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1) Papuan churches call for dialogue on political aspirations

1) Papuan churches call for  dialogue on political aspirations
2) Australia, PNG supports Indonesia on Papua issue


1) Papuan churches call for  dialogue on political aspirations
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Sat, August 17 2013, 10:45 PM
While the country celebrates Independence Day, the Oikoumene Churches Forum in Papua called on the central government to organize a dialogue to channel Papuans’ political aspirations for independence from Indonesia.
The forum deemed that independence celebrations held in Papua every year masked the real situation in the province, saying that it continued to be plagued by violence against local residents who were being denied freedom of expression.
In a press statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Saturday, it demanded the government stop all forms of violence and repression in Papua.
The forum, according to the statement, urged that the dialogue be mediated by Juha Christensen of Peace Architecture and Conflict Transformation Alliance (PACTA), who brokered peace talks between the central government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in 2005.
The forum cited a number of violations against freedom of expression that it claimed had occurred in Papua as of Aug. 15 this year.
The Papua Police, according to the statement, did not issue a permit for the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) to stage what it called a peaceful rally against the annexation of Papua by Indonesia. The police, it added, had threatened to forcibly disburse any protest rallies on May 1.
Furthermore, it went on, the Papua administration, the local military and the police had banned all people in the province from rallying on May 1, the date that sovereignty over Papua was transferred to Indonesia.
On May 30, the statement added, soldiers and police officers shot at civilians gathered to celebrate the day, claiming three lives and injuring three others.
It said that shooting at civilians and the unconstitutional handling of legal cases were rife in Papua.
A 12-year-old-girl, according to the statement, was shot dead by the Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) in Lany Jaya regency on July 1.
According to, the Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) said that an official Free Papua Organization (OPM) office opened in the Netherlands on Aug. 15, exactly 51 years after West Papua was annexed by Indonesian after an agreement with Dutch colonists was signed in New York.
A similar office was opened in Oxford, the UK, in April, sparking a strong protest from the Indonesian government.
Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa summoned British Ambassador to Indonesia Mark Canning on May 6 and filed a diplomatic protest with the British government following the OPM office opening. (hrl)


2) Australia, PNG supports Indonesia on Papua issue

Sat, August 17 2013 17:51 | 241 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) -- The governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) have urged the districts of Papua and Papua Barat (West Papua) to remain part of the unitary state of Indonesia, according to Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa.

Marty made the remarks after attending a ceremony marking Indonesia`s 68th Independence Day at the Presidential Palace here on Saturday, while commenting about efforts by Australian and West Papua activists who hope to sail from Cairns, Australia on Saturday (Aug.17) to West Papua (Indonesia) to protest violence suffered by the West Papuan people.

"Yes, I know this. I learned that recently a group of activists hope to sail from Cairns (Australia) to Pulau Daru (Daru Island), Papua New Guinea. We continue monitoring and communicating with the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea. For sure, they expressed their stance in support of Papua and West Papua," Marty said.

According to Marty, the Papua New Guinean government has not allowed the ship carrying activists to enter the territory of Papua New Guinea.

Meanwhile, the international media reported that some 50 people would be aboard two ships in the West Papua Freedom Flotilla heading towards the east coast of Australia through the Torres Strait, then to Papua New Guinea and Merauke on the south coast of Papua. The group, however, might enter Indonesian waters illegally, said officials.

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