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1) 'Freedom flotilla' will sail to West Papua

1) 'Freedom flotilla' will sail to West Papua
3) Notes from a gold rush in Timika
4) Tomorrow KNPB Will Remain Open Demo Support OPM Office in the Netherlands
5) KNPB Biak in conduct action komitnya Cultural Parade West Papua even though banned by police


AUSTRALIAN and West Papuan activists are set to sail to the disputed Indonesian territory of West Papua without permission.
The "peace mission" has united Aboriginal and Papuan activists in support of the West Papuan independence struggle and will see 15 sailors leave on Saturday in a "freedom flotilla" of two yachts headed for the town of Merauke.
Entry into Indonesian waters by the sailors without permission could lead to their arrest.
Although the sailors say they are still "communicating with Jakarta" in an attempt to get permission, they have been denied visas and permits by Indonesian consulates in Australia and some say they are prepared to "go all the way".
They will be carrying "original nation passports" issued by Aboriginal supporters, with stamps issued by a Melbourne representative of the Federated Republic of West Papua, which regards itself as a government in exile.

Adding to the international sensitivity of the flotilla, at least one of the crew members, Amos Wainggai, is one of about 40 West Papuan refugees who arrived by canoe in Australia in 2006 and whose protection by Australia caused a row with Indonesia.
The flotilla plan grew out the identification by West Papuan refugees and Arabunna Aboriginal elder "Uncle" Kevin Buzzacott of "dreamtime stories that travel down from the north and go back up to the north".
"We didn't know about the trauma that was (being done) to them by the Indonesians," Mr Buzzacott said from Cairns yesterday. "We have a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters from across the water."
Mr Buzzacott left his country of origin, Lake Eyre, in late July with a convoy of West Papuan and other activists, bringing "ceremonial water" to hand to West Papuan elders.
Flotilla spokeswoman Izzy Brown agreed the sailors were concerned about the possible response of Indonesian authorities.
She said the mission was peaceful and while safe passage had been requested, if it were not provided some sailors would "go all the way".
West Papua was claimed by Indonesia after a UN-brokered "act of free choice" in 1969 widely considered to have been stage-managed by the Indonesian military.
The Indonesian embassy did not respond to a request for comment yesterday.

2) Lilo lured by Indonesian president

INDONESIAN president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has sought to quell growing support for Papuan self-determination among Indonesia’s Pacific island neighbors, on Monday seeking to demonstrate the area’s recent economic progress to visiting Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Members of the intergovernmental Melanesian Spearhead Group have recently expressed sympathy for self-determination for the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua, and some officials in Jakarta fear it could bolster wider international support for secession.

The MSG comprises Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu as well as the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS) of New Caledonia, a special collectivity of France.

The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, an umbrella group for organizations seeking West Papuan independence, applied in June for membership of the MSG during the group’s summit in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Only after intervention from Jakarta did the MSG delay its decision on the WPNCL application by six months.

“President Yudhoyono invited the Solomon Islands prime minister so they can discuss various bilateral issues, including Papua,” Teuku Faizasyah, a presidential spokesman for international issues, said after the meeting.

“The president has explained to his guest that Indonesia has done many things to make Papua prosperous and that the development will continue.”

Faizasyah said officials from Melanesian countries had also visited Papua, and claimed all the officials had praised Indonesia’s development there.

“[The] Solomon Islands has never supported Papuan independence. They understand how serious Indonesia is in developing Papua and empowering the Papuans. On several occasions, they said they respected Indonesia’s territorial integration. The MSG also has a similar understanding of Indonesia’s serious efforts.”

Faizasyah said the visit would counter negative reports about Papua.

Indonesia’s military and police have been accused of gross human rights violations in Papua, including extra-judicial killings of pro-independence activists.

Several videos circulating online show police torturing Papuans while foreign media outlets have reported on efforts to spy on Papua activists and limit their freedom.

Jakarta has maintained a massive military presence in Papua and implemented a tight screening process for foreigners wishing to enter the provinces, raising suspicion about national government activities there.

Aleksius Jemadu, dean of Pelita Harapan University’s School of Social and Political Sciences, said the Indonesian government needs to boost relations with Melanesian countries if it is to prevent the push for independence gathering momentum.

“I think Indonesia has the economic leverage to persuade the Melanesian countries to support its territorial integrity,” he said.

“Jakarta can convince the countries that Indonesia is a gateway to an Asian economic miracle and they can be part of the economic prosperity through Indonesia.”

The western portion of Papua was integrated into Indonesia following the 1969 so-called Act of Free Choice, but tensions have long persisted.

Faizasyah said Lilo’s visit “reflects the determination of the two nations to build their friendship based on the respect of their respective sovereignty.”

He added that dealings between the Solomon Islands and Indonesia had been productive over the past five years.

“Our trade relations even registered an average annual increase of 17.28 percent,” he said. “The Solomon Islands also works with Indonesia in the fields of energy, fishing, development, media and culture.”

Bilateral trade volume was at $15.9 million in 2012, with Indonesia posting a $9.1 million surplus.

Faizasyah said the two leaders also discussed economic cooperation and development programs for the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian regions.

Lilo left Indonesia on Wednesday to join the comemoration of the 150th anniversary of Black birding.
3) Notes from a gold rush in Timika
Veronika Kusumaryati, Contributor, Timika, West Papua | Feature | Wed, August 14 2013, 1:14 PM
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4) Tomorrow KNPB Will Remain Open Demo Support OPM Office in the Netherlands

Published On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 By Arnold Belau. Under: PAPUA, WEST PAPUA, EDITORS CHOICE. Tags: KNPB, PAPUA MERDEKA

Symbol of West Papuan resistance against brutal action forces in Papua (Photo:
PAPUAN, Jayapura-Tomorrow, Thursday (15/08/2013) West Papua National Committee (KNPB) will continue to conduct peaceful demonstrations to support the opening of the office of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the Netherlands, Europe.

Wim Rocky Medlama, national spokesman KNPB said, KNPB as West Papuan media mediate the people of West Papua to conduct a peaceful demonstration in the form of Papuan cultural parade.

"Actions cultural parade will be conducted simultaneously from Sorong to Samarai. We expect support from all parties, including their participation, "said Medlama, to, this afternoon.

Some important agenda to be voiced in a later action, Medlama said, among other things, the first to fully support the opening of a representative office in the Netherlands OPM. Second, pre action pacific Melanesian cultural parade to pick the arrival of the foreign ministers of countries that are members of the MSG.

Third, the action KNPB will also ask the parties involved in the New York Agreement made in 1962 by the United States, the Netherlands and the United Nations to take responsibility.

Medlama guarantee there will be no anarchy when the action later. "We will conduct peaceful protest. We Papuans dignified people in democracy and so there will be no anarchist actions, "he said.

Permit the implementation of the action, saying Medalama has included a notice to the police of Jayapura. "But the authorities have refused to publish the letter but it issued a notice of an action plan which will be the Papuans. Police have rejected and not accepted, but we'll keep it down, "she said.

"However we will not compromise. We will keep the title of Papuan cultural parade in any circumstances KNPB title demonstrations will remain peaceful and dignified manner. Because delivery in public opinion in accordance with the laws in force in this country, "he said.

If the police are not allowed, according to Wim, means a democracy in Papua deliberately silenced. "And in this case the apparatus itself Papuan police chief who violate rules and laws in force in this country," said Wim again.

A google translate of posting on KNPB web page . Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

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5) KNPB Biak in conduct action komitnya Cultural Parade West Papua even though banned by police
August 14, 2013 By: knpbbiak Category: News

KNPB Biak in conduct action komitnya Cultural Parade West Papua even though banned by police

Biak Info August 14, 2013, the Indonesian police in Biak has issued a ban to Biak West Papua National Committee (KNPB-Biak) to take action Cultures Parade West Papua on August 15, 2013.

Marthen Mnumumes Coordinator Cultural Parade West Papua Action cultured said We have correspondence to the Indonesian police in Biak intent to inform our event. KNPB Biak notification letter I have handed over to the police on August 12, 2013. Indonesian police in Biak on August 13, 2013 has issued a letter to the KNPB forbidden to carry out acts of Cultural Parade West Papua.

Marthen Mnumumes said we would carry out actions Cultural Parade West Papua was despite police ban us. Threats and acts of Indonesia to us like it was a long 50 more knowledge. Although we tortured, diancaman, and arrested, but we still fighting for the right of self-determination of the people of West Papua.

People in the villages are already preparing their songs and dances and ready for a show tomorrow, but tomorrow definitely the strength of the police force will be deployed to disperse the cultural attractions. Basically we will stick to our founding Cultural attractions West Papua to introduce our identity and what we want.

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