JAKARTA, Feb 18 — A passenger was injured when an ATR aircraft was fired upon by the Armed Criminal Group on Saturday in Yahukimo District, within the Indonesian province of Highland Papua.

This incident occurred just one day after the same group targeted a Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft owned by Asian One Air at Milawak Airport in Beoga, Puncak District, Central Papua.

According to Yahukimo Police Assistant Commissioner Heru Hidayanto, a security personnel member seated at seat 19A sustained minor neck injuries after being hit by aircraft wall fragments.

“The Wings Air aircraft was shot at from the left side, with bullets penetrating the aircraft body around 1.20pm local time as it was preparing to land at Nop Goliat Dekai Airport,” he stated in a statement.

Following the attack, security forces conducted a thorough search in the surrounding area suspected to be the shooting location, but the responsible group was not found.

“We’re continuing our investigation to uncover the motive and identify the perpetrators of the attack. We’re fully committed to bringing those responsible to justice,” he added. — Bernama