Sunday, September 11, 2016

Media release-Pacific Countries should support re inscription of West Papua on the decolonisation list

 Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Media Release 12 September 2016

Pacific Countries should support  re inscription of West Papua  on the decolonisation list

West Papuan supporters at MSG Secretariet in Port Vila earlier this year

Although AWPA is encouraged that the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) leaders have decided that human rights violations in West Papua should remain on their agenda, it was disappointing that no mention of a PIF fact-finding mission to West Papua was mentioned in the official communiqué.

Joe Collins of AWPA said, it is hoped that at the Post Forum Dialogue which Indonesian attends, that the PIF Leaders continued to vigorously requested the Indonesian Government to allow a PIF fact-finding mission to West Papua to investigate the human rights situation in the territory.

As massive support for West Papua grows throughout the Pacific region from civil society organisations, churches and the recently formed  “Pacific Coalition on West Papua” (PCWP)
West Papua is truly back on the agenda and hopefully the international community is taking note of this groundswell of support.
The so called act of free choice in 1969 was a sham and 53 years later West Papuans are still marching in the streets calling for justice.

A number of Pacific countries have already raised West Papua   at various UN committees and its hoped with this growing support in the region that both the PIF and the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will not only continue to raise the issue at the UN but support the call by civil society organisations for the re inscription of West Papua  on the decolonisation list.

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