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                                 Antonius Uwamang while undergoing trial in Jakarta court 11 years ago – Getty Images
Jayapura, Jubi – Legislator of Papua, Wilhelmus Pigai stated that after the lifelong sentence of the convicted, Antonius Uwamang from Cipinang Prison, Jakarta to Abepura Prison, Jayapura City, Papua succeeded, they are now trying to get the remission (reduction of punishment) or pardon fom the president to Uwamang.
Member of Commission I in the field of politics, law and human rights said, since last week, Anton Uwamang has been transferred to LP Abepura. The next struggle is to seek remission or pardon for Uwamang.
“Regarding remission, which is in the process, the submission of a criminal change from a lifetime to a temporary penalty, has been submitted and hopefully on August this year there is a certainty,” said Wilhelmus Pigai to Jubi, Sunday (July 30).

According to him, the transfer of Anton Uwamang to Papua will facilitate the family to monitor his condition and to visit him.
“For nearly 12 years Anton has been detained at the Cipinang prisons, the family has never visited him, we are grateful that our efforts and the family have asked Anton to be moved has been successful, he has arrived at LP Abe since Tuesday (July 25),” he said. .
He said, in addition to the transfer efforts from LP Cipinang to LP Abepura and the remission (reduction of punishment), he will also fight for pardon or pardon from the president for the convicted person who was charged for shooting in Mimika in 2002.
“So there are three things that we are fighting for: the transfer of detentions has succeeded, then the remissions and pardons are now in process and pending,” he said.
While Vice Chairman of Commission I, Orwan Tolli Wone said when one checked Uwamang track record during his time in Cipinang prison, he should naturally got remission.
“Uwamang is entitled to a remission like any other prisoner, that’s the right of citizens, especially during the duration of the sentence Uwamang has never been in trouble,” Orwan said.
Anton Uwamang was sentenced to life for the shooting of a convoy of employees of PT Freeport Indonesia, on August 21, 2002 which resulted in two Americans, Ricky Lynn Spier (44) and Leon Edwin Burgon (71) and Indonesian citizen Bambang Riwanto killed.
In addition to Anton, his colleagues Yulianus Deikme and Agustinus Anggaibak were convicted 15 years in prison. Yairus Kiwak, Rev. Isaac Onawame, Esau Onawame and Hardi Sugumol were charged eight years in prison.
A test for Jokowi
The struggle for clemency for Uwamang will be a test for Indonesian President, Joko Widodo. Although he once freed five Papuan political prisoners in May 2015, none of them are a lifelong convict. The president who is familiarly called Jokowi is also considered to never prove his government’s commitment to solve the problem of alleged violations of Human Rights in Papua, along with democratic space in Papua.
Setara Institute some time ago mentioned in the policy span, it is proven that President Joko Widodo has no policy in solving cases of human rights violations and democratic conditions in Papua. This can be seen from the absence of any regulations or legislation concerning human rights issues.
In contrast, Jokowi only political maneuvered by attempting to open partial democracy taps such as granting pardons to political prisoners, lifting up restrictions on foreign press, and forming a team to resolve human rights cases in Papua, have not solving the problems of Papua holistically.
“The presidential political steps seem ambiguous and contradictory. On one hand, the president grants clemency to five political prisoners and grants foreign press freedom. But on the other hand, the government made a massive arrest against the peacefull demonstration of the people of Papua. In fact, the President is actually planning to build a new territorial command and police mobile brigade, Navy base, and add more troops to Papua. This further demonstrates that governments is still present his militaristic and repressive approach to Papuan society, “said Bonar Tigor Naipospos, Deputy Director of Setara Institute.
In international forums, continued Naipospos, Jokowi runs a diplomacy ‘turn a blind eye’ by denying all complaints and information about human rights violations in Papua.
In many forums, the government is more defensive without adequate foundation. The international government’s arrogance by ignoring the human rights situation report is evidence of a denial of the humanist policy that Jokowi had promised.(*)


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1) Papua to hold the fourth Keerom Cultural Festival

2) Raja Ampat promotes culture with festival, handicraft exhibition
1) Papua to hold the fourth Keerom Cultural Festival
News Desk The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Sun, July 30, 2017 | 02:22 pm
Papua is set to hold Keerom Cultural Festival (FBK) from August 2 to 4 at the Swakarsa soccer field, Asyaman village.
Themed “Bangsa Yang Bermartabat Adalah Bangsa Berbudaya Pesona Indonesia Pesona Keerom” (A Dignified Nation is a Cultural Nation of Indonesian Charm, Keerom Charm), the festival will showcase the original culture of Papua among other attractions.
“Those who want to see the beauty of Papua and its unique culture, please come to Keerom, Papua. This event also targets the neighboring country Papua New Guinea,” said tourism ministry's archipelago marketing development deputy Esthy Reko Astuti.
Esthy added that this year is the fourth anniversary of the festival. The event will be the medium for artists, even the upcoming ones, to channel their creativity.
“Keerom regency has 19 ethnicities and tribes. It is very rich in culture thus needs to be presented on a huge-scale art event,” Esthy added.
Traditional dances that will be showcased at the event are non-sacred dances or creative dances that are still being preserved up to this day. All dance studios in the regency have been invited to participate. Celebrated Papuan singer, Edo Kondologit, will also be performing in the Kerom Cultural Festival.
The event will also showcase a dance performance from Papua New Guinea. The neighboring country will send eight cultural studios consisting of 348 participants. (asw)


2) Raja Ampat promotes culture with festival, handicraft exhibition

News Desk The Jakarta Post Jakarta | Sat, July 29, 2017 | 05:02 pm

Raja Ampat in West Papua is known as one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. But the place also has interesting culture to offer, hence it hosts a string of attractive festivals.
The latest one is Suling Tambur Festival and Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition that run from July 28 to 30 at Waisai Torang Cinta Beach and was officially opened by West Papua governor Dominggus Mandacan.
Throughout the festival, visitors are invited to join underwater activities, such as snorkeling and diving. It also features shows like suling tambur music parade, suling tambur traditional music competition and the best marching band majorette and best costume competitions.
The handicrafts exhibition is expected to boost local economy. “These handicraft products made by the locals can be purchased and brought home as a special gift from Raja Ampat,” said Raja Ampat Tourism Agency head Yusdi Lamatenggo.
Yusdi said 24 districts in Raja Ampat were invited to take part in the festival.
The festival and exhibition marked the first time these kind of events are being held in Raja Ampat and the administration is planning to make them an annual event. (kes)

1) 2 miners killed in landslide in Tembagapura

2) One killed in clash over district head election in Papua



1) 2 miners killed in landslide in Tembagapura

Nethy Dharma Somba
Jayapura, Papua | Sun, July 30, 2017 | 11:00 am

Fatal incident: Search and rescue personnel attempt to the remove bodies of two gold miners trapped in a landslide in Banti village, Tembagapura, Timika, Papua, on July 29. (Courtesy of the Tembagapura Police/File)

Two gold miners were killed on Saturday in a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall in Tembagapura, Timika, Papua.
The miners, Agus Sumarno, 35, and Sardiono, 30, died after a landslide buried their camp on the border of Utikini and Banti villages in Tembagapura at around 12:30 a.m., local time.
“They were buried under the soil. Five other people who were with them at the camp when the landslide occurred survived,” Tembagapura Police chief Adj. Comr. Hasmulyadi told The Jakarta Post on Saturday.
An emergency rescue team from Freeport Indonesia and personnel from the Tembagapura Police managed to remove the bodies of both victims from the location at 2 a.m.
The victims were taken to Tembagapura Hospital. “The bodies arrived at the hospital at 7 a.m. and are still in the mortuary room,” said Hasmulyadi. Both miners will be buried in their hometown of Pati, Central Java.
Hasmulyadi said Banti was prone to landslides, especially if heavy rainfall occurred in areas around Tembagapura.
Saturday’s landslide cut off an access road connecting Banti village and Tembagapura. In 2016, a landslide occurred at the same location, but there were no fatalities at that time.  (ebf)


2) One killed in clash over district head election in Papua

18 hours ago | 708 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - One person was killed and 12 others were wounded after supporters of rival candidates in the election of head of Puncak Jaya district in the Indonesian eastern province of Papua clashed on Saturday.

Papua police spokesman Senior Commissioner Ahmad Kamal confirmed the incident to ANTARA, adding that 16 houses had also been burned.

He stated that the incident started at 11.15 a.m. when supporters of Candidate 1 conducted a stone-burning ceremony.

The fire then flared creating thick smoke to make people led by Loni Telenggen alias Bongkar Telenggeng misunderstand it as an act of attack and torching. They then went to Command Post 3, but before arriving there, they met people coming from the opposite direction, and then the clash broke out.

Police seeking to break them up, led by Puncak Jaya police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Indra Napitupulu, fired warning shots, but they were ignored. At 12.30, however, the two groups could be separated.

Ahmad Kamal noted that he deplored the incident that had caused the casualties, while the election dispute itself was still being settled at the constitutional court.

He appealed to the people not to be easily provoked by rumors that were deliberately spread by irresponsible persons.

"Candidates must keep monitoring their supporters so that they would not be involved in anarchism. The regional police, and military chiefs, as well as deputy governor and chairman of Papua regional legislative assembly, and the three camps in the election, had pledged to avoid attacks while waiting for the courts ruling over their disputes," Ahmad Kamal said.

The Puncak Jaya district head election was participated in by three pairs of head and deputy head candidates. They are Yustus Wonda pairing with Kirenus Telenggen, Hanock Ibo-Rinus, and Yuni WondaaDeinad Geley. (*)



Wamena, Jubi – Patients with tuberculosis (TB) in Jayawijaya tend to increase from 2016 to second quarter of 2017.
The increase was revealed by Jayawijaya Health Office’s data. By 2016, there are 528 TB cases. Meanwhile, the number of TB people in 2017 up to June 2017, at about 250 cases.
“TB patients have increasing trend from year to year,” said dr. Siwi Murniati, as medical health person responsible for TB program of Jayawijaya Health Office to journalist, Thursday (July 27).

Dr. Siwi said they would implement dots strategies in 15 health care centres such as hospitals, Kalvari clinics, and 13 Puskesmas, to handle TB in the area.
“All officers have been trained with that strategy (dots strategy), although not completed,” she said. Most TB patients in Wamena Hospital are coming from various regions.
Related to TB control program in Jayawijaya, doctor Siwi admitted that it still need much effort to find suspect and patient of TB. He said, many challenges faced in providing services in Jayawijaya district.
Meanwhile, Assistant I of Jayawijaya regional secretary, Living Wusono, after opening a public consultation work on regional action of TB prevention of Jayawijaya Regency, said that his office will demand the active role of all stakeholders in TB prevention efforts.
“The work is to strengthen the regional action plan related to TB control in Jayawijaya Regency.Therefore, we will ask all stakeholders to take part in the regional action plan,” he said. (*)


Jayapura, Jubi – Obby Kogoya (22) was convicted of violating Article 212 of the Criminal Code with 4 months of confinement and 1 year probation. The Legal Aid Institute (LBH) of Yogyakarta considered that the verdict was not based on the facts at trials because all of prosecution evidence presented by the prosecutor was not proven.
“In fact, through the evidence presented by the legal advisor, it was mentioned that Obby Kogoya did not fight against the officers with violence,” said Yogi Zul Fadhli, one of the lawyers team from LBH Yogyakarta who accompanied Obby Kogoya Friday (July 28).
The panel of judges chaired by Wiwik Wisnuningdyah, and accompanied by Bambang Sunanto and Hapsoro Restu Widodo as members.

LBH considered this decision to be jurisprudence for the apparatus in law enforcement that does not in line with human rights in the future.
Obby was arrested on the siege incident of Papuan student dormitory. He also experienced torture including racism by a group of mass organizations against Papuan students who’d like to stage a peaceful rally to support West Papua full membership in MSG, on July 15, 2016.
From the facts of the events of July 15, 2016 according to LBH has already shows the existence of legal events which wa: silencing the space of democracy, torture, racism and criminalization against Obby Kogoya.
The process of criminalization of Obby takes a long time, approximately a year. Lack of evidence had delayed the trial process long enough.
Excessive use of security forces
LBH also deplored the attitude of the Yogyakarta police who continue to direct their troops using a single truck and several motor bikes which always present during the trial. This police attitude raises its own question marks related what goals and who is secured, and for what reason.
While Obby Kogoya, a nursing’s student who are working on his thesis, is far from having dangerous impression or act. Obby patiently attend his trial while fulfilling his college obligations at the Respati University of Yogyakarta.
In preliminary hearing of the Obby case against the Yogyakarta Regional Police, August 30, 2016 the armed forces even entered the court and had stood behind the judge.
Meanwhile, the perpetrators of Obby’s torture are still roaming freely.
“Therefore, we urge the Yogyakarta Police and the court to arrest and to process the police officer who conducted torture against Obby Kogoya on July 15, 2016 whose case has been reported to the police,” said Yogi.
LBH Yogyakarta is very disappointed and deplores of the decision against Obby Kogoya who does not stand on the fact of the trial as a whole. LBH also condemned racial and ethnic discrimination in law enforcement against Obby and Papuan students in general in Yogyakarta.
Prior to the hearing, Emanuel Gobay, another member of Obby Kogoya’s lawyer team from LBH Yogyakarta had said that the result of the verdict will show the quality of law enforcement and democracy in Yogyakarta.
When confirmed by Jubi Friday (July 28) related to further legal action to be taken by LBH Yogyakarta, Emanuel firmly answered will state an appeal.
“We will make appeal. We were given 7 days, in that period we will discuss with Obby, since it depends on the will of Obby,” he said.
According to Emanue,l appeal submitted as part of the protection of human rights and democracy and against police officers who discriminate and torture in carrying out their duties.
“The appeal is also part of protection against the dignity of Obby who in reality has never conducted violence against the officers while the perpetrators of torture against Obby are not processed, which is strange in the context of a constitutional state that has a constitutional responsibility to protect human rights,” he said.
Obby Kogoya, told Jubi shortly after the verdict on Thursday (July 27), said very disappointed with verdict. “The verdict from the judge this morning did not match the testimony of the witnesses,” he said while still not forgetting to give thanks for all effort that has been done. “But for all what happens I should have said thanks,”he said.(*)