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1) President Celebrates New Year`s Eve in Papua

2) Jokowi sees in New Year  in Raja Ampat
3) Papua to Have Proper Roads by 2018: Jokowi
4) Australians warned of possible Bali and wider Indonesia terror threat over New Year’s break 

FRIDAY, 01 JANUARY, 2016 | 07:12 WIB
1) President Celebrates New Year`s Eve in Papua

TEMPO.CORajaampat, Papua - President Joko Widodo attended "a people`s party" to celebrate New Year`s Eve in the Rajaampat district of West Papua province on Thursday evening.
The event was held at the Waisai beach and highlighted by top singers, such as Edo Kondologit, who is originally from Papua.
The President was accompanied by First Lady Iriana, who arrived at the location at around 22:20 pm East Indonesia Time.
President Widodo wore a white shirt and shook hands with a number of people, who attended the event upon arrival.
The Presidents Chief of Staff, Teten Masduki, the Presidents communication team member, Sukardi Rinakit and West Papua Governor, Abraham Octavianus Atururi also attended the event.
A number of people expressed their happiness at seeing President Widodo in Rajaampat.
"There is attention from the head of state to the Indonesian eastern region," Winda, who specially came from Manokwari to the location to celebrate New Years Eve, said.
She hoped conditions in 2016 would be better than in 2015.
President Widodo and First Lady Iriana arrived at the Mopah airport in Merauke, Papua on Tuesday evening to visit Indonesias eastern provinces of Papua and West Papua.
The President and his entourage, including the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimoeljono, the Presidents Chief of Staff, Teten Masduki, and Presidents communication team member, Sukardi Rinakit, left Jakartas Halim Perdanakusumah airport at 13:40 pm and arrived at Merauke airport at 20:20 pm aboard the presidential plane.After attending the "Indonesias Dreams for 2015-2085" event at the Hasanap Sai field in Merauke, the President and his entourage traveled to Wamena by plane, where he dedicated new terminals at Wamena and Kaimana and met with the people of Jayawijaya.He then proceeded to Sorong and then Raja Ampat. This was the President's third visit to Papua and West Papua, following his first visit to the eastern provinces on December 27 to 29, 2014 and the second visit on May 8 to 11, 2015.President Jokowi, as he is also called, has said he believed that by frequently visiting the region, conflicts in Papua would be settled."I will visit Papua often," he said at the Waringin Sports Stadium in Jayapura.Before visiting Papua, the President had also visited several other provinces, including South Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and East Nusa Tenggara, to inspect infrastructure development in these regions.The visits are evidence that Indonesia is now leaving a Java-centered orientation and turning to an Indonesia-centered vision, as President Jokowi had also remarked on Heroes Day in Surabaya on November 10."Indonesia is moving towards an Indonesia-centered and not Java-centered vision. Prosperity will take place, but not only in Java," he had said at the time.President Widodo and his entourage are scheduled to return to Jakarta on Friday, January 1, 2016.
2) Jokowi sees in New Year  in Raja Ampat, Jakarta | Readers Forum | Fri, January 01 2016, 10:22 AM - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo witnessed the first sunrise of 2016 at the Waiwo Beach dock in Raja Ampat, West Papua, on Friday.
Antara news agency reported that Jokowi walked out onto the dock at about 6:15 a.m. local time before the sun had completely risen.
Seeing the beauty of Raja Ampat, Jokowi said that he wanted more tourists to visit Indonesia.
Wearing a white shirt and sarong without sandals, he sat on the dock and fed the fish below.
West Papua Governor Abraham Oktavianus Ataruri, Raja Ampat Regent Markus Wanma and several other officials accompanied him.
Jokowi and First Lady Iriana arrived in Papua on Tuesday. The First Family planned to see in the new year in the country's easternmost province.
Jokowi also inaugurated several projects in Papua and installed a time capsule in Merauke that contained dreams for the country from 2015 to 2085.
Prior to New Year's Eve, Jokowi visited a grouper fish farm in Raja Ampat on Thursday afternoon.
The local administration pioneered a grouper fish farm by providing spawn for local fishermen. Raja Ampat regency hopes to export the fish to China and Hong Kong. (rin)

FRIDAY, 01 JANUARY, 2016 | 11:22 WIB
3) Papua to Have Proper Roads by 2018: Jokowi

TEMPO.COJakarta - President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said that all regencies in Papua would have proper land transportation channels by 2018.
“The Public Works and Public Housing Ministry must complete the construction of a road connecting Wamena to Nduga by 2016,” Jokowi said when inspecting the Nduga-Wamena road construction in Nduga Regency on Thursday, December 31, 2015.
Earlier on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, Jokowi held a meeting with Papua Governor and Nduga Regent to discuss the road construction in Nduga.
“A large port will also be constructed to accommodate up to 300 GT ships. Therefore all necessities can be distributed and prices can be cheaper,” Jokowi added.
In response to a question whether the infrastructure could change Nduga Regency’s security status, Jokowi said that the only way to change the situation in Nduga was to improve the welfare.
Accompanying Jokowi in his work visit to Papupa were First Lady Iriana Widodo, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, Presidential chief of staf Teten Masduki, Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono, Military commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo and Presidential special staff Lenis Kogoya.


4) Australians warned of possible Bali and wider Indonesia terror threat over New Year’s break 
2:44pm January 1, 2016
Australians spending their New Year's holidays on Bali and other Indonesian islands have been urged to exercise caution in the wake of intelligence suggesting a heightened terror threat. 
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issued the warning on New Year's Eve, after receiving information from the US Government about possible security threats at "popular tourist beaches on Lombok, such as Senggigi, surrounding the New Year's celebrations”.
DFAT officials have warned travellers to exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia due to the high threat of a terrorist attack. 
Australians in Bali on Christmas and New Year holidays should be particularly vigilant due to an increased risk, DFAT said. 
"Terrorists have previously targeted nightclubs, bars, restaurants, international hotels, airports and places of worship in Bali, Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia," DFAT said on the smartraveller website. 
People should reconsider their need to travel to the Central Sulawesi, Papua and West Papua provinces, DFAT advised. 
The warning came as German officials evacuated two Munich train stations due to intelligence suggesting a suicide attack, and followed Belgian officials cancelling New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brussels. 
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1) VFWPA responds to Indonesian outburst

2) Indonesian Defense Minister targets Vanuatu at press conference


1) VFWPA responds to Indonesian outburst

                                                                          Pastor Allen Nafuki
Posted: Friday, January 1, 2016 12:00 am
By Godwin Ligo | 0 comments
“Christian churches are the conscience of the nation, and therefore have the duty to be the voice of the voiceless and must continue to stand in solidarity with our Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua who are still under oppression, and are still living in the current environment which can only be described as one of institutionalized enslavement and suppression of human rights.
“Indonesian Government must stop state killings and human rights abuses and brutality in West Papua,” said Pastor Allen Nafuki, who is the Chairman of Vanuatu Free West Papua Association (VFWPA) and Unification Committee.
He was responding to an article in the Daily Post on December 24, 2015 which the Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu targeted Vanuatu at a press conference in relation to the West Papua issue.
The 64-year-old retired army general, Ryacudu, reminded “other countries” to refrain from encouraging separatist movements in resource-rich Papua, hinting that serious consequences would entail if Indonesia’s position were ignored.
“For us, Papua is still part of the Unitary State of the Indonesian Republic. That’s non-negotiable. [The area] from Aceh to Papua is the jurisdiction of Indonesia. There’s no two ways about it. I hope that’s understood,” the Defense Minister said at a press briefing.
The Jakarta Post reported that during his stint as Army chief Ryacudu became notorious for cracking down on separatist movements in Aceh and Papua.
Ryacudu later said his remarks were directed at Vanuatu.
Meanwhile Nafuki stated: “The Office of the Vanuatu Free West Papua wishes to make these comments as a form of response on behalf of the Christian churches, the chiefs, women, youth, civil societies and the people of Vanuatu.
“Vanuatu foreign policy on self-determination for countries which are still colonized remained the same.
“In many ways our foreign policy continues to promote United Nation General Assembly Resolution as stipulated in Article 2 of 1514 Decolonization Resolution (XV) of 14th December 1960, which states clearly that: ‘Every nation has the right to determine their own fate, and based on this right they are free to choose their political status and also free to continue their development in the fields of economic, social and culture’.
“Therefore all the countries that are the members of the United Nations including the United Nations, especially the Decolonization Committee, are under the obligation to observe and strictly implement this resolution.
“For this reason the continued existence of any form of colonialism certainly impedes the social, cultural and economic development of dependent peoples, such as the West Papua and certainly militates against the United Nations’ ideal of universal peace.
“The Christian churches as the conscience of the nations, and therefore have the duty to be the voice of the voiceless, must continue to stand in solidarity with our Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua.
“Regardless of what the world may say about the West Papua issue, Vanuatu will continue to support the self-determination for West Papua, and through God’s power and wisdom, West Papua will become a free nation, because self-determination is a human rights issue,” a statement from Nafuki as Chairman Vanuatu Free West Papua Association and Unification Committee said.
Nafuki made the statement on December 30, 2015.

2) Indonesian Defense Minister targets Vanuatu at press conference
Posted: Friday, December 25, 2015 12:00 am
Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu surprised his Australian hosts — and his own colleagues — on Monday with a blunt warning against any attempts to support the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the country’s easternmost territory.
The former Army chief issued the warning during a joint press conference alongside Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi and their respective Australian counterparts, Marise Payne and Julie Bishop.
Without entering into specifics, Ryamizard reminded “other countries” to refrain from encouraging separatist movements in resource-rich Papua, hinting that serious consequences would entail if Indonesia’s position were ignored.
The 64-year-old retired army general, who during his stint as Army chief became notorious for cracking down on separatist movements in Aceh and Papua, appeared to have weighed his comments carefully.
An Australian journalist attempted to ascertain whether Ryamizard was implying that Indonesia suspected its neighbor Australia of interference in Papua, but he would not be drawn. Members of the Australian Green Party, commonly known as the Greens, are vocal supporters of Papuan independence from Indonesia.
“I would like to close on this point. It is a point that is very troubling for Indonesia, because Indonesia never meddles in the affairs of other countries, and likewise, we don’t want others to meddle in ours, or try and divide us. With regard to Papua, certain countries are meddling, and we don’t like it,” Ryamizard told the press briefing.
“For us, Papua is still part of the Unitary State of the Indonesian Republic. That’s non-negotiable. [The area] from Aceh to Papua is the jurisdiction of Indonesia. There’s no two ways about it. I hope that’s understood,” he went on.
Bishop and Payne subsequently faced questions from reporters as to whether Papua had been a topic of discussion during their meeting with Ryamizard and Retno.
“On the issue of Papua, yes, that was part of our discussions. We had a general discussion about regional issues, about Pacific issues, and Australia restated, as we have done on many occasions, publicly and privately, our unconditional support and respect for Indonesia’s sovereignty in this regard,” Bishop said in her answer.
Retno, meanwhile, told the press briefing that the Indonesian government appreciated Australia’s “bold” and “strong” position on the issue of Papua.
“On Papua, we appreciate very much [the Australian stance]. The position is very bold and it is a strong position of Australia to unconditionally respect the territorial integrity of Indonesia,” Retno said in response to Bishop’s statement.
Later on Monday, Ryamizard clarified his comments, insisting he had not meant to attack Australia and pointing out that his counterpart Payne had emphasized Australia’s respect for Indonesia’s sovereignty.
His remarks, he said, had been an expression of regret directed at Vanuatu, a Pacific nation that openly supports Papuan separatist movements.
“Vanuatu persists in encouraging Melanesian people to reunite. That’s not right, and I disagree with it. This is a unitary nation,” the defense minister said.

1) Jokowi’s willingness to dialogue should be followed up

2) President Jokowi Must Announce Truce


1) Jokowi’s willingness to dialogue should be followed up

Statement by the Executive Director of the LP3BH
31st December, 2015

     During his visit to Wamena, District of Jayawijaya, Province of Papua, President Ir. H. Joko Widodo of Indonesia said that the
government of Indonesia is prepared to enter into dialogue with anyone who is involved in armed struggle in Papua (Land of Papua) as long as
it is within the context of advancing development in the territory of Papua.

    The President also said that his forces have been instructed to take firm action against anyone who is involved in illegal actions.
'The government is prepared to dialogue with anyone. No problem.'

     In my opinion, there should be a wise and positive response from all sides, in particular from those who have been involved in the
armed struggle, to President Joko Widodo’s willingness to enter into dialogue in West Papua.

     According to what I understand, those who are conducting armed violence in the Land of Papua are clearly the TNI (Indonesian Army),
Polri (Police Force), the TNP-OPM and groups that have been identified as Criminal Armed Gangs (KKB) which, according to the Chief of Police
in Papua, Irgen Pol. Drs Paulus Waterpauw are struggling for Papuan independence.

    It is extremely important for the above-mentioned persons and institutions to be involved in dialogue with the Government of
Indonesia so that we can know  what they each want and how they intend to do, what methods or formula they can use to explain and answer for
the armed force that they have continued to conduct.

      Apart from all this, various other elements in towns across the Land of Papua as well as those in the Papuan diaspora should account
for the armed violence they have been conducting up to the present time..

     Apart from all this, there are other elements in the towns of the Land of Papua  and abroad who are united in the United Liberation
Movement for West Papua  (ULMWP) which should  be involved. Yet others who should be involved in the dialogue are the National Committee for
West Papua (KNPB) and the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB) as well as the Papua Presidium Council.(PDP).

    Leaders of the various churches  as well members of fhe Muslin community, representatives of culture, social groups, youth and
women’s representatives  that have already been involved in Public Consultations in the past and tne Papua Peace Network (JDP) should be
involved in the dialogue. Not forgetting those who have been victims and targets of armed violence throughout the territory of the Land of
Papua. None of these should be excluded.

   I would therefore like to make a concrete proposal to President Jokowi, namely that he should without delay issue a presidential
decree (Keppres) to set up an institute at ministerial level  under the President  to work for this dialogue to be started as soon as

    The President should also appoint an expert at staff level as the Special Presidential Delegate to Resolve the Violent Political and
Armed Conflict in the Land of Papua.

    Every step that the President can take to bring about a dialogue between all forces is extremely important  to ensure that this is a
comprehensive movement of high integrity in resolving the conflict at the national, regional and international level which would be
acceptable to all those who have been involved in this conflict.

    All these matters are very important and pressing and should be handled with care and wisdom by the President in order to ensure that
the Land of Papua becomes a land of peace which would hopefully continue to be part of the United State of the Republic of Indonesia,
bearing mind that this whole question of dialogue has become a regional and international issue for the States of the Melanesian
Islands, the Pacific and the World.
Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive Director of the LP3BH and Defender
of Human Rights in the Land of Papua, Recipient of the John Humphrey
Freedom Award, 2005, Co-ordinator of the National Human Rights
Commission, for Peace and Justice

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood, 1995

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at

2) President Jokowi Must Announce Truce
JAYAPURA, --- In addition to collect pledges to resolve cases of human rights violations in Enarotali Paniai December 8, 2014 and plans to build a permanent market Mama-mama Papua in Jayapura and other appointments, the President of Joko Widodo also asked to declare a ceasefire.

Paniyai Traditional Council Chairman, John NR Gobai said it was related to the President's visit to Papua Jokowi at the end of 2015 in order to weigh, not merely ceremonial beragendakan.

According to him, the visit of President Jokowi this time there must be benefits for the people of Papua. One of them, said John, Head of State of Indonesia was asked to immediately stop shooting action between military / police and the National Liberation Army of West Papua (TPN-PB), which often sacrificing civilians in Papua.

"President Jokowi to Papua should announce a ceasefire for both sides. It's important to get out of the crisis in Papua that has not ended until now, "John said in a press release received by the editorial, Thursday (31/12/2015).

He described the experience so far Papua is always covered with the blood of God's people. Droplets of blood were shed due to violence, including state violence through the apparatus.

"If violence met with violence will only give birth to resentment, and revenge will be led to the violence. That cycle of violence that had occurred in Papua, "he explained.

The solution, said John, President Jokowi can take the policy to a ceasefire between the two sides. "Moreover, the current President in Papua, a ceasefire must be declared to be done in order to prevent continued bloodshed in Papua," he said.

John also states, TPN / OPM is not a terrorist. He said, "Those people who also have an organ, whether recognized or not, but they were soldiers. Therefore, need to be viewed and positioned as a party need to talk to. "

Author of numerous books on Papua's indigenous peoples say, the opposite group is also part of the actual citizens should not be regarded as troublemakers without any particular approach. "Stigma is the way Indonesian terrorists seek sympathy of the world," John assess.

As a human being, please John, groups labeled as terrorists, vandals and others that stigma should talk to, not directly faced with the weapon.

"The proof Sutiyoso can talk with GT. Well, that needs to be done now is a ceasefire, "said board Papua Traditional Council (DAP) is.

Of several events during this shoot each other, allegedly as a reciprocal action that actually adds to increasingly tense situation.

Previously, the Papua Police said it would pursue the perpetrators of the attack police Sinak, Puncak, Sunday (12/27/2015). The assault happened at around 20:15 CET, killing Bripda Rashid (32), Bribda Armansyah (37), and Bripda Ilham (37) and two others injured. Some weapons reportedly seized the attackers.

Papua Police swiftly to form a joint team of police and military to pursue the perpetrators. However, according to the head of Papua Police spokesman Sr. (Pol) Patrige warin, Tuesday (12/29/2015), the team has not been successful and is still going the extra mile.

Timsus Papua Police Mobile Brigade platoon reinforced three each from Jayapura, Timika and Puncak Jaya, said warin, currently existing in the Sinak to pursue and arrest the perpetrators of life or death.

The pursuit operations, according to members of the DPRP, Laurenzus Kadepa, must be measured so as not to impact the civil society in Sinak and surrounding areas.

"People should not be targeted civilian when police chased the attackers Sinak. The security forces must act professionally, "said Kadepa.

The day after the attack police Sinak, Lekhaka Telenggen (Leka Telenggen) who claim to be leaders of TPN-PB in the Peak expressed readiness responsibility for the incident.

"I'm ready to be responsible in this event. I and the members were misgivings in our headquarters in anticipation of a counterattack, "said Telenggen, reported, edition of Monday (28/12/2015).

Puncak Jaya Puncak and often occurs shooting. Telenggen Lekhaka name is often associated as the culprit. For instance there is the initiating event in January 2014, he was accused of shooting at the motorcade of Company E Rider Battalion 751 led by First Lieutenant in Door Wind Alafa, Mulia, Puncak Jaya.

Telenggen also accused of firing two members of Brimob in Ilaga, the capital of the Peak District, beginning December 2014.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1) Police, TNI urged to catch bandits behind fatal shootings

2) Government open to holding dialog with anyone: President Jokowi
3) Article by the Executive Director of the LP3BH
4) It’s time to turn our  hopes into reality, says  Jokowi -
5) Jokowi’s time capsule  praised

1) Police, TNI urged to catch  bandits behind fatal shootings 

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Wed, December 30 2015, 3:09 PM - 
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe is expecting the Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police to capture the perpetrators who shot and killed three police officers at the Sinak Police station in Puncak, Papua.

“This is an armed crime. I hope the TNI and police are able to arrest the perpetrators,” Enembe emphasized on Tuesday.

Besides killing TNI and police officers, armed criminals, added Lukas, often intimidated residents, seized crops and livestock as well as abducting girls. “They are bandits who must be dealt with sternly,” he said.

Enembe also hoped that those TNI and police personnel performing their duties in the area would remain cautious because armed civilian groups were still present.

Like Enembe, Puncak Regent Willem Wandik is also expecting the TNI and police to pursue the perpetrators of the Sunday shooting and promptly bring them to justice.

According to Wandik, the group that attacked, shot and killed three members of the police force at the Sinak Police station had been led by Alegagak Murib and Kalenak Murib and assisted by the Aleka Telenggen group based in Yambi, Puncak Jaya regency.

The Alegagak group, based in Ilaga, is believed to have collaborated with a person identified as DK, who has been working as an aide at the Sinak Police station for four years, to attack the police station and seize firearms.

Wandik said the group had also attacked police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) members in Ilaga in December 2014 as they were securing a Christmas service. 

The firearms seized on that occasion were used in the attack on the Sinak Police station.

The criminal group roaming Puncak regency and surrounding areas, said Wandik, was very disturbing to the development process because they threatened residents and caused unrest. 

“For every single firearm, approximately 30 people follow behind, now they have many firearms so just imagine the number of followers,” said Wandik.

“How can we develop the region if the groups continue to disturb security. We have planned development, but we are confused by these criminal acts,” Wandik said in Jayapura on Tuesday.

Residents in Sinak, added Wandik, also condemned the shooting and have said they would help security forces to fight the bandits.

“Now, residents are backed by the TNI and police they have initiated plans to resist the unlawful group,” said Wandik.

The bodies of the three police officers shot and killed by the armed civilian group at the Sinak Police station have been handed over to their families. 

Another incident also took place in Sinak on Feb. 21, 2013, when seven TNI personnel and four civilians were shot and killed.

The TNI soldiers had been heading to the Ilaga airfield to pick up telecommunication equipment when they were attacked by an armed group. 

2) Government open to holding dialog with anyone: President Jokowi
Rabu, 30 Desember 2015 17:47 WIB 
Wamena, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia government is open to holding a dialog with anyone in the context of development, including in Papua, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated here on Wednesday. 

"From the onset, I have no problem in holding a dialog with anyone in the context of development," the head of state remarked after dedicating and inspecting the district government offices in Jayawijaya.

He said dialog had also been initiated to settle the problems in Aceh.

While referring to groups conducting violence, the president said he had ordered security agencies to take firm action.

In the context of dividing the Papua province, the president said he had received inputs from various parties on the matter. 

"I have to discuss with various parties first, including with the governor here (about it)," he noted.

On the issue of limited supply of electricity and internet services, the president remarked that similar complaints had also been received from other regions.

"This is our task. We must build a power plant, and it takes three to four years to realize it," he affirmed.

The head of state remarked that by undertaking frequent visits to Papua, he would be able to gain a better understanding of the problems being faced by the people in the region, such as limited infrastructure that had caused the prices of commodities, such as cement, rice, and fuel oils to increase.

"With adequate infrastructure, it is hoped that the prices of cement and fuel oils would drop by 50 percent from the current rates," he emphasized.

He remarked that the extension of the runway at the Wamena Airport would make it possible for bigger aircraft to land and help to boost the regions economy.

"The facilities at Merauke Port also need to be upgraded along with increasing the number of cranes and extending the pier. The work on these facilities will all be completed next year," he affirmed.

The president said if the infrastructure such as the roads and ports are good, the economy in Papua would grow faster, while the distribution of logistics as well as the flow of goods and passengers would improve.

(Reporting by Agus Salim/Uu.H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/A014)

No Respect for the Legal Profession

3) Article by the Executive Director of the LP3BH

    Tomorrow is 31st December, New Year's Eve. It is also the 34th anniversary of the enactment of the Criminal Code, (KUHAP).

    KUHAP was enacted to establish a number of principles regarding dealing with criminal behaviour here in Indonesia, in which Judge,
Prosecutor, the Police and Lawyers/Legal Consultants, all of which are acknowledged as part of a system to uphold the law.

    It was also the first time that a process of pre-trial was established in order to sift through the material  and, where
necessary, to make corrections when certain matters such as actions by the police or the prosecutor when an individual was arrested and held
in custody or  with regarded to anything that may have been confiscated.

     I have been practising as a lawyer here for 22 years and I have to say that throughout that period I have experienced many things as i
assist those who are being charged. Many of the things that I have experienced many are not in accord with established practice on the
part of the investigating agencies or even in some cases of the judges.

    As a result, lawyers or consultants are confronted with a number of difficulties in our relations with the prosecutor which result in
many problems such as delays in meeting our client which should have been possible from the very beginning. We have been prevented from
meeting our client by Brimob members .

     There are also problems regarding the nature of the arrest and detention when those who are being charged were held by several
different agencies and were unable to meet our client while he is alone as stipulated in KUHAP,.by members of Brimob

     Take for example what I experienced together with other lawyers in our team in the case of Klaibin and his colleagues from Sorong in
2014. It was extremely difficult because of the discriminatory treatment by the former Police Chief in Sorong and his superiors who
charged our client with makar (treason) as stipulated in Articles 102, 106, 108 and 110 of the Criminal Code

   We also experienced the same problem after being appointed to defend Alexander Nekenem, Maikel Aso, Yoram Magai and Narko  Murib who
were jointly charged  with unlawful activities according Article 160 of KUHAP but had already been found guilty and sentenced to one and a
half years each.    When we asked for a meeting with Alexander Nekenem and his colleagues who were being held at the headquarters of Brimob, 
West Papua, the right of the lawyers from the LP3BH-Manokwari to meet them was disputed

     I should explain that  a senior member of the Police Force in Manokwari refused to allow us  to  meet our clients after one of the
group was said to  have escaped. We believe that  the refusal to allow us to meet our client was
because at that time, he was not in a fit state because his face was injured as a result of the way he had been treated  by those who were
holding him.

    In my opinion, all of this is the result of a lack of understanding by the security forces with regard to what is stipulated
in KUHAP.   In my opinion, it is necessary to revise and reform KUHAP which was enacted 34 years ago in order to ensure that we as lawyers are 
treated in the same way as every one within the system, that our work should be respected by members of the security forces as well as by
the government, including those in charge in the Land of Papua.

   This is why we are stressing need for the legal profession to be respected (Officium Nobile) and should not be just an extra part in
ensuring that the context of the law is upheld and that all the human beings who are involved should be enssured that they have full
protection as human beings , which is an essential part of KUHAP.

 Yan Christian Warinussy.

translated by Carmel Budiardjo


4) It’s time to turn our  hopes into reality, says  Jokowi - 
Nethy Dharma Somba,, Merauke, Papua | National | Wed, December 30 2015, 5:23 PM 

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has said that the dreams and hopes of young generations and all of the country’s people that had been written and kept in a time capsule in Merauke, Papua, would never be realized if people did not strive to translate them into reality.
“It’s time for us to turn these hopes into reality,” said Jokowi in Merauke, the easternmost Indonesia territory, on Wednesday.
The time capsule, which was launched at kilometer zero in Sabang, Aceh, in October, traveled across 187 cities and 34 provinces before it arrived in Merauke, Papua. The time capsule will be opened in 2085, or 70 years from now.
President Jokowi wrote seven hopes on a piece of paper that was then put inside the time capsule. Two elementary school students from Merauke, Louis Ferdinand and Laher Fabiola, read out the seven hopes written on the paper before they, together with Jokowi, put the paper inside the capsule in a ceremony on Wednesday. The time capsule was then placed in a location marked with a monument at Hasanabsai field.
The seven points written down by the President comprised his hopes that Indonesia could have human resources that surpassed the intelligence levels in other nations; for an Indonesian society that upheld pluralism and adopted cultural values and that was pious and honorable; that Indonesia could become a center of education, technology and world civilization; and that Indonesia would have government agencies and a society that were free from corruption. 
The three other hopes were that Indonesia would have infrastructure built evenly across the regions; that Indonesia would be independent and become an influential power in the Asia Pacific; and that Indonesia could become a barometer of international economic growth.
The placing of the time capsule at Hasanabsai field in Merauke was the start of a string of activities President Jokowi will carry out during his visit to Papua. In Merauke, the President also inaugurated the start of the construction of the Arafura Ocean fishing quay in Merauke, which will be 380 meters long and cost approximately Rp 700 billion (US$50.7 million). Construction will start in 2016 with initial funding of Rp 200 billion.
From Merauke, President Jokowi continued his working visit to Wamena in Jayawijaya regency, where he inaugurated Wamena Airport and Jayawijaya regency’s autonomous agency building.
Before he flies to West Papua on Thursday, President Jokowi is scheduled to observe the construction activities of roads, which will connect regencies in central and southern Papua, in Kenyam, the capital of Nduga regency.
In West Papua, President Jokowi will visit Sorong and mark New Year’s Eve in Raja Ampat regency.
“The President will witness the first sun rising in Indonesia in 2016 in Raja Ampat, West Papua,” said Kodam XVII/Cendrawasih commander Maj. Gen. Hinsa Siburian. (ebf)

5) Jokowi’s time capsule  praised
Nethy Dharma Somba,, Merauke, Papua | National | Wed, December 30 2015, 9:39 PM 

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has praised President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s time capsule, which contains his dreams and hopes for the people of Indonesia, saying that what was listed as the dreams of Indonesian youths, including those in Papua, must come true by 2085, the year the capsule would be opened.
“We hope that before 2085, all areas across Papua, including West Papua, are connected by highways,” Enembe said while accompanying President Jokowi during his visit to Papua on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Papua Legislative Council Speaker Yunus Wonda appreciated President Jokowi’s attention toward Papua. The President, he said, had visited Papua twice this year and paid close attention to infrastructure development in the area.
“We hope Cabinet members of Pak Jokowi’s administration can understand what the President expects in the development in Papua,” said Wonda.
Hundreds of residents warmly welcomed the President with the traditional dances of indigenous tribes in southern Papua when he arrived at the Hasanabsai field in Merauke on Wednesday. After the welcoming ceremony, the President took the opportunity to take selfies with Merauke residents who had waited for him along the road. 
The time capsule, which was launched at kilometer zero in Sabang, Aceh, in October, traveled across 187 cities and 34 provinces before arriving in Merauke, Papua. The time capsule will be opened in 2085, 70 years from now. 
President Jokowi wrote seven hopes on a piece of paper that was then put inside the time capsule. Two elementary school students from Merauke, Louis Ferdinand and Laher Fabiola, read out the seven hopes written on the paper before they, together with Jokowi, put the paper inside the capsule in a ceremony on Wednesday. The time capsule was then placed in a location marked with a monument at Hasanabsai field. (ebf)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

1) Joint team on the hunt for Papua police killers

2) Police, TNI to Secure Jokowi`s Visit in Papua


6) President Jokowi plants “capsule of dreams” in Papua

7) LBH Urges Jokowi to Open Dialogue with the Papuan
8) Jokowi to Celebrate New Year in Raja Ampat, Papua


1) Joint team on the hunt  for Papua police killers, Jakarta | Archipelago | Wed, December 30 2015, 12:47 PM - 
The Papua Police have set up a joint team comprising police and military personnel to pursue perpetrators of an armed attack that killed three police officers at the Sinak Police headquarters in Puncak regency, Papua.
“A joint team comprising 50 Mobile Brigade [Brimob] and detective unit personnel has been dispatched to investigate and pursue the shooting perpetrators. Directly supported by commanders of military district commands, the Indonesian Military has also deployed personnel to search for the attackers and prevent such incidents from reocurring,” Papua Police spokesman Patrige Renwarin said as quoted by on Wednesday.
Starting their investigation into the Sinak shooting shortly after the incident occurred, Patrige said the joint team had not as yet discovered the whereabouts of the attackers.
“At the site of the attack, the police investigation team found one weapon and a large stockpile of munitions left under stairs at the Sinak Police office building. The weapon belongs to the police office; the armed group apparently didn’t see it,” said Patrige.
He added that the police had taken anticipatory measures by increasing the number of on-guard personnel.
As reported earlier, a number of armed civilians attacked the Sinak Police office in Puncak regency, Papua, on Sunday evening. Three police members, namely First Brig.Ridho, Second Brig.Arman and Second Brig.Ilham, were killed and weapons and munitions were taken. (ebf)

WEDNESDAY, 30 DECEMBER, 2015 | 08:52 WIB
2) Police, TNI to Secure Jokowi`s Visit in Papua

TEMPO.COJakarta - National Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti works together with Indonesian Armed Force (TNI) Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo for the security of President Joko Widodo’s working visit in Papua.
"We’ll begin to tighten security in Wamena with TNI Commander," said Badrodin Tuesday, December 29.
"We’ve also secure places President to visit," he added.
Meanwhile, National Police Deputy Com. Gen. Budi Gunawan said that he had added special guards near Puncak Jaya district where the attack to police personnel took place on Sunday (27/12).
Presidential Security Force (Paspampres) will also work together to help the security.
"We’ll be ready, we’ve prepared everything for the worst, including the tight security in the locations where the regional election was held," he said.
President Joko Widodo with the First Lady Iriana, on Tuesday at 8.30pm local time arrived in Merauke to start the working visit in Papua for four days as well as to visit Sorong and Wamena. The President also plans to celebrate New Year on January 1, 2016 with the Papuan at Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Sinak, JUBI — Lekhaka Telenggen (Leka Telenggen), the chief of the rebel group in Puncak Jaya, said the shootings that killed three policemen in Sinak were carried out by his members.
“I am responsible for this incident. The members and I are cautious in our headquarters to anticipate the counterattack,” Lekhaka told Jubi by phone on Monday (28/12/2015).
According to him, his men attacked the Sinak Police Station on Sunday (27/12/2015) at around 23:00. It killed three police officers, namely Second Brigadier Rasyid (32), Second Brigadier Armansyah (37) and Second Brigadier Ilham (37) and wounded two other officers.
“We also took seven weapons: two AK 47, two SS1 and three Mousers and an ammunition box,” said Lekakha.

Papua Police Deploy Special Forces to Sinai to Back Up Local Officers

Lekhaka Telenggen is often accused as actor behind armed violence in Puncak and Puncak Jaya regencies. In January 2014, he was blamed for the shooting on Battalion Infantry Rider 751 in motorcade led by First Lieutenant Infantry Alafa at Pintu, Mulia Puncak Jaya. He was also blamed for the attack that killed two Mobile Brigade personnel at Illaga, the capital of Puncak Regency in early December 2014.
His name is often associated with Tengamati Telenggen who touted as his son. Both are often associated with West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) under Goliat Tabuni. However, it is difficult to confirm both are members of TPN-PB.
Although they had those who claimed the attack on Sinak Police Station, the Indonesian Police is still doing investigation on the motive behind the attack that killed three police officers. “The motive is still under investigation,” the Indonesian Police Spokesperson, Inspector General Anton Charliyan told reporter in his office in Jakarta on Monday (28/12/2015).
He explained until now the investigators have not found the evidence related to the shooting perpetrators, so it is too early to say the perpetrators are part of separatist group. “There might have some possibilities, whether it has crime or political motive. It would be revealed once the perpetrators were arrested. The Police could not just assume,” he explained.
Related to the security on the scene, he explained the Indonesian Police Headquarters has deployed their personnel towards Sinak Police Station to investigate the perpetrators as well as the motive of attack. “Team from Headquarters has deployed for back-up,” he added.

Police Expected Be Professional

The attack on Sinak Police Station is feared affecting the civilians in Sinak. The armed conflicts occurred for several times in Puncak and Puncak Jaya regencies were ended with the raids by the security forces.
“The Police should be professional to appoint the perpetrators. There are many groups who support violence in Papua, therefore civilians should not be a target,” Papua legislator from Commission I, Laurens Kadepa said.
According to him, Indonesia, especially Papua, is not yet secured after the presidential election. Although Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla won the election, still there are those who tried to obstruct their mission and vision as the President and Vice President of Indonesia.
“The Police must do the raids to pursue the perpetrators,” said Ruben Magay, another member of Commission I.
In Sinak, further he said, the raids have been conducted for several times because of the armed conflict. The civilians are always becoming the victims. They might move to other places due to the raid by the security forces.
Magay expected the Police could act professional in pursuing the perpetrators on Sinak Police Station attack. The Police, he said, must learn from their previous experience, which they could measure how many personnel is required to pursue the perpetrators.
As politician, both Kadepa and Magay said they are not competent to make conclusion whether the attack was connected with the Jokowi’s plan visit to Papua. (Hengky Yeimo/rom)


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Police deployed a Special Force and three platoons of Mobile Brigade to hunt for a rebel group that attacked Sinak Police Station in Puncak Regency, killing three officers.
Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Police Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said three platoons of Mobile Brigade from Timika, Jayapura and Puncak Jaya along with Papua Police Special Force were deployed to the scene to look for the perpetrators “dead or alive.”
The rebel group has an estimated 25 members.

“But we are not certain how many weapons and bullets were taken. We are still expecting the result of scene investigation by team identification,” Renwarin told on Monday.
He said the team has dispatched to the location on Monday morning (28/12/2015). The local Police are also waiting for the investigation result on the scene and local witnesses to confirm the attackers. But he confirmed the attack has not connection with the President Joko Widodo’s visit to Papua in the next few days.
The body of victims would be arrived in Jayapura today around 14:00 Papua time for autopsy at Bhayangkara Police Hospital, Jayapura Municipality before taken to their hometown in Sorong, Tual and Jayapura Municipality.
“The autopsy aims to classify the projectile prototype to identify the perpetrators’ weapon,” he said.
The incident was occurred when five police officers were at their guardian post watching TV. They might be less vigilant at that time because the entire room was already closed. At the same time, one of additional personnel identified as DK who has worked at the local police station about four years ago, quietly opened the back door. The attackers then came through the back door and directly approached the officers and opened fire.
“The first shot hit the Second Brigadier Rian’s hand. He tried to escape through the Chief’s room. He jumped from the window and ran to the Military Sub-district Command (Koramil). The Second Brigadier Dumafa also ran away and had crashed fifteen people standing in front of him. But he managed to escape to Koramil,” he said.
While three officers, said Renwarin, could not make it because they were trapped. The attackers shot them down on the scene. The initial information received by Papua Police said the dead victims are Second Brigadier Ilham, First Brigadier Muhamad Rasyid Ridho Matdoan and Second Brigadier Muhamad Armansyah.
“The initial analysis revealed there is connection between the additional personnel and the rebel group. He also ran away,” he added.
Separately, the Chairman of Interfaith Harmony Forum (FKUB) Papua, the Rev. Lipius Biniluk said he regretted the incident. Moreover it was occurred in Christmas occasion, which is a sacred day for Christians. “I hope the Police could arrest the perpetrators to find out their motive behind the attack. But they must be keen for doing so. Don’t let unrelated people becoming victims,” he said by phone. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

Jayapura, Jubi – A day before Jokowi’s visit to Papua, many people allegedly would take benefit such as asking for cash and so on.
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe told in Jayapura on Monday (28/11/2015) that the president’s visit might be used by some culprits to request money from the government offices through proposals.
“So, now I declare there are no special staff or expert staff or whatsoever to come and say they are preparing things and asking for this or that. If so, it’s a personal not representing the institution,” said Enembe.

Therefore, he appealed the Papuan people to be aware on such scamming modus, because if it happened, it would certainly create new situation in Papua, which is not conducive.
“People should know about this, if there are those who come asking for this and that, it’s not right. Furthermore, I have received report from several office heads about certain proposals. It’s just not right. The president’s special staff would not act like that; go to the regencies and regional government offices for collecting money by giving the reason of the president’s visit. It’s not true,” he said.
According to the governor, the purpose of Jokowi’s visit to Merauke is to launch the time capsule. He would take Hercules to Wamena to launch the Wamena Airport and government office. He would hold a public meeting at Lapangan Pendidikan. Then, at 14:00 Papua time, he will continue to travel to Sorong and Raja Ampat, West Papua Province.
“Perhaps, the president wants to spend the New Year eve in Raja Ampat. This is a tentative schedule, we don’t know any changes yet,” said Enembe.
When asked about security matter, Enembe said the military would handle it during the visit to Merauke, Wamena, Sorong and also Raja Ampat. “About the rumor that I won’t come to welcome the president, it’s not true. I would definitely welcome him because he is our president. So, both provincial and regional government officials would welcome him,” he said. (Alexander Loen/rom)

6) President Jokowi plants “capsule of dreams” in Papua

Rabu, 30 Desember 2015 13:35 WIB 

Merauke, Papua (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to plant a "Capsule of Dreams for 2085" in Hasanap Sai field in Merauke District, Papua, on Wednesday.

The canister containing the documents of Indonesias dreams for the 2015 to 2085 period would be planted after being carried 24,089 kilometers across the countrys 34 provinces since September 22, 2015, that have been collected from the easternmost to the westernmost points of the country, according to Nick Nurachman, the executive coordinator of the event.

The time capsule would be planted permanently at the Time Capsule of Indonesia Dreams for 2015 to 2085 Monument.

Earlier, in 2015, President Jokowi launched a "Lets Work" national campaign from Indonesias westernmost zero kilometer point in Sabang, Aceh, to emphasize the importance of commitment and hard work to optimize the countrys potentials.

Men from Indonesias creative younger generation hailed the call and organized a "Time Capsule Expedition," a unique idea in history to collect the penned dreams of the public from across the countrys provinces as an initial step to motivate the nation to forge ahead.

This is also part of the "Lets Work" national campaign launched to mark the 70th anniversary of Indonesias independence.

Abdee Negara, one of the initiators and musician of Slank group band, affirmed that a dream is an important element in life. 

"To be able to work with high spirit, we must harbor dreams. This expedition is a mission to gather and integrate the dreams of all the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke and unite them in a common dream to encourage the countrys younger generation to work and fight to fulfill their dreams, which are Indonesias dreams," he affirmed.

Jay Wijayanto, who is also the coordinator of the activity, remarked that President Jokowi had received and studied the penned dreams of 238 people from across 34 provinces in the country. 

President Jokowi will also document his dreams and hopes, which will be part of the Time Capsule Monument of Indonesian Dreams 2015 to 2085, he noted.

The time capsule is expected to inspire every individual and family in Indonesia to dream as high as the sky for the glory and welfare of the nation.

A national committee, regional committees, the community, mass organizations, community figures, school students, and regional governments across the country are part of the expedition.

The expedition, in its 90-day journey, has received a warm welcome on arrival in each province, thereby demonstrating the peoples enthusiasm to entrust their dreams, which will be made public in 2085.
WEDNESDAY, 30 DECEMBER, 2015 | 10:48 WIB
7) LBH Urges Jokowi to Open Dialogue with the Papuan

TEMPO.COJakarta - The Legal Aid Institute (LBH) of Jakarta and Human Rights Violation Victims Solidarity (SKP-HAM) of Papua has asked President Joko Widodo to open a dialogue with the Papuan. Director of LBH Jakarta, Alghiffari Aqsa, urged the dialogue, following the bloody attack on Sinak Police, last Sunday. 
Alghiffari said that violence is a fundamental issue in Papua. "Jokowi needs to admit that there is a problem in Papua," he said Tuesday, December 29.
Coordinator of SKP-HAM of Papua, Peneas Lokbere, said that Jokowi must announce cease fire in Papua. "This is important. Enforcing violence to face violence will only result in revenge. It is the cycle in Papua," said Peneas.
Previously on Sunday, three police officers were killed and two others injured as gunmen stormed Sinak Police Station.
WEDNESDAY, 30 DECEMBER, 2015 | 10:28 WIB
8) Jokowi to Celebrate New Year in Raja Ampat, Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta - President Joko Widodo has arrived in Merauke, Papua, today, as he plans to spend New Year’s Eve in the far East. In Papua, President Jokowi is set to visit Wamena, Sorong, and celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Raja Ampat.
"In Wamena, the president will inaugurate Wamena Airport and Kaimana Airport," said Bey Machmudin from the presidential office Tuesday, December 29.
President Jokowi is set to return to Jakarta on January 1, 2016.
Bey said that it is the third time that the President visits Papua and West Papua. “[Jokowi] will often visit Papua, in a bid to resolve the prolonged conflict,” he said. ‎Jokowi’s visit is also meant as a change from the Java-centric approach to nationwide approach.