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KNPB Chairman Pak Pak region and 8 KNPB Activists Arrested in Pak Pak

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KNPB Chairman Pak Pak region and 8 KNPB Activists Arrested in Pak Pak
August 13, 2013 By: admin Category: KNPB Areas, News

Mr. Pak, KNPBnews - Joint Military / Police in Pak Pak, West Papua, this afternoon (13/8), around 01.30, has captured KNPB Chairman Pak Pak region, Arnold Kocu with 8 other KNPB members. Terror and intimidation occurred during an arrest in the village Brongkendik.

Barnabas, one of the members of KNPB in Pak Pak reported that the arrests were carried out with a full arsenal. Besides Arnold Kocu, menutut Nabas, the names of the arrested activists KNPB is, Lahamis Weripang (KNPB Vice Chairman Pak-Pak), Daniel Kaninggal, Susana Kramandodon, Tobias Hegemur, Salimin Renwarin, Alex Hindom, Matias Bahamba and Yahya Bahamba.

"Currently they are taken to the Police Headquarters Fak-Fak and are under investigation in connection plan a peaceful demonstration or Papuan Cultural Parade will be held on 15 August 2013 or later", says Nabas. Before yesterday (12/8), KNPB Pak Pak region has made a notice about the peace plan of action, but police Fak-Fak ban peaceful demonstrations,

"We have gathered to discuss the action plan but the peaceful state of Indonesia which claimed democracy was not democratic and open space continuously do terror, intimidation, and shooting", said Naban.

Previously, on November 4, 2012, 2 KNPB activist, Paul Horik and Klismon Woi been killed Kopassus. (cia)

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