Friday, August 30, 2013

1) Papua DPRD dismisses speaker

1) Papua DPRD dismisses speaker 

2) MRP has the authority to scrutinise election candidates
1) Papua DPRD dismisses speaker 

The Jakarta Post | The Archipelago | Fri, August 30 2013, 8:48 AM
Papua provincial council (DPRD) speaker John Ibo has been dismissed from office and as a council member following a special plenary session led by DPRD vice speaker Junus Wonda in Jayapura on Thursday.

The plenary session was held after the council received letters from the Golkar Party’s Central Executive Board (DPP) and the Papua Regional Executive Board (DPD) on the periodical replacement of a Golkar Party DPRD member. 

“The plenary session was held to follow up on the letters from Golkar on the replacement of a DPRD member from the party named John Ibo,” said Papua DPRD Vice Speaker Junus Wonda. 

“The outcome of the plenary session was later handed over to the governor, who will send a letter to the home minister to issue a decision letter on the replacement,” he added.

Ibo, who held the position of Papua DPRD speaker, has been replaced by Dar Tabuni , formerly Papua DPRD Commission D vice chairman.

Ibo was sentenced by the Jayapura Corruption Court to 22 months imprisonment and fined Rp 50 million in January this year in a graft case involving Rp 2.5 billion (US$238,000).


2) MRP has the authority to scrutinise election candidates
Bintang Papua, 27 August 2013

Jayapura: The Second Deputy Chairman of the Majelis Rakyat Papua (MRP), Engelberta Kotorok, said that as a cultural agency, the MRP  has the powers to summon leaders of the district administrations in Papua.

'The task of the MRP is to protect the basic rights of the indigenous Papuan people and in doing so, we work in accordance with clear principles, all of which are also regulated by various laws. This is why we have been granted the power  to scrutinise candidates, both their personal characters and the related political party.'

She went on to say that Law 21/2001 stipulates that the KPU (Election Commission}must pass on the names of the candidate pairs to the MRP but this is not happening, as a result of which the MRP has been unable to carry out its responsibilities in accordance with the law.'

This is also the case with the election of deputy district heads. 'And we also have this authority according to the the stipulations  in Article 20 of the law which states that the MRP has the authority to summon candidates who are nominated for election to the leadership of local districts. This also applies to appointments in the police force and the army. It is within our powers to explain our views.'

She was speaking in connection with elections being held in three districts of Papua, Biak, Mimika and Waropen. 'The law clearly stipulates that  we as members of the MRP have the authority to summon the Governor, the district leaders and the mayors  as well as members  of the DPRP as well as the members of the Election Commission (KPU) who are responsible for organising the elections.

'If it turns out that the election results do not conform with the stipulations in  Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy, we have the right to summon and question those concerned .'

[Translated by TAPOL]

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