Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Statement by Mr. Barak T.Sope Maautamate

FWD on by Rex Rumakiek

Statement for immediate release

The President of the International Human Rights Protection Association in India Mr SHAMIM AHMED had appointed Mr Barak Tame Sope Maautamate, former Prime Minister of Vanuatu as President of the South Pacific Branch of IHRPAI. In his acceptance speech Mr. Sope stated that he was deeply honoured with the appointment. He further stated that he will do his best to advance the work to protect human rights in the South Pacific. 

In particular he would be able to advance the causes such as West Papua and others that are often ignored because of state interest and cheque book diplomacy. When dealing with human rights political boundaries are irrelevant Mr. Barak Sope said.

Mr. Sope was invited to India by IHRPAI on 30th of April 2012 and spoke in a number of meetings involving members from other affiliates. In his addresses Mr. Sope stated that affiliation with this major Human Rights Protection association will bring direct benefits to human rights work in the South Pacific. IHRPAI is the fastest growing human rights organization in India. It has 500,000 members and 25 branches throughout India.

Mr. Sope was satisfied with the discussions he had with leaders of HRPA in India. In particular he valued their understanding and willingness to cooperate with the Pacific region. One major concern and priority for Mr. Sope who is also the President of the Melanesian Progressive Party is to advance the current preparations by the West Papua Decolonization Committee to petition the UN Decolonization Committee. We need the support from International human rights organizations including IHRPA of India.

In a meeting in Sydney with Mr. Rex Rumakiek, Secretary General of West Papua National Coalition for Liberation and Ms. Paula Makabory, human rights activist representing Institute for Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights. Mr. Sope stressed his grave concern for the ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua where there is no International access.
Mr. Barak Sope is very concern that despite International calls for Indonesia to stop the violence nothing has changed. This violence has been going on for almost 5 decades and had taken over 200,000 precious lives; this is unacceptable Mr. Barak Sope said.

Mr. Sope was particularly happy that he made the Indian connection because the great leader of India, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the first leaders who voiced his concern for the Papuans right during the dispute between the Dutch and Indonesia at the United Nations in the 1950s.

For further details contact, Mr. Barak Sope, Ph +6785419272
Mr Rex Rumakiek ̧+61414149001; Ms. Paula Makabory, +61401957082 


Mr. Barak T. Sope Maautamate (Seated) Ms. Shaesta Bano, President of West Bengal IHRPAI, Mr. Amarendra Nath Gosh Vice President, Mr. Shamim Ahmed President National IHRPAI 

Mr. Barak T. Sope Maautamate being welcomed to the Office of the Human Rights Protection Association. Kolkata, West Bengol, 29/4/2012

Mr. Barak T. Sope Maautamate being presented with an Award by the Vice President of West Bengal IHRPA,
Mr. Amerendra Nath Gosh at Rotary Club of Charnock City function, Kalkota, 30/4/2012 

Mr. Barak T. Sope Maautamate (left) presenting IHRPA Book to Mr. Rex Rumakiek, Secretary General, West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCLl), Ms. Paula Makabory,
Institute of Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights (IPAHR). 


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