Monday, October 17, 2016

1) Papuan group hopeful of fresh approach from new UN SG

2) Power projects in Papua must be completed by 2019: President

1) Papuan group hopeful of fresh approach from new UN SG
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There are hopes among West Papuans that the new United Nations Secretary-General will help protect the human rights of Papua's indigenous people.
Antonio Guterres, the former Portuguese prime minister, was been unanimously elected to take over the UN top job from Ban Ki-moon at the start of next year.
As Portugal prime minister, Mr Guterres played a key role in the UN internvention in East Timor shortly before it gained independence from Indonesia.
The United Liberation Movement for West Papua’s Pacific regional ambassador, Akouboo Amatus Douw, said that unlike Portugal's efforts to do the right thing by Timor, the Dutch have not met their moral obligation to Papuans.

However he hoped that Mr Guterres can similarly help Papuans facilitate calls by seven countries at the UN general assembly last month for an investigation into alleged rights violations in Papua.
Mr Guterres was also the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for ten years and his work in this role was acknowledged by Mr Douw.
Under Mr Guterres's leadership, the UNHCR provided legal and humanitarian assistance for over 10 thousands West Papuan refugees in PNG.
"In my rough estimation we have 30-thousand Papuan political refugees all around the globe including myself," said Mr Douw.
He said the main reason that Papuans have to flee Indonesian rule is the denial of their absolute rights of self-determination in their home country.
“As I was of 43 West Papua political asylum seekers who escaped from West Papua and landed in Australia in 2006, I have very positive thoughts on his (Guterres') priorities in seeking to revolve core issues behind why these people became marginalised and suffered in all aspects."

2) Power projects in Papua must be completed by 2019: President

Senin, 17 Oktober 2016 22:06 WIB | 434 Views

Sentani, Papua (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has directed that the electricity infrastructure projects in Papua and West Papua provinces be completed by 2019.

"I do not want them to linger on till 2020. These should be completed by 2019," he said when inaugurating six electricity infrastructure projects at Waena substation in Sentani in the district of Jayapura, Papua, on Monday.

He admitted that geographical conditions in Papua are challenging but stressed that these must not be used as an excuse to delay the projects.

"I know the situation is tough but that is a challenge that projects in Papua and West Papua always pose. I know this but the projects must not be delayed," he reiterated. 

President Joko Widodo has asked the president director of state-owned power company, PT PLN, to complete electricity infrastructure projects in Papua faster.

Not only are the electricity infrastructure projects being expedited but also other projects such as those meant to develop connectivity between districts, such as road development, are also being pushed.

President Joko Widodo inaugurated six electricity infrastructure projects including Orya Genyem 2x10 MW hydro-power generating plant, Prafi 2x1.25MW mini hydro-power generating plant, the 174.6 km long 70 kilovolt transmission line circuit in Genyem, Waena, Jayapura, the 43.4 kilometer 70 kilovolt transmission line circuit between Holtekamp-Jayapura, the 20 megavolt ampere Waena substation in Sentani and 20 megavolt ampere substation in Jayapura.

PLN president director Sofyan Basyir noted that the six projects were worth Rp989 billion.

"With the six electricity projects becoming operational, the PLN will be able to save up to Rp161 billion worth of oil fuel per year," he informed.

He commented that the electricity network in Papua and West Papua is increasingly becoming more reliable, supported by the 70kV transmission system (SUTT) and the 20 MVA substation (GI).

"The 70 kV SUTT and the substation is the first SUTT and GI in Papua," he underlined.

The success of the six electricity infrastructure projects is very important for Papua and West Papua in view of the increasing need of electricity in the two eastern provinces.

"It is especially so in case of the 70kV SUTT from Orya Genyem to Jayapura which involved construction of 323 towers," he added.

Sofyan stated that Papua has a hilly topography with little accessibility and that posed a special challenge for PLN during the construction.

Thanks to the hard work of PLN workers and assistance from all stakeholders as well as community members and local governments, the 70 kV SUTT from Orya Genyem to Waena and Jayapura as well as the 70 kV SUTT from Holtekam to Jayapura were duly completed, he explained.

"We are now building new power generating plants with a total capacity of 253 MW in 13 districts in Papua and West Papua, a 246 kilometer long transmission circuit and eight substations worth Rp7 trillion," he disclosed.

He cited the new and renewable energy-based energy sources in Papua and West Papua as proof of the PLNs commitment to support plans to enhance the energy sources by 23 percent by 2025.

As of now, the total supply of electricity in Papua and West Papua is recorded at 294 MW with the peak burden reaching 242 MW and eight percent annual growth rate with the 521,000 total customers.

"With the completion of the projects, electricity capacity in Papua and West Papua will double by 2019 and PLN is ready to lend support to ensure the success of the 2020 National Games in Papua," he assured.

PLN has set a target of supplying electricity to all sub-district capitals in the outermost islands and border regions by 2019 and increasing the rural electricity operational hours to 24 hours a day.(*)

Oct 10,2016
Jayapura, Jubi – The family of the victim of the shooting incident in Sugapa rejected a one-year jail sentence for an officer and 21 days for other four Mobile Brigade officers for their rolesin the incident in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua on 28 August.
One of the family’s members, Thomas Sondegau said the sentences had not brought justice for the family.
Since the beginning, the family wanted those officers to be fired.

“It is not fair for us. The Mobile Brigade officers who allegedly perpetrated and involved in this incident only got 21 days and a year sentences, as well as to deprived for their office. It has not brought a justice for our family,” Sondegau told Jubi by phone last week.
Sondago, who is also a politician from Democrat Party and Papua legislator as well, the family would not ask for anything but only wanted the perpetrators to be fired and their commander relieved from his position.
“If needed, he shouldn’t have any position. I will ask this to the Papua Police. The Police violated their promise. At the beginning, they said the perpetrators would be punished according the Law, but in reality the Law has not fulfilled the justice to our family,” he said.
He’s worried if the perpetrator and those who involved in this case has not been fired as asked by the victim’s family and the local community of Intan Jaya in Sugapa, it would raise a bad reaction among the local people in the future.
“Where is the justice? The life of our grandchild, child, and brother is worth with the punishment of 21 days and a year sentences. We want the perpetrator and other involved officers to be fired and punished,” he said.
Deputy Chairman of the Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council Orwan Tolli Wone said this is not a regular case. The victim was dead because of the officer’s weapon.
“The security forces are armed by the state not for wounding or taking the citizen’s life. Why should he been shot to the death. Is there no other way to do although he might be wrong?” said Wone.
He considered it is reasonable if the family asked the perpetrator and other culprits who involved in this case having severe punishment because they have caused the death of Otinus Sondegau. The Police ethics trial verdict the five mobile brigade officers are found guilty of the misuse of the armed weapon leading to the death of a teenager called Otinus Sondegau in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency at the end of August.
Cited by the Jakarta Post, the officers are Jackson Simbiak, Eduardo Ansanay, Jefri Irianto Yohanes, Thom Mathias Wanarina and Yudi Sahi. The ethic trial led by Reeza Herasbudi on Friday (7/10/2016) decided Jackson Simbiak and Eduardo Ansanay to get 21 days sentences and be dismissed from their current positions as the platoon commander. Jefri Irianto Yohanes was punished a year sentence and dismissed from his position as commander. Meanwhile Thom Mathias Wanarina and Yudi Sahi got 21 days sentences and educational career suspension for a year.
Meanwhile, the local government of Intan Jaya stated the shooting case against a student Otianus Sondegau in Sugapa has been solved by a fine that has been paid by the Regent Natalius Tabuni with the amount of Rp750 million and the Papua Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw with the amount of Rp 100 million.
“In the custom, actually it applies a rule that a head should be replaced by a head. People asked the government to prepare the two graves for the victim and his perpetrator. But the law should be enforced, so we thought these money has not been an ending for the settlement of Sugapa case,” said Fransiskus Waine in Papua People’s Assembly in Jayapura City some times ago with other assembly’s members Ciska Abugau, Debora Mote and Fransiska Okmonggop Mote.
He said as a representative institution of indigenous Papuan culture, he said the Intan Jaya Regent, Paniai Police Chief, Sugapa Police Chief, Papua Police Chief and Intan Jaya Legislative Council have protected the perpetrators.
“Although the regent, mobile brigade and police declared that the problem is over but as the representative institution of indigenous Papuan culture, MRP regarded this is not over yet,” he said.
“After all this is about the human’s life. Therefore, the perpetrator should be investigated thoroughly. And the perpetrator should be given to the community to be punished with the customary law if the government cannot able to enforce their law. Human’s life could not be sold though it has been paid,” he said.
He asserted that the regent should be responsible because of his initiative to bring the mobile brigade to his region. MRP also has a query whether there is no Police so that the Mobile Brigade is needed in this region.
“In the Papua central highland we are declining the presence of Mobile Brigade. Being tortured, beaten, then ending with the shooting. So we all knew, that in Intan Jaya, Moni people is still keeping their customs with a stong commitment, therefore the new comers should be adapted with the situation there,” he said.
“With a fine paid by Intan Jaya Regent and Papua Police Chief, it seems indicating that the life of Moni people is easily to buy. What would be happened in the future? MRP asked to the Mobile Brigade in Intan Jaya to return to its headquarters, they supposed to be no longer exist in Intan Jaya,” he asserted.
The Chairwoman of the MRP’s investigation team Ciska Abugau said the security forces, in this case the Mobile Brigade and Indonesian Police, to not provoke the community to against the regent. This shooting is a kind of way to separate the leader from its people while their relationship is harmonious during the time.
“The incident like this always been happened when the regional head wasn’t in his region. I asked the Mobile Brigade and Police to not provoke a clash between the people and the regent. Because this shooting has caused the people to hate the regent,” said Ciska Abugau.(*/rom)

Oct 14, 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua legislator from the electoral district of Intan Jaya, Paniai, Mimika, Nabire, Deiyai and Dogiyai, Maria Duwitau, accused the police of reneging on on their promise in the settlement of the shooting in Sugapa, Intan Jaya on 28 August 2016 by mobile brigade officers that caused the death of Otinaus Sondegau.
Dewitau, a politician from the Democrat Party, said during the negotiation with the victim’s family, the Papua Police promised to give  punishment to the officers found guilty and involved in this case. The victim’s family didn’t ask any more than the dismissal of the perpetrators.
“The lives of Papuans are precious. They are not worth 21 days or a year in prison. It would give no deterrent effect to the perpertrators. People could count on it. What the Papua Police in the square has talked was different with the verdict. It is a lie if the officers did it for defending their selves from people who chased them with the arrows,” she said on Tuesday (11/10/2016).
According to him, if those said the Papua Police has given Rp 150 million to the victim’s family, the money wasn’t for paying the fines based on the customary law.

“When they talked with the victim’s family, we were in Sugapa. At that time, some of Police chiefs including the Papua Police Deputy Chief were attended. The Papua Police Chief gave Rp 150 million to the family not for paying the life. It is to say his condolence. On the other hand, the victim’s family asked that a life should be paid with another life,” she said.

esides the residents, she said the shooting witnesses are the police officers in Intan Jaya. She asked to all members of the security forces, including the military and police to treat Papuans properly. 
“The indigenous Papuans should not be seen like the animals and be killed. The Papua Police Chief must put this case in order. No one has rights to take anyone’s life except God,” she said.
Another Papuan legislator from the same electoral region and also the victim’s family, Thomas Sondegau, said the family could not accept the verdict over five mobile brigade officers. 
“Papua Police promised to refer on the positive law, but the reality four of five officers only got 21 days sentences and one got a year sentences. It is only the punishment of ethics. We don’t ask for anything. We only wanted they are all being fired,” he said.
According to him, the officers should get the proper punishment. 
“Those who stole the cassava got two years sentences, but in the case of convicted murder, they only got 21 days and one year sentences,” he said. 
The Papua Police spokesperson, Patrige Renwarin, said the five officers were found guilty due to the misuse of armed weapons causing the death of civilians. 
“The sanction is various, especially for Jackson Simbiak and Paul Eduardo Ansanay, they are dismissed from their position as the platoon commander. Meanwhile Jefri is dismissed from his position as the commander of the squad,” said Renwarin. 
According to him, they cannot get the sanction on crime because they are proven to defend themselves from the people’s arrow attack around the shooting incident. 
“From the investigation in the trial, the five officers opened the shout after being attack by people with the arrow. Their shot hit the victim,” he said. (*/rom)

Oct 12, 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – A human rights activists from Meepago customary area, Yones Douw, said anyone could conduct autopsies on the bodies of four students who were shot dead during a protest on the Karel Gobay Square, Enarotali on 8 December 2016.
“Anyone could do an autopsy but what we want the Indonesian Police Headquarters, Indonesian Military Headquarters and National Human Rights Commission to do is to immediately announce the results of their investigation,” Douw told Jubi by phone on Tuesday (11/10/2016). 
He said the public, in particular the victims’ families in Paniai, were demanding clarity on the investigation. 
“Clearly we refuse the autopsy before the announcement over the investigation result,” he said.
He was referring to two letters from the National Human Rights Committee to the Indonesian Police and Military concerning the investigation, signed by the committee’s chairman M. Imdadun Rahmat signed on 19 September 2016.
Separately, the Paniai Regional Customary Council Chief John NR. Gobya asserted the autopsy was not necessary to do immediately. “Do a trial, bring the witnesses and evidences first,” he said. 
“The investigation process has not done yet, but already asked for the autopsy. I suspect it is a part of agenda of one of the institutions,” he said. Furthermore, said Gobay, besides those who passed away, some of the victims of the Paniai case are still alive until now.
“There is a projectile found from the victim who was hospitalized in the Paniai Public Hospital. The doctor there has given it to the Indonesian Police’s lab team. The Indonesian Police please tell us the owner is. Don’t keep silent,” said the man who also the second secretary of Papua Customary Council. (*/rom)

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