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1) MSG Summit in doubt?

1) MSG Summit in doubt?

2) Armed Group in Yapen is not Goliath Tabuni’s Networking

3) Indonesia and the Netherlands strengthen defense cooperation

4) 'Boat Diplomacy' May Worsen Indonesia-Australia Relation

5) Jayawijaya Residents Threaten to Boycott Election, Occupy KPU Papua Office



1) MSG Summit in doubt?


Suva, FIJI – NO dates have been set yet on when leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group will meet to discuss the thorny issue of West Papua.
Islands Business magazine’s Letter from Suva is reporting that Fiji has objected to Vanuatu’s hosting of the proposed special MSG Leaders’ Summit.
“Initial dates of February 10 to 15 were deemed untenable by some Melanesian leaders,” said the Letter from Suva column, which is penned by Islands Business’ editor-in-chief Laisa Taga.
“In addition, Fiji reportedly had objected to the hosting of the summit by Vanuatu. Protocol it argued dictates that the current chair of the MSG should play host, and since the FLNKS hierarchy has indicated it was not ready to do so, they had approached Fiji to be the host instead.”
Fiji’s claim to host the special summit is being disputed however by some other MSG members.
The magazine is also reporting that the special summit is strictly for full members of the MSG only. No observer representatives will be invited. Pro-independence movement in West Papua, the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) is an observer with the MSG, as is the government of Indonesia which treats West Papua as one of its provinces and names it Irian Jaya.
FLNKS leader Victor Tutogo is the current chair of the MSG and he had called the special meeting to discuss the outcome of an MSG fact-finding mission to West Papua last month. Vanuatu had objected to the agenda of the mission, complaining that its objective had been hijacked by Indonesia.
Instead of it being to investigate the application of the WPNCL to become a full member of the MSG, Vanuatu claimed the fact-finding mission led by Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola had been changed to look more into trade and economic ties with the Asian nation.
When Fiji chaired the MSG in 2012, Indonesia was admitted as an observer member of the MSG.
There are claims that if the MSG is not careful, Indonesia could dominate its agenda because it has the clout and money to do so.

2) Armed Group in Yapen is not Goliath Tabuni’s Networking

Jayapura, 5/2 (Jubi) –  An armed group involved in military exercises on Yapen Islands Papua was not part of the Puncak jaya-based Goliath Tabuni network, Papua police chief Tito Karnavian said.
“The two groups are not related at all. Goliath Tabuny only have a network of two groups, namely Leka Telenggen in Puncak Jaya District and Tenny Kwalik in Mimika District,” he told reporters at the Papua Police Headquarters, Kota Jayapura, on Tuesday (4/2).
The armed group on Yapen Islands has been reliant on three persons: Rudi Orari, Fernando Worabai and Erik Makatori.
“The regeneration system in this group is not strong because it relies on the three leaders. If they were arrested, this group would be disbanded,” he said.
Tito also said there are two major groups in addition of the groups in Puncak Jaya and Yapen Islands. The first group is led by Puron Okino Wenda, who has a network in the district of Lanny Jaya and Tolikara while the second is led by Hans Ricard Weni, who operates in Depapre, Jayapura District.
“Lanny Jaya group is led by Eni Wanimbo. They are those who attacked the Pirime Police Station on 27 November 2012,” he said.
Tito also said he had urged the indigenous figures of Puncak Jaya including the Chairman of People’s Representative Council of Papua Province, Deerd Tabuni and the Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe, to immediately facilitate a dialogue with the armed group leaders in that area.
“We are still adopting a persuasive approach to addressing security issues in Puncak Jaya. If these figures say dialogue efforts fail, we will recommend that law enforcement  be carried out immediately,” he said.
The police have already had a wanted list of armed group leaders.
“We know Goliath is in Kampung Tinggineri, but he’s just hiding among women and children so it’s difficult for us to arrest him. There is always high risk in search operations because an exchange of gunfire between the police and this group can happen,” he said.
So far the police have sent 75 additional personnel to secure the area of Puncak Jaya during the legislative elections.
“Forty-five personnel come from the Papua Police and the rest are from the Indonesian Police Headquarters,” he said.
Four people are accused as a suspect.
Meanwhile, four of 10 people arrested during a gunfight between an armed group and the Indonesian Army-Police in Sasawan area, Yapen Island, Papua, on the Saturday morning (1/2) have been named suspects.
“All four who have been named  as suspects  are SYW (48), JYK (28), KW (50) and RB (30). They will be charged under Emergency Law No. 12 Year of 1951 on the Ownership of Illegal Weapons,” Senior Commissioner Pudjo Sulistyo Hartono, the Head of Public Relations Department at the Papua police, said on Wednesday (5/2). ((Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)


3) Indonesia and the Netherlands strengthen defense cooperation

Thu, February 6 2014 19:34 | 461 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The defense ministers of Indonesia and the Netherlands, Purnomo Yusgiantoro and Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert, signed an MoU to strengthen defense cooperation between the two countries in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

The defense MoU is an important step towards increasing the diplomatic ties between Indonesia and the Netherlands and indicated a strong commitment to strengthen the cooperation among the two countries, Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro noted in a press statement, the details of which were made available to ANTARA here on Thursday.

"Based on mutual respect for each others sovereignty and territorial integrity, the principles of equality, non-interference in domestic affairs, and other mutual benefits, the two countries have agreed to strengthen ties and technical partnership, which had been initiated long time ago," Purnomo emphasized.

The new MoU covers cooperation through strategic dialogues on regional and international defense issues, defense officials exchange, involving both military and civil, and material cooperation that include production, maintenance and logistics support, transfer of technology, information exchange, defense personnel workshops, and the defense industry on the whole.

Besides that, Indonesia and the Netherlands will jointly cooperate to ensure mutual sharing of experiences related to the military law and history, disaster mitigation, knowledge and technology, military intelligence, maritime security, and also strengthen the military personnel of both countries through education and training, joint naval exercises, logistics, and peace-keeping operations.

Purnomo noted that the Netherlands had also offered full scholarships to the Indonesian navy cadets, so that they can study at the Netherlands Defense Academy.

With regard to the military sector, the Netherlands has offered graduate scholarships at the Leiden University for the defense personnel.

During the visit to the Netherlands, Purnomo and Plasschaert met and discussed about regional and international defense issues and the development of the Indonesian Navys Frigate ships project.

Minister Purnomo also visited the Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) in Vlissingen, Netherlands Defense Academy (NLDA) in Breda, Leiden University, and Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Den Haag.(*)
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THURSDAY, 06 FEBRUARY, 2014 | 21:36 WIB
4) 'Boat Diplomacy' May Worsen Indonesia-Australia Relation  
TEMPO.COJakarta - Indonesia regrets  Canberra's rejection of  boat people seeking asylum on Australian shores. Marshall Agus R. Barnas, Deputy Minister for the Coordination of  Political, Legal and Security Affairs, said that according to the 1951 United Nations Immigration Convention on Asylum Seekers, the destination country must accept the refugees.
He said the Australian government could later hand over the matter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR).
"It seems Australia [is trying] to get rid of illegal immigrants. It’s unethical," Agus said yesterday.
According to Agus, this "boat diplomacy" could worsen relations between Indonesia and Australia. But Agus said his Ministry will not comment on Australia's attitude, saying that the Foreign Ministry was the one which should represent Indonesia's stand on the issue.
Meanwhile, Deputy Defense Minister Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin stated that the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) will increase its patrols and security at borders areas, especially on the waters off  southern Java. This was a response to the Australian military's turning back the refugee boats to Indonesia.
"On normal days, there is one patrol shift, sometime two," he said yesterday.

5) Jayawijaya Residents Threaten to Boycott Election, Occupy KPU Papua Office

Jayapura, 4/2 (Jubi) – Residents in Jayawijaya Regency have threatened to boycott the upcoming elections and occupy the office of the General Election Commission (KPU) in Papua Province unless their demand for the replacement of three Regional Election Commission (KPUD)  members in Jayawijaya Regency is met, a councillor said.
The Chairman of Commission A of People’s Representative Council in Jayawijaya Regency, Amos Kenelak, said the residents voiced their demand during a protest at the local House of Representatives on Monday (3/2).
“We received thousands of people from 332 villages and 40 sub-districts in Jayawijaya yesterday. They demanded that KPU Papua replace three members of KPUD Jayawijaya who passed the selection process because, out of five selected members — one of which is a woman — there is only one Baliem native,” Kanelak said after a meeting with the Chairman of Papuan People’s Representative Council on Tuesday (4/5).
He said the protestors wanted the three members to be replaced by Baliem natives.
They are not opposed to the female member, despite not being a Baliem native, because no Jayawijaya women took part in the last test, the councillor said.
He added that  in the spirit of Special Autonomy, the residents are demanding their rights to representation because even though four Jayawijaya natives made it to the top ten, only one was picked to be a KPUD member.
Antor Matuan, the chairman of the Sub-district Heads Association of Jayawijaya District, confirmed the threat to boycott and occupy the provincial KPU.
“Unless the provincial KPU reviews the appointments, Jayawijaya residents will boycott the elections, both  legislative and presidential elections. Since yesterday, people have blocked the KPUD Jayawijaya office. Today we will meet the KPU Papua but currently they are in Jakarta,” he said.
“People do not accept the decision by KPU Papua. Jayawijaya is the parent of eight districts resulting from adminstrative divisions in the Highlands area and it is not because there are not capable people” he said.
He he said the KPUD selection results were a slap in the face of Jayawijaya people and that he would not leave until this issue was resolved.
“We do not want any social conflict. If the KPU Papua remains defiant, we will boycott the elections and occupy the KPU Papua Office.  Currently they are not yet sworn-in, so that changes are still possible,” he said.(Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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