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1) Getting Australia-Indonesia Military Ties Back on Track

2) Papua community are grateful workspace ULMWP in MSG Secretariat
3) Indonesian President Joko Widodo to visit Australia at end of month

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1) Getting Australia-Indonesia Military Ties Back on Track
Australia’s army chief visit an opportunity to smooth over ties following a recent spat.

By Prashanth Parameswaran February 07, 2017

                                                      Image Credit: Australia Department of Defense

This week, Australia’s army chief Angus Campbell will meet Indonesia’s military leaders in Jakarta. Apart from reaffirming the importance of a key bilateral security relationship, the trip is also an opportunity to smooth over ties following a spat last month and pave the way for even greater collaboration between the two sides.
As I have noted previously, Indonesia and Australia, two neighboring, significant, and highly-capable actors in the Indo-Pacific, have been strengthening their defense relations over the past few years, with notable steps including the inking of the Lombok Treaty in 2006 and the launching of the two-plus-two dialogue in 2012 (See: “Why Do Australia-Indonesia Military Relations Matter?”). This has occurred despite periodical tensions and crises that have rocked ties.
Though the emergence of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in September 2015 had given a new boost to bilateral ties, in January, the rocky relationship hit another snag when Indonesia’s military spokesman said bilateral cooperation had been suspended temporarily due to concerns about some teaching materials at an Army language training facility in Australia (See: “Indonesia-Australia Military Relations Hit Another Snag”). While the extent of the fallout ended up being much more limited than initially suggested and both sides quickly signaled their commitment to preserve ties, it nonetheless once again revealed the fragile nature of a deepening defense relationship between the two countries.
Campbell’s trip would be one of a series of steps that would reaffirm the importance of the military relationship. To be sure, functional cooperation has continued on in spite of the hype about the latest snag, as evidenced by the convening of the third meeting of the Australia-Indonesia Ministerial Council on Law and Security last week which touched on topics including terrorism, cybersecurity, and intelligence collaboration (See: “Old Shadows in New Australia-Indonesia Military Spat”). But Campbell’s meetings will give him a chance to meet top defense officials including Indonesian military chief Gatot Nurmantyo and army chief of staff Mulyono.
More specifically, Campbell’s trip is also an opportunity to smooth over ties following the latest snag. Indonesian officials had subsequently clarified last month that only cooperation related to the military’s Australia-based language training program had been suspended, rather than the overall defense relationship as was speculated previously. Nonetheless, the concerns about teaching materials are far from minor; the allegedly offensive content ties into broader issues like West Papua and East Timor which are sensitive for the Indonesian military and have also roiled bilateral ties previously. Campbell’s visit is an opportunity for both sides to manage that issue, including discussing the findings of an ongoing investigation that Australia had already opened.
Clearing the air now would be additionally useful because it would patch things up ahead of Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s trip to Australia in a few weeks time. That much-anticipated trip was supposed to take place last November but was postponed as Jokowi had to contend with the fallout from blasphemy allegations against the Christian and ethnically Chinese governor of Jakarta, popularly known as Ahok.

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2) Papua community are grateful workspace ULMWP in MSG Secretariat
Senin, 06 Februari 2017 — 20:11

                          People who attended the celebration were listening to political speeches ULMWP - Jubi / Wesai

Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1,

Wamena, Jubi - indigenous Papuan people in the Region Lapago consisting of three major tribes, Lanny, Yali and Hubula held Worship Celebration on the achievements of the work of the United Liberation Movement For West Papua (ULMWP) since its inception and 2017's. The achievement is the latest grateful MSG protocol policy towards ULMWP as members and the provision of specialized work space in the secretariat of MSG given officially to ULMWP.

Thanksgiving, which was centered in the yard ULMWP in the country, Jl. Trikora Wamena Maplima Complex, Monday (02/06/2017) and attended by about 1,500 people of Papua. The presence of this community to commemorate two years of receipt of ULMWP as an observer member in MSG which almost coincided with the anniversary of the Missionary in Papua February 5, 2015 last.

"In the younger age ULMWP have managed to achieve a variety of political progress," said Pastor. Theo Wetipo, S. Th, when reading out the written speech the Secretary General ULMWP Octovianus Mote

He said that, in the first year ULMWP not just become an observer member of the MSG, but also be able to set the Papua issue in the agenda of the annual meeting of the forum main countries of the Pacific Islands. Whereas in the second year of successful ULMWP ensure that Papua is no longer a problem in the countries of Melanesia but becomes a problem from the region

"It is evident by the strengthening of the Papua issue in the annual meeting of the heads of Pacific Island countries, in Phon Pei, the capital of Federated States of Micronesia. In a communique, they stated that the issue of human rights in Papua will always be on the agenda of their annual meetings "he said

Meanwhile, Octovianus Mote contacted Jubi recognize the tremendous progress ULMWP is currently Chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), Manasseh Sogavare form a new container named Pacific Island Coalition on West Papua (PICWP).

"The fruit of the commitment of these containers we have seen together when seven heads of state addressed the UN General Assembly. All these facts need to be understood properly in order not to fall for the cheap issues propagated by the Indonesian government and their accomplices" said Mote.

Further Mote, the cheap propaganda for example no claim ULMWP not a member of MSG, but today Indonesia and sat ULMWP equivalent in any official meeting leaders of MSG, MSG protocol treats ULMWP as members who have the same rights.

"At the beginning of 2017 the exact date of January 17, the official ULMWP get a work space in the secretariat MSG" Mote said.

Thanksgiving is done only a day after the anniversary of the Missionary coupled also with the inauguration of the board 31 tribal councils sub-tribe of the eight districts in Papua

These activities take place under the supervision of police officers Jayawijaya. Worship Sukuran and inaugural board sub-tribe of the traditional council led by Pdt. Isak Asso. Ceremonies customarily performed community Central Mountains by slaughtering 12 pigs and eat together. The policemen from Jayawijaya securing activities and even then ate together with people who attended the celebration. (*)

3) Indonesian President Joko Widodo to visit Australia at end of month

Jakarta: Indonesian President Joko Widodo is slated to visit Australia at the end of this month, with Jakarta confirming its outgoing ambassador Najib Riphat Kesoema had been asked to stay on for the presidential trip.
The visit is a fillip for the bilateral relationship and reflects that lasting damage was not inflicted by the recent defence fracas over material found at an Perth army base that caused offence to Indonesia.
Ambassador Najib was farewelled at a diplomatic function in Canberra last month after serving a five-year posting in Australia.
However the Indonesian Foreign Ministry's director-general for Asia Pacific Affairs, Desra Percaya, told Fairfax Media he had been asked to stay on a bit longer.

"The ambassador's stay is extended because the president will be visiting Australia at the end of this month," Mr Desra told Fairfax Media.
Meanwhile, Australian Army chief Angus Campbell will on Wednesday meet with Indonesian military chief Gatot Nurmantyo in Jakarta to discuss an internal investigation into the allegedly offensive material found at Campbell Barracks in Perth.
Earlier this month General Gatot had described the material, which included a poster that ridiculed Indonesia's state ideology Pancasila, as "too painful to explain".
He was upset over teaching on topics such as past Indonesian soldiers, East Timor, that West Papua should be independent and "Pancagila", a spoof of the state ideology of Pancasila which suggests that its five principles are crazy.

It initially appeared as if all defence ties between the two nations had been suspended as a result, although Chief Security Minister Wirantolater clarified the postponement of cooperation related to the Special Forces Australia language training program only.
General Gatot said last month the action taken would depend on the result of the investigation.

Indonesian defence analyst Natalie Sambhi said there was a sense from the Indonesian side that the investigation had taken too long. She said she had also been asked whether any Indonesian officials had taken part in the investigation.
"There is a feeling of frustration the investigation wasn't concluded any sooner," Ms Sambhi said. "There is a suggestion that this is in part what might have driven it to become public."

Ms Sambhi, an analyst from the Perth USAsia Centre, said she hoped for three outcomes from the investigation.
Firstly, that an adequate explanation was given of the context in which the allegedly offensive material had been used at the army base.
Secondly, that an apology was issued and a reassurance given that this would not occur again.
And thirdly, that there would be a normalisation of the relationship between the Australian Defence Forces and Kopassus, the Indonesian Army Special Forces group.
There have been two incidents in Australia relating to West Papua in the wake of the defence fracas.
A protester was charged with trespassing on the Indonesian consulate-general in Melbourne on January 30, three days after Indonesia criticised Australia for failing to arrest anyone over the security breach.
On January 6 the man clambered onto the roof of the mission in Melbourne and waved the separatist West Papuan "Morning Star" flag, which is banned in Indonesia, while another person filmed the event. The video was posted on Facebook and distributed widely.
And in a recent vandalism attack, "West Papua" was written on the grass verge in front of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra using weedkiller.
West Papuan independence is an extremely sensitive issue in Indonesia.
Many Indonesians remain suspicious of Australia's intentions in Papua, even though it has signed the Lombok Treaty recognising Indonesian sovereignty over the restive province.
Trade Minister Steve Ciobo will accompany a business delegation to Indonesia for the second Indonesia Australia Business Week (IABW), which will take place across multiple cities from  March 6 to 10.
"I hope our Prime Minister will lead the delegation to Jakarta," Australia Indonesia Business Council national president Debnath Guharoy wrote in a recent newsletter.

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