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1) Faces of Mamit Village Papua

3) Jokowi to Inaugurate Two Border Airports



1) Faces of Mamit Village Papua
By : Donny Andhika Mononimbar | on 2:37 PM October 16, 2016

The village of Mamit in Tolikara district lies more than 300 kilometers away from Papua's capital city of Jayapura. The village used to be a very remote area until in the 1990s missionaries were able to enter the place and introduce villagers to the rest of civilization.
Villagers typically live in a state of poverty, with local prices eight times those found in Java. High inflation forces many children to abandon education in order to work and support their families.


Oct 12, 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe asked to the Papuan people to respect his decision about those who are elected as the councilors of the Papua Legislative Council through 14 seats policy of the Papua Special Autonomy Law.
“The authority of the governor is clear. They might be able to charge, but we have the list of names and convincing reference. I hope we can deal with this,” said Enembe in Jayapura on Tuesday (11/10/2016) in responding the statement made by the Papua Customary Community Forum who file a charge to the State Court related to the appointment of the candidates of 14 seats.

He emphasized this appointment is the authority of the governor referring to the Special Regional Regulation about 14 seats appointment of the Special Autonomy. “I have named it, but the selection committee annulled it. Then we revise it once again. At that time I was in the hospital, prayed and made a decision on the 14 seats,” he said.

He explained, earlier the selection committee has appointed 41 names and handed to him for recommendation. Then, the committee didn’t follow up his recommendation; in fact the recommended names were annulled before submitted to the Papua People’s Assembly for assessing the authenticity of Papuans. However, due to the expiration of the contract of the Papua People’s Assembly, he withdrew the list and gave a new recommendation.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda said referring to the Special Regional Regulation on 14 seats, it has not mentioned about the number of men or women, but the indigenous Papuans only. “The Special Regional Regulation does not mention about the percentage of the number of men and women, but more about the indigenous Papuans or the customary people who are selected in 14 seats,” he said. (*/rom)

3) Jokowi to Inaugurate Two Border Airports
By : Edo Karensa | on 5:49 PM October 16, 2016
Jakarta. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is scheduled to inaugurate two airports in Indonesia's remote areas – including the northernmost on Miangas Island in North Sulawesi – this week, in a move to develop and invigorate the country's border areas.
Speaking to reporters in North Kayong, West Sulawesi, the president reiterated the government's commitment to create better connectivity between the country's furthermost regions, as well as maintaining Indonesia's national sovereignty.
He cited the newly-inaugurated Ranai Airport in Natuna district, Riau Islands, which has seen a massive upgrade from only 243 meter squares to 3,856 sqm wide earlier this week.
“In three days, we will also open the airport in Miangas, the northernmost, near Philippines,” the president said on Saturday (15/10), referring to Miangas Airport in North Sulawesi that has a 1,400 meter-long runway, enough for a twin-engine ATR-72 short-haul regional airliner to land.
The government had spent $15.3 million on the construction of Miangas Airport, with the Transportation Ministry set to add another $7.6 million for runway extensions in the future.
“We will also open an airport in Yahukimo [Papua] in three days. The districts in border areas will be developed to improve the connectivity which will unity us as a nation,” the president said.
The development of Dekai Airport in Yahukimo district was initiated in 2004. The central and regional government jointly spent $24.6 million to establish the airport that has 2,070 meter-long runway.
The inauguration will be one of many on Jokowi's agenda during his Papua visit, which will start on Monday.

Oct 8,2016
Wamena, Jubi – Lanny Jaya Regent Befa Yigibalom launched a Papua children storybook written in three languages – local, Bahasa Indonesia and English – during a visit by the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture in Tiom on Saturday (08/10/2016).
The book launch coordinator, Mrs. Rosa Noya Sahetapi, explained that the storybook was published in cooperation with Hadassah Foundation and the English Department of Cenderawasih University for the local government of Lanny Jaya.
The event also marked the launch of the program of Gerakan Indonesia Membaca (Indonesian Movement for Reading) and the Reading Center at SMP YPPGI Lanny Jaya.
“We hope this multilingual book would encourage other new stories, in particularly the local stories of Lanny Jaya as well as to protect the local culture,” said Rosa.
Through the storybook, which tell about the origin of salt in Kurulu, Wamena, it is expected to bring some positive impacts for the early childhood education in the character building. It is also to become a media for growing the affection of books among the children and educating the young generation in Lanny Jaya.
Minister of Education and Culture Prof. Muhajir Effendy expressed his appreciation and readiness to support the performance of Lanny Jaya Regent Befa Yigibalom because he has improved and prioritized the education in his region. “I appreciate the regent’s program that has put the education as priority in Lanny Jaya. This is a way that the modern regional leader should have,” said the minister.
He said there is no other way to encourage Indonesia to become an advance country without makes prioritization to its human resources in the first place. Indonesia is a wealth country indeed, because it has lots of natural resources, but it would be extinct and wasted if it was managed by unqualified persons.
“Education is extremely important and I fully understand about how difficult is in dealing with the education in Lanny Jaya,” said the minister.
In order to support the program, the minister has provided a financial assistance to support the education in literacy and equation programs to Lanny Jaya Government. (*/rom)

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