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3) Three cops nabbed for Freeport  cables theft
5) 11 Dead in Papua Landslides
6) ' Commander ' TPN - OPM : TNI - Police Do Not Disturb Us

7) In Post TRIKORA , A Policeman Killed wounded


Jayapura, 21/2 (Jubi) – Even though mostly regions in Papua have lack of teachers, the Head of Education and Teaching Department of Paniai regency, Drs. Amatus A Tatogo confirmed, schools in Paniai region do not need more additional teachers from other professions, despite having skills.
” Yes, we received information from the head of Education Quality of Dikpora Papua regarding to the soldiers volunteered to be a teacher. However, we had enough teachers in Paniai regency,” Amatus said to via cellular phone, on Tuesday (02/18). reported, at least 296 soldiers of Military Command XVII of Cenderawasih have received teaching certificates from the Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dikpora) of Papua Province. Certificates were given after a three-week training at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Cenderwasih University in Jayapura and will allow them to teach at schools in remote areas.
A few years ago, there were teacher shortages and lack of facilities. Yet, we have been working to fix by making the policy to recruit and locate undergraduate students both teaching and non- teaching backgrounds and continuously to provide essential facilities in all levels, he added.
Hengky Kayame, Paniai regent also confirmed that Education and Teaching Department in Paniai prefers prioritizing teachers who have teaching education background than soldiers. (Abraham Abeth You/ MS/ Tina)


Jayapura, 21/2 (Jubi) – First Director of the Papua Health Development Acceleration Unit (Unit Percepatan Pembangunan Kesehatan Papua/UP2KP), dr. Silwanus Sumule the health service in the villages in Papua has only reached 42 percent of its target, while most of health facilities in Papua are not sufficient.
He told in the Workshop on Complain Management for Improving the Public Health Services in Jayapura Municipality through his paper ‘The Community Health Center Services’ Program Focusing on the Mother and Child Health Care base integrated HIV/AIDS. The workshop was held in the hall of Health Department of Papua Province in Kotaraja, Abepura on Thursday (20/2).
“Besides the 42 percent of services provided and lack of facilities, the managerial problem has turned to a big issue to the Health Department and Community Health Service Center,” he said.
Meanwhile, Head Division of Health Services of Health Department of Jayapura Municipality, drg. Edy HS told to after closing the workshop on Friday afternoon (21/2) admitted that currently the health services in Jayapura has been increased. According to him, the city’s hygiene program was successfully reducing the number of sick people. Malaria, for example, has dropped to the fourth rank of a disease that most affected people in 2013. In previous year, it was in the 1st and 2nd ranks.
“I am very appreciated if it was just dropping its rank to the 3rd. it means people already knew about the hygiene and healthy environment, and finally the number of people affected by Malaria was reducing,” he said while he admitted not remember its exact figures.
“It is outstanding. Even at the 3rd rank was already awesome,” Edy said. He added there was no incident that categorized as the Extraordinary Incident happened along 2013 though the city environment at that moment was not clean enough. (Jubi/Musa/rom)

3) Three cops nabbed for Freeport  cables theft

The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, February 24 2014, 5:53 AM

Three police officers have been arrested for stealing cable belonging to gold and copper mining company PT Freeport Indonesia (FI) in Timika, Papua.
“Yes, they stole cable owned by PT FI. Their motive was solely economic. I have ordered their detainment at the Mimika Police precinct,” Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian said on Sunday.
The three officers were arrested on Friday near Mozes Kilangin International Airport, Timika, along with four others.
They were digging up pipeline to strip of its copper when company security officers apprehended them. The four others, whose identities remain unknown, escaped.
Two of the officers are members of the Sorong Police while the other officer is a member of the Mimika Police.



Jayapura, 23/2 (Jubi) – Two people were killed and six people missing after landslides triggered by heavy rains hit Jayapura City, an official said.
Several people were injured and hospitalized, said the chief of the Social Welfare Department of Papua Province, Supaman Pasundan on Sunday (2/23).
In 2013, Jayapura city received Adipura, a government award to honor cities that implement good environmental programs.
Supaman Pasundan said the victims were a 50-year-old man and a woman.
“I helped one house, but many homes in the area are buried by landslides, ” said Supaman.
Hundreds of motorcycles and cars were stuck for about eight hours in the middle of the main road of Jalan Sam Ratulangi.Heavy storms pounded Jayapura city starting on Saturday night. About an hour later, the water overflowed from Anafri pond to Jalan Samratulangi, Jayapura. The flood water carried trash, and mud, blocking the city’s roads. Offices along Jalan Samratulangi, such as Papua Police Headquarters, Department of Transportation Papua, as well as dozens of homes in the complex APO were inundated.
One resident, Eric Mandenas, said the flooding was the worst to have occurred in Jayapura city.
“It was the second flood, yet this was the worst one because just right in the middle of the city” he said on Sunday morning ( 2/23)
He urged the government of Jayapura Municipality to pay more attention to the management of drainage around the city of Jayapura in order to minimize flooding during heavy rainfalls.
“The government should be observant and this was an important lesson for the future,” said a student of the Faculty of Engineering, Cenderawasih University.
Outdated spatial planning and drainage systems in Jayapura city and lack of public awareness are to blame for flooding,  said a member of Commission II of the Papuan Legislative Council ( DPR Papua), Agustina Basik Basik.
Jayapura is overcrowded and the government  must review the city planning, she said .
The construction of buildings such as malls etc have to go through feasibility studies, taking into account recommendations on  waste, sewage and drainage management.
“The drainage system has not been built well by the constructors. What I see is drainage is not environmentally feasible,” said Agustina on Sunday morning (2/23).
The disaster served as a warning for the government to work seriously  and manage the city to avoid similar calamities in the future.
Agustina is said, for the first time this situation occurred in Jayapura, moreover, precisely in the heart of the city. This is due to the human hand, so she hoped members of the community have to get self-conscious and keep the environment well.
“Residents should all be aware that this disaster as a result of human acts. So, we should protect the environment, not cut down trees illegally and not throw trash anywhere. It is our responsibility to make this city free from floods”, said Sofia. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina )


5) 11 Dead in Papua Landslides

Heavy rain, floods and landslides in the Papuan capital of Jayapura over the weekend left at least 11 people dead, two missing and several injured, Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said.
“Eleven people died and two are missing,” agency head Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a press statement on Sunday, adding that heavy rain had fallen on since 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Sutopo said that the landslides occurred in three separate districts in the province: North Jayapura, Abepura and South Jayapura, adding that at least 40 houses were damaged while 15 others were severely damaged.
The regional disaster mitigation agency (BPBD), along with the military, a search and rescue team (Basarnas) and volunteers were on Monday helping victims to evacuate the area.

A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit verratic. 
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 Monday, February 24, 2014 10:29
6) ' Commander ' TPN - OPM : TNI - Police Do Not Disturb Us

' Regional Commander ' Rudi Orarei Sairei Region II ( Central ) with Pasukannya.SERUI - ' Regional Commander ' TPN - OPM II Region Saireri , Rudi Orarei asserted , the placement of troops and police in the District Angkaisera is wrong because it does not act right on target , it makes community trauma . Because security and recovery is not done in Sasawa , but transferred to the District Angkaisera Kamtibnasnya still fairly favorable conditions .
Orarei Rudi explained that the security situation in the region is actually very safe Yapen but impressed not conducive due to the presence of military-police traumatic for the community , including the placement of troops in the District Angkaisera the wrong target.
" Activity in Sasawa yesterday that led to the incident contact the actual shoot , if you be no problem if the military-police did not interfere with us . That's right we are also contained in the Act of 1945 that freedom is the right of every nation , so this is my right to fight for my nation , the Papuans , " he told The Star when met Papua Angkaisera District area yesterday afternoon . ( 23 / 2 )

Associated with the poor condition of the people that he also has asked the Regents , the commander and police chief to help him restore the displaced people in the woods to get back to my hometown and perform activities as usual , but of none of the three parties that want to coordinate directly with himself .
Rudi Orarei on the same occasion to expressly ask the Regents to make a withdrawal of military forces in the region - Pore Yapen at once appealed to not look for problems with the TPN - OPM , because the TPN - OPM was never looking for trouble with the military-police
"If you want to find a problem with us , we are ready but not in the middle of the community because it will disturb society , if you want to find a safe location and then we crossfire . The combat troops so we will always be ready to serve you with the TNI and police combat strategies that far exceeded our guys " he said .
In the statement he also mentioned kinreja Yapen Parliament , which until now seemed to slow handle Sasawa and community conditions that Angkaisera be induced after the shooting incident . Because, until now there is no chairman and members of parliament , even the Regent to go straight to the field to see the condition is still traumatized society .
Concerning the General Election moment Orarei said , it will help secure the election process provided that no additional movement of the military-police who disrupt peaceful struggle TPN - OPM . While at the end of his commentary ' Regional Commander ' TPN - OPM II Regional requested Saireri peacefully to the Party Chief of Police to release 17 of his men while on hold once she guarantees Kamtibnas Yapen conditions will remain safe .
Meanwhile , the work of Bintang Papua , especially in the field of teaching and learning processes in some of the School District Angkaisera not running optimally . This is because a lot of people still traumatized . It is also justified by one of the community leaders who declined to give his name . ( seo/don/l03 )

A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit verratic. 
Original bahasa link at
Monday, February 24, 2014 10:29
7) In Post TRIKORA , A Policeman Killed wounded

MERAUKE - Brigpol Levenius Ayomi , Merauke Police members were found dead covered in blood in the Post TRIKORA , Village of Maro , Sunday ( 23/2 ) at around 06.00 am local time . The death toll was found face down with the condition of the body parts back there sharps puncture wounds .According to information gathered by reporters in the field , Levenius Ayomi Brigpol condition became known to local residents ( a boy ) , who saw the victim covered in blood . The boy shouted , so that other people came and then report it to the police .After that , several officers from Merauke Police came and checked the victim was not breathing anymore . Officers were then perform if the crime scene ( the scene ) and take the victim to the hospital for an autopsy Merauke .Wakpolres Merauke Commissioner Yudhi M Pinem , S.IK. , when received related reports about what happened to his subordinates , immediately saw the condition of the bodies of victims in hospitals Merauke .

To reporters , Commissioner Yudhi M Pinem , S.IK. , confirmed the incident that happened to subordinate it ." From the results of the autopsy , the death of our members is the result of a sharp object . Due to prick the shoulders back, right and left of me, " he explained to reporters , in Merauke District Hospital mortuary yesterday .According Pinem , it's still doing an investigation to uncover the perpetrators and the motive .When asked if members of the police murder of Merauke was nothing to do with the vandalism Kudamati Street Police Station in the Village Coconut Five , Commissioner Yudhi M Pinem , S.IK. , said it could not conclude that." Indeed, the information is no vandalism last night at Police Station Kudamati , but I have not received the official report . I can not comment, because the data are not the result of the investigation , " he said .Currently, the Commissioner added Yudhi M Pinem S.IK. , adding, it was strengthening and calming the victim's family . Merauke district police also coordinating with the Police Serui , in order to dispatch the bodies of victims ." We are also taking care of the victims to be flown to his hometown in Serui , because the victim's family plans to take her to Serui . We 're coordinating with the Police Serui , " he said .Until this news was revealed , the murder case against members of the police Merauke is in the handling of the local police . Monitoring the media , Police Station TRIKORA mounted police line . ( moe/don/l03 )

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