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1) Conflicting views on West Papua bid to join MSG

1) Conflicting views on West Papua bid to join MSG

2) West Papuan membership of MSG a sensitive topic


1) Conflicting views on West Papua bid to join MSG

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The Melanesian Spearhead Group is an organisational challenge at the best of times. And at this month's gathering in New Caledonia, the thorny issue of West Papua was front and centre.
The four member nations did attempt a show of unity but it did not disguise conflicting views on West Papua's bid to join the MSG.
Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney was at the meeting of Melanesian leaders in New Caledonia and filed this report.
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2) West Papuan membership of MSG a sensitive topic

Published on Jun 30, 2013
Both sides of politics in Australia recognise Indonesia's sovereignty over West Papua. 

Summary of events in West Papua for June 2013

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)
PO Box 28, Spit Junction, NSW 2088

Summary of events in West Papua for June 2013

Upcoming event. The Biak massacre- A citizens tribunal
The 15th anniversary of the Biak massacre is approaching on the 6 July. 
A citizens tribunal about the massacre is being held in Sydney. Full details at   For those who can attend a chance to catch up with members of the west Papuan community and their supporters.

Melanesian Spearhead Group –West Papua
The Melanesian Spearhead Group  (MSG) held it Summit in Noumea, New Caledonia (Kanaky) 13-21 June. Although it was disappointing that the issue of membership for West Papua at the MSG was deferred, (The WPNCL applied to the MSG for full membership), a number of decisions by the leaders of the MSG in relation to West Papua are to be welcomed.
From MSG Communiqué
Application for Membership

20. Leaders noted that a roadmap in relation to the application by West Papua National Council for Liberation (WPNCL) for membership should be based on clear and achievable timelines. Leaders acknowledged that the human rights violations need to be highlighted and noted that to progress the WPNCL’s application, it was important to continually engage with Indonesia. Leaders agreed to establish a process of dialogue and consultation with Indonesia. Leaders noted and welcomed the invitation from Indonesia to invite a Foreign Ministers’ Mission to be led by Fiji and that confirmation on the timing of the Mission was being awaited. The outcomes of the WPNCL’s application would be subject to the report of the FMM mission.

21. Leaders:
(i) endorsed that the MSG fully supports the inalienable rights of the people of West Papua towards self-determination as provided for under the preamble of the MSG constitution;
(ii) endorsed that the concerns of the MSG regarding the human rights violations and other forms of atrocities relating to the West Papuan people be raised with the Government of Indonesia bilaterally and as a Group;
(iii) noted the application received from the WPNCL to be a member of the MSG and that the application will be reviewed after the submission of the Ministerial Mission’s report; and
(iv) approved the Roadmap as recommended by the FMM which included:
a) that the MSG send a Ministerial Mission at the FMM level to be led by Fiji’s Foreign Minister to Jakarta and then to West Papua in 2013 and accept the invitation of the Government of Indonesia;
b) the Ministerial Mission to present its report to the Leaders at the earliest opportunity within the next six months;
c) the WPNCL to be officially informed of the MSG Leaders’ decision regarding its application; and
d) the Mission would be part of a process in determining WPNCL’s membership application.

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, The RT. Hon Moana Carcasses Kalosil in a statement said  “Mr. Chairman, we are aware of the concerns of West Papuans, who long for a day when they as Melanesians, could achieve self-determination. But also Dear Colleague Leaders and friends, we are aware of the human rights violations and atrocities being committed against West Papuans in their motherland. And so therefore, I join the many voices of peace loving citizens around the world, across all continents and oceans, to call for an end to the abuse of human rights. We urge that any continuation of abuse of human rights should be immediately brought to the attention of the international community.  Full statement at

A statement from the WPNCL regarding the MSG decision on West Papua at

There was a lot of coverage in the media in the region (before and during) the MSG Summit in relation to West Papua.  In West Papua a number of rallies were called in support of West Papuan membership at the MSG. In Abepura on the 10 June The security forces broke up a rally which was called by the KNPB and three activists were arrested.  The former chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Buchtar Tabuni was arrested on the 12 June and later released but not before he was beaten up by the police. AWPA media release/letter re rally at

The PNG Prime Minister did not attend the MSG Summit as he was on a state visit to Indonesia.

Bob Carr attacks supporters of West Papuan self-determination
Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr has accused people who advocate self-determination rights for West Papuans of misleading the indigenous people of Indonesia’s Papua region. Carr made the comment during a Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee hearing on his government’s response to ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua.

Video of Senator Richard Di Natale questioning Foreign Minister Bob Carr about allegations of ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua.

New reports
Human Rights and Peace for Papua, the international coalition for Papua (ICP) of faith-based and civil society organisations is publishing its third report on the human rights situation in Papua together with Franciscans International. The 2013 report has now been released and is available for download at The report covers cases of violations of civil, political, economic, social, cultural as well as indigenous peoples' rights. It was prepared by a group of human rights organisations based in Papua, Jakarta and abroad and covers events between October 2011 and March 2013.

To mark the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) released an advance version of its special report on practice of torture in Indonesia today. The report titled: "A facade of justice for torture victims in Indonesia", is the first special report focused on the issue of torture to be published in Article 2 June edition. The report examines actual torture cases, give analyses and comments on the operation of mechanism for remedy and legal redress for torture victims.

In brief
Papua Political Prisoners Decline SBY’s Clemency Offer
“The do not want [clemency] because they seek Papua’s freedom, not individual freedom,” Markus Haluk, a Papua human rights activist, told the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday. “The political prisoners will remain as long as the Indonesia government refuses to free Papua.”

Freeport Mine attacked
The Freeport Mining Facility was attacked by up to 70 people on the 16 June. The Jakarta Globe reported that dozens of people vandalized Freeport facilities and looted ore concentrate at the copper and gold giant’s mining district in Mimika, Papua. Witnesses said that around 70 people came to the mining area, looting and vandalizing cars and a security post.
A RNZI report raised the possibility that the reason for the attack was because people were starving as a result of not having any work.

RNZI 17 June 2013
Hundreds of residents attacked and burned down a police station in Indonesia’s Papua province following a rumor that a police officer had beaten a drunk resident. A Papua Police spokesman says two officers attempting to disperse the mob in Oksibil on Sunday suffered head injuries after being pelted with stones He says locals heard a rumor that a local had been beaten by an officer but he adds the officer had being trying to arrest the drunken man who resisted and then fought with the officer. Armed with traditional weapons, the villagers then attacked the police station and set it ablaze. The mob also damaged two police cars and 25 motorcycles. High ranking police officers and reinforcements have arrived in Oksibil following the arson attack.
In July 2007, the same police station was damaged by angry residents following the death of a civil servant, who had been taken into custody for drunk and disorderly behavior.

OPM Admits Shooting TNI Member in Papua
Two people were killed in a shooting incident on the 25 June. The victims were a TNI infantry lieutenant named Wayan Sukarta and a civilian named Tomo. "The shooting was done my members under my command," Tabuni said as reported by the West Papua National Liberation Army media. In the report, Tabuni also said that the civilian they killed--reported by local media as a taxi driver--was actually a military intelligence of the TNI 753. A third civilian died after jumping into a ravine while trying to escape the ambush.

Pramono Gets His Democrats Blue Jacket
Retired army general Pramono Edhie Wibowo has officially joined the Democratic Party, party officials have confirmed, opening the door to him becoming the ailing party’s presidential candidate next year.
The Democratic Party’s executive chairman, Cooperatives Minister Syarief Hasan, said on Saturday that Pramono joined the party “shortly after his retirement.” Pramono, Syarief said, is now one of the party’s advisory board members.
There has been speculation President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who chairs the party and is married to Pramono’s sister Ani, has been grooming Pramono as his successor. Yudhoyono has insisted that no members of his immediate family will seek the presidency in 2014, but conspicuously glossed over any mention of Pramono.

The death of Jofrey Korwa in the Netherlands
Endie van Binsbergen reported on the death of Jofrey Korwa in the Netherlands.
Here in The Netherlands we mourn about Jofrey Korwa (32), son of Eddy Korwa from Biak, who fled his country in 1964 for obvious reasons. Jofrey Korwa was a flamboyant activist, a dedicated campaigner, a beautiful person and a warrior with a heart of gold. He also knew how to be a bridge between Papua and Timor. He was still young, but we could all see him grow into a promising new leader of the young movement TiPaCo, the Timor Papua Connection.
In Solidarity Endie van Binsbergen

WWF maps out Asmat customary areas
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, June 29 2013,
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia is currently collecting data and mapping out significant areas for the Asmat people in Papua. The results will be submitted as part of material used for the drafting of Asmat regency’s spatial planning bylaw. The important areas that have been identified so far are hunting locations, a sago (Papuan staple food item) village, access to clean water, ancestral resting places, ancestral sites and other locations that are considered sacred, which only allow for restricted access. The Asmat people still live traditionally in a way in which everything is connected to their ancestors.

Opinion pieces/press release/reports etc.

Melanesian Spearhead Group Communique 

Reply from DFAT to AWPA letter

Theft, murder and rape; West Papua's plight and Bob Carr's cruel deceit By Andrew Johnson 


MSG to send mission to Jakarta and West Papua

West Papua prepares to welcome the Freedom Flotilla

Anti-apartheid leader dedicates award to the people of West Papua
Article by Dr Jason MacLeod, University of Queensland

Dying from Hunger in the World’s Rice Barn as PT Medco depletes Kampung Zanegi’s Forest
By ADMIN | Published: JUNE 25, 2013

Corruption Hurts Nation’s Poorest

Saturday, June 29, 2013


                                                        THE REPUBLIC OF VANUATU

                                                              BY THE RT. HON MOANA CARCASSES KALOSIL 
                                                                                           PRIME MINISTER   

                                                                                                                                                                 ON THE OCCASION OF THE 19th MELANESIAN SPEARHEAD GROUP   LEADERS’ SUMMIT

21ST JUNE 2013


Mr. Chairman
Hon. Prime Ministers,
President of the New Caledonia Government 

Deputy Prime Ministers
Hon. Ministers
Observers and Special Guests
Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

I bring with me warm greetings from the people of Vanuatu to you all who are present here today.
Let me on their behalf acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Kanaky people, with whom, we, the people of Vanuatu have close traditional and cultural ties through the Loyalty Islands Province from time immemorial. I echo the multitude of voices of the Vanuatu people, and express our appreciation for the very warm hospitality, accorded to my delegation during our arrival here in the Kanaky land. I also want to extend our appreciation to the Director General of the MSG Secretariat and his staff for working tirelessly with the host, the FLNKS and Government of New Caledonia, to organise this important meeting which brought us here today.

My Government remains grateful to the Government and the people of New Caledonia for looking after the Vanuatu citizens in this country, many of whom have been here for many generations. My people are here not only because of our close ties with France as part of our historical legacy, which we still treasure up until today; but also because they are accepted by the Melanesians in this great land of economic opportunity.

Mr Chairman,
This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. It has been a long but winding road. Some of our Founding Fathers have since left us; and to those who are still with us today, may I on behalf of the people of Vanuatu pay tribute to them for breaking the kernel of colonialism and sowing seeds of freedom which has led to strong solidarity and growth in our sub-region. I believe that we have achieved some of their aspirations in our 25 years of the journey. I also believe that from our humble beginning, we have grown to a strong and vibrant organisation in the region, proving to our sceptics that sub-regionalism not only could be a vehicle for growth, but one that could serve our greater regional vision. And because we are called the ‘Spearhead’ Group, our collective strength literally connotes a spear that could penetrate any issue. I am therefore proud that the MSG

Trade Agreement is the only active trading agreement in our region. It shows that together we can achieve great things.
Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, as one of the Founding Fathers of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, our very own Father Walter Hayde Lini, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu once said,
Quote “Vanuatu will not be fully free until all Melanesians are free.” Unquote.
That in itself defines the enormity of the task ahead of us. The preamble of the Agreement establishing our organisation further elaborates and perhaps transcends it to define who we are and what we stand for as a group.

Vanuatu’s own experience showed that at one stage during our period of struggle for an independent and democratic Republic, we had to seek help when we needed it. And we are grateful that our brothers from Papua New Guinea came in to assist in the restoration of law and order in 1980 before we got independence. There are many others who came in with financial support and offered assistance for infrastructure and other development needs.

I say this because all our experiences are valuable in indicating that within our group, there is a huge reservoir of compassion, respect, solidarity and empathy for those who are in need. And we must open the gates to this reservoir so that all peoples within the Melanesian sub- region, and even beyond, could harvest these values and principles.
So at the summit of our 25th Anniversary celebrations here in Noumea, New Caledonia today, let me remind us of the importance of the ‘canoe analogy’ told by the paramount custom Chiefs of Kanak—that as we paddle this canoe together, we must make sure we leave no Melanesian behind us.

This brings me, Mr. Chairman, to the application by the West Papua Coalition for National Liberation (WPCNL) seeking membership to the MSG. In the true spirit of Melanesia, my Government gives its unmistakable support for full membership of West Papua into this forum of Melanesians—a position we have always proudly pronounced for all Melanesians alike.
I am therefore greatly indebted to the outgoing Chair for his understanding for the West Papuan application to be accommodated in our discussions this week. I am also equally grateful to the host of this 19th Summit of the MSG Leaders for inviting the West Papua Coalition of National Liberation to this august gathering. This is indeed a huge landmark achievement of which all peoples in our Melanesian countries should be proud of.

Mr. Chairman, we are aware of the concerns of West Papuans, who long for a day when they as Melanesians, could achieve self-determination. But also Dear Colleague Leaders and friends, we are aware of the human rights violations and atrocities being committed against West Papuans in their motherland. And so therefore, I join the many voices of peace loving citizens around the world, across all continents and oceans, to call for an end to the abuse of human rights. We urge that any continuation of abuse of human rights should be immediately brought to the attention of the international community. Leaders, ladies and gentlemen, I raise these serious concerns on this issue with great humility for a very important reason. And that is, we have strong respective political and economic relations with Indonesia and this relations at a bilateral level for us in Vanuatu is indeed an important one.

Vanuatu established diplomatic relations with Indonesia on 3rd of July 1995. And we treasure this relationship and wish to see it strengthened into maturity. We want to see the continuation of political dialogue between ourselves. But as sovereign friends, we equally believe we could in the true spirit of comradeship and maturity, discuss the issue of West Papuans who are undeniably Melanesians. Our collective acceptance of our friend, Indonesia, as observer in the MSG is done with the aim to promote amicable dialogue and discussion on issues of common interest, including the West Papuan desire for self- determination.

I thank the Government of Indonesia for being open to dialogue with Melanesian countries. Indonesia is a growing democracy and a very powerful friend and neighbour of Melanesia. I believe as a friend of Melanesia, important issues could be discussed without diluting our collective determination to see the West Papuans granted their right for self-determination some day.
We know that their cries have been bluntly denied by many rich and wealthy countries, including the UN for many decades, inspite of many rich discussions on good governance. So I say that we as brothers, must stand up for them. That is to say that the epicentre of support for the advocacy for West Papuan Self-Determination must begin in this region, the Melanesia. And from here it could spread to other foreign lands. The world must know our unwavering support for the colonized people just like we did for the Kanaky people and the French Polynesia who are now finally listed in the Decolonization list of the United Nations.

Mr. Chairman, the preamble of our constitution is very clear on our determination as a group. It states that we are determined to promote the Melanesian values, traditions and the inalienable rights of all Melanesians. We have this as a guiding principle and our decisions and actions must mirror what is enshrined not only in the MSG Constitution, but eternally in our hearts.
Mr. Chairman, the raison d’être of this noble organization was because of the strong determination by our leaders for the colonized peoples of this country to walk free from colonialism someday. Nevertheless, 25 years after that promise, we are still here with the FLNKS to show solidarity and to renew our commitment and assurances that their objective for independence will be achieved one day. One day they will be sitting with us around this table, no longer as a political party group but as Sovereign nation of the Kanaky people. Chair, this is the Melanesian dream-the Melanesian dream for freedom. One day, the people of this country will board the freedom train to join the nations of the world, where their rights and future will no longer be dictated to them.

To do this, I urge our Kanaky brothers to be united. And I say again, let us be united. We in Vanuatu have had our share of divisive political ideologies during our struggle for independence. But when we searched the souls of our people we found the determination and courage to never let our desire for freedom be extinguished by the power of money and a promise for comfort. We took the risk and today we are free and still maintain close relations with France and Britain. We value our relationship with them now. I thank God for this gift of being free. I would like to rally the people of Melanesia to support the people of New Caledonia in the upcoming referendum. I pledge the support of the Vanuatu people to the New Caledonia people for the upcoming referendum.
Mr. Chairman, distinguished leaders, Ministers and officials, as I conclude my statement on this issue, I want to sum up my remarks.

History will judge us, for the decisions we make here now and in the future. Our failure today to take decisive decisions, will be scrutinized and exposed by our future generations. Our motives behind our reluctance and hesitation, will be laid bare by our future generations. Therefore, we must demonstrate strong leadership as fighters for justice in the Melanesian region. May the true spirit for our Melanesian freedom descend upon all the colonized peoples, from our highest mountains to the lowest valleys of our land. So that one day all the peoples in Melanesia will be free. I said one day, they will be free. And where we as Melanesians could sit together around the same table and contemplate a new Melanesian civilization.

May the Great Compassionate and Merciful God bless us all. Long live Melanesia. 
Thank you Mr. Chairman. 

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1) Separatists kill three in Indonesia's Papua

2) OPM Admits Shooting TNI Member in Papua

Three people have been killed in Indonesia's restive eastern region of Papua, police said Thursday, in an attack claimed by separatists during which a soldier was shot dead and a civilian hacked to death.
A third civilian died after jumping into a ravine while trying to escape the ambush in the Puncak Jaya district, police said.
Tuesday's attack was claimed by a local leader of the separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM) who said only members of the security forces were killed, not civilians.
Attacks on security forces are common in Papua, where poorly-armed militants have for decades fought an insurgency on behalf of the mostly ethnic Melanesian population.
Papua province police spokesman I Gde Sumerta said that there was "an exchange of fire, the gunmen killed the soldier by shooting him in the head".
The attackers then used a machete to hack to death the male civilian driving the car the soldier had been travelling in, the spokesman said.
A second male civilian travelling with the group died after jumping into a nearby ravine as he tried to flee from the attack, said Sumerta, adding his body was found early Thursday.
Goliat Tabuni, the local OPM leader, told the local Suara Pembaruan newspaper that "the shooting was carried out by my members, on my orders".
However, he said only security forces had been killed. "Our members will not indiscriminately shoot civilians," he said.
In February suspected OPM gunmen killed eight soldiers in an attack in Puncak Jaya, known as a militant hideout, in one of the most serious assaults on security forces in the region's recent history.
FRIDAY, 28 JUNE, 2013 | 02:11 WIB
2) OPM Admits Shooting TNI Member in Papua
                                                 The West Papua National Liberation Army, lead by Goliath Tabuni. PHOTO: WPNLA

TEMPO.CO, Jayapura - The Supreme Commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army, Gen. Goliath Tabuni, claimed he was responsible for the shooting in the Papuan district of Illu on Tuesday, June 25. Two people were killed in the shooting, a TNI infantry lieutenant named I Wayan Sukarta and a civilian named Tomo.
"The shooting was done my members under my command," Tabuni said as reported by the West Papua National Liberation Army media, Thursday, June 27.  
In the report, Tabuni also said that the civilian they killed--reported by local media as a taxi driver--was actually a military intelligence of the TNI 753.
Tabuni further said that the Liberation Army is ready to fight against the military. He also asked Indonesia's security officers--the TNI and the police, not to use civilians as the targets of their emotional outlet.
"If want to pursuit my members, just look for me and my members only," he said.
Papua Police spokesman, Comm. I Gede Sumerta Jaya, said the motive of the shooting was to disrupt the distribution of basic goods to Illu District.  
Sumerta asserted that the police will do something about what happened and will form a special team to investigate the shooting. "It was a criminal act and the offenders will be pursued," he firmly stated.


Prior to last week’s MSG meeting many West Papuans were hoping for full membership. Image: West Papua Media Alerts
Pacific Scoop:
Report – By Daniel Drageset
Whereas some parties are pleased that the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) drew up a roadmap for membership of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL), others are disappointed that the MSG did not go all the way and give full membership to the WPNLC.
The WPNCL, which attended the 19th MSG Leaders’ Summit with a five-person delegation, expressed happiness over the outcome.
A ni-Vanuatu MP, however, has said that a roadmap is simply not good enough and that Vanuatu as a strong supporter of West Papua therefore should withdraw from the MSG.
WPNCL, however, seems more than content, even though full membership is yet to be achieved. In a statement issued earlier this week it stated that after many years of lobbying it has now “entered a new chapter in its international efforts.”
Before last week’s MSG meeting in the New Caledonian capital Nouméa, some had expressed hopes that the WPNCL would attain full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, just like the Front de Liberation Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS), which is the coalition of parties calling for independence in New Caledonia.
Although this is yet to happen, the MSG stated that it “fully supports the inalienable rights of the people of West Papua towards self-determination.”
Human rights
Furthermore, MSG expressed concern for human rights violations in West Papua, and therefore decided to send a delegation to Indonesia later this year to discuss West Papua.
In an interview with Radio New Zealand International, Andy Ayamiseba of WPNCL said that this “is a clear indication that the case of West Papua is out of Indonesia’s hands.
“It is no longer a domestic issue or internal matter but it’s not a regional issue, an international issue.”
The Australian West Papua Association (AWPA) said that it is disappointing that the issue of membership was deferred, but it welcomed a number of the other decisions.
“[T]he fact that the issue of the right to self-determination for the people of West Papua was recognised by the representative regional body of the Melanesian Peoples is very significant as is the fact that the MSG leaders acknowledged that there are ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua,” Joe Collins of AWPA said in a statement.
He described it as “encouraging” that MSG goes on a “fact-finding mission” to Indonesia, but warned that such missions may be “controlled or manipulated as to where, when and whom they are permitted to see by the authorities.”
Disappointed ni-Vanuatu MP
In an article in the Vanuatu Daily this week entitled Shameful day for Vanuatu, an anonymous ni-Vanuatu MP said it was a “sad day for Vanuatu when news was made public […] that the issue of West Papua had to wait for another six months.”
The MP alleged that Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands held secret meetings between them on the issue of West Papua and called it “very disrespectful.”
“I call on Vanuatu leaders not to join the other MSG leaders to either Jakarta or West Papua [for a fact-finding mission] but for Vanuatu to protest to the other MSG countries to pull out from the MSG because the vision by Vanuatu’s first prime minister has been defeated,” the MP stated.
Moreover, the MP said that if ni-Vanuatu authorities do go to Indonesia they “will have to consider carrying in their hands messages of condolences to pass on to the families of so many hundreds and hundreds of our Melanesian brothers and sisters who were raped, jailed, tortured and shot in jails, and slaughtered like animals over the past many years by the Indonesian military.”