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2) After the Crossfire vs. OPM military-police Rota , Serui Thousands Reportedly Fears



Jayapura, 7/2 (Jubi) – Commander of Military Area (Pangdam) XVII Cenderawasih , Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua. denied the information about a crossfire between TNI- Police and armed group in Puncak Jaya, Papua, have caused hundreds of people moving out from the region due to fear.
“That is not true. The situation in Puncak Jaya is fine. Nothing to worries. Community activities run as usual. So, the information or news which is spread out is not true, “said Zebua on Friday (2/7).
He again stressed the Information about hundreds of people evacuated from the area of ​​Puncak Jaya was deliberately created for a specific purpose.
“This statement intentionally made by a certain group or party ” he said
The same thing is also confirmed by Papua police spokesman, Sulistyo Pudjo Comr.
“That information is not true, there is no Puncak Jaya residents flee. The condition in Puncak Jaya is safe,” he added this is purposefully created when security forces will conduct law enforcement.
“It’s an issue in order to stop us conducting law enforcement in that area.” he explained.
Still, one of the residents of Puncak Jaya, Muli Wonda reported about 200 residents including himself had to leave Puncak Jaya because of fear.
“I am a Dondobaga resident who live in Kulirik village. I chose to flee to Nabire with other people because the TNI-Police frequently conduct incursions. This made us feel unsafe, uncomfortable and afraid ,”said Muli Wonda via cell phone a few days ago. (Jubi / Arjuna/Tina)

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Saturday, February 8, 2014 04:15
2) After the Crossfire vs. OPM military-police Rota , Serui Thousands Reportedly Fears

Public fears arise , he added , because the security forces seem to suspect people linked to the opposite group . " There are suspicions menggenalisir apparatus impression to most people , this is what makes people scared , " he said .
Jayapura - Not only Puncak Jaya residents who feel fear , but thousands of Yapen Islands District reportedly also feel the same way , after the exchange of fire between armed groups suspected OPM forces with military / police on Saturday 1 February last . Society fears out of the house for the move , as troops deploy military-police force to pursue armed groups .
Parliament members from the Electoral Papua Yapen Islands , Boy Mark Dawir revealed, the majority of residents and reduce the fear Yapen daily activities , due to join the security forces and military police , mobilizing force in pursuit of armed groups . " Right now , people are afraid Serui , they traumatized by military-police muster strength to pursue opposing groups , " he said when confirmed via his cell Friday 7th February .

As representatives of the people who come from Yapen Islands , Boy Dawir requested military command and police persuasive step forward , in dealing with the opposite group . " I have great respect for the military and police duties , but I 'm the police chief and a good step to take Pangdam persuasive namely , that no more victims , " he said .
Moreover , he continued , the President had instructed , in dealing with the problems in Papua are not militaristic manner . "The president 's been pointed out, the problem should not be solved Papua by force but by persuasion step , so this should be put forward , " he said .
He claims , almost all citizens of post- traumatic Yapen auxiliary firing action occurs , so that also impact on the consolidation of a number of political parties in the face of election . "People are afraid , so we were so candidates are also difficulties in the consolidation , whereas the election had its day , " he said .
Erwin Rinaldi also Kbarek DPRP members of the constituency Yapen Islands also pointed out similar things , that current residents fear Serui , post- action shootout between the military-police with allegedly opposing groups OPM . "People move out and pick trauma alert at home , because of fear , " he said .
To that end , Erwin asked the security forces in the issue there , should put forward a persuasive measures . " The security forces should be persuasive , if there is a group that is opposed , let's embrace them , because they are people who happen to our different political views , " he said .
Against the citizens fear , Police in charge of internal security , should be able to provide security . " The police must guarantee the security of the people there , so there is no sense of fear , " he added .
One resident Serui , Paris Manik who daily PNS environment Yapen Islands District Office also recognizes , there are fears the citizens action after the crossfire between the armed forces with a group , " After shooting , we were in Serui is fear here , and always be ready in home , afraid of nothing, "for short .
Papua Police Chief Insp Gen Tito Karnavian said residents who feel fear and choose to evacuate , are residents of Kampung Sasawa and Kawana site of action of the crossfire between the military-police with armed criminal groups . " They evacuated several surrounding villages , for fear of being targeted , " he said .
Despite the conditions , said the police chief , it currently continues to coordinate with the Regent , Chairman of the Parliament and Peoples leaders , in order to communicate with paramilitary groups . " We continue to build communication with the involvement of a number of elements of the local community , both in dealing with displaced people are also against armed criminal gangs , " he said .
Police chief claimed , from the results of the mapping is done , there are three groups that are armed Yapen Islands . " There is a group led by Rudi Orari , Fernando Warobay and Erik Makatori , " he said .
Previously , on February 1 kelompokbersenjata shootout occurred between combined security forces TNI / police in the area Sasawa . One member of the armed group were killed , while security forces shot two . A number of firearms seized assemblies , assemblies senpi diantaranya13 TDR , 11 senpi long and 2 short barrel . 2 sangkur.2 dopis ( blast fishing ) , 2 bows . 20 arrows , 1 spear , 1 hp . Pakaianloreng , 2 Morning Star flag and foodstuffs and medicines .
From the results of the police investigation , four people have set sebagaitersangka , the initials SYW ( 48 ) , JYK ( 28 ) , KW ( 50 ) and RB ( 30 ) . They are threatened with Law No. 21 of 1951 . Keempatnyaditangkap while conducting searches at the seaside village of Sasawa , Yapen . ( Loy/jir/don/l03 )

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