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1) Rallies in West Papua

1) Rallies in West Papua
2) Papua freedom flotilla to face show of force


1) Rallies in West Papua
A number of google translations of postings on KNPB webpage and from local media on the various rallies held yesterday.
Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. Original bahasa above each link. 
All of the links contain photos of the rallies.
Although Terror and Arrests, Papuans in Fak-Fak Down Demo
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Pak Pak mass action
Mr. Pak, KNPBnews - Joint flag "opponent", the Papua People in Pak Pak yesterday (15/8) down the street carrying FWPC opening offices in the Netherlands and warning New York Agreement 1962. Although the action is still being done before (14/8) yesterday Pak Pak region KNPB chairman arrested along with dozens of activists KNPB.

Chanting slogans of Papua Merdeka struggle songs and rhythm action long Martian coloring West Papuan people in this region, although Indonesian Police and Army yesterday until today terrorizing and arresting dozens of activists KNPB.

People's Parliament Pak Pak take responsibility in this action. A total of three activists were arrested and are still undergoing interrogation. Activists showed the demonstration video on YouTube. Click and watch the video here

Self-Determination, the Papuan People's Democratic Solution
Author: STEP MAGAZINE | Viewed 205 times | Thursday, August 15, 2013 19:57

Papuan students reading this Position Statement. Photo: BT.

Yogyakarta, STEP MAGAZINE - "Self-Determination, the Papuan People's Democratic Solution," he said Papuan students protesting the New York agreement Agreement dated August 15, 1962, and supports the opening of the Free West Papua Campaign in the Netherlands today, Papuan students in Yogyakarta, coordinated Papua Student Alliance (AMP) down the road, today, Thursday (8/15/13), in Malioboro. This demonstration is one of a series of activities initiated by AMP committee of Yogyakarta, including Performing Arts evening on Wednesday night at Malioboro. observation, originally assembled in the action period Jl. Abu Bakar Ali, in northern Malioboro. Then, the mass walk towards KM Zero point. The students were seen decorating the body with three colors; Red, White, and Blue, the three resident state flag of Papua, the Morning Star.

"New York Agreement was legally flawed, and can not be accepted. Papuans who were the subject matter is not involved to sit down together, discuss their future. Papuans were not involved," shouted one of the students who gave speeches Papua.

Students protesting the content of the New York Agreement, chapters 14-21, which regulates the nation Papuan self-determination that is based on international practices, the One Man One Vote, one person, one vote. Indonesia, which have the authority to prepare PEPERA not run that provision, and replace it with 'Congress,' in which approximately 800,000 people in Papua was then only diwaliki by 1,025 people, it was not the people of Papua there so voters who participated in PEPERA.

Students also highlighted the work PT.Freeport contract made in 1967, long before determining its direction Papua (Papua is still in the status quo, or without ownership). Students assess Papua, New York Agreement is an agreement made without involving the Papuan people as the subject of the problem, it is a basic problem, after the annexation of West Papua by Indonesia through the Three People's Command (TRIKORA) by Ir. Soekarno Square North in Yogyakarta, December 19, 1961, 18 days after the State of Papua formed.

On this basis, AMP issued 3 political stance. First, urged all parties concerned to recognize and provide for the rights of the Papuan people to self-determination as the only solution for the people of Papua demokatis. Two, called on all parties to immediately pressing, stop companies Multy National Corporation (MNC) of the imperialist countries, such as Freeport, BP, Tangguh LNG, Mecdo, Corindo, and others throughout the land of Papua. Three, AMP asked military police to immediately pull yourself out of the whole land of Papua, because they are the mother of all violence in Papua.

Action ends with a prayer, after reading the statement. Hundreds of Papuan students were finally dispersed.

While in Solo, the police immediately barred the dwelling house in Solo Papuan students who are preparing to hold a demonstration, this morning, Thursday (15.08.13) before the demo was made, so the demo canceled. has not been confirmed, why pemalangan police. However, we strongly suspect sources, the police carried out to thwart the plan of action in Solo.

In Bandung, Bandung AMP committee also rallied, with the same basis; protest New York Agreement treaty process that does not involve the people of Papua, and support for Papuan independence campaign office opening in the Netherlands. Papuan students in the container AMP agreed, only the self-determination of a nation debagai, with honest and demokatislah - who does not like Act of 1969 - the best solution for the people of West Papua. (AD / BT / MS)

In Mnukwar, Papuan People Support Office in the Netherlands FWPC
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Mass action in Mnukwar
Mnukwar, KNPBnews - People in Mnukwar Papua (Manokwari) also supported the opening down the street demo Kompanye Office Papua Merdeka (FWPC) in Hegue Netherlands. Action is mediated KNPB it also commemorates the New York Agreement Agreement August 15, 1962. Action centered on Sanggeng.

Alex Nenekem as chairman KNPB Mnukwar region led a rally that started with from the area Wosi and Amban. By chanting slogans of Papua Merdeka, lively action, followed by the People's Parliament Mnukwar.

This action was also in order to urge delegates Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to visit and hear the complaints of the people of West Papua.

In Nabire, Papua People's Support Office in Dutch Free Papua Kompanye
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Nabire, KNPBnews - Commemorating the 1962 New York Agreement, and welcomed the opening of the Office of Free West Papua Campaign in London, West Papua People do Meepago region that covers Paniai, Deiyai, Intan Jaya, Dogiay and Nabire this khari (15/8) held a peaceful protest, KNPB coordinated Nabire region.

According to the online media monitoring crew, peaceful demonstration began at 05:17 am using the command car Nabire while giving speeches around the city to any point in the demo.

Peaceful demonstrations are done at 3 points, namely; Kalibobo USWIM front, front Siriwini Hospital and Market Reef. Peaceful demonstrations until all points in the switch in Coral Market 09.00 am.

Police were deployed by the military. As many as two trucks of police and military forces joined 2 trucks akai terrorize the masses, but the action is still running under the charge of the Regional People's Parliament Meepago.

Action which followed nearly 3,000 it's mass in order to deliver and support the opening of an office menyukuri Kompanye Papua Merdeka in the Netherlands, oppose treaty New York August 15, 1962 and the existence of Indonesia in West Papua, as well as preparatory actions MSG reception team who will be coming to West Papua.

The event was hosted by Vero Kayame action, traversed by a short worship led by Rev.. David Edoway. Speeches made by the Chairman of the Regional Parliament Meego, Abel Nawipa once read a political statement.

Oration followed by Sam Gobay from Paniai People's Parliament also expressed support for the agenda in the Netherlands and the rejection of the New York Agreement which does not involve the people of West Papua.

Chairman KNPB Nabire region, Sadrak Kudiay on the occasion said that KNPB fought peacefully and support the Papuan people's movement for self-determination.

Meanwhile, Mecky Yeimo of KNPB Center participated giving speeches, well connected by Romario Yatipai Domberai as Chairman of the Regional Parliament.

Fit its agenda, the action this time is filled with typical cultural dance Meepago region. Massa then dispersed peacefully after the closing prayer. (Alex / knpbnews)
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Aman internal security situation in Papua

Related Actions Demo KNPB Inauguration Support OPM Office in the Netherlands

Jayapura-security and public order situation (internal security) in various areas such as Papua and West Papua at Wamena, Nabire, Fak-Fak, Merauke, Jayapura and Manokwari running safe, controlled without any extraordinary event, as a demonstration of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) to commemorate the New York Agreement on August 15, 1962, the opening of the Office of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the Netherlands as well as pre welcoming group of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to Papua, on Thursday (15/8).
This was stated by the Head of Papua Police spokesman Sr. (Pol) I Gede Sumerta Jaya, SIK when confirmed in his office, Thursday (15/8). Special action for KNPB in Jayapura, said Head of Public Relations, even though it was not issued STTP. But the Papua Police still tolerate.

Explained Head of Public Relations, as demonstrators gathered in the Museum Culture Expo Park, Waena, it has been approached with the coordinator and former Chairman of the KNPB Buchtar Tabuni, finally agreed not deter mass or do not create traffic congestion. Then do not inhibit the activity so that it provides space for them to express their aspirations.
"We gave a pretty high tolerance for mass KNPB. Hopefully keep going like that do not do demos actions that could upset the impression then do pemalangan road or inhibit the activity of others that also violate human rights.

Therefore, said the Head of Public Relations, the company thanked KNPB masses who have obeyed the rules.
As is known, the mass demonstrations of hundreds of West Papua National Committee (KNPB)
Conduct peaceful demonstrations filled the Expo Cultural Park Museum, Village Waena, in support of three West Papuans agenda by doing the festival parade Nations Culture of West Papua, on Thursday (15/8) yesterday morning at approximately 08:00 CDT.
Masses of some rallying point in the district / city of Jayapura this while doing dance attraction - a typical dance of Papua, also carries the flag of the greatness of KNPB identical to the image of a red star and reads OPPONENT.
Meanwhile, members of Police Station (Police) City of Jayapura, Papua Police Mobile Brigade members and also members Abepura City Police stand doing a circle around the mass demonstrations.

In front of the museum, the Pick Up cars used to transport equipment such as loudspeakers, generators and microphone are also presented. Various speeches were starting to sound good from the public, members of KNPB and also students.
Chairman PNWP Buchtar Tabuni who also is in charge of the parade, told reporters that the cultural parade action undertaken by the public is in support of the inauguration of the office of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the Netherlands on August 15, 2013 (yesterday, red).
"We would like to thank the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) which has expressed support for self-determination (Self Determination) for the people of West Papuans at the annual session of the 19th MSG s / d June 21, 2013 and in Noumea - Kanaky," said Chairman General PNWP Buchtar Tabuni Cultural Park in front of the Museum, on Thursday (15/8) yesterday morning.

In addition to supporting the inauguration of OPM Representative Office in the State of the Netherlands, Buchtar also said, that they rejected the New York Agreement in 1962 because it does not involve indigenous Papuans in the agreement.
According to him, in 2013, the PNWP been preparing to build OPM Representative Office in two different countries.
"We're trying to set up another OPM Representative Office in two other countries. This year there is the possibility of the two countries, the political secret and while parliament is seeking it. Establishment of this office will be run from several countries. So, if there are offices like that means it's no acknowledgment from them that there is a struggle for West Papua became a sovereign state and separated from the colonial Homeland, "he said.

In Mnaokwari Action Demo KNPB in Two Point
Meanwhile KNPB peaceful demonstration on Thursday (15/8), which lasted from the two-point area and Amban Wosi in Wit ranging from 10.30 moving masses of Wosi direction towards the printing stage entertainment in Manokwari.
KNPB spokesman Sarfas Mbiksimbo mass that brought about 80 people from the direction toward the entertainment side Wosi KNPI office Manokwari Printing road.
While the mass of Manokwari District West Village Amban numbered approximately 50s who are generally students in the city of Manokwari, while bringing memintan leaflets to all the people of Papua to support the opening of the office in Papua Movement (OPM) in the Netherlands.

They are also presenting any parade banner that read Melanesian culture, we demand a referendum west Papua and one flag that reads KNPB opponent and the opponent.
KNPB demonstration guarded by two police officers at the point Wosi and Amban take place safely and tertip, due to the action of current bandwidth usage was disturbed about 4 hours. (Mdc/mir/Sera/don/l03)
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Papuan cultural concert atmosphere and feel of Papua prayer in Field Jayanti, Sempan, Timika (Jubi / Eveerth)
Timika, 15/8 (Jubi) - Residents of Papua in Timika provide support to the Dutch government and diplomats Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the form of international arts and culture over the opening prayer nuanced Papua OPM office in the Netherlands. The event was held at the Field Jayanti, Sempan, Timika, Mimika regency, Papua, on Thursday (15/8).

It is well conveyed by the decision of Parliament Local People (PRD) with West Papua National Committee (KNPB) to respond to instructions Timika West Papua National Parliament (PNWP) or Nieuw Guinea Raad Council for Cultural Arts Parade events, Papua or in Papuan Cultural Arts Concert entire homeland of West Papua.

Timika Region KNPB chairman, Steven Itlay said SSenia Cultural Parade event is in commemoration of Papuan New York Agreement Agreement 15 Agustua 1962. "Namely, to declare to the world, that the agreement signed by the government Royal Nederland (the Netherlands) and the Indonesian government is not ensuring the right of self-determination of the people of West Papua in a fair and democratic," he said through his press release received, in Field Jayanti, Thursday (15/8).

It said the government's support OPM in Nederland and international diplomats in the form of art and culture and feel of Papua over the opening prayer OPM Office and the Office of Free West Papua Campaign FWPC in the Kingdom of The Netherlands Nederland NL on August 15, 2013 when the Dutch. "The event was formally completed on Building 786 Haagse Toren Rijswijkseplein starting at 02.00 until 04:00 noon time NL Netherlands," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the PRD Mimika, Abihut Degey explains, these activities also provide prayer support and initial action was to pick Malanesia countries namely Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Noumea kanaki, as member states MSG to directly review the situation in Papua.

"And at the same time to glorify the Lord God who is the drafter of the culture, and also that God is creator pemandat culture and culture, and the people of West Papua to preserve the culture of each tribe in the Field Yayanti Sempan Timika, Papua," said Abihut.

Of pantuan, in Field Jayanti, seen thousands of people thronged Papua field since the morning until 18:00 CET, but on the outside of the field visible anyway custody of security forces.

In the prayer meeting was also filled with a variety of dances from various tribes in Papua, for example, of Sorong, Mimika, Paniai, Suku Mee, Moni Tribe and Tribal Damal and from Biak to music Yospan well as some other tribes in Papua enliven The cultural parade.

The event begins with prayer and reflection led by the Rev. Lord. Daniel Pagau. This event occurred safely and ends with political speeches as well as the traditional dances and praise - praise in the local language. Also diahiasi various Papuan flag, the Morning Star is printed in small pamphlets - pamphlets on stage that also graced the front page of the stage.

Although the rain, the participants remained until disbanded in an orderly manner while some of them danced to run along the road while shouting slogans - slogans of Papua Merdeka safely and orderly without any interruption and without damaging any security. (Jubi / Eveerth)

2) Papua freedom flotilla to face show of force

INDONESIA has warned a group of Australians planning to sail to the disputed territory of West Papua that their venture will be dangerous for them and met with force by the "strong" Indonesian navy, the activists have revealed.
Maritime law and security experts have added to safety concerns about the "freedom flotilla", warning the Aboriginal, Papuan and other activists involved could end up serving time in Indonesian jails.
But the 15 members of the flotilla group, who have announced they will leave Cairns on Saturday in two yachts bound for the West Papuan town of Merauke, will defy the warnings, saying they are "feeling very determined".
Aimed at supporting West Papua's independence struggle, the venture could spark diplomatic tensions between Australia and Indonesia if arrests occur.
Venture co-founder and West Papuan independence movement leader Jacob Rumbiak said senior Indonesian officials had warned the group against entering Indonesian territory.
Mr Rumbiak, a representative of the Federated Republic of West Papua, which claims to be West Papua's legitimate transitional government, said the Indonesians had told him: "It will be very dangerous for you; we have a strong navy, strong military." Mr Rumbiak said the comments were made in two meetings, in Canberra on July 23 and 24, attended by Indonesian generals and intelligence officers, with the Indonesian ambassador present at one meeting.
An Indonesian embassy spokesman would not comment on Mr Rumbiak's claims, but said: "It is the right of Indonesia to permit or not to permit the subject to enter the country."
Wollongong University maritime security expert Sam Bateman said the sailors could expect their yachts to be "shouldered away" by Indonesian navy or police vessels, or for the sailors to be detained, charged and potentially jailed.
Flotilla spokeswoman Isabella Brown said the group still hoped to be provided safe passage but was "prepared to see what (the Indonesians) have to offer and investigate the consequences".
The flotilla plan grew out of the identification of a common cultural inheritance and shared experiences of dispossession among West Papuan and Australian indigenous people.
Indonesia claimed West Papua after a UN-brokered "act of free choice" in 1969 widely considered to have been stage-managed by the Indonesian military.
A University of Sydney report found Indonesian "military operations have led to thousands of deaths in Papua".

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