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2) Again , 1 OPM Arrested


Jayapura 19/2 (Jubi) – Police have arrested a 16-years-old boy on suspicions he took part in an attack on the Kurilik police station in Puncak Jaya.
Police have transferred to the suspect, Wekiles Kogoya a.k.a. Uron Giren, from a detention facility in Puncak Jaya to the provincial police, said director of criminal Investigations at the Papua police Senior Commissioner  Dwi Riyanto.
The attackers on 4 January made off with eight firearms and more than 200 bullets.
Police have also arrested another suspect, identified as 19-year-old Yemiter Murib, in connection with the attack.
“We arrested YM on January 19, while WK (Wekiles Kogoya) was arrested when queuing for cheap rice in front of the official resident of Puncak Jaya regent on 15 February 2014. He did not resist when arrested,” Dwi told to reporters on Wednesday (19/2).
He said the initial investigation concluded that Tenggat Mati Enumi and Cari Jalan Telenggen had led the attack. Papua Police will also investigate whether this attack had been had been ordered by local armed group leader Goliath Tabuni.
Dwi  added the geographical factor in Puncak Jaya became a major constraint for the officers in trying to find the perpetrators.
“The assigned officers are new personnel and didn’t know the situation on the ground.  We hope that the perpetrators will surrender. But if we cannot arrest them, at least we can take our weapons back,” he said.
Police have listed seven persons on its wanted list in connection with the attack.
Police will charge Wekiles with possession of weapons and explosives. He could face 20 years in prison if found guilty.
Wekiles told to reporters that before the attack, he gathered with the group in his house located near the police station.
“Two people came to the house saying ‘take the weapons’. There were 8 people inside the house including the Leader Tengah Mati. Two people went to the police station and returned back to my house,” Kogoya said on Wednesday (19/2).
When he and his friends arrived at the police station, he added, they put two police officers at gunpoint and Tengah Mati came to the police station after that.
“All weapons have been taken, I was the last person who came. I was confused whether coming home or running to the river. But they called me and wanted to shoot me. So I joined them,” he said.
They went to Kurilik after seizing the weapons.
“They stood in line and took a picture of themselves holding the guns. I gave them the bulletproof vest that I just took and then I went back to Mewoluk,” he said.(Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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2) Again , 1 OPM Arrested
Known case involved assault and deprivation of Weapons in the Post Kurilik

Again Jayapura - Papua Police Special team again managed to catch one of the members of the OPM named Wekiles Kogoya alias Uron Gire ( 16 ) , on 15 February. He was arrested , as known to be involved in an assault case Kurilik Post Sub Sector , District Muliapada Saturday 4th January which resulted in 8 missing weapons .
Uron with the name greeting , was flown from the airport Mulia , Puncak Jaya , Wednesday ( 19/2 ) yesterday , using the Susi Air aircraft , which then directly into the room in the sleigh and the Criminal Investigation Directorate Papua police for examination .
When herded General Criminal space , which Uron still a student at Mewoluk eliminates Majesty 's Puncak Jaya , interrogated directly related to the extent of his involvement in the deprivation of 8 guns Post Sub Sector Kuriilik , Mulia district , Puncak Jaya Regency is .

Director General of Criminal Papua Police Commissioner Dwi Riyanto confirmed when reporters revealed , capture Wekiles aka Uron a result of the development team Papua Police Special Task Force in Puncak Jaya , which has managed to catch the man before the Yemiter Murib .
According to him , WK ( Wekiles Kogoya ) were arrested when found to mengantripembagian poor rice ( Raskin ) in front of the regent of Puncak Jaya . Knowing concerned , directly secured to the Puncak Jaya police headquarters for examination , who is now detained at the Papua police headquarters for further testing .
" Previously we catch YM Jan. 19 , while the distribution of Raskin WK arrested while in front of the home office of regent of Puncak Jaya , February 15, 2014 . There is no resistance when arrested , "Dwi said when met reporters in his office , Wednesday ( 19/2 ) yesterday .
Based on initial recognition are recognized YM , Dwi said , he's just waiting outside the fence and then took the vest and 5 rounds of ammunition types SS1 Post I glanced inside . Nonetheless , Dwi believe , I glanced at the Post attack already planned , and the amount of notice of readiness of the actors who came to the Post I glance , including the situation of members of the middle guard.
" Confession just take the vest and ammunition . But apparently already planned , because according to their narrative , the actors talk invites members , while the other one entered and calling colleagues who are outside , they think there 's about 20 people . " He said .
From the results of the initial investigation , beber Dwi , I glanced at the attack on the Post led by Deadline Off Road Telenggen Enumi and Find . Police also want to explore whether the attack on the Post Sub I glanced under the command of Goliath Tabuni . " We are still developing this weapon brought to where ? by whom ? nah still we are developing , " he said .
Dwi admitted experiencing difficulties in implementing the arrest of the perpetrators , given the geographical terrain and difficult in Puncak Jaya . "The task force assigned to Puncak Jaya and mastered new terrain , obstacles that we . We hope they are persuasive surrender . But if not we will make efforts to arrest them , and most are not weapons to be back again , " he said .
Being asked whether the police already know the whereabouts of the missing 8 weapons ? Dwi claims now that he was doing for the development of 8 guns were stolen from the Post Subsector I glance .
Dwi also asserted , the current Police have also established 7 people have entered the List People Search ( DPO ) and 2 between the Papua Police successfully arrested . " There are 7 people DPO , 2 have been caught , so the rest of YM , DM , LT , TE , EE , " said Dwi .
Problem status WK , Dwi added that it was as a suspect charged with Article 365 of the Criminal Code on theft accompanied by violence and Law No. 12 Year 1951 on possession of firearms , weapons and explosives to a penalty of 20 years in prison .
Previously , Papua Police Special Team Yemiter Murib catch ( 19 ) is implicated Post Subsector I glanced assault , Puncak Jaya , Saturday ( 4/1 ) , which resulted in 8 long-barreled guns belonging to the police kind , AK - 47 , Moser and 5 shoots SS1 and 215 rounds of ammunition missing .
Meanwhile Uron moment of recognition in the General Criminal interrogation by the Papua police investigator admitted that he was involved in an assault case chorus and forfeiture of firearms belonging to the national police .
" Time was seized weapons , there are seven that goes into the post to snatch the weapon was pointing a gun next to two members . If at that time they fought so our colleagues will shoot them , " he said .
Uron also admitted that he did not get into the post office Kurilik but he just be outside the fence . " At that time I was outside the fence , which was then one of my colleagues throw a bullet proof vest to carry, " he said .
After seizing weapons , further Uron , that he and his colleagues went straight to his home in Mewoluk to gather with a group photo , which then headed to Yambi to deliver the spoils of arms belonging to the national police . " We seized weapons led by Tenga Dead and I do not carry weapons , " he admits .
Matter how much they paid in action , Uron admitted that he was not paid a penny . " I do not get paid anything , because at the moment I want to seize the weapons should be invited to come together , " he concluded . ( Loy/don/l03 )

Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warior (IST)
Jayapura, 19/2 (Jubi) – A moratorium imposed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2013 has not been able to save forests in Papua, Greenpeace said.
Charles Tawaru, Greenpeace campaigner for Papua forests said in the last two years many new concessions, particularly industrial plantation forests (HTI) and palm oil plantations, had been issued. Such plantations encroaches natural forest areas.
“It’s real proof that the moratorium is not too effective because the law is weak and local regulations are less robust. Autonomy Law is also weak so there are loopholes. There is not enough protection from the local government and indigenous people,” Charles told at the Greenpeace office in Abepura, Jayapura on Wednesday  (2/19).
He explained that forests in Merauke, Digoel, Sarmi, Jayapura, Nabire and Keerom and in West Papua region such as Manokwari, Sorong, South Sorong, Maybrat and Fakfak were attracting investors.
“Indonesia is a country whose forests are considered badly damaged. The conditions of forests on Sumatra and Kalimantan are already alarming. So, forests in Papua have to be saved,” he said.,
The 2013 Forest Moratorium was aimed at reducing deforestation as well as organizing and remanaging forest areas for the benefit of sustainability of the ecosystem.
Wirya Supriya, program manager for Natural Resources and Ekosib, the People’s Network Papua said  in the future, Papua’s forests will be increasingly threatened with the opening of more areas.
“It will have a serious impact on indigenous people of Papua and the environment,” said Wirya. (Jubi / Aprila/ Tina)

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