tour due to health reasons.
The Black Sisters Petronela, Rosalie and Lea Rumwaropen are daughters of late August Rumwaropen and they’ll be performing alongside their uncles.
Black Brothers are known for hit songs back in the 1980s including Apuse, Permata Hatiku, Hari Kiamat, Terjalin Kembali, kerongcong kenangan, Anita and Wan Pela Meri.
Their music, sung in Tok Pisin, and originally in Bahasa Indonesia included influences from reggae and political elements inspired by the Black Power movement.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop said it’s a privilege to have the Black Brothers back in PNG to perform after 28 years.
Parkop welcomed the group back to PNG and said it’s a pleasure to have them back in Moresby to celebrate 41 years of Independence with us.
He has  extended an invitation for the fans of Black Brothers and the young generation to come out and support the group.
Tickets are selling for K5 outer stands and K30 grandstand available at CHM Vision City and Tabari Place. Gates open at 4.30pm and the show starts at 6.30pm. (PNG Loop)
2) Papua Legislative Council Questions the Plan to Set up Military Base in Biak
9 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Ruben Magai questioned the plan to build a military base in Biak Numfor.
“The government’s policy always fails to involve customary people. Consequently their lands are always been taken behind the reasons of development and other things. Their rights and obligations remain unrevealed. It’s only taken by the military strength. It seems the indigenous People were not the citizens of this country,” said Magai to Jubi on Thursday (8/9/2016).
According to Magai who is the member of the Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council for Government, Politic, Legal, Human Rights and Land Affairs, as if the indigenous People only ‘stay’ on their own land. When the government wants to utilize their land, the customary people were asked to leave their land that would be used without compensations.
“I suggest the president and Coordinating Minister of Politic, Legal and Security Affairs to reconsider that policy. Now the indigenous Papuans only have the land. Their other rights in many sectors have been taken by others. Now, their land has also been taken for many purposes, whether it was for the plantation, infrastructure development and other purpose without any attention on social responsibility,” he said.
He said the Central Government could not build the Military Base in Biak without involving the customary people in the planning. He said it’s just not right. “If people were given the explanation about their rights and obligations, it would be fine. Papua Legislative Council agreed to refuse the plan on the military base in Biak,” he said.
The plan to build the Military Base in Biak was also refused by young people joined in the Forum for Byak, Supiori, Raja Ampat and Teluk Wondama Regions.
The Secretary of the forum Agustinus Rumaropen while visit to Jubi Office sometimes ago said the people had trauma with the presence of military in Papua. The presence of Military Base in Biak would only add the dark story and tragedy that would have negative impact to the tenure rights and the improvement of people economic welfare. “As part of the customary people, we strongly disagree with the plan on Military Base,” he said. (*/rom)

3) Road Covered by Mud, Mindiptana Residents Isolated
15 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Residents in Mindiptana have been isolated after a crossroad connecting Mindiptana and Tanah Merah, Boven Digoel Regency was covered by two-meter high mud that is also hurting the local economy.
A taxi driver for Merauke – Boven Digoel route, Riski, told reporters that the mud has been blocking the road for two months, disrupting the activities of local residents.
“People are isolated, and basic commodity prices have increased 50 percent from the normal prices,” said Riski  in Jayapura on Wednesday (14/9/2016).
He said there are 12 broken spots at about 78 kilometers distance and there is a spot that landslide often occurred to cover the road. This condition was happened due to the high rainfall at the southern area for the last two months.
“It is raining almost everyday, it changes the bare road become muddy, so it’s not possible for the vehicles to get along. Even the asphalt road also broken due to the rainfall,” he said.
He said in normal condition, Mindiptana – Tanah Merah could be reached less than 1 hour 20 minutes by car or bike. But today, people should wait until six days. “Currently it is faster by walking. The indigenous people usually could walk in less than two or three days if they want to go to Tanah Merah or vise versa,” he said.
Mindiptana resident Kristin similarly said this condition is worried, moreover the basic commodities prices increased significantly. “It’s really affected us. The basic commodity such as rice that usually sold Rp 10 thousand per kilogram, currently Rp 20 thousand.  It is similar with the fuel price. We used to buy gasoline for Rp 6500, now it reachs Rp 15 thousand,” she said.
Concerning to this situation, she expected the government could pay attention to immediately repair the broken road, given it is only the one way to go to Mindiptana and Tanah Merah. “It is the only access for us to go to the town for buying our daily needs. If it just ignored, our life would become more difficult, goods become expensive and our activities would be destructed,” she said.
She added after the inauguration by Papua Governor, the Regent and Deputy Regent Boven Digoel never came to visit on the ground, though the road condition is worse. “Now as citizens we asked their promise they said in the election to build our village,” he said. (*/rom)
4) Rice Stocks in Papua are Safe for Three Months Ahead, Says Official
14 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Rice stocks at the warehouse of the Logistics Bureau Regional Division Papua and Papua Barat are adequate for the next three months.
At least 38,000 tons of rice stocks are kept at the bureau’s warehouse as well as on the shipping. It applies not only for the PSO (Public Service Obligation) but also for commercial
“It’s still safe,” the Head Division of the Public Service Operation Ibrahim Wairoy told in Jayapura on Wednesday (13/9/2016).
He said there was no problem with food security.
“Thank God, there is no problem, moreover there would be the additional supplies not just coming from Merauke but also from other regions, so it guarantee the rice stocks are safe,” he said.
He further said of the 38 thousand stocks at the warehouse in Jayapura, 1,507 tones are ready stocks while the rest are still on the shipping from Merauke and Surabaya, and 45 tones more for commercial stocks.
“For Jayapura, our PSO and commercial stocks are 4,429 tones, while for Papua the stocks at the warehouse in the entire Papua whether for PSO or commercial are 38,958 tones or the supplies of minimal stocks are enough for the next three months,” he said.
He admitted the warehouses is not enough to accommodate the needs of distribution due to less capacity, such as in Wamena and Jayapura City that result the high mobility in the warehouses. “Consequently we should optimize our warehouses to keep the stocks in case there is emergency. We can mobilise these stocks to the region in need. (*/rom)
5) Bank Indonesia Official Welcomes Frans Kaiser Image on Rp10.000 Banknote
14 September 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Papua Province Joko Supratikto stated Frans Kaisepo would be the first national hero of Papua origin to feature on the Indonesian banknote of Rp 10,000 denomination.
“This is the first time for a Papuan to be displayed on a banknote, but the endemic bird of Papua, cendrawasih, has been used in the coin,” he said in Jayapura on Wednesday (14/9/2016).
He said the decision reflects Indonesia’s commitment to Papua as a region that is not separated from the Republic of Indonesia.
“Hopefully it could bring a good thing to Papua in general upon the Republic of Indonesia,” he said. But Joko admitted he has no further information about when it would be circulate. “It would be announced later, but it is expected to be done at the end of this year,” he said.
Earlier, the President Jokow Widodo reportedly determined 12 pictures of the national patriots to be displayed in the Indonesian banknotes. The Secretariat of Cabinet said to show the government’s respect towards the national patriots, the government needs to display the pictures of national patriots in the banknotes or coins’ front side.
For that reason, on 5 September 2016 the president signed the Presidential Decree No 31 Year 2016 on the Establishment of National Patriots to be displayed on the front side of the Indonesian banknotes and coins.
Frans Kaisepo is one of 11 patriots selected based on decree. Another ten are Dr (HC) Ir Soekarno and Dr (HC) Drs Mohammad Hatta, Ir H Djuanda Kartawidjaja, Dr GSSJ Ratulangi, Dr KH Idham Chalid, Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin, Tjut Meutiah, Mr I Gusti Ketut Pudja, Letnan Jenderal TNI (Purn) Tahi Bonar Simatupang, Dr Tjipto Mangunkusumo, and Prof Dr Ir Herman Johanes.(*)

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