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2) Papua Holds Humboldt Bay Festival

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Jayapura, 07/8 (Jubi) - Who is the shooter in Puncak Smile, Puncak Jaya July 31 continued to be the recriminations.

As was previously released media, Papua Police blamed the TPN-OPM under control Puron Wenda as the shooter. However Teryanus Sato, Chief of the General Staff TPNPB-OPM in a press release received by Jubi, Monday (5/8), the TPN-OPM denied involvement as the shooter. Sato accused the military / police who did the shooting and planning scenarios to quibble shooter is an armed civilian groups in Puncak Jaya.

West Papua National Committee (KNPB), the organization that is determined to fight the referendum for West Papua also accused the army / police as the shooter. Through a press release received by Jubi, Wednesday (07/08) night, KNPB said of the shooting were immediately collected and published in various media, seemed an indication the gunman was the army / police. Indications are:

1. Red Cross volunteers were called TNI to Tingginambut
2. When the military does not use a military vehicle for inter-patient treatment.
3. TNI "deliberately" did not do pengkawalan the ambulance.
4. TNI volunteers make Papua a victim scenario.
5. The shooting was not far 100 meters from the TNI post.
6. When done TPN-OPM, must target the military post that affordable tembaknya close distance (100 m).
7. TPN-OPM may not do the shooting of civilians, especially fellow Papuans.
8. Red Cross volunteers make the military a scenario that victims struggle TPN OPM Free Papua Movement and tarnished in the international and international law.
9. Local and national news media paid to preach to the TPN-OPM charges.
10. TNI will lead the investigation, thus all the accused knew that the results would hide the TPN and TNI.
11. This scenario is a pre-condition of the TNI in Papua to welcome delegates MSG.
12. That TPN has been requested that the military / police respect humanitarian law (the laws of war) that do not kill civilians, journalists, let alone the medical Red Cross.
13. The victim has claimed that the shooting was committed by the TNI. (Jubi / Victor Mambor)


WEDNESDAY, 07 AUGUST, 2013 | 23:10 WIB
2) Papua Holds Humboldt Bay Festival
TEMPO.COJayapura - On the second day, the fifth Humboldt Bay Festival seemed to have fewer visitors compared to the first day. The festival held from August 5 to 7 on Hamadi Beach in Jayapura, Papua, was officially opened on Monday by Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommy Mano. The first day of the festival with the theme, ‘Love, Culture and Green’ was packed with visitors. 
The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry responded to the public’s lack of attention on the fifth Humboldt Bay Festival. 
"The local administration or committee for the festival, and even the one holding the festival, must involve all layers of the community," said Maria Mayabubun, head of the V sub-directorate of tourism destination promotions. 
Maria said the local administration, through related institutions, must know how to package activities, especially those related to culture, so in the future, the people will feel like this is their event as well and not just the government’s event. 
The fifth installment of this festival is the Jayapura city administration’s event included in the ministry’s calendar. Various traditional arts were performed and displayed from a number of villages on the shores of Humboldt Bay still in the region of Port Numbay, more popularly known as Jayapura. The traditional arts performed included tribal dances by tribes inhabiting the shores of Humboldt Bay, such as the Tabi tribe and Engros tribe. 
Aside from that, there was also an exhibition of local cuisine and traditional souvenirs of the people of Humboldt Bay. An enormous Tumpeng Humboldt Nusantara marking Indonesia’s independence was also displayed at eight meters high containing 1945 cakes and cookies, including 5,000 wrapped papeda (sago congee, traditional Papua staple food). 

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