Tuesday, July 31, 2018

1) Regional fora urged to leave Papua affairs to Papuans and Jakarta

2) Indonesian students hold Papua talk at New Zealand university
3) Noken Craft of Papua Listed as World`s Heritage
4) Provincial Government should not be afraid of investors, says legislator

1) Regional fora urged to leave Papua affairs to Papuans and Jakarta

7 minutes ago 

An Indonesian government consultant on Papua issues says political matters in Papua region should be dealt with internally.
Franzalbert Joku said concerns about human rights issues in Papua expressed in Pacific Islands regional fora were welcome.
But he said it's not up to regional organisations such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group, (MSG), and the Pacfic Islands Forum to speak for Papuans.
Last week the MSG director-general Amena Yauvoli said discussions about West Papua didn't belong in his organisation.
Mr Joku said Papuans should be allowed to speak for themselves.
"By dealing with or own leaders in Jakarta and our two government," he said.
"It's not for offshore organisations like the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacfic Islands Forum to decide what should happen in Papua.
"Our position and especially our future is firmly within our grips."
Mr Joku said there were avenues open to Papuans to be able to achieve their aspirations within Indonesia.

Papuans to enjoy more resources benefits.

Mr Joku also said West Papuans stand to receive a greater share of local resource extraction projects.
He said that for many years Papuans didn't get a fair share from, or participate in, the management or development of their resources.
But he said Indonesia's government of Joko Widodo had taken significant steps to change this.
Mr Joku said one example is Papua's Freeport gold and copper mine, whose owner is in the process of divesting 51 percent of its shares to Indonesian entities.
"It's a long process. The president and national government are doing all they can to negotiate with Freeport McMoran in order to secure a controlling interest in Freeport, (its mine in Papua), 51 percent.
"10 percent of that is going to be allocated to Papua," he said.
Mr Joku said it's a better deal than that offered to resource owners in most mining projects in other Pacific countries.
Of the 10 percent of the share in Freeeport mine which is to go to Papua, seven percent is expected to go to Mimika Regency where Freeport's Grasberg mine complex is located, while three per cent would go to the provincial government.

2) Indonesian students hold Papua talk at New Zealand university

Gemma Holliani Cahya The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Tue, July 31, 2018 | 03:09 pm

The Indonesian Student Association (PPI) held the first ever talk on Papua at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) in New Zealand on Monday, with the aim of providing information on the development of the eastern most region of Indonesia.
For the event, titled “Papua Today”, the association invited three Papuans speakers, Franz Joku and Nick Messet, who are both former West Papua independence campaigners and now consult the Indonesian government on West Papua-related issues, and Michael Menufandu, a Papuan diplomat.
Michael applauded the current special autonomous status granted to the region, which permits only native Papuans to lead Papua, saying, “You see now that all leaders, from governors to mayors, are native Papuans. Even our military leaders are also Papuans.”
Meanwhile, Nick, who is a former foreign minister of the Papuan Independence Group, said he believed Papua today was what he and his friends had dreamed of and fought for.
“Papua today is what we struggled for! We dreamed about having leaders from our people, and now there they are,” Nick said.
Contacted separately, Indonesian ambassador to New Zealand Tantowi Yahya said that he appreciated such discussions as they could shine a light for New Zealanders who showed an interest in and cared about Papua.
“I fully support PPI New Zealand’s initiative to hold such an event. It is important to provide New Zealanders with correct, accurate and factual information on Papua. It is a big initiative,” Tantowi said on Tuesday.
TUESDAY, 31 JULY, 2018 | 21:50 WIB

3) Noken Craft of Papua Listed as World`s Heritage

TEMPO.COManokwari - Noken or knitting work of the people of Papua is considered as a potential creative business that could be developed. The handicraft knitting for the bag material is spread widely in Papua and West Papua.
Member of the International Conference of Biodiversity Ecotourism and Creative Economy (ICBE), Bustar Mayar said Unesco has named noken as one of the world’s heritage.
The United Nation's decision through Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), said Bustar Mayar, brought a positive effect for cultural and economic growth for the locals.
“This is a business opportunity for indigenous people of Papua. The materials can easily be found in the forest and they have the knitting skill. They just need to improve it,” added Bustar Maytar in Manokwari, West Papua on Tuesday, July 31.

He explained that noken is an icon for Papua. The unique product of Papua is hoped will be sustainable and provide economic impact for the citizens. According to Bustar Maytar, noken in West Papua and Papua has various type depends on their character and material.  
Noken is a knitting craft of the Papuan in the form similar to a tote bag. The materials are from barks and plants that are woven or knitted. This bag is usually put on the head to carry goods or farm products.
In October 2018, the International Conference on Ecotourism Biodiversity and Creative Economy (ICBE) will be held in Manokwari. The creative industrial development will be one of the main subjects.
The development of noken is expected to be one of the focuses in the regional development strategy.
The third ICBE in Manokwari, West Papua, is estimated to be attended by 11 countries. The participants are consist of government representatives, non-government institutions and non-governmental organizations.

4) Provincial Government should not be afraid of investors, says legislator

Published 13 hours ago on 31 July 2018By admin
Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator elected from 14 appointment seats John NR Gobai said Papua Provincial Government should not only challenge the people but ignore some investors who are violating the rules.
He prompted it to response the statement of the Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo who said he had ordered the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources to immediately form a task force on illegal mining control in Papua.

“Should he dare to revoke the operating permit of PT PMJ in Nabire who by law considered has committed a crime?” said Gobai to Jubi on (26/07/2018).
He further said PT PMJ is only one example of many similar companies suspected a violation of the contract. “Their permission is for exploration instead of production. It’s a violation according to the Law number 4 of 2009. I suspect there is a game played between businessmen and government officials or police officers,” he said.
Previously, the Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo told reporters on Wednesday (25/7/2018),” I have told the Head of Provincial Energy and Mineral Resources Office to immediately form a task force to monitor the illegal mining activities in Papua.” (*)

Reporter: Arjuna Pademme
Editor: Pipit Maizier

Letters in Vanuatu Daily Post

1) ULMWP congratulate Vanuatu on its 38th Independence Anniversary

2) Congratulations to the people of Vanuatu on their 38 years of Independence, and stand on West Papua



1) ULMWP congratulate Vanuatu on its 38th Independence Anniversary

Dear Editor,
The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) with all the people of West Papua want to wish all the citizens of the Republic of Vanuatu a Happy 38th Independence Anniversary on 30th July, 2018.
Vanuatu is the only country in the Pacific region that fought with sweat, tears and bloodsheds to gain its independence from its colonies (British and French).

The people, together with the Opposition and the Government of Vanuatu understood very clearly the meaning of a foreign colonialism against colonized people and the territory of his homeland when it was known as New Hebrides, experienced of bitterness and pain of a colony, the deception of a colonial, facing tactics and strategic colonialists thwarting the outrageous vengeance in an attempt to thwart the achievement of independence of New Hebrides at the time.
On Monday July 30, 2018 all the people, together with the Opposition and the Vanuatu state government domiciled in and abroad Vanuatu paused to ponder the meaning of a colonialism but also reflect on the meaning of the implementation of the values of independence itself. This value is affirmed by Father Walter Lini, the founder of Vanuatu independence that Vanuatu does not yet have a real sense of freedom if the people and other areas of his own Melanesian people are still under colonialsm.
Based on the experience of the struggle, the people, opposition and the government of the Republic of the Vanuatu expressly support the struggle for the independence of Kanaky, West Papua and other Melanesian territories still in the grip of foreign colonialism under this sky should be abolished because of the real values of independence which was declared by the founding Father of the Republic of Vanuatu, late Father Hadye Walter Lini will come true, said ULMWP Chairmen Mr Benny Wenda.
Once again on behalf of all West Papuans, United Liberation Movement for West Papua wish all the people of the Republic of Vanuatu a happy annivesary and join in as Melanesian solidarity to honor and celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Independence Day today.
God bless the people, Government, Opposition, and the country of Vanuatu.
Jacob Rumbiak
ULMWP Spkesperson



2) Congratulations to the people of Vanuatu on their 38 years of Independence, and stand on West Papua

Dear Editor,
Congratulations to the people of Vanuatu on their 38 years of Independence.
I would also like congratulate the People and Government of Vanuatu on their courageous stand on the issue of West Papua.
Having been to Vanuatu a number of times I find it’s the only country in the world where everybody seems to know about the issue.
The West Papuan people and their supports hold Vanuatu in high esteem for raising the human rights situation in West Papua at the UN and other international fora. Vanuatu sets an example that others should follow.
Joe Collins
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Monday, July 30, 2018

1) Soedarmo’s actions to eradicate illegal mining in Papua

2) Endemic animals need attention from all parties
3) PLN signs deal to expand electricity in two provinces in Papua
4) New Indonesian military tank-boat to be used in Papua

1) Soedarmo’s actions to eradicate illegal mining in Papua

Published 1 day ago on 29 July 2018By admin
Jayapura, Jubi – Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo has asked the Provincial Energy and Mineral Resources Office to immediately set up an illegal mining monitoring taskforce in this region.
“I told them to set it up immediately,” Soedarmo told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (7/25/2018
He will also ask Papua Police Chief to control illegal miners, especially in Nabire, Waropen and Yahukimo (Korowai) districts. “I have some videos and photographs of illegal mining activities, so I ask the chief to control them while we establish a multi-stakeholders task force,” he said.
Further, he said it might be possible that the provincial government invite the Papua’s People Assembly, Papua House of Representatives, and the community and traditional leaders to be involved in this issue. Hopefully, these parties can promote public awareness about the impact of the illegal mining. “So, don’t ever try to do that (illegal mining), there is no tolerance for that,” he said.
In this occasion, he also mentioned about illegal logging. According to him, recently there are many piles of timbers found everywhere as a result of the government warning to the timber industry.
“We will restrain it in the future. Moreover, the Forestry Office has actively involved in this action. As evidence, some illegal logging activities in Sarmi District as well as in Jayapura District have decreased following the arrest of illegal loggers.” (*)
Reporter: Alexander Loen
Editor: Pipit Maizier

2) Endemic animals need attention from all parties

Jayapura, Jubi – Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) Papua hopes stakeholders and the community have concern towards endemic animals in Papua, moreover when the animals have been caught and caged for several times.
“It’s not pretty easy to relinquish these animals to their habitats after being benign with humans. This exacerbates by changes in their eating behaviour as they fed by humans,” he told reporters at the transit shelter located in Buper, Waena on (25/7/18).
In the same place, the Head of Technical Division of BBKSDA Papua Askhari Masikki said all the communities should involve saving the environment. “It is not the task of BBKSDA Papua alone.”
Further, he said that a few days ago BBKSDA took over the 38 birds as a result of a legal operation conducted by the Environment and Forestry Law Enforcement Division of Jayapura District. (*)
Reporter: Roy Ratumakin
Editor: Pipit Maizier
3) PLN signs deal to expand electricity in two provinces in Papua
Jakarta | Mon, July 30, 2018 | 12:36 pm
State-owned electricity company PLN has signed a cooperation agreement with a number of institutions to improve the electricity system through the “Papua Terang” program in Papua and West Papua provinces.
The institutions are the Indonesian Military and the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) as well as five higher educational institutions – the University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gajah Mada University, the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and Cenderawasih University.
“With the cooperation agreement signed last Friday, PLN aims to provide electricity to 99 percent of villages in the two provinces in 2019,” PLN says in a statement at pln.co.id, adding that to date, PLN had electrified 30.39 percent out of the 4,535 villages in the two provinces.
The statement says the company plans to electrify 1,200 more villages this year.
After the signing ceremony, PLN also deployed 500 members of an expedition team under the name of “Ekspedisi Papua Terang.” The team members consisted of student volunteers, PLN, the Indonesian Military and Lapan.
The expedition team has visited 415 villages in Jayapura, Wamena, Nabire, Timika and Merauke since Saturday, educating Papua residents and holding a survey to collect data about villages, potential renewable energy and the progress of their electricity development.
The statement says that reports based on the survey would be submitted to PLN as input for the company to accelerate electricity development in Papua. (sau/bbn) 
4) New Indonesian military tank-boat to be used in Papua
4:05 pm on 30 July 2018 

A new tank-like military vessel under development in Indonesia is being targetted for use in provinces including Papua.
Production of the Antansena combat vessel began last year by East Java high-tech shipping company PT Lundin.
Antara news agency reports the Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu saying the vessels will be complete next year.
He said they are to be used in regions with many rivers and swampy areas such as Papua and Kalimantan.
PT Lundin describes the vessel as "a tank in the form of boat", flexible enough to pursue pirates up narrow rivers that can't be accessed by wider bodied patrol boats.
The minister said orders for the tank boat have been received from military forces of other countries such as Russia.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Congratulations to the people of Vanuatu on their 38 years of Independence

Vanuatu Independence Day-July 30, 1980


The Australia West Papua Association congratulations  the people of Vanuatu on their 38 years of Independence.

AWPA  also congratulates the People and Government  of Vanuatu  on their courageous stand on the issue of West Papua. 

The West Papuan people and their supporters  hold Vanuatu in high esteem for raising the human rights situation in West Papua at the UN and in other international fora.  Vanuatu sets an example that others should follow.


1) Amien Rais Calls for Freeport`s Closure, Luhut: Not Easy

2) Indonesia-Australia commanders meet up to intensify defense cooperation
1) Amien Rais Calls for Freeport`s Closure, Luhut: Not Easy

TEMPO.COJakarta - Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has asked Amien Rais, a former speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), to desist from making any statement demanding the closure of Freeport Indonesia
"See it first, it’s not that easy to close it,” said Luhut in Wisma Hijau, Depok, Friday, July 27.
Amien argued that Freeport had committed an environmental crime, thus he was against the extension of its contract and demanded the mine be shut for good. 
Luhut said the government would deal with the problems, including violations that Freeport could have committed. 
Luhut explained the government could not revise the rules or agreements that were made decades ago. “If we look for the mistakes then we will also look for past mistakes, it should not be like that,” he said.
Previously, on July 12, Freeport McMoran Inc. agreed on the release of 51-percent shares of its subsidiary, PT Freeport Indonesia, to Holding Mining Industry PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) or Inalum. The holding company will complete the purchase in the next two months.
PT Inalum president director Budi Gunawan Sadikin said the transaction value amounted to US$3,85 billion. Inalum will spend US$3,5 billion on purchasing 40 percent of Rio Tinto’s participation rights in PT Freeport Indonesia.
2) Indonesia-Australia commanders meet up to intensify defense cooperation
Dian Septiari
Jakarta | Sat, July 28, 2018 | 01:15 pm
Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto met his Australian counterpart Gen.Angus Campbell on Friday during the sixth annual Australia-Indonesia High Level Committee meeting in Darwin, Australia.
In their first encounter since assuming their roles, Hadi and Campbell agreed to an extensive program of navy, army and air force joint exercises and engagement activities for 2019 and 2020 period.
They also recognized that people-to-people ties were critical to developing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship and agreed to establish a regular program of contacts and exchange visits between young officers.
“We emphasized the importance of increasing the complexity of bilateral military exercises, enhancing information sharing and growing practical maritime security cooperation in the Indian Ocean,” Hadi and Campbell said in a joint statement on Friday.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Indonesian and Australian special forces cooperation.
Following the meeting, the two chiefs signed a joint letter of endorsement for the Indonesian Australian Defense Alumni Association (Ikahan), which plays an essential role in deepening people-to-people links between the two defense forces.
The two chiefs noted the participation of Indonesia’s Air Force F-16 aircraft in Exercise Pitch Black as one of the many examples of Australian-Indonesian Defense cooperation.
Hadi also visited Australian Defense facilities hosting the US Force Posture Initiatives (US FPI), where he talked with Australian and United States officials about the important contributions the US FPI makes to security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. (dmr)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

1) BMA Supports the Arts and Culture Festival in Nabire

2) Asian Games -- Sorong, West Papua locals eagerly welcome torch relay

1) BMA Supports the Arts and Culture Festival in Nabire

Published 4 hours ago on 28 July 2018By admin

Kaido or Pikon, one of the traditional musical instruments in Papua that will be present at the Cultural Festival. – Jubi / IST

Nabire, Jubi – Badan Musyawarah Adat (BMA/Customary Board) of Yerisiam Gua and Wate tribes support the Arts and Culture Festival on 6 – 7 August 2018 in Nabire.
The festival is a program of the Ministry of Underdeveloped Village and Transmigration that organised by the National Unity and Political Institution (Kesbangpol).

Daniel Yarawobi, the tribe chief of Yerisiam Gua, said he is very supportive and appreciate the government program that will promote the Papuan culture.
“This is a breakthrough, so we fully support this,” he told Jubi in Nabire on Wednesday (7/25/2018).
Meanwhile, the tribe chief of Wate Alex Raiki also gives his appreciation. “I appreciate this. I hope it would not stop here but will continue to strengthen the culture and prevent it from extinction,” he said. (*)
Reporter: Titus Ruban
Editor: Pipit Maizier


2) Asian Games -- Sorong, West Papua locals eagerly welcome torch relay
Sorong, W Papua, (ANTARA News) -- Locals in Sorong, West Papua warmly welcomed the Asian Games torch relay as it passed through the province, Antara observed on Friday.

The Minister of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration, Eko Putro Sandjojo, led the torch relay on Friday, which started at the Main Naval Base XIV Sorong and finished at the Sorong Mayor`s Office. The torch relay was held in the city of Waisai in Raja Ampat sub-district, West Java province the previous day.

A light rain fell during the event, but it did not discourage the runners and athletes, which consisted of military personnel and members of the Sorong police force as well as the minister himself, from finishing the run.

Citizens cheered for Eko and welcomed him with West Papuan traditional dances as he ran the relay.

"I saw for myself how enthusiastic the people were and it was really contagious, which is why I ended up joining the run," he said after lighting up the Asian Games flame at the Sorong Mayor`s Office.

He expressed hope that the Asian Games torch relay will awaken the Indonesian athletes` spirit of togetherness and encourage them to aim for victory, to help the country finish in the top ten in the quadrennial event.

Editor: Yosep Hariyadi

Friday, July 27, 2018

1) MSG no place for West Papua talks - director general

2) Asmat People: Portraits of Poverty in Indonesia’s Papua Region
3) Papua Coffee Festival 2018 will be held in August

1) MSG no place for West Papua talks - director general

2:15 pm today 

Melanesian Spearhead Group director general Amena Yauvoli says political discussions about West Papua don't belong in the organisation.
Mr Yauvoli told the Fiji Times human rights issues relating to West Papua should be dealt with by international organisations.
Speaking during a working group meeting in Nadi on Thursday, he said the MSG's common enemy is crime and politics should be set aside.
Earlier this week Vanuatu Foreign Minister Ralph Regenvanu said the MSG was failing because of a lack of political engagement.

2) Asmat People: Portraits of Poverty in Indonesia’s Papua Region
Ryu Zaki and Keisyah Aprilia 
 Agats, Indonesia, and Jakarta 

Despite visits by President Joko Widodo to the country’s poorest region, Asmat children in Tomor village still suffer from malnutrition and lack of access to education, July 22, 2018. [Ryu Zaki/BenarNews]

The village of Tomor, where rivers weave like snakes through thick forest, is so remote that its 500 residents have no regular access to education and health services supplied by the government.
A BenarNews team used a speedboat to visit Tomor, one of the far-flung villages of Asmat, a regency in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua, where health officials said 790 children were stricken with malnutrition and a measles outbreak in January, killing at least 72 of them.
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo ordered medical teams and military paramedics to deliver supplies and medicine to remote villages on Jan. 15, after news spread about the measles outbreak. About three weeks later, the health ministry declared that the health crisis was under control.
Papua, home to one of the world’s biggest copper and gold mines, is one of the nation’s poorest regions and is where a low-level armed separatist movement has simmered for decades. Its adult literacy rate is the lowest among all of Indonesia’s provinces.
Papua’s Asmat people used to spend months in the forest to find food, historians said, but cultural changes began taking place in the 1950s when Christian missionaries arrived, dramatically changing the diet of the semi-nomadic tribes.
Donatus, a resident who uses only one name, told BenarNews that his three children had died from measles and malnutrition. They did not receive medical treatment, he said.
“We have big hopes that government would give us closer attention,” Donatus, 42, said.
“Otherwise, we just have to accept our fate.”

3) Papua Coffee Festival 2018 will be held in August


Jayapura, Jubi – Entrepreneurs, communities, farmers and coffee lovers from various regions are invited to participate in Papua Coffee Festival 2018 which will conduct in Jayapura City from 3 to 4 August 2018.
“We will present Arabica coffee of Wamena, Moenamani coffee of Nabire, Pegunungan Bintang coffee and Robusta coffee of Yapen Islands,” explained the Head of Economic Development Team of Bank of Indonesia Papua Representative Office, Adi Purwantoro in Jayapura City on Tuesday (24/7 / 2018).

Meanwhile, the Assistant Economic Development Team of Bank Indonesia Papua Representative Office, Galih Budi Utomo, said Bank Indonesia collaborate with the provincial government, banks, coffee community, and entrepreneurs in this event.
“We hope the festival would not only about celebration but to boost the growth of coffee business in Papua,” said Galih. (*)
Reporter: Sindung Sukoco
Editor: Pipit Maizier

Thursday, July 26, 2018

1) Fijian Delegation For Indonesia Meeting

2) Indonesia participates in exercise in Australia


1) Fijian Delegation For Indonesia Meeting
by Parliament of Fiji
July 26 11:00 2018 
A Parliament delega­tion is in the Repub­lic of Indonesia for the Indonesia-Pacific Par­liamentary Partnership (IPPP) meeting on Human Development and Maritime Sustainability.
Led by the Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni, the meeting is aimed at strengthening co-operation and partnership among neighbours in the Pacific as they face common geographical and global challenges of this century.
This co-operation and partnership is based on the principles of respect­ing the territorial integrity and sovereignty of States as enshrined in the Char­ter of the United Nations.
The meeting also recog­nises the strong historical relations that the people possess as well as the op­portunity to deepen people-to-people relations.
The meeting is attended by more than 80 Speakers and parliamentarians from the Republic of
Indonesia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Is­lands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru,
Palau, Papua New Guin­ea, Samoa, Solomon Is­lands, Tonga, Tuvalu, French Polynesia and New
The Fijian delegation in­cludes the Assistant Minis­ter for Rural and Maritime Development and
National Disaster Manage­ment Joeli Cawaki and Op­position Member of Parlia­ment Mere Samisoni.
Source:Parliament of Fiji


2) Indonesia participates in exercise in Australia

Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - Indonesia has sent four of its US-made F-16 fighter jets to participate in the Exercise Pitch Black Royal Australia Air Force in Darwin, Australia.

"We have sent four F-16s to participate in the exercise," commander of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto told newsmen here on Wednesday.

He was at the El Tari airbase here for an hour before departing to Australia for a high-level meeting.

"I am travelling to Australia not because of the exercise but to attend a high-level meeting, which is an annual meeting between Indonesia and Australia," he remarked.

Various issues from logistics to personnel, intelligence, and other security-related matters would be discussed at the meeting.

Regarding the two-yearly exercise, he hoped Indonesian forces would gain good results.

A number of aircraft has already left for Darwin to prepare before being involved in the exercise on Monday, which is attended by 16 countries.

The four F-16s are from Squadron 3 at Iswahyudi airbase in Madiun, East Java.

Reported by Kornelis Aloysius Ileama Kaha
Editor: Heru Purwanto