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West Papua rally: Port Moresby governor defies PM and raises independence flag

West Papua rally: Port Moresby governor defies PM and raises independence flag

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The governor of Port Moresby has raised the flag of the West Papuan independence movement, despite a request by Papua New Guinea's prime minister not to do so.
Police told several hundred West Papuan refugees not to march through Port Moresby's streets today but they did anyway, calling for independence from Indonesia.
Their destination was city hall, where governor Powes Parkop raised the Morning Star flag of the West Papuan independence movement.
"Papua New Guineans: for the last 50 years we have been silent, blind, not seeing, not hearing, not speaking. But tomorrow it must change," he said.
Prime minister Peter O'Neill had asked him not to raise the flag.
Also at the flag-raising ceremony was visiting West Papuan activist Benny Wenda and Australian human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson.
PNG immigration officials have threatened to deport them for "engaging in political activity".

1) The Importance of Papuans’ Participation in resolving the conflict in their region

1) The Importance of Papuans’ Participation in resolving the conflict in their region

2) Security heightened to  uphold public order

1) The Importance of Papuans’ Participation in resolving the conflict in their region

Neles Tebay
(TEMPO Magazine, November 25-December 1, 2013, pp. 36-37)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono emphasized in his opening speech at the Bali Democratic Forum (BDF), November 7, the importance of peoples’ own participation in the process of making policies relevant to their lives. Citizens’ participation is recognized as one of the four fundamental elements of strengthening democracy. As such, the president highlighted the importance of Papuan people’s participation in seeking a solution to the Papua conflict (, November 7. 2013).

There are two fundamental elements in the President’s statement with regards to Papua.
The first element is his emphasis on the importance for Papuans taking part in resolving the Papua conflict. In other words, Papuans must not be excluded from the process of seeking a democratic solution to the conflict.
In order to understand the importance of those words, one requires a reasonable understanding of the nature of the Papua conflict.
The conflict is not a horizontal conflict among civilians living in Papua. It is not a conflict among churches or different religions.
It is not a conflict between indigenous Papuan and transmigrant communities from other regions of Indonesia.
It will be a big mistake to reduce the conflict to an internal dispute among the Papuans, particularly one pitting those who support the government against those considered to be members of the Free Papuan
Movement (OPM).

In fact, the Papua conflict is, by its very nature, a vertical conflict. It is a conflict between the Indonesian government against the Indigenous Papuans, particularly the OPM. The conflict has gone on ever since Indonesian took over Papua from the Dutch government in 1963.
The president’s statement is especially relevant today because Papuans’ participation has been ignored for 50 years.
During New Order era, the government prioritized the security approach in addressing the Papua conflict, declaring the region as a Military Operation Zone (DOM). The military determined policy in  Papua, which meant  the government tried to settle the conflict  with guns. Massive military operations were conducted against the Papuans, who tended to be seen as members of the OPM. The DOM policy was decided by the government without considering Papuans’ aspiration.

When the military approach failed, the government adopted prosperity approach to settle the conflict, manifested through the Special Autonomy law in 2013, again, without involving Papuans in the determination of this policy. 
This led to the implementation of further improper and inconsistent policies. The central government without consulting the people of Papua, allowed the formation of new regencies in 2002, then established  West Papua province in 2003. Other policies include the acceleration of development in 2007 and the establishment of a new unit for accelerating development in Papua and West Papua provinces in 2011.
Despite these various policies, the Papua conflict remains unresolved. One fundamental factor behind this failure is the exclusion of the people of Papua in determining the above-mentioned policies.
Yudhoyono’s statement in Bali should thus serve as a reminder that the Papua conflict can be permanently resolved only if Papuans are involved in finding democratic solutions.

The second fundamental element in Yudhoyono’s statement with regards to Papua is whether he is willing to treat Papuans as partners in resolving the Papua conflict.
During the New Order, Papuans were not treated as human beings, let alone as Indonesian citizens.
The presence of the OPM shaped the government’s perception of Papuans. Its people were branded as separatists out to destroy  Indonesia’s  territorial integrity.  Treating them as enemies of the state, the military conducted massive military operations against them.
Even Papuans who held and raised the Indonesian red- and- white flag and called themselves  citizens of Indonesia were suspected by the government of being supporters of the separatist movement. There was no trust of the Papuans. The government doubted their nationalism as Indonesians.
Considered as enemies, Papuans were excluded from discussion on policies affecting their own land. The government deliberately did not consult Papuans in its decision-making.
So the President’s recent statement on the importance of Papuans’ participation should be seen as a correction of the government’s perception of them. Papuans should not be considered as enemies who must be eliminated from Indonesian territory. 

Rather, they are and should be recognized fully as human beings and Indonesian citizens. As partners of the government, they can participate fully in seeking democratic solution to the ongoing conflict and toward national development.  The government should begin consulting with Papuans, including members of the OPM, when discussing and determining policies in the region.
Yudhoyono emphasized that any policy taken unilaterally by the government without consultation with the people of Papuan, especially members of the OPM, would not resolve the Papua conflict, as it has been proven  time and again over the past half century.

Having recognized the importance of Papuan participation, it is now the duty of the central government, particularly the office of coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, to set up an inclusive mechanism for resolving the Papua conflict. In seeking a democratic solution, the minister could initiate a series of informal communication with Papuans, particularly the OPM leaders, in order to build confidence that, in turn, could lead to joint efforts in settling the Papua conflict.

Without such an initiative, the President’s statement on the importance of Papuan people’s participation will amount to nothing more than empty words. Yudhoyono still has several months to create a means for the people of Papua to participate in resolving the Papua conflict.
The author is a lecturer at the Fajar Timur School of Philosophy and Theology and coordinator of the  Papua Peace Network In Jayapura.

2) Security heightened to  uphold public order
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Sun, December 01 2013, 10:41 AM
The Papua Police have deployed two-thirds of their force as they are expecting disturbances on Sunday as Papuan separatists commemorate Papuan independence, which falls on Dec. 1. 

“We are sending our personnel to high-crime areas,” Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian said on Saturday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

“In a meeting two days ago, I asked all precinct police chiefs to be on high alert and patrol areas prone to shootings.”

Areas considered prone to criminal activities are Puncak Jaya, Lanny Jaya, Mimika, Jayapura, Sarmi, Paniai, Yapen Islands and Mamberamo Raya regencies.

Tito also said the police had been communicating with related parties to prevent violence and uphold public order and security.

“All police precincts have been told to communicate openly with tribal heads, customary and religious leaders to achieve public order and security,” he said.

On Friday, National Police Security Maintenance Agency (Baharkam) chief Comr. Gen. Badrodin Haiti said that he would send a company-level unit (SSK) as reinforcement from the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) to Papua. An SSK consists of 100 personnel.

The Free Papua Movement (OPM) has been waging a low-level separatist war since declaring Papua a free state on Dec. 1, 1961. 

OPM members usually mark Dec. 1 by hoisting the Morning Star flag, an offense that carries a punishment of up to 20 years in prison.

The police conducted sweeps ahead of Dec. 1 and managed on Saturday to confiscate a cache of weapons, including makeshift firearms, ammunition for various firearms, military uniforms, makeshift bombs and tools to produce makeshift firearms.

The discovery was made in a building in Yongsu village, Ravenirara district in Jayapura regency after receiving tip-offs from residents.

Residents said there were about 30 people gathering in the building owned by Oktovinanus Okoseray, said Papua Police deputy chief Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw.

Paulus said it was not clear what the group’s intention was and that Oktovinanus had been detained.

Oktovinanus’ followers grew angry when their leader was taken by police and damaged a number of villagers’ houses.

Paulus also said that one Brimob operative had been injured and a separatist was killed during a shootout in Jayapura’s Depapre district.

XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command (Kodam) chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua was upbeat that Papua would remain safe on Dec. 1 as it falls on Sunday when Christians usually attend church services.

“It is OK to stage rallies as long as laws are not being broken. Any actions aspiring to secede from Indonesia, however, will face the Indonesian Military [TNI],” he said.

Photos of rally at Indonesian Consulate Sydney 1st December 2013

Photos of rally at Indonesian Consulate Sydney 1st December 2013
Speakers included, West Papuan representative FranciscusAnthony Craig (DLP),  Cammi  (WPP Project) and Andrew and Joe (AWPA)

1) Separatist Killed in Lead-Up to OPM Anniversary

1) Separatist Killed in Lead-Up to OPM Anniversary
2) Police on high alert ahead  of Papuan separatist anniversary
3) TNI hunts soldier’s shooters  in Papua
4) Developing papua
5) THE PAPUA commemorated urge KNPB 1 DESEMBER
8) West Papua activist says PNG is threatening him with arrest


1) Separatist Killed in Lead-Up to OPM Anniversary

A day before the 48th anniversary of the Free Papua Movement (OPM), an outlawed militant separatist organization, a member of the group was killed in an exchange of gunfire between fighters and police in Papua’s Jayapura district.
Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, Papua’s deputy police chief, told state-run Antara news agency that officers were “still at the site” and that the identity of the slain militant remained unknown.
A policeman was shot in the hand during the incident and was in stable condition, Paulus said.
The officers, members of the Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob), were on patrol when the separatists opened fire.
The Indonesian military (TNI) has increased its presence in the province in the past decade.
Earlier this week, TNI solider First Sgt. Wandi Ahmad was shot and injured severely while walking in Illu market, in Papua’s Puncak Jaya district.
Col. Lismer Lumban Siantar, a TNI spokesman, said that Wandi was shot in the face by an unidentified assailant who fled into the forest.
On Friday, the National Police said that they had temporarily increased their forces in Papua by 100 officers to anticipate the OPM’s anniversary, but said that there was no urgent threat.
Gen. Sutarman, the National Police chief, told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday that he would pay special attention to restive Papua.
“We should solve violence in Papua with a humane approach,” he said.
Despite these soft words, he said police would have zero tolerance for displays of the Morning Star flag — a symbol of Papuan separatism.

2) Police on high alert ahead  of Papuan separatist anniversary

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sat, November 30 2013, 8:52 PM
Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian has said more police would be out on patrol and approaching local religious figures in an attempt to maintain public order ahead of the Free Papuan Movement (OPM) anniversary, which falls in Dec. 1.

“We will carry out more patrols in areas such Puncak Jaya, Lanny, Jaya, Mamberamo Jaya, Puncak Jaya, Jayapura, Sarmi and Keerom to avoid unnecessary conflicts,” Tito said recently, as quoted
Tensions in the easternmost province are high as several shootings allegedly by OPM sympathizers have claimed the lives of  police officers, soldiers and civilians.
3) TNI hunts soldier’s shooters  in Papua
The Jakarta Post | The Archipelago | Sat, November 30 2013, 11:15 AM
The XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command (Kodam) chief Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua said Friday that both military and police would hunt for those who shot a soldier in Ilu market, Puncak Jaya regency, in Papua.

“We will seek and destroy those who are armed and disrupt public security, perpetrate shootings and disturb the government,” he said on Friday.

“The military and police will keep hunting down assailants because shooting innocent people violates human rights.”

Chief Sgt. Wandi Ahmad was shot on Thursday and his condition was improving after being treated at Marthen Indey Army Hospital in Jayapura, the Kodam chief spokesman Col. Lismer Lumban Siantar said.

Meanwhile, the body of David, a public minivan driver who was shot dead on Thursday, had been sent to his home in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency.

David was shot at 3:30 p.m., 5 hours after unknown assailants shot Wandi.
4) Developing papua
The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Fri, November 29 2013, 1:11 PM

Cendrawasih Military Command commander Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua meets with soldiers assigned to build 96 kilometers of new roads in Sarmi, Papua on Friday. As many as 200 soldiers have been deployed to the construction project and it is expected the project could be completed next year.(JP/Nethy Dharma Somba)
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5) THE PAPUA commemorated urge KNPB 1 DESEMBER
Author : Benny Mawel on November 30, 2013 at 19:57:34 WP
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Ones Suhun and Assa Aso ( Jub / Mawel )

Jayapura , 30/11 ( Jubi ) - West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) appealed to the entire nation of Papua to commemorate and celebrate the Anniversary ( HUT ) to 52 Papuan independence , on December 1 2013 tomorrow .

" We appeal to the people of Papua , already appealed to celebrate Independence penggurus KNPB region . To parents , TPN - OPM please do the ceremony , "said Ones Suhun , Secretary General KNPB to the media at a press conference at Café Prima Garden , Abepura , City of Jayapura , Papua , ( 30/11 ) .

Balim KNPB Chairman , Simeon Daby said it would celebrate in his own way . " We certainly celebrate in our own way , " he said via cell phone from Wamena , the Jubi .

In a release given to reporters , said the embryo state KNPB Papua has stolen 19 days after dideklarasika , " ... embryonic state born of West Papua Papua Council ( Niuw Guinea Raad ) and declared the Morning Star flag raising through December 1, 1961 has been stolen 19 days later by character expansionisme TRIKORA Soekarno through December 19, 1961 which ordered the dissolution of the state of West Papua , "wrote KNPB in a release .

According KNPB , Papuan people never let the annexation , taking over of the independence . Papuan People continue to take the fight to reclaim the sovereign right of the nation of Papua until the 52nd . " Resistance is kept rolling that Indonesia and the world should realize that the people of Papua demanding equal political rights with other nations in the world , " wrote KNPB in the release .

Board KNPB said KNPB as West Papua National media struggle , according to the direction of the National Parliament of West Papua ( PNWP ) convey some urge in celebration once the resistance to self-determination .

First , the celebration can be carried out in accordance expression , respectively , by raising the Morning Star flag , Worship , Music Concert , Discussion , pulpit -free or peaceful demonstration .

Secondly , not provoked by provocation , terror mental / physical and the threat from Indonesian colonial rulers aimed at blocking and cover the history of the sovereignty of the nation of Papua .

Third , the action of magnitudes celebration will be conducted in Port Moresby , PNG . Flag raising will also be carried out in Australia , New Zealand , the UK and support networks in other countries , "said Ones Suhun in his comments to the media .

According KNPB , the action was to show that the right of self-determination must be respected , to be recognized , to be supported and pursued by all human beings on this earth . ( Jubi / Mawel )
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 The body of Eduard Ongkoseray After shot ( IST )

Jayapura , 1/12 ( Jubi ) - Statement by Deputy Police Chief of Papua , Brig . Paul Waterpauw disebuah national media about the incident that killed a Depapre contrary to the claims Yongsu villagers , Depapre District , Jayapura .

Deputy Police Chief of Papua , in the news in the national media said that there had been an armed clash between the Mobile Brigade ( Brimob ) RI State Police ( INP ) with paramilitary groups (BCC ) in the region Depapre Papua , Jayapura , on Saturday killing a member of the KSB . In addition , mention is also a member of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade was shot in his hand . However, villagers contacted Yongsu Jubi , Saturday ( 30/11 ) night said no gunfire in Depapre . Residents who do not wish to be named this , recognizes that a citizen named Eduard Okoseray ( 40 ) day-to- day work as a secretary Yongsu village , District Depapre , had died because they were shot by members of Brimob members .

Residents of Kampung other Yongsu asked to remain anonymous , contacted Jubi , Saturday ( 30/11 ) night , giving the same information .
" It happened on 29 november 2013. Eduard does not account for operational funds hometown . District Police Chief facilitation of Brimob

Papua police acting arbitrarily Eduard shoot . " The resident said .

This incident is also recorded by Matthew Murib , Director of Baptist Voice . Matthew said , " The victim Eduard Okoseray men ( 40 ) , is a village secretary Yongsu , Brimob brutality victims in Kampung Yapsi , Depapre , Jayapura regency ( 11.29.13 ) .

Other police -related incidents version called by police as Crossfire is delivered by the Head of the Papua Police spokesman , Chief . Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono , Saturday ( 30/11 ) afternoon . Pudjo from the police explained that there is one member affected by a bullet which broke its own , according to the police version that occurred before the shootout . In a statement to this reporter , said the incident Pudjo own bullet which broke the ambush to take place in the headquarters of armed citizens group that has been calling itself Group Cycloop King .
" Before the shootout , when one member of inserting bullets to guns , no bullets which explode themselves . The bullet is too active , when inserted into the barrel and pull ( cock ) immediately erupts , there are members of the bullets hit . It when it was on top of the car . Members hit in the cheek and lodged in the shoulder , but that's okay , in a safe condition , it is still in the hospital Bhayangkara , " said Papua Police 's Head of Public Relations .

Pudjo also claims the police have seized a number of items of evidence .

However, villagers contacted Yongsi Jubi said there really no gunfire .
" The police say the wrong build , please advocate for residents Depapre currently being displaced by fear . No casualties were hit by police gunfire . He shot himself due to hold a weapon in a state of siege and the road to the village Yongsu is a bumpy road . "Continued the residents of Kampung Yongsu . ( Jubi / Victor Mambor )
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 Apples Joint Military / Police in Nabire ( 30/11 ) at 8 am on the Way Home Flower Garden Nations Protocol . ( Photo : Erry )

Jayapura , 30/11 ( Jubi ) - Residents of Papua in Nabire asked not to engage in activities which will be December 1 is celebrated as Independence Day of Papua . Residents are also prohibited from pledging the word " independence " , including raising the Morning Star flag .

This was confirmed Nabire police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hutapea Tagor apple when combined military / police , Saturday ( 30/11 ) morning . The combined apple held in front of the road will be done tomorrow December 1st thanksgiving worship .

Police in the direction requested all personnel remain alert ahead of December 1 so that there is no insurgency in the region Nabire.

Additionally within the city , the police chief said , standby force in a number of places that are considered vulnerable . Police said Tagor Hutapea , ahead of tomorrow December 1 , the joint forces have been downgraded to critical points .

Committee Chairman Anniversary Celebration December 1 in Nabire , Inggeruhi Gunawan said the activity only in the form of worship together . " Plan of worship that we have to say , but there was no permission from the police , " he said by telephone as confirmed seller, Saturday ( 30/11 ) night .

Gunawan said , though not permitted , it would still hold worship . " The committee continues to prepare for tomorrow we performed worship of gratitude , " he said as he states , there is no raising of the Morning Star and others.

Before apple combined , police chief and commander of the committee come in the Flower Garden Oyehe Nations . Delivering the ban. After apple was visited by members of the committee Intelkam Nabire Police while handing a letter to the No. Pol . 684/XI/2013/Intelkam regarding unpublished STTP ( Receipt Notice ) .

Since 16 November, the citizens of the former district office cleaning in Oyehe Nabire Parliament . It's usually used by people for the celebration of December 1 of each year . Over the last few days , preparations continue to be made , ranging from painting the walls in blue , white and red . Also , tents and prepared the pulpit worship alongside former pole raising of the Morning Star in 2000 . ( Jubi / Mark You)
8) West Papua activist says PNG is threatening him with arrest

The Guardian Marni Cordell  Saturday 30 November 2013 19.54 EST

Benny Wenda claims he was greeted with warning letter after arriving in Port Moresby to raise morning star banner

The West Papuan activist Benny Wenda has said immigration officers in Papua New Guinea threatened to have him arrested along with an Australian lawyer for "engaging in political activities" and breaching their visa conditions.
Wenda and Jennifer Robinson plan to take part in an event in Port Moresby on Sunday to mark the West Papuan national day of 1 December. The event will culminate in a raising of the Indonesian province's banned morning star flag at the Port Moresby city hall.
Wenda, who lives in exile in the United Kingdom, told Guardian Australia: "The immigration and police are outside the hotel and they want to arrest me in a few hours' time. I'm sure that the Indonesians gave the order to do it."
He still expected the demonstration on Sunday to go ahead as planned. "Even if they arrest me and put me in jail, my people and all our Papua New Guinean friends are ready to still [raise the morning star flag]."
An organiser for the event, who asked not be named, told Guardian Australia: "Immigration officers and police came to the hotel where we are staying and they issued Benny with a letter. It's a bit of a siege here actually."
The letter was issued by the PNG immigration authorities and warned Wenda that taking part in political activities was a breach of his visitor's entry visa.
The organiser said: "It won't stop the action going ahead. Benny is ready to get arrested and people are ready to protect him."
The threat came as a surprise to Robinson and Wenda who have said they are in PNG at the invitation of the Port Moresby governor, Powes Parkop.